Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - February, 2021

For this edition of The Visionary, all eyes are on Sunday's big game, as a legendarily lanky, aging quarterback takes on a forceful young superstar. But the drama isn't limited to the playing field – from a showdown over the Ten Commandments, to a debate on whether America needs a "National Hymn," an epic clash between our collective past and our bold future is underway in several arenas.

The Halftime Show

This popular model sells risqué photos of herself, but she's making headlines for also being a devout Christian who prays nightly and insisting that God doesn't judge her line of work.
Are Things Changing?

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Can We Get a Hail Mary?

Can We Get a Hail Mary?

For the first time in history, Catholics head all three branches of the U.S. government. The shift shows how far we've come as a country, but uneasiness hasn't completely evaporated.
How Will They Govern?

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Thou Art Drawing Up the Perfect Trick Play

A school district in North Carolina is planning to use a loophole to display the Ten Commandments at dozens of public schools. Experts say the scheme pushes legal boundaries, but district officials are confident the tablets are here to stay. Will their plan succeed?
How The Loophole Works

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Please Rise

A member of Congress believes he's got the perfect balm to heal America's racial wounds: adopt the so-called "Black National Anthem" as the country's official National Hymn.
Why Critics Hate It

It's a Bold Call, Cotton...

North Dakota lawmakers are trying to restrict LGBTQ rights by arguing that gay people are practicing a "secular humanist religion," and thus shouldn't receive special protections.
Are Rights at Risk?

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A Christian moms group has targeted chocolate maker Cadbury over a steamy ad the company put out featuring two men sharing a famed Cadbury egg (and a kiss). Some say the ad is disrespectful to Jesus Christ this Easter season, but others wonder what, exactly, the big deal is. Check out the debate our friends over on Facebook had!
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