Trojan condoms erects a gum wall
A piece of protest art intended to defy the religiously-fueled obsession with purity that has informed a new wave of abstinence-only programs.

A condom company is fed up with school abstinence-only programs that help spread shame and misinformation amongst US students and they're taking action.

In a nod to empowering a younger generation of more sex-positive people (and potential customers, it should be noted) the makers of Trojan condoms erected a physical wall of gum on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with a simple slogan stamped across it in bold capital letters:

"You are not chewed gum. Information is the best protection."

The protest art is intended to defy the religiously-fueled obsession with purity that has informed a new wave of so-called Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) abstinence-only programs in public schools. These lesson plans often fail to share scientifically-backed information, instead vying for dubious metaphors and hyperbole. Among their many colorful claims is the "chewed gum" theory the idea that sexually active individuals - more often than not, women - will somehow hold diminished value for future spouses, making them equivalent to a piece of chewed gum, a used toothbrush or a petal-less rose.

Opponents have pointed out that such messaging can take a significant toll on vulnerable young people's mental health by diminishing their sense of self-worth.

"Students need quality sex education that teaches them real information and skills they need to prevent unintended pregnancy, HIV, and STIs," declares a website critical of abstinence-only educational tactics. "They need to learn about contraception, condoms, healthy relationships, and more. And they don't need stigma and shame to be any part of their school day."

Is Abstinence-Only Outdated?

Notably, the website lays out a series of harmful metaphors that abstinence-only lesson plans employ, ranking each by their ability to induce shame, gender inequality and homophobia, as well as to transmit medically-inaccurate information.

In one example, known as "the Crockpot & the Microwave" lesson, teachers apparently explain that girls are like crockpots, because they 'heat up' more slowly, while boys are like microwaves, who 'get hot' quicker. The takeaway? Girls are responsible for making sure boys don't heat up too quickly."

Using such ridiculous metaphors would almost be laughable if these programs weren't so widely-used across America. What's even crazier, though, is that abstinence-only tenets prohibit teaching youngsters about the benefits of condoms and contraception.

The fear, of course, is that if teens understood that they could have sex safely without contracting a horrible disease, immediately becoming "impure" in the eyes of Jesus (or Allah, or whoever) or morphing into a human-sized piece of chewed up gum in the eyes of their peers, then they might end up doing so more often.  

In the Business of Abstinence

Believe it or not, there's an entire industry built around trying to keep young people from having sex. SRA Education programs rake in a whopping $110 million in federal funding each year.

Conservative Christian groups have been instrumental in pushing for such education, for they see it as directly aligned with the teachings of their faith. And they continue to argue despite facing a mountain of evidence to the contrary that making sex a forbidden fruit helps prevent pregnancy and STD transmission.

In reality, study after study has shown what any Psychology 101 student probably could have told you: when you make something off limits, especially for young people with rampant hormones and still-developing brains, it soon becomes irresistible.

And because abstinence-only programs equip teens with precisely zero knowledge or tools to practice safe sex, the inevitable outcome is higher pregnancy rates and higher rates of STDs.

The Future of Sex Ed

What's going to happen going forward? Could these hardline abstinence-only programs eventually suffer the same fate as now-debunked conversion therapy? Or will faith groups continue to receive millions in federal funding to continue destroying the self-esteem of otherwise normal sexually curious students, while keeping them in the dark about basic safe-sex precautions?


