marijuana plants
The government originally encouraged farmers to grow hemp.

As more and more states keep voting to legalize or decriminalize marijuana, the stigma around the drug is beginning to subside.

But do you know how this stigma started in the first place? How did a substance with a rich history of sacred traditions, the primary effects of which include pain relief, giggling and getting the "munchies," end up on a list of Schedule I drugs in the United States?

The secret history behind the government's war on marijuana is complicated – and fascinating.  

Many historians point to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 as a key turning point. Let's take a look at this legislation, what led to its passage, how marijuana became illegal entirely, and how the world of faith and religion is all wrapped up in it.

Medical and Spiritual Origins of Cannabis Use

To understand anti-marijuana sentiment, we must take a look back in time.

In the 17th century, the growth and cultivation of hemp (which is just very low strength cannabis) was actually encouraged by local and state governments. Its strong fibers were used to make goods ranging from clothing to paper, and hemp was accepted as legal tender in a handful of states.

Following the Civil War, marijuana became a popular ingredient in medicinal products and home remedies, and was sold openly in local pharmacies. In less common instances, it was also used for recreational purposes and religious rituals. 

For example, many Native American tribes included cannabis in their sacred rituals and ceremonies. It was seen as a catalyst for spiritual meditation, and was often an ingredient found in the sacred pipes that were smoked in social settings. 

Marijuana Fears Spread

But in the early 1900s, things rapidly changed. Following the Mexican Revolution in 1910, many Mexican immigrants made their way north, bringing an even stronger tradition of recreational marijuana use with them.

As a result of xenophobic prejudice, marijuana quickly went from that secret ingredient in grandma’s home remedy for headaches to a scourge associated with Mexican immigrants.

That fear continued to grow over the coming years, but it wasn't until the 1930s that it exploded in full force. 

Reefer Madness

Unfortunately, the Great Depression only stoked these racial tensions further and when the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) was created in the early 1930s, more than half the states had already outlawed marijuana.

The anti-marijuana campaign was urged on by hastily funded and shoddily researched studies linking marijuana use to violent and depraved behavior.

You've probably heard of the infamous 1936 film "Reefer Madness" which described marijuana as "the burning weeding with its roots in Hell." The film also claimed marijuana use led to violent crime: 

Despite a lack of evidence behind that claim, many people took the warning seriously. 

However, there is evidence that it ultimately could have been the greed of a media mogul – not fear about the drug's effects – that laid the foundation for the criminalization of cannabis. 

Marijuana Tax Act Drops the Hammer

August 2nd marks the 86th anniversary of the passage of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 (now written as "marijuana"), a landmark law in the war on drugs. 

This legislation placed an exorbitant excise tax on all sales of hemp, essentially rendering all individual sales and transfers amongst individuals illegal.

However, some historians argue that while public opinion was clearly allied against "evil weed," the law was not a public safety measure. Rather, it was a convenient way to wage a legal war on the hemp industry, a war that favored prominent newspaper magnates like William Randolph Hearst. Hearst was reportedly terrified that cannabis cultivation would eventually encroach upon land that would otherwise be used to produce paper, raising the printing costs for his enormous publishing empire. As a result, he allegedly pushed hard for the tax act.

There is also evidence that the push for criminalization was motivated by overt racism. 

This fateful but oft-forgotten legislation kicked off 60 years of prohibition and millions of incarcerations. Only in the past 10 years has the status quo finally reversed course. 

A Sticky Situation

You might be wondering: what is the faith connection here? Well, cannabis has long had religious significance in many cultures and faiths, and we've written extensively about the spiritual connection cannabis has to numerous belief systems.

For example, scientists recently discovered that a burnt substance on an altar at the center of an ancient Jewish religious site was indeed cannabis – lending credence to the belief that it was used in ancient Jewish rituals.

Pagan and shamanistic cultures have used cannabis to seek spiritual enlightenment for thousands of years. Hindus consume a substance called bhang during the festival Holi, made out of – you guessed it – cannabis. 

And despite the best efforts of some Christian pastors who say that marijuana use is morally wrong, there are now weed churches and weed nuns.

Cannabis has a deep history and connection to many different cultures and faiths... and yet it still faces significant public stigma, in part due to key historical events such as the Marijuana Tax Act.

Question is, is it high time that changes?


  1. Najah P Tamargo's Avatar Najah P Tamargo

    Minster Najah Tamargo USA

    First, I'd like to clear the "myth" that Indigenous Peoples smoked pot in their peace pipes. It was native grown tobacco, And peyote didn't come around until the founding of the Native American Church. Second, being a retired health care professional, I have seen with my own eyes the BENEFITS of cannabis on people with cancers, serious blood pressure issues and other diseases. And, as a side note, I have NEVER known of anybody smoking marijuana, climbing to the top of a bell tower and shooting everybody in site. I really think that the members of the government could use a little to get them to agree on anything!!!

    1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

      Lol, truthful closing statement!

    2. Joy's Avatar Joy

      Ah yes!!! I think it they smoked the happy weed, they may get some things done!

  1. Catherine's Avatar Catherine

    First, I think this is altogether less about safety or religious implications, and more about government's thinly veiled campaigns for profit, economic control, and 'people management' via addiction, bigotry, and racism. Then there are those who use drugs recreationally more than as medicines, and without sufficient discrimination.

    With so much sand in the eyes it's hard to follow the jugglers, yes?

    From U.S. News dot com (2019):

    "The federal government is growing the largest crop of research marijuana it has in five years at the University of Mississippi, which holds the only government contract for growing the plant."

    Same with other drugs. Isn't it interesting that the FDA originated as "The Chemical Division" to protect manufacturers of dangerous substances?

    The NIH website (Journal List BMJ v.336 (7653); 2008 May 17 PMC2386629) states: "opium production was high under the US influenced government of Afghanistan of the 1970s"

    There is a somewhat interesting timeline at narconon dot org specific to cocaine. And for a period of time cocaine in Coca Cola was sold to any age group - including children - in the form of Coca Cola. Pemberton intended to cause addiction to motivate purchase. Not mentioned in this timeline is that for a period of time, dockworkers were coerced to take cocaine - or look for another job - so they could work harder, faster, for longer hours. Workers who couldn't tolerate it or succumbed to cocaine in the worst ways were quickly replaced. Have vs have nots... drugs are government fodder for justifying low wages, bigotry and racism. And that's only part of what I've learned or witnessed over time.

    What has changed, really? What should we genuinely and practically be concerned about?

  1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

    And just like that, all the negatives of the United States, rolled up into one ball.

    Hold on. Its my hit.

    What organized religion and polititions dont seem to get is, if you look around, there are many instances of better decision making in state building than in the U.S. We have a rust belt, coincidentally with the bible belt. Canada has universal health care and its better managed and cost effective. There are many cities worldwide that are unbelievable. Hint, New York is NOT the greatest city.

    Hold on its my hit again.

    Wait up! Did this article just admit the modern decades long criminalization was to pad the pockets of an already wealthy capitalist.

