Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - September, 2021

This week, The Visionary takes a trip down memory lane through a collection of stories that ask us to reconcile the wisdom of the past with the problems we face today. From witches, to wars, to an ancient edict from the Big Man himself, we're asking the biggest question of all: how much weight should we give these words from the past?

Blocked At The Net

A high school volleyball coach was forced to resign after school administrators discovered he is gay by scrubbing through his social media profiles.
Is It Cancel Culture?

Egyptian Book of the Dead

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The Last Witch?

The Last "Witch"?

A bunch of eighth-graders are working to officially exonerate Elizabeth Johnson Jr., a woman convicted of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials in 1693.
Too Little, Too Late?

ULC Mask

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Masks 20:21 – What the Bible Says About Masking Up

Is the Bible pro-mask? In a guest post, a ULC Minister discusses a Bible verse that appears to advocate for mask-wearing and social distancing. Is it possible that these measures to protect against disease that have become so controversial are actually based on biblical principle?
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Wedding Officiant Package

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"Am I the ***hole?"

A 98-year-old grandmother was banned from a wedding reception (her elderliness would ruin the party vibe, apparently). The story got us curious about other wedding-related drama.
See the Craziest Stories

Taliban Takeover

Women and LGBTQ+ individuals in Afghanistan are terrified of what will happen to them as the Taliban take back control of the country, fearing a return to "the dark ages."
Hear Their Stories

Guide to Funerals

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Last week, an image showing global rates of circumcision made the rounds online, and many were shocked to see that the United States has a significantly higher rate of childhood circumcisions than most other Western countries. Our ministers had a spirited debate on snip-snipping.
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