Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - May, 2018

Traditionally religion acted as a moral framework, but now it's taking a leading role.
This week the Visionary explores the increasingly commanding presence of religion and religious institutions in all of our lives. Should God be running our government?

Should Doctors Play God?

Alfie Evans, a brain-dead U.K. child, became the focus of world attention after Pope Francis launched a campaign to stop his life support from being cut off.
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Jesus At The Wheel

Jesus At The Wheel

A school bus driver was suspended for leading his students in prayer while on the road. As it turns out, he's made a habit of trying to convert children.
Why He Won't Apologize

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The Return of the Ten Commandments

Less than a year after a statue of the Ten Commandments was destroyed at the Arkansas State Capitol, politicians celebrated the installation of a new replacement. However, the monument is encountering resistance from the Satanic Temple.
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Are Christians Welcome in New York City?

Chick-fil-A has generally received a warm welcome in NYC, but one journalist set off an internet firestorm when he called out the company's "creepy" Christian ways.
Is Chicken for Christians?

Is This School Turning All The Kids Gay?

California parents are furious after being barred from pulling their kids from a new sex-ed course that some say promotes immoral behavior and supports the "LGBT agenda."
Should Parents Have A Say?

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Peace, If We Can Keep It

In a historic move, the leaders of North and South Korea have announced an end to their 68-year conflict and pledged to forge a peace agreement.

What About The Nukes?

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On "4/20", the unofficial holiday of stoners everywhere, our friends on Facebook sounded off on a proposal to legalize marijuana nationwide. Although things seem to be trending in that direction, not everyone supports the idea.
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