    Thats what is effing wrong with the U.S.

    Puff, puff, pass!!!!!

  1. Alexander Arends's Avatar Alexander Arends

    Please don't drive under the influence.

  1. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev

    Quite a few substances have religious or 'spiritual" connections. That doesn't make them safe or give them a pass in my view.

    Unfortunately, more myth than fact has proliferated over weed. It is now seen as basically harmless, if not good for you. None of which is really true. Sure, there are some, non-intoxicating, components of cannabis that can be helpful if properly dosed under medical supervision. But current medical studies are causing physicians to question if the benefits are worth the possible risks.

    Up until relatively recently, no one could carry out proper, long-term, clinical studies. Any research group that wanted to study weed had to acquire a small sample from the government in order to legally carry it out. That sample was uncultivated, wild cannabis. Even before legalization, growers created more and more powerful crops. After legalization, studies could finally be legally done on humans (only lab animals up to this point) over an extended period. The results have not been all positive. Smoking pot causes similar lung damage as smoking cigarettes. Except many pot users hold the smoke in their lungs longer than a cigarette smoker and expose their lungs to higher levels of tar. Heavy users (of which there are many) under the age of 30 can cause permanent developmental damage to their brains. Cases of psychoses have risen. ER cases due to marijuana use rose drastically after legalization. Then there are also associated damages to the lining of the heart and other organs.

    Let's face it. It's a drug that alters brain chemistry. A foreign chain of chemicals being ingested into the systems of the body. It's not passive.

    And now I see it used everywhere. I regularly see people drive puffing on weed (evidenced by the gross odor). They are oblivious to the fact that they are under the influence of a narcotic proven to lower driving abilities.

    If we saw people talk about alcohol, or use it as much as people today use weed in this country (starting first thing in the morning to late at night), we would rightfully say they have a problem. So why not apply that to weed?

    Lastly, why do people feel the need ( actual NEED in many cases) to consume weed to begin with? What is it about the lives of so many people that they can't seem to get by without being high? That strikes me as a pretty important question for folks to ponder.

    Before anyone asks, I don't use intoxicants of any kind. They serve zero useful purpose in my view. Reality is still there when you come back down.

    1. Dr. Zerpersande, NSC's Avatar Dr. Zerpersande, NSC

      As someone who has used both alcohol and weed it’s my opinion that driving under the influence of alcohol is much, much more dangerous as compared to weed. Not saying that it’s okay to drive high, just that this is really and truly comparing apples and Alaskan baby seals.

      1. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev

        Dr. Zerpersande,

        No offense, but personal anecdote isn't evidence of fact. I accept you believe what you say, but how do you know it's factual? After all, isn't the tester and testee the same person under the influence at the time? Seems a tad subjective.

        The trick is to have that tested in a controlled environment hooked up to measuring devices to test things like agility and motor reaction time while under the influence.

        Lastly, even if alcohol is worse by some standard, either one is still bad. No one should be operating a motor vehicle (or other machinery) while impaired to ANY degree. Lives are on the line. Both the operator's and any innocent people who may become involuntarily involved.

        Which applies to more than intoxicants. It applies to playing music too loud, paying more attention to a passenger than the road, or texting/talking on the phone while driving. All can be very fatal distractions. All it takes is a second.

        1. Dr. Zerpersande, NSC's Avatar Dr. Zerpersande, NSC

          I fully agree that my evaluation of the relative ability to incapacitate is subjective. And driving while high is NOT something that should be done. The danger with weed is being distracted by your own thoughts. But with a car alcohol destroys your ability to, well, keep it in your britches and between the ditches. Keeping it in your lane can be an impossible task. And THAT was the point of my comment. Alcohol usage has the term ‘stumbling drunk’ and at that point, driving is extremely dangerous.

          Also, keep in mind that the idea of ‘drunk’ is subjective itself. It can be made objective by passing a law with a specific BAC, but laws evolve, sometimes for the getter, sometimes for the worse. When I first started driving the idea was ‘one drink per hour and you’re going to be okay to drive’. Then there was the reduction from 0.1 to 0.08. Here in Japan it’s lower than that. In fact, if you are pulled and there is ANY testable level of alcohol in your blood under the limit, (which I haven’t converted to the US units) you do not drive. Call someone to come drive your car. Park it. Walk. But you won’t be driving. And this in a country where being drunk used to be an excuse for getting into an accident. (Have heard this from multiple people..)

          So once again, in my opinion alcohol is a totally different animal.

    2. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

      @ Rev. Kev - Nice sermon but why do you end it by completely discrediting yourself saying. “ Before anyone asks, I don't use intoxicants of any kind. They serve zero useful purpose in my view.”

      Rev. this just goes to show your ignorance and lack of knowledge. I don’t believe for one moment you do not use intoxicants of any kind. And saying they server zero useful purpose are the word of someone who knows NOTHING about American and European history.

      Adults in Europe and America drank lots of alcohol every day including children. Children would drink several pints and adults a gallon or more every day. Alcohol didn’t contain the deadly microorganisms found in water that was killing people especially children.

      Intoxicants are what changed medicine. If you have ever been to the dentist, had minor or major surgery you have consumed and benefited from he use of intoxicants.

      Intoxicants are used for pain management. Intoxicants incredible healing powers which have been PROVEN since the 1950s to greatly assist and CURE people who have metal illnesses.

      Rev how do you expect anyone to take you seriously why you spread lies and misinformation? God gave us intoxicants to keep us alive, cure illnesses, reduce suffering and to control and manage pain. And for you to say YOU have NEVER used any intoxicants IS a flat out lie. And for YOU to tell others not to use intoxicants just make you look like a crazed idiot. Doctors and medical heath care providers use and prescribe intoxicant medications everyday that helps billions of people. Sorry Rev, but you just don’t know what you are talking about. Have you thought about retiring?

      1. Sherrell K Zitting's Avatar Sherrell K Zitting

        So since it is beneficial for bonerfied medical purposes, would all of society gain benefits of universal intoxication? Seems too many toxins and foreign agents would proliferate zombieism. Personally, I gain beneficial intoxication from prayer.

        1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

          @ Sherrell K Zitting Try some of God’s drugs with prayer. It will make your prayers much more meaningful and you will get more out of them.

          1. Sherrell K Zitting's Avatar Sherrell K Zitting

            Comment removed by user.

          2. Sherrell K Zitting's Avatar Sherrell K Zitting

            @Douglas Robert Spindler:

            MJ God's drug, with prayer??? Rrrrrrright, and oh don't forget to massage your entire body with God's poison ivy. It will make your doctor visits much more meaningful, and you will get more drugs out of it. Oh, you're already out of it. You wouldn't have a prayer.

            You don't tempt God with foolishness, and then think prayer will resolve it. Satan tempted Christ, and His response: Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God (Matt. 4):

            1. And Satan saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.

            2. Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

            Just look at all the scientific research against MJ, and no that is neither Michael Jackson nor Michael Jordan. Do you want to see legitimate research?

