Protest at a Mississippi abortion clinic
A pro-life advocate confronts volunteers outside Jackson Women's Health Organization, Mississippi's only abortion clinic.

Last week, Mississippi passed HB 1510, a law which outlaws abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The only exceptions are when the life of the mother is in jeopardy, or if the fetus has fatal health problems. There are no exemptions for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest.

The new law, which now becomes the most restrictive abortion ban in the country, stipulates that any health care professional who knowingly violates the statute will have their medical license revoked. Amidst a torrent of controversy, the nonprofit pro-choice group Center for Reproductive Rights took immediate legal countermeasures, filing suit against the state on the grounds that the new law is unconstitutional.

Just one day after the bill was signed, a federal judge put a temporary block on it to determine further action. "The law threatens immediate, irreparable harm to Mississippians' abilities to control their destiny and ... body," wrote District Judge Carlton Reeves.

Pro-Life Governance

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant expressed frustration over the judge's decision, calling the temporary block "disappointing."

"House Bill 1510 protects maternal health and will further our efforts to make Mississippi the safest place in America for an unborn child. We are confident in its constitutionality and look forward to vigorously defending it," Bryant explained in a statement.

Bryant has never been shy about condemning abortion. Back in 2014, he announced during a state address that he would make it his personal goal to "end abortion in Mississippi". While this goal hasn't yet been realized, Mississippi has managed to become the nation's most hostile state toward the practice.

Pray to end abortion sign
Mississippi voters are overwhelming opposed to abortion

Voters Agree

Mississippi stands among a small contingent of states that have just a single abortion clinic. In Mississippi, the Jackson Women's Health Organization provides abortion services for the entire state. It's also been the site of numerous pro-life protests over the years. And looking at the numbers, that's not terribly surprising.

A recent Pew Research study polled Mississippians on their political affiliation and their opinion toward abortion.

The study found that just 25% of Republicans thought abortion should be legal, while 71% believed it should be illegal. 4% were undecided.

Even more surprising was the lack of support from Democrats, who tend to lean pro-choice. Pew discovered that only 45% of Democrats in Mississippi supported abortion, with 52% opposed.

This deviation from the norm can likely be attributed to the religious makeup of the state. According to Pew, an overwhelming 83% of Mississippi residents identify as Christian. Nearly half of those (41%) belong to evangelical congregations. With the vast majority of voters standing in opposition to abortion, it's no wonder the state now holds the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.

Women Potentially at Risk

An estimated 1.5 million women live in Mississippi, and members of the medical community are concerned that the rights and health of these women will be at risk under the new law.

The American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have both released statements arguing that Mississippi is going too far with "government regulation on abortion care that jeopardizes the health of women."

Federal law declares that states are prohibited from imposing an "undue burden" on a woman's seeking to end her pregnancy before the fetus is viable. However, deciding when a fetus is "viable" and what constitutes an "undue burden" are ambiguous questions without clear answers which leaves the door open to legal challenge.

Decision Pending

So, will Mississippi's law hold up to a court challenge? It's yet to be seen. The judge's temporary block expires on March 30th, after which more information will become available.

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  1. Ben's Avatar Ben

    This decision is repulsive. May the three fold law, remember these lawmakers and their supporters.

    1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      I think we better leave the three fold law of karma up to the god and goddess. There are many opposing opinions about this, and plenty of good people on each side. How do we know for a fact that our opinion is the right one. I know I won't make that decision, and take a chance on the threefold law working against me, three times three.


    Nothing like forcing a woman to relive the rape every time she sees the baby. Men need to stay out of a woman's sexual life unless that man is her husband.

    1. RMC's Avatar RMC

      15 weeks seems like plenty of time to murder the unborn child. What's the problem?

      1. Sid's Avatar Sid

        Let the mother decide. And stop having sex with idiots.

        1. RMC's Avatar RMC

          Since when do we let people choose when and whom they murder?

          1. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

            During war time people choose when and whom they murder. Could possibly be a double murder too (i.e. an innocent unarmed, civilian mother and child). Haven’t read any complaints or judgements about this.

          2. RMC's Avatar RMC


            Yes, so by all means, let us live our lives as if we are in perpetual war. Wonderful.

      2. William Dusenberry's Avatar William Dusenberry

        I agree with RMC -- the GOP only wants to force poor and low-incomed females to give birth -- because forcing the poor to give birth keeps our prisons filled; so that the "Congressional-Prison-Industrial-Complex" can keep bribing GOP Congressman so they can try to stop the poor from using birth control. Wealthy GOP-types, can get raped, or have sex with their pool guy -- and simply fly to an abortion clinic, with a view of the Vatican, where they will receive even late-term abortions on demand --; and therefore not have to use a coat-hanger, as many of the poor rape victims have no other choice than to use. Good point, RMC.

        1. RMC's Avatar RMC

          "Good point, RMC"


        2. Lenna's Avatar Lenna

          Oh please. If they want to give up the child for adoption, they don't have to see anything.

    2. Dragon Priest's Avatar Dragon Priest

      If you believe the bible, it says ZERO about abortion! Jesus says NOTHING about it because it is not that important. Such a decision is a contract between all people involved and then the one coming in can decide to cancel it. This are just talking point by erroneous doctrines and whacked out conservative right wing protestants in the USA and the republicans that have usurped that religion. Before someone comes in, they have basically won the spirit lotto, many councils go over that decision, many agreements are made. NO ONE has the RIGHT to interfere! The soul can backout as can the parents.

