Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson
“I already have health care,” Phil Robertson said in a recent interview. “It’s given to me by God. Eternal health care.”

The hit reality show Duck Dynasty may have gone off the airwaves, but that’s not stopping the patriarch of America’s favorite duck-hunting family from keeping his name out there.

Phil Robertson has been receiving considerable attention for a recent appearance on Fox Business Network where he discussed the topic of health care.

Why exactly the network sought a famous duck hunter’s opinion on the nuances of health care coverage remains unclear, but Robertson’s comments certainly left many viewers shaking their heads. During the segment, Robertson revealed that he didn’t have health insurance for over 50 years and insisted that other people don’t actually need it either – at least not the conventional kind.

Health Care From On High

According to Robertson, the most important health insurance card one can get is not issued by any company – it comes from God. “I already have health care,” he told the interviewer. “It’s given to me by God. Eternal health care.”

When the show’s host pushed back, pointing out that “people need health care,” Robertson refused to budge. “I have life and immortality given to me by God through Jesus Christ… I’m telling Kamala Harris, I have eternal health care, and it’s free! Doctors can give you a little temporary reprieve, but they cannot save you from physical death. The doctors who treat you, they die, too.”

See the full video below:

God’s Coverage Limits: Explained

Robertson is far from the first public figure to advocate for faith’s ability to heal. Last year, evangelist Gloria Copeland drew widespread criticism for encouraging people to forego flu shots because she believed Jesus would protect them.

So where do these ideas come from? There is a certain school of religious teaching which holds that prayer alone is capable of healing all ailments. If the ill would just have faith in God’s ability to help, everything would turn out okay.

The problem is, that doesn’t seem to work in practice. Although there’s nothing wrong with praying to a higher power in the hopes of influencing earthly events, people insisting on prayer in lieu of actual medical care has consistently produced tragic results. From the toddler who died after her parents refused medical care to the child left permanently disabled because the parents decided prayer was enough – the evidence suggests God’s medical plan doesn’t have a terribly high success rate.


  1. Carl Elfstrom says:

    Is that besheviled duck hunter’s god going to pay our medical bills ? He can’t even get his god (who probably looks as unkept as him) to buy him a razor. And who cares about eternal life. The only life I care about is the one that’s going on right now. I’ll cross the bridge to eternity after I’m dead and buried. And as far as I can tell, the easiest way to experience it, without ruining your life by denying yourself, and trying to live by the contrived principles of the paranoid, just simply go to the other side of the light, regardless of your beliefs, or how you lived your life. I’d be quicker to bank on that than anything else.

    1. j says:

      God paying medical bills? What type of comment is that? Paying medical bills is keeping IN the loop of government mentality. Get out of the government / corporate medical vortex / sinkhole that operates under the presumption / laws that “only a drug can prevent or cure” mentality and there will be no “bills” to pay. The duped / blinded society we all live it that wants their vices, forcing the body to do and eat everything unhealthy. Then run to corporations to alleviate the “symptoms” w/ a drug to force the body to accept the vice is NOT gov / corp path that will work. A headache is not from an aspirin / drug deficiency. Not implying Dr’s and drugs serve no purpose. Just not a a cure all / life style under the FDA rule “only a drug can cure”.

      1. j says:

        Addendum, following a “spiritual / pure” life style will permit the body to live as intended “made in the image of god”. which is perfect. The gov & corp world poisons the planet & all life forms to make us unhealthy. A true Christ-like life style will generate no medical bills. At the core, root of existence, we are the author of our own dis-eases.

        1. pcfield says:

          So true, if we all could live in moderation, have self control learn to say NO to the flesh, we would be much happier and healthier, but it is not easy for all and it is also written “If you are sick, see a physician.” Christ, of course, being our main one who works by faith, little faith, little results as recorded in the Bible. Plus, he will and does use others to facilitate His Healing Will, sometimes, it is to call them home, they are done here.