      2. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev


        Nothing I said was a lie. It wasn't even false. It's based on research. By medical researchers. Not me or my opinion.

        It doesn't matter if you choose to believe me or not. Even though you have zero basis to call me a liar. All that tells me is nothing I say will be of any use in a continued discussion with you.

        1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

          Rev. Kev - I called you a liar for saying you have never used intoxicants. I even gave you several examples such as getting a cavity filled, taking medicine to relieve your pain or when having a colonoscopy. These intoxicants were priced by God to manage pain. Or are you saying as a Christian you don’t go to the doctor?

          1. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev

            Pain relievers like Tylenol or a local anesthetic are not intoxicants, either by definition or official classifications of drugs.

            Learn your terms before accusing people.

            Please don't talk to me about God or the Bible when you fail to follow the most basic of teachings of Christ. That's hypocrisy. Or do you actually want me to just baselessly insult you? if you're into that sort of thing I can oblige.

            1. Joseph Stephenson's Avatar Joseph Stephenson

              the Rev. never said he never used. He said he doesnt because it serves zero purpose

      3. Sherrell K Zitting's Avatar Sherrell K Zitting

        @Douglas Robert Spindler Aug. 1, 8:45 am

        Who is actually lying? Yes, alcohol has been used when anesthesia is not available, but it is a poor substitute. Alcohol INTERFERES with anesthesia. You may then require higher doses of anesthesia during surgery. It also interferes with specific medications causing an increase or a decrease in how the medication works. This means you could require more or less for the medication to work. Jun 15, 2020 › what-to-k... What to Know About Alcohol Use and Surgery - Moffitt Cancer Center

        General anesthesia involves powerful drugs that suppress functions such as breathing, heart rate, and blood circulation. Alcohol affects the same body systems. All these substances must be metabolized in the liver, which may not be able to keep up. In addition, both anesthesia and alcohol can cause nausea and vomiting.

        Dec 1, 2020 › health Why You Absolutely Shouldn't Drink Alcohol Before Surgery - Healthline

        NO SUBSTITUTE FOR WATER. Contaminated water is simply purified or a pure source is found. Alcohol is never pure. Again, from the above article, it: ""It SUPPRESSES bodily functions such as breathing, heart rate, and blood circulation.

        Get a day job. .

    3. Patricia Ann Gross's Avatar Patricia Ann Gross

      What you are saying here can be true for ANY pharmaseutical drug. I have a medical use card, and use it for severe anxiety from PTSD, which is a qualifying condition in my state. My husband uses it for severe siadic pain, and the pain pharmaseuticals he was using was starting to affect his liver and kidneys. Since we live in a non-smoking building (even on balconies), and our state does not allow smoking weed in public or cars (for both recreational and medicinal use), our options for smoking MJ are too limited so we only consume THC or CBD by edibles or essential oils. Therefore your issues with lung damage do not apply. There are a lot of alternatives to smoking pot.

      1. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev

        I am well aware of edibles and essential oils. I see enough edibles commercials even if I didn't already know.

        And if that was the ONLY issue I mentioned, I would throw up my hands and concede my position.

        1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

          @ Rev. Kev If you are throwing up your hands does than mean Patricia Ann Gross and I caught you lying?

        2. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

          @ Rev. Kev If you are throwing up your hands does than mean Patricia Ann Gross and I caught you lying?

          1. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev

            Apparently reading comprehension is not your forte.

            As I am noticing of several commenters here.

          2. Joseph Stephenson's Avatar Joseph Stephenson

            why do you feel the need to attack the rev. get a life Douglas

    4. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

      As an adult, if you completely master a skill such as driving before driving under rhe influence of cannibis, you will be more adept behind the wheel than most (if not all) teenagers with less than 2yrs experience that have never smoked.

      It's an acquired skill. Cannabis use allows for complete focus when involved in high risk activities.

      That's with a mild buzz.

      No one should be dumb enough to drive totally effing effed up.

      1. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev


        You basically said what any person says when trying to rationalize their abuse of an intoxicant while driving.

        "No man. I totally have it under control./ I drive better when I'm buzzed, man."

        Too bad not a single, objective test proves that to be true.

        1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

          Thats called govt intervention slanting the numbers the way they want it, believer. Typically volunteers for these tests are not seasoned drivers or users. Their yardstick if effed up. And I did say a mild buzz. And does not apply to teenagers.

      2. Sherrell K Zitting's Avatar Sherrell K Zitting


        Cannabis use has been shown to impair cognitive functions on a number of levels—from basic motor coordination to more complex executive function tasks, such as the ability to plan, organize, solve problems, make decisions, remember, and control emotions and behavior. These deficits differ in severity depending on the quantity, recency, age of onset and duration of marijuana use. Understanding how cannabis use impairs executive function is important. Individuals with cannabis-related impairment in executive functions have been found to have trouble learning and applying the skills required for successful recovery, putting them at increased risk for relapse to cannabis use. Here we review the research on the acute, residual, and long-term effects of cannabis use on executive functions, and discuss the implications for treatment.

    5. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev

      Forgot to mention in my previous post: weed can also be addictive to people. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, recent data suggest that 30% of those who use marijuana may have some degree of marijuana use disorder (some form of dependence in which a person feels withdrawal symptoms when not taking the drug). Another study estimated that people who use cannabis have about a 10% likelihood of becoming addicted (when the person cannot stop using the drug even though it interferes with many aspects of his or her life).

      Similar info is available of the CDC and WebMD websites.

      1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

        Rev kev

        Consider a refined white powdery substance that once ingested it causes a tremendous surge in energy and greatly increases one's metabolism and produces a mind rush. Once the effects wear off tiredness and a craving for more ensues. Addiction is quickly formed and extremely difficult to break. The chemical composition of this drug is C12H22O11, commonly known as sugar.

        We all consume intoxicating drugs, some are more accepted than others but all damage the user when addiction sets in.

        1. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev


          Sure. Sugar can be hazardous when taken in large amounts. It can lead to things like obesity or diabetes. However, it doesn't make a person high or impair their reaction time, perception, or decision-making abilities in the same way narcotics do.

          The studies I saw, such as in PNAS, that mention sugar "addiction" specify they are using a nonorthodox definition for the word. Addiction to (for example) cocaine vs. sugar have a few overlapping characteristics, but are not the same.

          Sugar 'addiction" is much like food addiction. Which is considered to be more of a psychological addiction, rather than a physical one. Both are based in changes in brain chemistry (since pretty much anything we consume does that) but food addiction has differences and less physical stress or side effects if deprived. While addiction to narcotics can lead to interruptions in normal life activities, I'm not aware of any confirmed cases of individuals missing work or ruining a relationship solely due to consumption of snack cakes.

          I realize that some "health" blogs make the connection of sugar to coke. It's a good headline to generate clicks. Also a good way to sell their "detox" programs. Which, in itself, shows one can simply change choices of foods to replace the refined sugar in healthier ways over time to leave it behind. Something no one can do if addicted to something like coke.

