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Is it just us or is school a little different these days? This edition of The Visionary examines two very different school experiences. In one corner of the country, students say they are being forced to attend an evangelical Christian revival during school hours against their will. On the other end, an after-school ‘Satan Club’ for middle schoolers has pitchforks popping up. When it comes to religion in school, how much is enough, and are all faiths actually welcome?

Intro to Satanism

An after-school 'Satan Club' opened in one Illinois school, eliciting protests from local parents and faith leaders. 'Satan Club' was created in response to a Supreme Court decision that allowed a Christian program into schools after hours - isn't it only fair that other faiths get representation?
Should Kids Learn Satanism?

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A Heavenly Assembly

A Heavenly Assembly

Public school students in West Virginia walked out recently after many of them say they were forced to attend a Christian revival assembly against their will. Many wondered if the assembly was even legal, and why an evangelical Christian preacher was allowed to preach at school.
Does Religion Belong?

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Here We Go Again…

Should Christian wedding vendors have to provide services to same-sex weddings? A Christian wedding website designer sued the state of Colorado over anti-discrimination laws that would compel her to offer her services to same-sex couples - and the Supreme Court just agreed to hear the case.
Their Decision Could Change Everything - See More

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How Far Would Cancel Culture Go?

In a guest sermon rallying against cancel culture, one ULC minister argues that if Jesus Christ himself came down from the heavens, Twitter would find a reason to cancel the son of God.
Would Jesus Get Canceled?

The Son(?) of God

One reverend made waves when he said that Jesus was "transgendering himself" in the Bible by washing the feet of the apostles, a task he claims was feminine in Jesus' day
Was Jesus a Male?

When God Was a Woman

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