Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - April, 2018

Humanity's more fractured than ever, and one guy's at the center of the drama: God.
This week, The Visionary examines some of the toughest moral challenges we face, from abortion, to infidelity, to gun control. Can we still look to the heavens for guidance? Or are we on our own?

High Caliber Clashes

As America's youth marched through the streets calling for gun control, pro-gun activists – among them many young people – staged spirited counter-protests.
Are Gun Rights God-Given?

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Moral Combat

Moral Combat

Mississippi has passed the most restrictive abortion ban in the country. But determined pro-choice activists aren't going down without putting up a fight.
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The Emperor Has No Ethics

Revelations of infidelity involving Donald Trump and an adult film star further solidify a pattern of moral failings among politicians. However, Christian evangelicals remain among his strongest supporters.
Are 'Christian Values' A Farce?

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Faith Healing Falls Flat

A Pennsylvania couple has been charged with the death of their own daughter after insisting a prescription of prayer and anointing oils would heal her pneumonia.
Read Their Shocking Defense

Fight or Flight

A 15-year-old Muslim girl was badly beaten and burned after refusing to consent to an arranged marriage to a much older man. The attackers? Her own parents.
Meet Mom and Dad

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Sinful Scoops

Christian groups are demanding the Canadian ice cream chain "Sweet Jesus" change its name and halt its "blasphemous" ads - but the company is not backing down.

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Our friends on Facebook were shocked to see the outrageous video posted by a DC lawmaker who claimed that a powerful Jewish family controlled the weather - creating storms to make money.
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