Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - May, 2021

This edition of The Visionary examines two competing forces: those pulling us toward the past, and those intent on pressing toward an (uncertain) timeline. From a proudly patriarchal dating company to hitting kids with a paddle in school, the past is alive and well. But not to be outdone, the future presents us with the prospect of a human-monkey takeover. Which future will win out?

That's a Paddlin'

Video of a crying six-year-old girl getting mercilessly paddled by her school principal has gone viral, sparking renewed debate over the ethics of corporal punishment.
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Move Over, Tinder

Move Over, Tinder

Ladies, are you looking for a better way to uphold the patriarchy? A new fundamentalist dating website is launching soon, free of 'feminists' and ‘soyboys’... Their words, not ours.
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This Story is Bananas

Researchers have announced the creation of the world's first human-monkey chimera. Experts say these creatures could be ideal for testing life-saving medicine for humans, among other benefits. But critics argue we're just asking for a scary sci-fi movie to come to life. Should science have a limit?
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Undercover Cross

A Christian missionary went deep undercover in Israel, posing as an Orthodox Rabbi for years (even performing circumcisions on infants), all while trying to convert Jews.
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Rainbow Capitalism?

In anticipation of Pride Month, Disney launched 'Rainbow Disney': a line of pro-LGBT apparel and accessories. Not everyone's thrilled, but not for the reasons you're thinking.
Why Are People Angry?

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We posted on Facebook about how Caitlyn Jenner, the former Olympian now running for governor of California, came under fire for recent comments she made about the homeless. Jenner said her rich friends are leaving the Golden State because they're tired of seeing homeless people on the street. Critics wondered, WWJD: help those less fortunate, or flee the sight of them in a private plane?
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