Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - May, 2019

Dan Brown didn't go NEARLY far enough in the Da Vinci Code.
God is symbolized in myriad ways on Earth - what's fact and what’s fiction? This week, the Visionary takes a closer look at how religion is represented - from art, to architecture, to cleaning products/beverages - to figure out what it all means.

WEATHER WARNING: Snowflakes Expected

Conservative Christians have a tendency to deride secular millennials as "snowflakes." But recent news stories have some arguing the tables have turned.
What Happened?

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Should Your Pastor be a Politician?

Should Your Pastor be a Politician?

In an age of intense political polarization, clergy members are torn: should they speak their minds on political issues, or instead endeavor to stay neutral?
Preaching To The Polls OK?

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He is Risen! But Why Does He Have Brown Skin?

Forget the fair-skinned, blue-eyed Christ that is so often depicted in stained glass windows, paintings, and even in the media. According to some prominent theological scholars, Jesus was most likely a Palestinian man with dark skin. Others say he might have even been black.
How Do You See Jesus?

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Bleach: What is it Good For?

Many things, according to the controversial Genesis II Church. They've come under fire for selling industrial bleach to their members as a drinkable "miracle cure."
What The FDA Says

A Little Help From on High

Three historically black churches were destroyed by an arsonist, but it wasn't until Notre Dame caught fire as well that donations came pouring in to help.
See The Tipping Point

Annointing Oil

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Not them, too! Our Facebook followers reacted to reports the Boy Scouts of America has kept secret a series of “perversion files” which contain damning evidence of child abuse. Over the years, more than 12,000 scouts have allegedly been victims of sexual abuse at the hands of nearly 8,000 troop leaders and volunteers.
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