Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - June, 2018

Per Genesis, around 4,400 years ago, God came to dislike the humans He'd created.
He then sent rains for 40 days and nights to punish them all (except for one VIP and his guests). Today, hit by deluge after deluge of bad news, it almost feels like we're all being punished again. Where's the ark?

A Biblical Punishment

A principal at a public Oregon high school forced two gay students to read the Bible, leading to revelations of widespread LGBT harassment at the school.
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Two of Every Animal

Two of Every Animal

President Trump ignited debate when he referred to gang members as "animals," a comment critics insist was dehumanizing and dangerous.
Was He Out Of Line?

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God Wants You to Buy This Televangelist a $54m Private Jet

God spoke to televangelist Jesse Duplantis recently. Apparently he didn't warn him of any impending disasters, but he did urge Duplantis to ask his thousands of followers to buy him a $54 million private jet. When asked to justify the purchase, the preacher said that if Jesus were alive today "he wouldn't be riding a donkey… he’d be in an airplane."
Would Jesus Really Fly Private?

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'Is It Halloween...?'

A shocking video of a Muslim woman being berated for wearing a niqab in public has gone viral and reignited the debate over Islamic face coverings.
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Let Them Eat Ham

Prison guards in Alaska have been accused of intentionally serving pork-based meals to Muslim inmates, forcing them into "starvation diets" during Ramadan.
Should They Be Fired?

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No Cake For You

The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 on Monday in favor of Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex couple's wedding due to his Christian beliefs.

What Happens Next?

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Our friends on Facebook reacted to the news that Leah Remini is planning a documentary series about Jehovah’s Witnesses. The ex-Scientology member famously pulled back the curtain on shady dealings within Scientology, and many expect this new project to be equally fierce.
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