          1. Harmony Ful's Avatar Harmony Ful

            Everything you've said in comments is completely wrong by scientific research. The article made that point. Beginning 1900s much of the research was pushed aside for greed and bigotry! How were many so easily persuaded to believe that all non-white people were degenerates that if they just smoked an herb growing from the ground God created will make some frothing at the mouth demons. And before you say anything to God being against it; the Bible says that there was not anything made except it was made by Him, He created all things! All things! One being the herb called cannabis. The Bible also says that all herbs are given for the service of man! It is not God's problem if most men use things wrong. That seems to be their way as the Bible says all are "born in sin shapen in iniquity" and "all have sinned and fall as short of the glory of God..." So, you can't put righteous platitudes on your social beliefs. There's actually been debate the last few decades by the synagogue whether a word in one of their ancient texts of the Old Testament for an ingredient in ritual is actually cannabis or a closely related plant. Though if related (even if it does not have the same terpenes flavonoids or cannabinoids) it is still possibly a PSYCHOACTIVE substance. But the Bible also says herbs are for the service of man, you can argue with me about what that means, but if you want to call rev (which the Bible says His name is Reverend) inferring the use a name that the Bible says is God's then you better be able to come with Bible not opinion or feelings. Next, you better be able to come with actual scientific research. But, If you really are a preacher; there are many words and names you could use to refer to yourself, but reverend shouldn't be one of them. That's more evil than picking up a joint and smoking it! Maybe you should pick up the Bible and read it more! You made the statement about sugar not being as detrimental. Which is ignorant of the facts. When RESEARCH (not health blogs selling snake oil...) that has been done on it in the last few decades show that white refined sugar is one of the worst substances you could intake and that's legal! You can take worse things. Like crack and meth. Yes, actual research shows white sugar is on par with crack less than cannabis! And, we haven't even gotten to alcohol and how that can destroy the body and lives when used to excess. Though the Bible isn't against alcohol it is against it in excess (or anything excessively)! Excess in anything is bad and will be detrimental to you! Coffee... Do you have a good cup of coffee in the morning? Caffeine is a drug. It's an addictive drug! I'm talking addictive like crack and meth. Hate to keep using those comparisons but it really does work. I don't think you get the reason why substances become addictive. It's how they work on your brain and body, not just the chemical itself. Take crack caffeine and sugar (to only a slighter lesser degree) these chemicals not only play on your rewards seeking and pleasure inducing mechanisms of the brain but they in themselves also create a chemical physical dependency. All research that has been done on cannabis shows that the addictive qualities and dependency are mostly mental. Not physical thus making it easier to overcome as an addiction. It is not in the true sense an addiction. You know the same argument you tried to make for sugar. The difference is actual scientific research shows which is true. Someone can become more addicted to their sugary cup of coffee in the morning then they can cannabis. And, if can't accept or understand that chances are you are probably addicted to things you don't even know about. Cold medicines you take? Checked which one of them have alkaloids metabolites or derivatives of heroin or cocaine? Many do. As well as an alcohol base to make the actives absorb into your system better! When people who are ignorant and have neither degree nor have studied anything even remotely pertaining to botanism much less any type of science speak on things they often spread misinformation. Yes, I have been in the medical field and was working on a medical degree before I became disabled. I hope you educate yourself. It's very convenient to dismiss things as incorrect when you're ignorant on the subject. All humans have ignorance on some level. It is whether you choose to stay ignorant and what you do with information. Intelligent people who receive information does something about it, not ignore it. Stupidity I see as something when someone is given knowledge information and truth but still chooses to reject it . Especially if they do so for their feels. This to me is stupid. I do not see you as stupid. I know I can be gruff. And I've probably sent a couple of messages that were a bit more raw than some may be used to. But like some said of holy men in the Bible; I have said things a bit hard to be understood, but still truth. Basically, please do better, be better, get smarter!

            1. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev

              Yet another person who knows nothing about me feeling free to tell me how uneducated and ignorant I am, and what I dismissed. Instead of being civil and taking the time to ask and find out.

              I would have been happy to offer multiple citations to research papers, but you threw that out the window by being rude. I don't abide rude people. They fail to earn my respect or any more of my time.

              Your rant is noted and dismissed.

              I won't address you ever again.

      2. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

        So what. You identified a sub group of the population that is prone to excessive compulsive behaviour. These folks will abuse anything. Get educated. Get a life. And for the love of god, accept this gift from the creator (universe) for an herb with so many wonderful uses.

    6. DubSpell's Avatar DubSpell

      First off, let me say: I'm sorry for your ignorance. Next I will explain: THC (the "active" ingredient in marijuana that alters one's state) gets one high by binding to receptors in the endocannabanoid system, which actually runs throughout the human body, from brain to toes. Scientists are still researching this system, but it is largely what affects most of our body systems, all the way from an individual's appetite to psychological makeup. Many of these body functions are what marijuana users are looking to medicate and/or regulate, whether they realize it or not. I will also say: I can see you're an expert at never actually receiving what others have to say (thus the amplified ignorance mentioned above) but I will still drop my personal anecdote. I have had complex-ptsd since the age of 3 that is currently being treated with EMDR and other therapies. I also have Autism and multiple musculoskeletal injuries that require regular chiropractic and massage therapy. I have enjoyed cannabis for about half of my life span at this point (nearly 40) after being raised by a born-again pothead who instilled the type of stuff you're touting in me growing up. I tried it in college like many americans, loved its effects (not all who try it do, and they are likely those who don't need medication like yourself) and told myself it was a social thing. Now that research has been allowed and I have since been diagnosed with my plethora of very valid disorders it all makes sense. Not that you care.

    7. Jason J Foster's Avatar Jason J Foster

      Rev Kev, firstly let me say I don't expect everyone to agree with the use of cannabis and also expect resistance to its legalisation. However the continuing use of such ridiculous claims is beyond acceptable, a 10 year old can disprove them in less than a minute online so it's only purpose is to limit honest discussion of the issues that some see as problematic or perhaps underestimate the potential harm of etc. I have used cannabis for a little over 40 yrs without any health issues physical or mental being evident & while anecdotal it's a similar situation reflected by the thousands of people I know who have used for as long, longer and less time. I think I've had a pretty steady cohort over a long enough time to start presenting my conclusions with confidence.

      1. Rev. Kev's Avatar Rev. Kev

        As you pointed out, it's anecdotal and with zero data.

        But, like almost everyone else who has commented on my post, you chose to avoid a mature, civil discourse to advance the discussion and went straight to the accusations and judgements.

        I'll assume you are not a follower of Christ to begin with (many here are not so that's no judgement on you. Just problematic if you do claim to follow Christ yet fail miserably at following his teachings). I'll also assume acting in an open, friendly manner is not one of your skillsets. You know. Like a greeting. Then making honest inquiries as to where I derived the information you currently don't appear to know, yet already decided you can "disprove" quite quickly.