          Concerning God paying the bills…I know of a christian person who was led by the Holy Spirit to pay on another person’s medical bill so, in a way God did pay the bill or at least part of it. He does tug at our hearts to do good our conscious helps make it happen, if we have one of course….

        2. pcfield says:

          So true, I added to your comment, but was deleted after submitting, I will try to repeat without getting in trouble..It is written “If sick, see a physician” God does work in mysterious ways by using others to heal, donate or even pay medical bills for others. Moderation is the key along with self-control which is not easy for all.

        3. pcfield says:

          So true is all I can say, I keep getting kicked off!

      2. Dr. Gordon Francis Blaney Jr. says:

        It’s important to remember that all synthetic, also known as man made, medicine is based on a blueprint from nature, also known as the footstool and thrown of God. Without God man couldn’t discover/invent anything, including medications. The belief that man can create something from nothing is ultimately flawed in its logic.

        Disregarding the above, a doctor of the body heals the physiological with the aid of the hand of God, a doctor of the mind heals the psyche with the aid of the hand of God, and the doctor of the spirit heals the unseen with the aid of the hand of God. Denying the aid of people denies the helping hand of God in the instruments he uses. God will use the worst sinners and the holiest of saints in His plan. To say otherwise clearly indicates a limited perspective on the vastness of God’s handiwork.

  2. Lea Weisenbach says:

    He’s a quack…And his brain has been cooked with alcohol..

    Its a shame anyone listens to this man.

    1. lionheart2020 says:


  3. Dr. Gordon Francis Blaney Jr. says:

    There’s no scriptural passage that I’m aware of that states directly or indirectly that we shouldn’t seek and find physiological and psychological assistance for diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis as well as acceptance of assistance from earthly people, places, things, and ideas; this is of course in addition to the assistance we receive unearthly realms. Spiritual assistance is also similar but with unearthly first and earthly second.

    There’s an old parable.

    A man was lost at sea. He was nearing death. He asked God for help. A piece of driftwood passed him. He said no to grasping it. He said God would save him. A dolphin came to the man. He said no. He continued to tread water. A boat came with people to help. He said that God would save him. The man died. He met God. He asked about what happened to his rescue. God said that he sent driftwood, a dolphin, and a boat full of people, and that the man refused in each case.

    God works in mysterious ways that we see and don’t see. Be honest, open-minded, and willing. God is good. Just don’t expect God to always not use people, places, things, and ideas for his purpose and plan.

    1. pcfield says:

      Absolutely true, I work in the alternative health field and have seen miraculous healing big and small. Also in my own life God has intervened on my behalf in many ways, both dangerous and everyday interactions that would seem to be “luck” by those who do not know how God works in a personal relationship.

    2. j says:

      Well stated Gordon. Ppl thinks GOD is how they see & feel god should be. Partake of the gifts that come along. But, in a perfect utopia world. The man in the boat would NOT have been in the position he was in if he was one w/ god in the 1st place. People and situations come along, many we call to our selves. ALL have answers. The questions then becomes. Do we see (aware of) the answer? Most are all blinded by their own eog / phaneron.

  4. Freddy Guerra says:

    Duck Dynasty God bless and AMEN BROTHER AMEN

  5. Carrie says:

    I suppose even slime has a place on this earth but, it is supposed to quietly sit in ponds, not expound on its own stupidity!

    1. John Owens says:

      Like, AOC?

  6. The Rev. Brother Robert Barker says:

    Let these fundi, extremist, religonist, faith healers live by their belief. The quicker they die of their folly the better off we will all be. We don’t want them using limited medical resources.

  7. Alicia says:

    Yeah…right! Ask the many parents who left their kids’ healthcare to “god” and had them die how they feel about it. But then, the brainwashed will probably think that the kids’ deaths were “good things” because god wanted the kids with him to serve a higher purpose.