  1. Deb's Avatar Deb

    conversion therapy is NOT debunked. That is nonsense. Your are promoting social engineering propaganda. When people are sexually abused a spirit of homosexuality enters them. Or when they experiment sexually. Or you can pick it up from music, listening to gay musicians. Whatever spirit is on a musician transmits thru their music, live or recorded. if they use drugs, that is an opening for unclean demonic spirits which transmit thru the music. If they smoke pot, you get a contact high. People can be delivered from demonic spirits in Jesus name. Jesus healed people and gave his followers authority to do it. I have done it. Its not hard. One needs to fast to have this authority. Jesus said this in Matthew 17:21. I sent a gay teen to a pentecostal chuirch for deliverance prayer. it worked. I saw him a few weeks later and he said he felt great and had a girlfriend. This is the easiest way. Some psychiatrists have success as well by helping people rememgber the abuse that led them to become gay. The push to ban conversion therapy is coming from PEDOPHILES who dont want to be held accountable when people remember what actually happened to them. It is common to forget something traumatic, and sexual abuse IS. Most gays have been abused. Devil worshippers use anal sex for the purpose of putting controlling demons into their victim. This leads the person into the common compulsive gay sex. They are NOT happy. Gay is a misnomer. Addictions are not fun. There is no peace in it. When the person gets saved and born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, which jesus said we need to go to heaven (John 3:3) then they have inner peace. We also need to forgive anyone who abused us. Jesus said if we dont forgive others, God wont forgive us. So unforgiveness can send a person to hell. Once we forgive, we find inner peace. God called anal sex abomination because it is abuse and devil worship. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for this sin. The word SODOMY which means Unnatural sex comes from that story. see

    God's purpose for gay people

    Every gay person has a potential ministry to others AFTER they are saved and transformed by Jesus, as a testimony to others with the same issues. THis is true in general with all people, no matter what issues they have.

    Everyone has a phase 2 ministry

    How to be healed, saved & born again (jesus heals)

    God doesn't hate gays. he wants to heal them. Bad things happen to us for various reasons, mostly because God gave us free will so people do things that harm others. That is the result of us having free will, and of there being a devil to tempts us and test us, which God created.

    Listen to:

    1. Rev. Brien's Avatar Rev. Brien

      Somehow I don't want religious nutjobs teaching anything about sex. I also see many problems in teaching the subject in school. It is impossible for me to realize that we can send people into space but we are unable to teach about something that has been a part of life since life began. When you figure that out let me know.

      1. Deb's Avatar Deb

        Why are you calling ppl religious nutjovs while calling yourself Rev. You're referring to yourself.

        1. Rev. Brien's Avatar Rev. Brien

          Deb, in many ways I feel sorry for you. You have a single minded vision that completely blinds you. You are not capable of a rational discussion, choosing instead to quote some questionable outdated and irrelevant work of mostly fiction. Is there anything of your own mind and heart or are you just about being programmed? That is what I mean by religious nutjob. Perhaps you would prefer the word "zealot". Does not matter as both terms describe the same type of person. I prefer to listen to real factual resolutions, not fictional brainwashing. Peace to yo.

          1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

            the only one who is not rational here is you as you clearly have not answered her question and yet continue to spin your reply

    2. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      You have obviously been severely affected by deep religious indoctrination that has severely affected your ability to understand logic and reason.


      1. Lori's Avatar Lori

        I wish I had words for this insanity, but there is nothing that can reach one so conditioned/brainwashed as Debra. How does a person become so obsessed with this stuff. Life is for living, not for trying to control the actions and beliefs of others. And once again I say.....these Christians that continually put out stuff like this are simply pushing people away. It just doesn't work the way they think it does. It's psychologically repulsive. Growth, beyond the mythic level, is impossible when religious obsession takes over a persons life.

        1. Deb's Avatar Deb

          You are idiotic. Try rebuking any disease in the name of Allah. Gaia. Muhammad. Mises, gerbil. Jesus works. If u stop using drugs you will be rational again

          1. Lori's Avatar Lori

            Bright blessings to you Deb.

    3. Joy's Avatar Joy

      What in the world did I just read?? And now Deb is calling people an idiot here. Have you experimented with sex, Deb? Did you get possessed by the devil or other sex demons? Everyone has trauma or issues in life. It's up to each of us how we deal with it. Some deal better than others. There is no one answer for all of this. Jesus is one answer for some. But I do agree that addictions are hard to deal with.

