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Minister *|FNAME|*, September 14th, 2022
Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves are falling, the air is crisper, and the pumpkin spice lattes are a-flowing. And the changing season is bringing about some big changes in the world of faith, too. Some religious leaders are backing up gay students in the classroom, a judge ruled that discrimination is legal, and one school went from house of education to house of God - against the wishes of parents.

Click It or Ticket?

A judge in Kentucky ruled that Christian wedding photographers cannot be compelled to photograph same-sex weddings, arguing that the rights of freedom of religion beat out anti-discrimination laws. LGBTQ advocates say the judgment is frustrating, but expected.
The Right to Discriminate?

A Wedding Ceremony to Remember

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Faith Leaders Fight Back

Faith Leaders Fight Back

As everything from pronoun usage to what books are available at the school library are under fire, it seems like life as an LGBTQ student in school is only getting tougher. But some faith leaders are fighting for the rights of gay students, even if that means career peril.
Unlikely Allies?

Classic Wedding Package

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Is the Devil in the Details?

A viral video showing images from the birthday party of a one-year-old girl has set the internet ablaze. The video shows a little girl named Lilith celebrating her first birthday with a pentagram cake and a Baphomet piñata, drawing accusations of Satanism from concerned parents.
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Surprise! You're Baptized!

A NC school is drowning in messages from upset parents after they baptized over 100 students without parental knowledge or permission. The school offered an apology but is standing by the baptisms.
Permission Required?

What is Unification Church?

The assassination of Shinzo Abe has the Unification Church in the spotlight. The alleged killer resented the highly controversial, mass-marrying church and Abe's government’s ties to it… and some in Japan are sympathetic.
Cult or Church?

Clerical Dickey

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Perform Your Own Baptisms

Why should Christian schools get to have all the baptismal fun? Featuring the ULC Guide to Baptisms, three official baptism certificates, and a ULC clergy badge, the Baptism Package has everything you need to start performing baptisms yourself. Just remember to baptize responsibly.
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A man believed to be the last remaining tribesman of an uncontacted indigenous tribe the Amazon has died. The man has lived in complete isolation for the last 26 years, the sole remaining survivor of a series of attacks from ranchers. Now he has died of natural causes, and our friends over at Facebook had an interesting discussion on this man's unique - and lonely - life.
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