Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - May, 2020

Many of us who are in quarantine are trying to make the most of our time indoors by learning a new skill, practicing a favorite hobby, or just thinking about maybe doing one of those things eventually. We're also working to build more meaningful connections with the ones we love. For a select few, though, our chaotic new normal has inspired an entirely different instinct: dominance.

God Says "Gimme"

A popular pastor is asking everyone – no matter how poor – to give their stimulus checks to a church. Oh and if you don’t know of one, he'll happily take it.
Is this God'$ Plan?

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M-M-M-My Sharia

M-M-M-My Sharia

Nearly half of Americans think the Bible should have at least some influence on U.S. laws, leading some to fear a resurgence of Christian nationalism.
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When You Can Find Pleasure at Home, Why Go to Church?

Porn websites are apparently seeing massive spikes of traffic during quarantine. Now, some Christian activists are warning that the Covid-19 shutdowns could leave millions addicted to pornography – and more inclined than ever to reject the teachings of the Bible.
Will Porn Clear Out The Pews?

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Pro-Life Plays With Death

A group of anti-abortion activists were arrested for violating quarantine while protesting at a Planned Parenthood. What's more important: speech or safety?
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Call Him Mr. Christ

As parents begin homeschool in quarantine, some people fear that religious families will ignore topics like science and history and only focus on the Bible.
Is This Brainwashing?

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These are unprecedented times, and the Universal Life Church Ministries is not immune from the financial pressures of the current shutdown. Donations allow us to continue working every day to empower our global network of members and fight for their rights. We’ve taken direct legal action in places like North Carolina, Nevada, and Tennessee, and remain on the frontlines in the ongoing battle to protect marriage equality from those who would seek to restrict it. If you are able, we would greatly appreciate your support!
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Marijuana lovers around the world celebrated 4/20 recently, the unofficial holiday of all things cannabis. The celebrations looked a bit different this year, of course, with many events moving to Zoom or other video platforms. But that didn\'t stop the smoke from rising just like usual.
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