Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - December, 2019

If God works in mysterious ways, why do people claim to have figured Him out?
Everyone is speaking for God these days – from political figures declaring President Trump a "chosen" messiah, to the Ohio legislature's bill that will permit students to channel "His word" while taking exams (and pass), to one Kentucky man's license plate that declares he himself is God. Amid all this noise, how can one possibly know what God really thinks?

But The Bible Says!

A contentious new bill in Ohio would prohibit teachers from marking students' answers wrong – so long as the answers are rooted in religious belief.
Is God Always Right?

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Checkmate, Theists

Checkmate, Theists

After a hard-fought battle, Kentucky resident Ben Hart has finally been granted a controversial vanity license plate that reads: "I'M GOD".
Is It Offensive?

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About Face: Chick-fil-A Serves Up Victory for LGBTQ Rights

In a stunning change of heart, Chick-fil-A announced it will no longer donate to Christian charities that oppose same-sex marriage. But the popular fast-food chain is now under fire from its once-biggest ally: the religious right. Evangelicals are alleging betrayal – and pondering a boycott of their own.
Why It's About More Than Chicken

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The 11th Commandment

The holidays are all about family, fun, and eating until we feel like we're going to explode. But what does religion have to say about this seasonal overindulgence?
Is Gluttony A Sin?

Picking Favorites

Does God have a say in who gets elected? One prominent political figure is taking some flak for saying Trump's election in 2016 was preordained – but he's not alone in this view.
How Critics Respond

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This time of year we hear an awful lot about the "War on Christmas"... but we don't often get insight into the organized counter-effort. An evangelical group released a "Naughty and Nice" list that instructs Christians where – and where not – to shop for gifts based on whether companies support traditional Christmas messaging. See what our friends on Facebook had to say.
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