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If you'll forgive us a mixed metaphor, in this edition of The Visionary we invite you to follow us down the yellow brick road deep into the rabbit hole as we discuss an auspicious new start on the Chinese calendar, an unlikely(?) connection to the afterlife, and whatever the heck is happening on the New Jersey turnpike today. Hold on to your slippers!

Why Did the Chicken...

Politicians in one New Jersey town are telling Chick-fil-A to take their chicken and shove it. Critics want to halt a new Chick-fil-A near the New Jersey Turnpike over the founder's history of anti-LGBTQ stances.
A Game of Chicken?

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No-Torah-ious Adoption

No-Torah-ious Adoption

A Tennessee couple is going to court after a state-sponsored Christian adoption agency refused to work with them due to their Jewish faith. Should it be legal to block children from going to non-Christian homes?
What the Law Says

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Stormy Daniels: Ghost Hunter

Remember Stormy Daniels? She's been called as a witness in a trial against her former lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who claims her belief in ghosts and spirits is evidence that she is too mentally unstable to be a witness. Daniels insists this is religious discrimination and yet another example of Christians persecuting a minority faith group.
How Should the Living Treat a Person Who Claims to Speak with the Dead?

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Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Tiger is upon us, and Chinese New Year festivities are underway! How much do you know about this historic celebration? Learn about the traditions that date back thousands of years.

Don't Say Gay?

It could soon be illegal for educators in Florida to talk about homosexuality in the classroom. The so-called "Dont' Say Gay" bill would ban teachers from even discussing sexual orientation and other LGBTQ topics.
No Homo?

The Five Love Languages

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A statue of Teddy Roosevelt that stood out front the American Museum of Natural History for some 80 years is being torn down and relocated to North Dakota. The problem? Roosevelt, high atop a horse, is flanked on either side by a Native American man and an African man - both of whom are on foot. Activists are celebrating the move, but others are wondering just what the big deal is.
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