Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - September, 2018

Once-loyal churchgoers are walking away, while new folks are flocking to faith.
This week The Visionary examines the changing nature of the religious landscape. From a rapidly-fracturing Catholic Church, to a former Nazi who's found Jesus, to a company-mandated Bible study – what causes some people to pursue their faith, and some to flee it?

A (Sunday) Mass Exodus

As the scandals continue to stack up, Catholics are fleeing the church in droves - a trend illustrated by the shockingly small crowds during the pope’s recent visit to Ireland.
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When God is Mandatory

When God is Mandatory

A construction worker is suing his former employer after being fired for refusing to attend mandatory Bible study sessions. The company denies any wrongdoing.
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Splitting Hairs: Are Catholic School Dress Codes Racist?

A viral video shows an African-American student sobbing after being expelled from Catholic school for violating the school’s hair policy. The incident quickly sparked widespread backlash, and led many critics to claim the rules are racially motivated.
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How To Convert A Nazi

A former KKK member and neo-Nazi who marched in Charlottesville last summer has since renounced his hateful past and embraced Jesus. Here's how it happened.
Do You Believe Him?

Friday Night Sins

A Kentucky pastor took flak for claiming youth football players are "going to burn in hell" because they are more concerned with "their football God" than the real one.
Football: A New Religion?

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Getting them Young

A school parade in Indonesia went viral after young girls were dressed up like ISIS soldiers. Officials said the goal was to educate students about the "struggle of Islam."

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