        You know. Like a decent human having a friendly chat with a fellow human.

        But that ship has now sailed and we won't be having more exchanges. I can't abide rude people who start off with assumptions for things not in evidence.

        This group proves to be full of such people. Can't say I'll miss never venturing back here again.

        I honestly hoped this would be a place that was a little more relaxed and would have nicer people just because it's associated with ULC. I actually came here for that. A refreshing change from the hostile nature of the rest of so-called "social media" (Or, as I call it, antisocial media). My bad. This is just another slice of standard social media. Filled with the same sort of people. And I don't need that in my life at all. Too much negativity in a world that needs less of it.

        You can take some pride in knowing that your comment was the virtual straw that broke the camel's back.

        I'm not angry. Nor am I offended (I have to respect a person before I take their criticisms of me seriously). Just disappointed.

        1. Jason J Foster's Avatar Jason J Foster

          I don't believe I was accusatory I merely stated that the claims you made are not factual as can be discovered by a 10 year old child which indicates you are using them to discourage factual discourse on the subject rather than convince anyone of their veracity. I am simply tired of the dancing around the truth and the factual basis of the negative attitude towards what is the most wonderful gift bestowed upon mankind. It's never through its use taken a human life in all of recorded history, which is a very long time in regards to cannabis with its use first recorded in fibres dating back to 8000-7000 BC and as a food source in china 6000 BC. There's so many facts about this plant which makes all the harder to understand why anyone would have such an unjustified fear of something to grasp at propaganda a a defence rather than calmly and concisely explain what your fears are based on and discuss whether of not they have any foundation in reality. I think your so used to being dismissed or having your opinion discounted that it's an expectation and your reaction was nothing more than reactionary rather than actually disregarding the fact I mentioned thousands of examples such as myself which while anecdotal is quite compelling. If your immediate reaction is doubt that I would infact know thousands of cannabis users try throwing the name "Ancient Jay" into the old Google know it all and see what pops up.

  1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

    Isn't it interesting that the greatest misinformation offender is and has been the government? Why would anyone want to government to regulate truth when they don't know how to recognize it? How foolish and naive of the lemmings to want the government to spearhead anti misinformation campaigns with the press and multimedia. It's like wanting to play poker with a dealer that's a known cheat.

    1. Joy's Avatar Joy

      👆👆👆 The government and the Church have done the most damage with misinformation.

    2. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

      And who told you that?

      Fox News.

  1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

    God has given these plants which can be used to cure illnesses, reduce pain and make may medical treatments possible. Would you go to the dentists for a filling or get a colonoscopy and not take any of these drugs? These naturally occurring drugs, (alcohol, cannabis, opioids, and many more) were give to us by God to help us. Sad that religious leaders and politicians are doing the work of the devil saying they are bad. Who are they to challenge God?

    1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

      The appearance of big pharma decided God made a mistake and paid all the fees required to sell their brand while locking up anyone that uses God's brand.

      1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

        @ServantOfJudgement You are right… God loves Big Pharma so much and the people who run which is why God is making everyone pay Big Pharma for the medicine God provided to everyone for free. What kind of God would do that? A sadistic God. Makes you not want to believe there’s a God.

        1. Harmony Ful's Avatar Harmony Ful

          You did not read that person's comment. If you choose not to follow God because you didn't read you a internet comment that's on you. Be damned for a comment? WTH... Do you... But he said that it the very antithesis of God's plan. I will quote him for you; "Big Pharma decided God made a MISTAKE..."

          1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

            @ Harmony Ful Oh but I did read that’s person’s comment. Just what is an atheists God’s plan? Doesn’t sound very Christian like.

        2. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement


          As hard as it may be to believe, you and I are in alignment with God on this, from how I interpret God's character. God wants all of us to have access to his natural and effects medicines without hindrance. This was stated long before any religion or government was ever formed. It's a command from his mouth to our ears and eyes directly. In no wise does God want soulless corporations and governments to have more rights than living breathing soul filled humans. There is opposition to God's will from all angles on this, even from his own believers. You, me and people like us are getting shammed by religion, governments and corporations. We're busy earning a living and they're busy milking us. Nowadays it seems like they're willing to cut off the udder to get the bloody milk. The greed from all sides is choking us all out. God will square up with those wronging us in his fashion. It's up to us to say no to oppressive and controlling interference with our free will.

          Was God wrong when he gave us all these illegally illegal natural plants for us to use according to our own conscience? God forbid.

          1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

            @ ServantOfJudgement Sorry I don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Makes no sense.

  1. David A Foreman's Avatar David A Foreman

    It needs to be legalized nationally! Everyone doing time for using it needs released.

  1. Minister Raymond Butterworth's Avatar Minister Raymond Butterworth

    I think everyone should use Marijuana. It's a beautiful way to ease pain, to help arthritis, to relieve stress, and to achieve a state of overall general good feeling. I don't think one should be stoned all day every day. A great thing, if taken to excess can cease being great. I like to enjoy a smoke in the evening. It helps me to unwind and dissolve away the stress of the day. This is just my thoughts on the matter. I have truly enjoyed reading yals as well.

  1. Christopher W Patmore's Avatar Christopher W Patmore

    I live in Kentucky. I remember back in junior high a teacher asked; "What is the number 1 crop in Kentucky?" & a fellow student responded; "Weed!" & then explained that he was refering to the huge fields of it used for research by the government & the pharmasuetical industry. A bunch of students scoffed! Then the room got quiet for a minute; & the teacher said...... "Correct!" . But then she explained how when answering on an actual test, it was best to say it was corn; to avoid getting into trouble. And then she went on to explain the history, racial bias; etc. I have seen so many good people who use it to help deal with all sorts of ailments; from something as serious as Cancer & M.S. ; to less severe things like backpain & yes... Loose Weight! Be treated like a criminal ( more so if you're a minority ) . And I have seen people who's only crime was making a cartoon more entertaining be belittled and treated like a dangerous junkie; & yet still function perfectly fine in there day to day lives, even turning the other cheek against the naysayers. The states that allow it have seen a good return on there investment. Though it is true that the taxes are harsh.

    1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

      The US gov't research fields are at Old Miss... which has never been in KY.

  1. Kurt R. Morauer Sr's Avatar Kurt R. Morauer Sr

    I think that if investigated more closely the Dupont Company was a major instigator of the criminalization of marijuana. When they created nylon and realized its effectiveness as a substitute for rope manufacturing and other items, they realized hemp was their direct competitor for manufacturing a huge number of items. Since they controlled the State of Delaware and many politicians, plus they had deep pockets for lobbying, they pushed for eliminating their competition through legislative control.

  1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

    Cannot tell the real story if you leave out Harry J. Anslinger.

    1. Harmony Ful's Avatar Harmony Ful

      To You Paul and Kurt above you, so true both comments guys so true. The full story has not been told on the prejudicial attack on a plant and the way the government used that to attack many of its own citizens!