    4. Mark's Avatar Mark

      WOW!! Truly, the fist thing that comes to mind is WOW!
      I too am a born again believer, I pray over the sick in Jesus’ name just like you. And like you, I want all people to come to the understanding of the all saving love of Jesus Christ. However... Even though we have these things in common we are not the same. There should come a time in every believers life when we take ahold of wisdom and add it to our list of must haves. Talking about the devil, demons, and anal sex, and homosexuality the way you have is a true lack of wisdom. Even if you believe every word of what you’ve said, how do you feel a homosexual would feel if they read what you wrote? Would they feel excited to get the demon out of them, as you have decried? Do you think they would be thankful that you have helped them see the light as to the fact that every time anal sex happens a demon enters them, as you have decried (btw, where is that thought in the Bible? Also, are women excluded because they wouldn’t have “norma gay anal sex”?) Or how about reminding them that God hated homosexual anal sex so much that he destroyed two cities because of it? How can you say these things in one breath and say that God also loves the homosexual in another? The two cities that was devastated where nothing in comparison to the flood. He destroyed EVERYONE and all the animals along with them (save 8 humans and 7 of every type of clean animal and 2 of the unclean). Before he did this terrible act did he list homosexuality among the egregious acts of mankind? Also, being the scholar you perceive yourself to be, if all acts of sin take you to hell then why just put such a heavy spotlight on gay sex? What about any sex outside of marriage? Or how about forced sex, aka rape, that happens in heterosexual marriages? Or how about looking at straight pron, is God more ok with that then with two consenting homosexuals? You do realize that by far the majority of the women that are used in the pornography industry are part of the sex slave trade right? Men unwantingly “sodomize” these woman all the time and do it for your viewing pleasure! Don’t you dare tell me that you don’t view pornography from time to time. When you view pornography are YOU not just as guilty as the man who sodomizes his boyfriend? You become just as much as the problem as you claim the gay community to be. Step off of your self proclaimed high horse and start looking through the eyes of love, you will see things soooo much differently! I’m sorry if this stung a bit, and now I’m sure you see me as a gay sympathizer, that would be the natural reaction. Again, try looking through the lens of love, it’ll make all the difference, you may actually find peace.

    5. Oh Mo's Avatar Oh Mo

      So, why did god make gays gay? Sorry, another opinion blog doesn't cut the mustard, but sure does cut the cheese. ?

      There is no verifiable evidence that god did not make gays gay.

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        I like the way you think. The Christian god was also okay with incest if Adam & Eve and their family were real. Not to mention the children of Lot having a sexual relationship with their dad.


        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          And Adam and Eve weren't even married. I wonder how far down the road did marriage even start. They had to start a religion first, and ordain a minister with the right to perform weddings.

          1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

            Didn't she come from his rib? That must have been a HUGE shock to him when she suddenly arrived. He must have asked the obvious questions of like: Who are you? Where did you come from? Why don't you have these dangly bits like I do? What are those lumps? It must have been quite a shock to him.

            Dave Allen sums this up very well here:


      2. flugo's Avatar flugo

        God did not make gays gay. He hates homosexuality! His original design in the book of Genesis is male/female. In Matthew 19, Jesus underscored the man/woman concept. We are fools to thwart God's design and plan.

    6. marshall's Avatar marshall

      Yes, Deb. That's why so many execs and leaders in conversion therapy have come out as gay and admitted the therapy was a total lie.

  1. Mark Hannon's Avatar Mark Hannon

    There is one humongous pitcher of Kool-Aid being served here. Such marvelous enlightenment slung at us. I have never heard any of this ever in my life before from any Christian! I am going to sign myself up for a real Holy Healing first thing tomorrow morning!

    Let me tell you, I am already a good enough Christian for acceptance by God 3 in 1 and I could quote scripture to justify but people like you are really not worth my time.

    You'd have followed Paul and Timothy around the Mediterranean forcing the men to be circumcised.

  1. Dustin's Avatar Dustin

    Debra,I don't hear people often talking about spiritual warfare and the transmitting of demons through objects or actions, you make some solid points on that. We do have a loving God but there is a point where his love goes away, that is at death at which point he will cast you in the lake of fire if you never accepted him. There is also six things that he hates: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. Proverbs 6:16-19. There are also plenty of other actions that the Lord showed through punishing people in the old testament. Jesus and his father are awesome dudes but they are not pushovers and they will not be mocked. I enjoyed your thoughts.

