Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - November, 2021

This week at The Visionary, we focus on things that aren't quite as they seem. From a pair of undercover rabbis that turned out to be Christian missionaries, to an innocent school field trip that was anything but (according to critics), misdirection abounds. To cap it off, a ULC Minister makes the case that we've been using the wrong pronouns for God all this time, although the suggested alternative is raising some big questions..

Real Life 'Among Us'

In a strange controversy, a father/son pair of Orthodox rabbis have been outed as undercover Christians after spending 12 years masquerading as Jewish.
Why'd They Do It?

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The Menu Has WHAT?

The Menu Has WHAT?

An elementary school is in hot water after students were taken on a field trip to a gay bar... but was the whole thing just an innocent outing?
What Happened Next?

Clerical Dickey

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They/Them Work in Mysterious Ways

In a controversial sermon, a guest writer suggests that we change God’'s pronouns from He/Him to the gender neutral They/Them, arguing that referring to a powerful spiritual entity as a male only serves to reinforce the patriarchy and puts women at a disadvantage.
What Should God's Pronouns Be?

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A Rainbow Pentagram

A new study shows that Pagans are the most LGBTQ-friendly religious group in America. Why might that be? We break down the study's results and the authors' theory behind them.
Are Pagans Special?

The Forgotten Soldiers

With Veterans Day coming up fast, we highlight the fallen soldiers – of all faiths – who have historically been overlooked during the WWI-inspired holiday. Did you know about this?
Test Your Knowledge

When God Was a Woman

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We posted on Facebook about a controversial Christian church that is gearing up to take total control of a small town in Idaho. Could this happen in America? Read more about this group trying to reshape reality in a biblical image, and make your voice heard on the issue.
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