  1. Jared Griswold's Avatar Jared Griswold

    So I've read all the comments listed here and I've got to say it's all been informative. However has anyone used it for health and living. at the age of 18 I was on 15 to 20 meds per day depending on the day. I suffered multiple ER visits due to heart attacks. I started to use infused olive oil. All side effects from meds resided. I was able to reduce them to 7 daily meds and was able to stop the oil. The 7 meds began to decrease efficiency. I began to drink heavily. Started with a beer at night which lead to a bottle of wine at night which led to multiple bottles at night which lead to drinking from the moment I got up to when I passed out. I did all of this to numb the symptoms of my conditions. At 29 I was admitted to a psych hospital for 2 weeks to detox and change meds. I was suffering and was offered cannabis when I was out. My symptoms decreased. At the age of 30 I am challenged with add, ptsd, bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia,and neuropathy. The 7 meds I used to take no longer work. The new meds I take doesn't work to a clinical steady line. Currently I use distillates. The days that I don't use I stay in bed crying due to the disabilities. However when I use I'm productive and functional. As a current lawful user I'm very cautious about driving while under the influence and I spend way too much on snacks. I do not binge drink anymore. When under the Influence I do not have homicidal or suicidal ideations anymore. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind or persuade anyone to use cannabis. This is just one users perspective without scientific study. I just ask people to know that yes there is bad things around cannabis and there are good things. At the end of 5he day it's about choices and consequences and the user being willing to accept that. Those that use just hope that a full picture is presented instead of a split argument. We just want research, support, and relief. Thank you for reading and no matter how you view this. Just remember this is all part of a grander plan. Peace be with you.

    1. Joy's Avatar Joy

      Yes. It is the only thing that has been effective for my husband's PTSD. He's tried it all. It works and makes life so much better for him (and me).

  1. Harmony Ful's Avatar Harmony Ful

    I've made multiple comments on here. Many pretty growth. My intensity and passion comes from the fact that I was born with a few very rare progressively debilitating conditions. They are conditions that are considered invisible illnesses because to look at me I look like a healthy young woman. I actually look younger than I am. But that only covers the fact of how sick I am. That's what makes them my conditions so egregious. I suffered for decades and pain and with vomiting and nausea and dizziness that no one could explain. Few tests were done and the few that were done were so not close to I need to be done results were inconclusive enough to dismiss my issues. By the time I was 30 a couple of neurological conditions as well as a genetic disorder of which were causing other ailments and abilities. After so many years of being placed on anywhere from 15 to 30 drugs a day. Any narcotic pain medication given to me did absolutely nothing it's a date me or make me high. Eventually as I started to wither away and it was clear to my doctors I was probably going to die by malnutrition caused by severeanorexia due to severe chronic intractable nausea and vomiting this was literally printed on my antiemetic medication bottles... I was raised to believe that all drugs were wrong and bad. And illegal drugs were all illegal because they were evil. This is azized not even joking. I would be almost a teenager before I would even allow myself to take something like Tylenol or ibuprofen. And even then when it got so bad that I was being admitted to the emergency room. By the time I was in my mid-30s and as I said I'd gotten so sick I was about to die doctors finally realized we had to try something half my doctors have already been screaming cannabis long before this point and the other half of the doctors that he resisted finally heard and understood why. But it was still a fight to get me to be on board with this. It was not until my dad my actual dad called me and said you need to do this or else you're going to die. My husband and my pastor both looked at me and said look this is in Earth is an herb that God made putting the ground and man is to blame for corrupting it or using it wrong. But that does not mean that there are not correct uses. Like medicinal! Those last three people were enough to convince me I needed to try something. I have been utilizing cannabis from additional purposes now for a little over 5 years. I now am down from 20 to 30 medications to 10 that's only because they're 10 medications my doctors refuse to take me off of because they believe certain bodily functions will stop working if I stop these medications. But it's still better than what I was taking period And I am prescribed absolutely no narcotics or pain medications. For someone with a conditions I have this is a miracle in itself. Ignorance will only destroy people. Knowledge and understanding lifts up. I wish more people would allow themselves to be relieved of their ignorance receive knowledge learn understand bro have you lifted up!

    1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

      It's reasonable that for every ailment there is a natural herb or substance, I should say to a believer it's this way, which looks true so far. A natural plant is something governments have zero right to make illegal. If anything we humans can make plants illegal to governments and corporations. It's our universal right over our own creation.

      I dug your hard boiled style right off. Not that different than me. Gets the attention of who you're talking to and they don't need to figure out how you feel when you're done talking. Jesus was hard boiled when he needed to be. We all need that sort of voice in our lives from time to time.

      Moderators do grumble from time to time though.....

      Stay safe sister

  1. James C. Gostomski's Avatar James C. Gostomski

    Please correct me if I'm wrong but marijuana is NOT a narcotic.

    "Marijuana is complex chemically and not yet fully understood, but it is not a narcotic."

    Journal Of General Psychology . 1986 Jan;113(1):23-55. doi: 10.1080/00221309.1986.9710540

  1. Karin Anne Westdyk's Avatar Karin Anne Westdyk

    Hemp was the earliest agricultural crop and built the American economy. It was extremely labor intensive but thrived due to slavery. When slavery was abolished, it became too expensive to process, and cotton -- with the help of the cotton gin -- replaced hemp. In the 30's, Popular Mechanics magazine published an article about a German patent for a decorticator that would revolutionize hemp agriculture, claiming that it would be the next billion dollar crop to produce fiber and paper. The Hearst corporation had a tremendous investment in timber for paper and produced most of the paper used for newspapers in the US. The Dupont corporation was using petroleum based chemicals that hemp based products could easily have replaced. Henry Anslinger, nephew of Andrew Mellon, financial administrator of Dupont, was appointed head of the FBN and his mission was to demonize cannabis. Hearst published false articles about perils of marijuana (the Mexican name for cannabis used to elicit racism) and both the Hearst and the Dupont corporations benefitted. Anslinger went around the country flashing erroneous news articles testifying and gathering opposition to cannabis. Later, when he discovered JFK was trying to get rid of him. Anslinger fostered the Single Convention Treaty with the UN which basically said countries that did not go along with US drug laws would not receive US assistance making it taboo throughout the world. Despite their chemical differences, sadly, industrial hemp was lumped with marijuana in legislation even when it was found to provide a superior food (highest form of plant protein next to soy in the plant world and containing all the amino acids -- Australa survived 2 famines using hemp seed for food in the 1800s). Hemp also provides an excellent building material that is resistant to mold. It can be made into strong paper (you will find very old durable bibles made with hemp paper and the US constitution was written on hemp paper). These two uses alone could easily eliminate the devestating effects of deforestation. Fuel from both seed and cellulose could eliminate dependency on fossil fuels and bioplastics made from hemp could eliminate the devastation caused by petroleum based plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways. Henry Ford actually built a car made from hemp composites that proved stronger than steel (can be seen on youtube being hit with hammers). Despite the objections of the medical community in the 30's, cannabis and all its uses were prohibited through pressures by those with power and money who benefitted. Fortunately, due to the medicine it has provided for children with certain forms of epilepsy where no allopathic medicine has worked, it is no longer considered a schedule 1 illegal drug and the world is rediscovering all the benefits this plant designed by the creator can provide for the world. Hopefully it is not too late.

