Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - July, 2021

You've likely been hearing a lot of "God Bless America"s lately... but not everyone's feeling the love. This week at The Visionary, we look at a few stories of people who might not be channeling that same unbridled patriotism at the moment – from a lesbian couple turned away by a Christian tailor, to transgender troops who were compared to "flat-earthers" by an Army chaplain, to atheists in Mississippi fighting to get God off their license plates.

Wedding Crashers

A lesbian couple in Florida were shocked when one of their wedding vendors cancelled a tuxedo order just months before the wedding, citing their Christian faith and opposition to same-sex marriage.
What Should They Do?

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An Eye for an Eye

An Eye for an Eye

A new poll shows that Christians are far more likely to support the death penalty than atheists. Proponents even point to certain Bible passages as evidence that God is on their side on the issue.
Would God Execute?

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Highway to Heaven?

An atheist group is suing Mississippi over the default license plate, which includes the words 'In God We Trust'. Anyone wanting to remove the religious message has to pay extra. They say it's unconstitutional.
Is Jesus At The Wheel?

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Flat Chance

An Army chaplain is in hot water over a Facebook post comparing transgender people to "flat-earthers." The chaplain says he was just expressing his religious beliefs and insists he should not be punished.
Should He Be Fired?

The 700 Project

Televangelist Pat Robertson is weighing in on the critical race theory debate, arguing that teaching it to children is a "monstrous evil." Critics say he's got it all wrong, and doesn’t know what he's talking about.
What Is CRT?

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Some large employers are announcing that they’ll no longer drug test employees for marijuana use. The topic sparked a debate on the merits of pot use on our Facebook page and tensions (please forgive us for this) were high.. Is this the turning point proponents have been waiting for?
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