    1. Lori's Avatar Lori

      Wow. You must be Deb's brother!

      1. Deb's Avatar Deb

        He is. My brother in Christ. Join us. You'll find iiner peace that only God brings thru his spirit inside us when we are born again. Ask for the holy spirit.

        1. Lori's Avatar Lori

          Been there, done that. That is not peace. It's a hell on earth. I'm so sorry that someone, or some group, did this to you. Christian conditioning is a tough thing to shake. I did shake it and I have been free of it for 20 years. You have no Idea what you've allowed to happen to you. Until you start to question what's been drummed into your mind, you can't be helped. You are stuck in a non-growth situation. Life has lots of challenges, but at some point you need to take responsibility and not schlep it onto evil spirit constructs. Try to focus more on the LOVE than the fire and brimstone. You can live without the fear.

        2. Oh Mo's Avatar Oh Mo

          What's your address? I'll drop by next week. (I do love a circus)

        3. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          You can screw your brother in the name of Jesus, too. All things done in his name.

  1. Deb's Avatar Deb

    No idiot. I have healed myself and others thru prayer. It's direct personal experience which is what true knowledge us based in.

    1. Carrie's Avatar Carrie

      Gays have been around since before your god was invented. I can only say that I do believe in Valdemort...he is just as real as your god, maybe even more real, since there was more than one book in which he appears. I can say the same about Samwise, (A much kinder being than your fictional delusion) he was in three books all of them good, by the way. Your logic is like a tossed salad made with poison ivy, poison oak and poison mushrooms garnished with whatever you scooped out of your toilet this morning. Be well, Blessed Be.

      1. Deb's Avatar Deb

        Try rebuking cancer and depression in the name of your demons. It won't work because demons don't cast out demons. Rebuke them in Jesus name and it works because Jesus has authority over all demons. Jesus healed ppl as a testimony he was the savior Savior and hid heals today for the same purpose. Experience prices what is true. Everything else is hypothesis. Apply the scientific method to theology and you will find out what is true.

      2. Lori's Avatar Lori

        Deb is not well and will eventually drive herself crazy, if she isn't totally there already.

        1. Carrie's Avatar Carrie

          ? percent.

        2. Oh Mo's Avatar Oh Mo

          ? Maybe her god will cure her?

          1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

            I think that even god has found the level of his omnipotence with Deb.


    2. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Yay, I am so glad you have healed yourself through prayer. Now all you have to do is prove your theory by going down to the children's hospital wards in your area, especially those dying of cancer, and through your being in touch with your god you should be able to heal all those children from their agony.

      If of course your reply is that you cannot do it, or you come up with a lame excuse why it won't happen, or can't happen, then your Jesus guy is either a fake, or he has no intentions of healing little children through your miraculous technique, he'd rather see them suffer.

      I look forward very much to hearing about your results, not for me, but for the children's sakes.

      Why do I get that sneaking feeling this isn't going to happen? Is it god telling me it's not going to happen? Or am I applying logic and reason? I seriously hope you can prove me wrong Deb, those little children need you.....I think.

      Anyway, good luck. I mean that. We are counting on you.


    3. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Can prayer make you disappear, Deb ? I bet if we all work hard at it together it won't take long.

  1. Alan J Meunier's Avatar Alan J Meunier

    Hence the reason that those in the "bible belt" have a much higher rate of STDs than anywhere else...

  1. arawngraalrd's Avatar arawngraalrd

    Deb's right, you know. The original article was written by an Atheist and Social Justice Warrior. Abstinence works, in most cases, and Condoms often fail. Wold you want your daughter to be sterilized at the Abortion Mill?

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Are you kidding me? Deb is right about what exactly?

      "When people are sexually abused a spirit of homosexuality enters them"?

      "You can pick it up [homosexuality] from music [by] listening to gay musicians"?