  1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

    I see a lot of comments on this that say, "These are the facts on intoxicants!" and then endeavor to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

    Let me point out that the 'facts' on intoxicants are that intoxicants have always been around and are inseparable from the rise of civilization. From the first evidence of agriculture, archeologists also find evidence of fermentation operations. From the first towns, villages and cities, archeologists also find evidence of trade and enjoyment of intoxicants. The builders of the Great Pyramids were literally paid partly in beer. This is all well documented.

    What I find worrisome in our modern society is that a teenager can go into nearly any gun shop and buy an AR-15 style rifle and box of ammo no problem. Cash down and he's on his way. But if he tries to buy more than one box of Sudafed then the hammer comes down - because he might try to get high! What do you think that says about us - about our priorities?

  1. Jason J Foster's Avatar Jason J Foster

    While it's not referred to often, which to this day still confounds me.l The push for cannabis to become a controlled substance began long before the US was involved.

    Many centuries have passed since it was first marked for elimination by a Sunni cleric circa 1280. With the first major action against Cannabis happened circa 1378 when Sultan Murad l, tried to make it illegal throughout the Ottoman Empire. The Pope , Innocent the 8th in 1484 declared that medical use of cannabis was unholy and issued a papel ban.

    In 1798 while Napoleon was taking Spoils captured in Egypt back to Paris & quell some discontent, the officer he left in command of his troops still controlling Cairo agreed with the resident Iman council to institute a prohibition on cannabis but the English & Italians chased the French out of Egypt & the local government was returned to power overturning the ban.

    Not much of interest until the opium board met at the Hague in 1912 and the Italian Delegate tried to have Cannabis addicted to the schedule but was dismissed as only agenda items could be discussed.

    At the Opium Convention in 1925 it was the Egyptian Delegates. Examination of both parties reveals pressure from same ideologically opposed party as had been lobbying Napoleon.

    By presenting evidence privately to the English & German delegates which has never been made public an addendum was added having it restricted to medical use only. This was followed in 1926 by Britain making recreational use illegal followed by Australia with Victoria & the Australian Capital Territory joining before 1926 ended. The US Introduced the tax Act in 1937 and that's where they usually start the story so it's where I will end the history.

  1. Austin B Beamer's Avatar Austin B Beamer

    It's everyone's choice. Work out your own salvation as it is written. You will be judged, and everyone else, according to their own choices and intentions. With divine grace comes great responsibility. Choose wisely and remember discretion if choosing to do something that others of the Faith may not agree with. Do not allow your reasoning for innocence cause someone else to stumble. Stay wise in your Freedom in Christ. You'll be answering to Him and no one else.

  1. Russel A. Kester's Avatar Russel A. Kester

    Adults have the civil right to consume many substances that are harmful. Cigarettes are among the worst, but don't forget that banana stand at your local grocery store is radioactive ☢️.

    I choose to not consume it as both it and alcohol seem to interfere with my meditation times. There seems to be a loss of clarity for several days after consuming these items. If one wants to get some kind of spiritual insight DMT might be better. But for everyday living meditation seems superior.

    1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement


      Around the 30 day mark of me quitting alcohol I noticed the mind fog cleared up, I got good sleep, woke up early, went to work early, could focus like a laser and was full throttle all day long & full of energy. I am pretty sure my ADHD comes from alcohol.

      1. Russel A. Kester's Avatar Russel A. Kester

        SOJ, that's wonderful to hear. Good for you.

    2. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

      Sorry Russel, smoking pot or taking heroin and such is not a civil right no matter how you want to try and say it is. Using your logic then that would mean I could go out and get as high as a kite and then get into my car and drive. And even if I killed someone in an accident they couldnt touch me as its a civil right? Sorry but that logic wont pass in anything except a psych eval

      1. Harmony Ful's Avatar Harmony Ful

        I do not understand the logical fallacy or rather illogical one that you used here. You still seem to want to compare cannabis to heroin which shows me that you are ignorant about both substances and have not or maybe refuse to educate yourself on the issues. But no to say that it is your civil right to be able to utilize a plant that God put in the Earth for your own medicinal or personal purposes (which would be true) is not the same as saying you can get high as a kite and kill someone! That is insane! It's about as the insane as you comparing cannabis to crack or heroin. All of this is like comparing apples and oranges to crack and heroin! It just doesn't gel.

        1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

          I dam not comparing anything. I am saying they are BOTH scheduled 1 drug listings according to Congress. If you have a problem with the listing then you need to contact your congress member and try and get it changed.

          Until then you need to make sure you read the post correctly

      2. Wendy Sue Harding's Avatar Wendy Sue Harding

        Driving while under the influence of anything - including legal pharmaceutical drugs , is Illegal That’s it ‘ nuff said

        1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

          Exactly and thats why states (even the ones who have illegally voted to allow its sale) refuse to allow any doctors or pilots or taxi drivers or Truck drivers or police officers or firemen or anyone like this to use it no matter what is said. We in Ohio just had six different truck drivers get stopped at a log book check on I-90 (northern part of the state) and when pot was smelled they were shut down and had to take a pizz test and when it was found out that they had smoked pot they were arrested. The Teamsters tried to argue the point but the 6th US District Court of appeals and the Ohio State Supreme Court ruled against the truck drivers because of what the federal law says. Right now they have had their license suspended for 6 months and if they are caught again, the license will be revoked and it makes no difference that they didnt live in Ohio as they cannot violate the supremacy clause of the Constitution

          1. Harmony Ful's Avatar Harmony Ful

            You just said supremacy clause of the constitution. See that is exactly what I'm talking about. The supremacy clause of the Constitution gives state law Supremacy in certain areas. You said that they ruled against the truck drivers because of what the federal law said. No I want to correct that. As you already stated they have state laws against it. So they were ruled against because of your state law and use the federal law to back them. Also your statement about why Ohio does not allow certain professions to use it is well just that why Ohio does not do it. Not all states have those regulations. And even the military has eased someone their regulations on allowing Soldiers with PTSD to utilize it. That is also why since almost 70% of the country and climbing are in favor of legalization. There are already bills going through Congress that will reach the president's desk it is believed that will if not outright legalize cannabis then will the schedule it or take it off of the schedule completely. The thing is that since more and more states are legalizing it or decriminalizing it eventually that will force the white few remaining States and municipalities that have not to do so. And once at least 80 or more percent of the country has legalized it that will force the federal government's hand. One way or another.

            1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

              Nope sorry, the supremacy law in the constitution clearly states that federal law trumps state or local law if there is a question. Meaning that even if local law or state law say you can do something, if the federal law says its illegal, then its illegal and no judge or police officer would dare to try and destroy their career by trying to claim it isnt.