    Extremists in ANY religion are dangerous! People like this need to stop pushing their cult beliefs on others! All they’re doing is putting lives in danger!

    1. j says:

      Altho not put well. I take what “duck” says as (in my words). What the Gov & corp push on us as the “almighty answer” is not the almighty answer. The lies of “only a drug can prevent or cure” make it LEGAL for companies to claim “there is no cure” for this, that or the other ailment. When there IS cures, remedies, and other options than gov & corp run health care. Gov / corp will NOT pay for food. IE; citrus (oranges) to help one w/ scurvy. It MUST be a drug to get gov funding. Altho poorly worded duck has a point. As Pcfield stated on Feb-8-19 (above). We need more ND’s, meta-physicans and the like to work WITH the health care industry. NOT make it illegal to prescribe foods as medicine. For many of these “natural” remedies to work the cause MUST be corrected AS WELL AS implementing natural remedies. Few ppl on this planet are pure enough to be “one w/ God” AND have faith / natural healing be a viable option. Tossing the comment “god will fix it” is a joke as the sick person continues to perform the same actions that “caused” the ailment”. We have personal choice in our walk on this planet. If one chooses to partake of the poisons of this world, GOD is not gonna rescue you no matter how much one prays. Many ppl get no answer to their prayers because they contradict godly energies to permit “corrective measures” to manifest or show to them.

  8. Philip Ryan says:

    There’s no proscription in the world’s religions against seeking medical advice and there is an argument that a god would provide its followers with people with the medical knowledge to help them.
    One could say that those who do not seek out these people, when needed, are testing God, who does not get involved in the daily life of Mankind, and so faith alone will not help them.
    God helps those who help themselves

  9. Tom says:

    Is Duck Dynasty still a thing? People are so stupid, they’re amused by anything.

  10. Carl Elfstrom says:

    I haven’t had a T.V. in years, but have more than a thousand D.V.D.s of more than fifty old T.V. series and a couple of hundred movies that I watch on my laptop. And none of them have anything to do with ducks, or ducking hunting. I’m not familiar with the man this article is about, but he doesn’t look or sound like he’s wrapped to tight to me.

  11. Bro. James the Apostate, OSHSF says:

    Just from my humble perspective, if “Faith Healers” were legitimate gigs, there would be more ministers in hospitals, and fewer doctors.

    1. pcfield says:

      It is sad that some “Faith healers” do not have the faith to see God work and pay others to pretend to have the faith for a healing to occur. I have seen real healing in person and have heard of amazing healing taking place in far-away places, but had trouble believing they occurred over there, when those who told the story would not pray or lay hands for a healing here in the states in the churches they were sharing in and asking for donations. If there were no deceiving to cause doubt, maybe we all could see more real faith healing happening and there would be more ministers instead of doctors in a hospital.
      Christ had trouble doing a lot of miracles in his own home town because they wouldn’t believe in him. So faith has to be on both sides of those involved along with the common sense God gave us to use a physician when needed. He or she may be the instrument He has chosen to do His will.

      1. Philip Ryan says:

        You are right in saying that we should recognise the gift of healing provided by physicians, who quite often perform miraculous acts of healing, daily, and there is no reason not to think that God’s miracle of healing isn’t being performed through them.
        God works in strange ways his miracles to perform ; that is not to say that He doesn’t also do this through the commonplace acts, where we fail to see his true ministry being performed.
        Who are we to say what faith healing looks like?

        1. pcfield says:

          Indeed, Philip. Many of us do not notice all the what I call, “Little Miracles” that happen everyday,
          usually called, “luck”. Most look, hear and hope for the Big Miracles to validate the existence of a God and the non-existence of a God when a “healing” doesn’t take place whether by a physician or prayer. Faith is a very personal matter and it is written that we each have “a measure of faith” individual to each of us, some more than others, but it can be built upon, whatever amount we were given. Practice, practice, practice…

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