      "Whatever spirit is on a musician transmits thru their music, live or recorded. if they use drugs, that is an opening for unclean demonic spirits which transmit thru the music"?

      "Devil worshippers use anal sex for the purpose of putting controlling demons into their victim"?

      All these statements, and others she referenced, are utter unsubstantiated rubbish. If they were true, I would seriously wonder what demon has possessed her, and how it got into her? Could it be that she's become possessed by listening to the haunting mono-chromatic music of a church organ.........or could it be some other devilish organ?


      1. Deb's Avatar Deb

        It's all true, based on years if experience. Read my articles on my website and educate yourself. Stop using drugs and your brain will work.

        1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

          You are wrong again Deb, I don't use drugs, and my brain is working very well. Clearly it's working better than yours. You are way out in left field with your preposterous comments. The proof of the pudding Deb will be when you are using your miraculous prayers to heal those sick children dying in hospital. Are you up for it to prove your credibility Deb?

          What is going to be your excuse for you not doing it I wonder? Lack of faith? Jesus doesn't want to heal them through your prayers? Jesus is a fake? Which is it to be Deb?


        2. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

          I got it. You are here to use ULCM to push your own website and your own whacky philosophy of lies. I just looked at one article of yours that says "The purpose of snow is god saying Hello I'm up here"

          What drugs are you on?

          So I'm here to tell you that your philosophies are a load of bovine manure.

          The moderators of ULCM blog should be alerted the reasons you are here.

          It's very clear that Debra, aka Deb, aka arawngraalrd, are all one and the same, and needs serious help. I suggest you put down your bong, or needle, and get a grip of real life. Better still, go and get yourself checked into a hospital for some real help. Obviously, your imaginary god isn't helping you!


          1. Deb's Avatar Deb

            God answers my prayers all the time. And if you read my website you'd see I'm against all drugs. They are sorcery which by definition is using drugs to invoke demons to control people. The word pharmacy comes from pharmakeia which translates as drugs, sorcery. God said in Deuteronomy 18 that sorcery iis abomination and brings curses on those who practice it. Pot and psych drugs hypnotize people. That's their purpose. Mind control.see

            The twomajor mental disorders are pot brain and coffee brain

            Drugs interfere with hearing from God, who speaks to us in our thoughts. There are no good drugs

            The 3 Rd person u said, is not me.

        3. Carrie's Avatar Carrie

          Leave us. No one will miss you. You are here to push an agenda and make a buck from anyone you can. You are a fraud. I call you a lackwit, a lickspittle, a con and an emotional cripple. Go away.

          1. Deb's Avatar Deb

            My website is all Free. Jesus said freely ye have been given freely ye shall give. My agenda is to educate people to the truth if the Bible. Heaven and hell are real once you're dead it's too late to repent. Mary j Baxter was taken to hell to testify to it and saw witches there who did not expect to be there. The role of prophets is to warn people to repent.

          2. Carrie's Avatar Carrie

            Deb, I call thee shyster. I call thee false. You do nothing to help others. You are a parasite. There is no low you will not grasp. Get thee behind me.

  1. Lori's Avatar Lori

    Deb sounds familiar. I think she's been on this blog before. Someone just hear for the entertainment, maybe? I hope. I'd hate to think she's for real.

  1. Deb's Avatar Deb

    I'm real go to my website

    1. Rev. Brien's Avatar Rev. Brien

      You are very real. You are a very real life example of what happens when you allow yourself to be brainwashed, to give away your backbone, and to be led by the nose. You live life on bended knee and only try to be a good person because you are TOLD to do so. Governments love people like you. The term they use is OBEDIENT POPULATION. Fortunately your type of person is a dwindling breed. It will not happen fast, but it will happen. All eyes and hearts will be opened. Be at peace

    2. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

      Deb you dare to call yourself a prophet, claim to adhere to the bible, yet seem to forget that a very real part of the ancient text is that a woman may never ever under any circumstance speak to a man unless that man gives her permission to speak. They are not even to protest their own rape or murder of them or their children.

