Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - September, 2019

"Thoughts and prayers" is an often mocked refrain. Some think that's a mistake.
What is the role of religion in our modern age? How impactful is prayer? These are the questions society continues to wrestle with – sometimes resulting in heated disagreements. From a presidential candidate's controversial prayer-forward message about hurricane prevention, to conversion therapy gone wrong, to church congregations eschewing faith in favor of firearms, this debate isn't going away anytime soon.

You Shall Not Pass!

2020 hopeful Marianne Williamson was criticized for saying that the power of prayer could stop Hurricane Dorian in its tracks. Read her impassioned response.
Does Prayer Work?

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Re-Born This Way

Re-Born This Way

Another well-known advocate for conversion therapy has publicly come out as gay and renounced the controversial practice. Why some faith groups are furious.
What Changed?

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Father, Son, and the Holy Glock: Churches Take Up Arms to Combat Mass Shootings

As the number of mass shootings continues to pile up, some churches are taking matters into their own hands. Meet the faith leaders who are aggressively arming their own congregations to defend against potential attacks. Supporters applaud the effort, but critics insist the strategy promotes unnecessary fear and paranoia.
Would Jesus Support Packing Heat?

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The Bible Says What?

The owner of a wedding venue in Mississippi was caught on camera insisting they wouldn't host a mixed-race ceremony due to their Christian beliefs.
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Short Changed

Two victims of Catholic clergy abuse claim the Church offered them outrageously low settlement offers because they are black – and got away with it.
Will Justice Be Served?

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Our friends on Facebook reacted to the news that a Catholic school in Tennessee has banned all Harry Potter books from the library, citing a belief that they “promote witchcraft.” It’s been over a decade since the final book was published, but apparently this controversy still lives on. Join the conversation and make your voice heard!
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