Do It Yourself Wedding Ceremony

Choosing the Perfect Words and Officiating Your Unforgettable Day
Dayna Reid

Perform a memorable wedding ceremony as an ordained minister with this comprehensive guide to performing weddings. Includes samples and suggested readings.


Product Description

Religious or Not, Choose the Right Words For Your Wedding Day.

Approaching your next wedding ceremony should be done with meaning, care, and preparation. Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ceremony will provide you will all the necessary information and helpful tools to properly execute any wedding occasion you take on as a minister.

Author Dayna Reid elegantly formats each section of this book with easy to read, user friendly, step by step instructions. Whether you are performing a traditional wedding, or an alternative wedding such as handfasting, this wedding manual is well planned out for any wedding occasion.

This book includes:

  • A guide on how to become ordained with the Universal Life Church.
  • A guide on how to legally perform a marriage ceremony.
  • A collection of sample wedding setups and even has ceremonies for wedding vow renewals.
  • A couple useful worksheets to let you easily structure the ceremony.
  • A guide for getting the marriage license.
  • A vast set of spiritual and non-spiritual examples.
  • Advice on selecting the right Officiant.
  • Information on filing the paperwork to make the wedding legal.