      So just by the act of speaking out unbidden you violate the same faith you claim to be a prophetess of. While I dont give 2 rats tails about your faith, the fact you ignore some aspects of it while promoting others shows you to be just another typical wannabe, or worse a con artist using faith to manipulate others.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    Deb is clearly in her own world, wherever that one knows!!!


  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    What is really sad is that Deb is serious, and has the right to vote, and sadly, there are many more like her. Look no further than Benny Hinn, and Joel Osteen, and their ministries. I fear they have all been inseminated with the same evil religiously indoctrinated virus. Worse still, those adherents to their messages continue propagating the same evil virus into other minds, many of them are young children.

    This is indeed a crusade i wage against these evil people.

    Sir Lionheart ?❤️

    1. Joy's Avatar Joy

      OH those "mega preachers" grate my last nerves too. According to what Deb has presented, perhaps, then, Joel Osteen had the teenage sex and became a homosexual demon? Too funny. I don't understand where Deb's thinking comes from.

    2. Lori's Avatar Lori

      Good luck.

  1. Brother Sean's Avatar Brother Sean

    Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

    Wow, there is quite a bit of intolerance here that is rather disrespectful and maybe dehumanizing.

    Dr. Philip Zimbardo defined evil as follows: "evil consists in intentionally behaving in ways that harm, abuse, demean, dehumanize or destroy innocent others; or using one's authority and systemic power to encourage or permit others to do so on your behalf. Evil is knowing better, but doing worse." (Zimbardo, 2008, 5)

    Deb's views are metaphysical and paranormal in nature. What is troubling is this is a rather unknown area. We can only see roughly 14 billion light years of the universe, according to Lee Smolin. Smolin also states, in Three Roads to Quantum Gravity, "nothing exists outside the universe because it is a closed system." If we are to employ reason, then how can we assert something so preposterous. We have shown disrespect and intolerance to Deb, but pat Smolin on the back?

    My view is there are things we do not understand. Matter makes up roughly 4%-10% of the universe. The rest is dark energy and dark matter, which we know very little about. Modern Mathematicians believe or know of ten or eleven dimensions, which we have knowledge of three possibly four. We know nothing about a spiritual realm, if it exists or not. So, as crazy as Deb's views sound; I did not hear her say the words beyond a reasonable doubt, which implies deductive reasoning. I did not hear her say anything about this being the most probable, which would imply inductive reasoning. What I did hear was a best explanation for these events, which lends to abductive reasoning. She did not make negative claims against atheism, Secular Humanism or humanism. So, she does not need to substantiate her claims.

    I find it interesting as a chemist and accountant that a world view which adheres to naturalism and science wants to refuse the exploration into the unknown. Perhaps, we are afraid of what will be revealed, and that we might have made the wrong choice? I do not know, and I do not think we can tear down someone's view because we disagree with it. That shows intolerance, not reason. The problem of evil should be renamed the problem of people because the 20th century was filled with fascism and fascists committing mass murder across the globe. (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot (Khmer Rouge), Unit 731 (the Japanese atrocities to the innocent Chinese People), Project Blue Bird, Project Artichoke and MK Ultra (CIA experiments with psycho-active drugs and mind control). Friends, this is only one recent century of our past. God had nothing to do with any of this. We humans perpetrated all this evil. So, maybe Deb is on to something, here. My question to the doubters is are we humans impotent to stop evil, could we; but we do not want to, then we are malevolent vile beings?

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      When done in the right way evil can be a lot of fun. Don't knock it until you try it. One man's Hell is another man's Heaven, and vice versa. Didn't Mark Twain say something like "I'll go to Heaven for the climate, and Hell for the company ? I've got front row seats to watch Judas Priest play throughout eternity in the Heaven I'm going to .

    2. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

      Or we can recognize that good and evil are merely social constructs. That in understanding that does not lessen nor demean them but does mean we should be able to understand that attempting to explain human rationale as being a by product of demonic spirits is as insulting and demeaning as saying every great work of humanity is not to their credit but that of some unseen entity.