  1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

    Technically and legally, any state or location that sells pot or any combination of same can have the local police or sheriff or state patrol drive up and arrest anyone and everyone inside the building for intent to sell, the people who bring it to them can be arrested for transporting with the intent to sell. Which means that every car or truck or property can be seized and sold off and the money given back to the state or the local police. All the cash in the building can be seized and there isnt a thing that can be done to stop it as under the Federal Controlled Substance Act, pot is classified as a class 1 narcotic and is illegal to sell or possess under any condition. Its listed in the same category as Heroin. and since federal law is supreme to state or local laws The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution of the United States (Article VI, Clause 2) there is absolutely no way for states or localities to give permission to sell this no matter if everyone in that area votes to do so. The ONLY way to make this legal is to get Congress to remove it from the Scheduled 1 or they can come in and bust you and there isnt a thing you can do about it

    1. Harmony Ful's Avatar Harmony Ful

      Local that is city and state police are more bound to the laws of the state actually than they are the federal laws to a certain extent. That is the point of the constitution. People get the constitution of the Bill of Rights mixed up not realizing these are two separate documents that together forms our union. Now Federal law enforcement may be able to come in and do the things you stated. But then again based off of our Constitution that would be illegal too. But it our federal government does many things that is unconstitutional because most people do not actually know or understand the words of the constitution. And people who want to have their interpretation Etc probably hurt the most sometimes even though many have sincere intentions. The best and most accurate interpretations or at least keys for understanding and interpreting the Constitution are the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist papers. I could suggest a few other books and documents but really if you don't begin there you do not understand the constitution. Our federal government was never, ever supposed to be in the dealings of the states. The federal government's function was to protect our borders. To protect us from foreign threats. I was to make its money off of import taxes and tariffs. We can debate all day long the different ways that that has been changed twisted and mutilated mutated or whatever; as I said Often by well-intentioned people. But that doesn't change what it is. The sad part of it is this was only allowed to be done because of a populous that has allowed itself to become ignorant on facts thus becoming easy targets to be controlled one way or another. Just a thought.

      1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

        Nope sorry, they are bound to follow ALL laws no matter if they are state-city-or federal. And since Federal law is supreme under the Constitution, then they have to follow federal law even if local or state law says different.

    2. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

      And per the feds, for something to be Sched. 1, it must have no medically accepted value... yet the same feds hold medical patents on some of the strains developed from the plants grown in their research fields.

      1. Harmony Ful's Avatar Harmony Ful

        Yes the fact that people cannot see through that type if a critical actions I don't know what to say. It is not only the fact that they hold patents on several strains of cannabis kratom Etc but they also hold patents on their various different alkaloids derivatives metabolites substrates and chemical substitutes. There is already a pill called Marinol that is on the market and has been on the market since the early 80s. It is prescribed by a doctor and a doctor your PCP your oncologist your gastrologist etc etc for the conditions that it is approved for. And it is approved for intractable nausea and vomiting. The thing is Marinol is THC. It is just literally man-made chemical version of thc. But still it's thc. The only cannabinoids or Main candinoids in cannabis that are psychoactive and causes a high or THC and the various types of THC and their various different metabolites. But the remainder of the cannabinoids are not psychoactive at all! And a myriad of medical uses and properties. So the government has outlawed a plant. Their excuse for doing so is the chemical that is psychoactive called THC. Yet they not only hold patents on many cannabis strains but hold the patent on Marinol which is just a chemical man-made substitute of THC! While saying that canvas and THC has no medicinal purpose. The mental gymnastics just to come up with that much less to believe that you'd be more of a contortionist than I could ever be and I was born with a genetic mutation that almost made me one literally when I was younger.

    3. Russel A. Kester's Avatar Russel A. Kester

      Buzz kill 😕

      1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

        Maybe I am but the law is the law until you get it changed

  1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

    Whilst I don't smoke weed my brother was on it for 50 years then changed to medical weed and it's done hom no harm All the drugs cultivated in the world.Has been grown for a reason and it is well known in the UK that it's beneficial to people with medical issues.Yes I have a few issues myself but I wouldn't turn to anything apart from my meds my Doctor prescribes for me and I am a recovering alcoholic of 6 years and I will NEVER turn back to it again.

    1. Joy's Avatar Joy

      Weed is the only thing that has been working for my husband's PTSD. I have prescriptions that work just fine for my PTSD. I'm glad you also found something that works for you. Makes a huge difference.

  1. Debra Michaela Clover's Avatar Debra Michaela Clover

    I was waiting for someone to mention the long term effects such as paranoia and psychosis. Thank you

    1. Harmony Ful's Avatar Harmony Ful

      Unless you are already predisposed to mental issues those aren't long-term effects. They are seen as possible long-term effects in children that starts high THC products too early. But legal age adults know that is not a long-term issue. It's a misnomer and anyone that says otherwise it's lying or ignorant. I can link all of the research documents that I have that says what I'm saying.

    2. Joy's Avatar Joy

      Long term effects of what? Alcohol? Cocaine? Prescription drugs? Acid? H?

      I have seen no one get paranoid or psychotic from weed - unless that weed was laced with something else. Use the power of the Google.

  1. P. Keith Benefiel's Avatar P. Keith Benefiel

    Reality is for people who can't handle drugs.

  1. William Leon Barfield jr's Avatar William Leon Barfield jr

    Adam and Eve most likely had Marijuana in the garden of Eden.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Yep, there has to be a reason people wrote about a talking ass, a talking snake, unicorns, a virgin getting impregnated by a mythical god, and seeing a man walk on water. Hallucinations can do terrible things to one’s mind. Mental health back in those days must have been brutal. 🤭


  1. Gene Schenck's Avatar Gene Schenck

    Weed lowered psa numbers when I had prostate problems when the number stayed at 13 I decided to get radiation 45 treatments 5 a week for 9 weeks.

  1. Liliana Louise McSween's Avatar Liliana Louise McSween

    If you haven't read The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer, I highly recommend. No pun intended.

  1. Raymond G Merrihew, Jr's Avatar Raymond G Merrihew, Jr

    As a young man I was a heavy drinker. An ignorant young man I was. Somehow I thought drinking 10 beers was acceptable but the person across the road smoking a doobie was somehow a loser. I was 44 before I tried cannabis. It brought me peace and opened my eyes. It help me shake the negativity and bigoted judgements I held of others. In a drunken stupor there is no clarity. I'm thankful for cannabis. It has brought me closer to my heavenly Father. A gift well received.

  1. Raymond G Merrihew, Jr's Avatar Raymond G Merrihew, Jr

    I do find i quite ironic that our heavenly father gives us free will to make our own decisions but his children won't allow it for each other.

  1. Udo Hoffmann's Avatar Udo Hoffmann

    First off, only some of our peoples smoked just tobbacco in the pipes... many times it is a mixture of bark and leaves we call Kinnikinnick.. and it does often contain some tobbacco and/or some hemp.

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