      Nor is trying to broad brush all of humanity by the actions of a few who amassed vast political power anything less then insane bigotry. Pointing a finger and saying someone is filled with blind intolerance to defend that very thing is just mind numbing to hear, but then that is the plan to try and fill ones opposition with frustration and exhaust them by going nuh uh over and over.

      And to play devils advocate, for all the horror of WWII, the harsh truth is vast leaps in science from engineering to science came about because of the atrocities committed. So much of the life saving medical science we have to day is owed directly to the nazi and their brutal use of human test subjects. As for all the ill of doing such, only in doing something so inhumane could give us the results only a human test subject could give.

      So one might have to ponder if even when we are at our worst, can something truly great be born of it? For the millions that died in that war, how many billions through the generations since have lived because of that research?

      positive and negative do not equal good and evil. when your burning under the hot sun you yearn for the night, When lost in the cold dark you hope to see a new days light.

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        Of course, if you test positive it can be a very bad thing. Wouldn't constructive and destructive be better words, and more to the point ? Regardless of that, good and evil do exist, and are'nt always bad or good, but often are. And in accordance with Hermetic philosophy all things need to be balanced, good and evil included. So don't live on a straight pepper diet. Loosen up and have some fun. As long as it doesn't hurt a little evil is good for the soul !

  1. David's Avatar David

    If you want humanity to end and have a world of robots, you are an idiot. Women create the population by giving birth to the future of the world. If you think that sex should be shameful, the world will end as we know it.

  1. Brother Sean's Avatar Brother Sean

    Did I say that David? No, what I said is posted above. Human beings are the problem. We always have been since the beginning of time. It is not God's problem or Satan's problem. It is the problem of the minds of depraved humans that perpetrated it on innocent men, women and children.

  1. samidee Onyx's Avatar samidee Onyx

    in the long run, we are all coneived and Born through sex and reproduction, Sex should not be a thing of shame.

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    Knew a girl in high school who was by any means a very active teen. She enjoy the swim team, basketball team and the football team and they also enjoyed her. She learn early in life (from older sister) that guys will reward you with gifts when they are please. She had enough save to go to college where as in high school she made the sporting teams happy. I would think that she own stock in the condom companies since her active life was active. Guess that God works in strange ways for she did eventually died of the AIDS virus how many she infected along the way only the County Health Services really knows.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    I wish I knew a girl like that in highschool. Of course, I would have worn Trojans.

  1. Rod Gesner's Avatar Rod Gesner

    WOW How Far we Digress from the Trojan Issues; I Think the Trojan Company Should Strike Back with a Special Trojan Horse Condom: If Any Religious Zealot or Other Sex Negative Hypocrite use it to protect themselves from God's Will be it Pregnancy or Disease.... They Go In Normal; Then Turn into a Horse ;) and Get Stuck Till The Confess Their SINS and LIES To a Doctor or other Scientist.;). Cause You Know Preachers on the Down Low Want All the Protection They Can Get From Their Victims; as anyone that would have Sex with them Must Be Diseased or Looking to Get Pregnant and TRAP Them..;)

  1. Brian Balke's Avatar Brian Balke

    Back to the issue: No, telling a little girl that she is "used gum" after pre-marital sex is not OK. But telling her that she doesn't have a soul is pretty much the same thing.

    Sex is not just a biological act - it is intercourse of the spirit. For that reason, letting yourself be used as an animal by animals has psychological and physical side-effects. Conversely, touching and being touched in the most intimate way, revealing and celebrating each other's virtue, is never wrong. But also not something that we teach in Sex Ed or Abstinence training.

  1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

    And what the people promoting condoms dont want others to know is their dirty little secret...that one in 4 condoms fail or are misused.

    "Led by Stephanie Sanders of The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University, the researchers pulled together 16 years of research on condom errors and failures going back to 1995. They found 50 studies from 14 countries, though western nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom predominated. The studies involved diverse groups of participants, from married individuals to sex workers to college students; as such, there were a range of condom use-error rates or failures at 28% of the time."

    Nice try guys but reality is calling you out.

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