  1. Eric k's Avatar Eric k

    It's ridiculous that we still argue over matters of personal choice. It is not the place of anyone to tell another what to do with their body of personal life

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      I feel the same way about rifles.

      1. biblical scholar's Avatar biblical scholar

        Well, unlike guns, aborted fetuses can't be used to kill real people, unless there has recently been an invention I'm not aware of that blasts aborted fetuses out of the uterus at an incredibly high velocity.

        1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

          If you throw a fetus hard enough and it hits somebody in the head, it could kill.

          1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

            I guess they have more than gator filled swamps in Mississississippippi, but I'm not brave enough to go down there and find out. However, if they could get the alligators and sasquaches to quit eating their citizens they wouldn't need to ensure that women get pregnant to increase their population. In the long run they're just feeding critters anyway.

        2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Keenan, by the logic of CHOICE, it doesn't make a damn what you think about MY right to a rifle, guaranteed not to be infringed by the Bill of Rights.

    2. jason's Avatar jason

      I agree Eric BUT in that same sense, if women don't want children then maybe I don't know here, maybe they should actually use a condom AND another form of birth control so as to stop from getting pregnant. Simple solution!

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    It's funny. If you think the majority rules, then let the voters decide. If you think anyone else rules, let THEM decide.

    1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


    2. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      The majority always get their way in this country. Except for when the electorate college realizes the majority made a big mistake, and steps in to correct it, even when they too are wrong. Nevertheless, whatever is decided should be accepted by all. Isn't that the American way ? Isn't it better to accept life on its own terms, instead of poutoling when we can't get our way. It seems best to me to just go with the flow. Composing about a lost cause only causes more stress, which can only lead to an early grave. And the winners will still be p" osting comments on this blog long after, regardless of what happened to your fetuses.And they'll be singing a song that goes "Where have all the fetuses gone, long time passing. Where have all the fetuses gone, long time ago. Where have all the fetuses gone, gone to dumpsters every one. When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn. Well, it beats sending them to Hannibal Lechter's kitchen. And the work will go on.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Maher's grazing now.

  1. Jim's Avatar Jim

    Funny how that works is it not.

    1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

      funny how more then half the counties in rural areas in our country have no local labor and delivery unities and require expectant mothers to travel upwards of an hour to the nearest hospital capable of dealing with the many typical complications that can arise during pregnancy and at the time of birth.

      Perhaps look up the case of young Whitney Brown of Tennessee as an example. Or consider the fact Texas has the highest rate of mortality for pregnant women in the developed world.

      1. Jim's Avatar Jim

        Well T'Keren, I see again that you are talking out your A cause your mouth knows better. The Whitney Brown case in Tennessee that you speak of based on the doctors report states that she only had a 50% chance to live even if she would have been next door to a hospital. 50% of the cases involving Amniotic Fluid Embolism end in death. Therefore your argument of rural areas in this country have no local labor or delivery facilities is without merit. There are birthing clinics and midwives all over the country. Furthermore to prove the point DC and Maryland as well as Delaware are by no means rural areas yet they have a higher infant mortality rate then does Tennessee. The national average in the US is 5.9 per 1000, of that 17 states have 4.2-5.2 which include rural states like New Mexico, Oregon and Utah. 14 states are between 5.3 and 6.3 Like TEXAS, Arkansas and your home state of Nevada. 12 are between 6.4 and 7.4 which include states like Maryland and Maine. and 8 are between 7.5 and 8.8 which includes the district of Columbia and Del. The worst being Alabama at 8.8. Now to your comment about Texas as stated above Texas has a mortality rate of 5.8, it is true that in some counties it is ESTIMATED that the infant mortality rate is around16. This is due to a number of factors such as drugs, Illegal immigrant status, low pre-natal care etc. So again you show you do not know what you are talking about just regurgitating the liberal agenda talking points.

        1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


        2. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

          Jim so your excuse is she only had a 50% chance under ideal circumstance. That she had to wait 3 hours for an ambulance and it 90 more minutes to reach a hospital with trauma and obstetric services is not relevant because hey that 50% chance to live is trivial right.

          I also see you are cherry picking. The fact is Texas as a whole is the worst place in the entire developed world to give birth if not living in one of the major cities. That the states with the highest rates are states that have closes down pre natal and obstetric services in rural areas left and right is a non factor in your book.

          And yeah the state I live in is heavily dominated by red neck hick arse so called christians that think getting drunk and beating their wives and kids is suitable after work entertainment.

          But we get it you think like the rest of your vile ilk that a womans life is not worth much, so they should just shut up and have them babies and if it kills them oh well. because the guy can just find a new baby maker/

          1. Jim's Avatar Jim

            I posted to this comment several days ago but for some reason it is not showing up. I know I will not change any minds here and as for Johnboy and T'keren there is no hope. However real quick and hopefully others will understand. Again T your just using the liberal talking points, states like Md, or even Washington DC which have some of the highest infant mortality rates are not closing clinics they are opening them. The FACT that the young woman in question had a 50% chance of survival is a fact. She had also had two prior miscarriages and was an x-drug addict, I guess that would have nothing to do with it. FACTS are FACTS. Texas as a whole is at 5.8 IMR national average is 5.9. Again you cannot seem to understand FACTS. I know it is hard for you to understand but there cannot be clinics on every corner. There are midwifes and small clinics all over the country in rural areas. If you decide to live in a very rural area which I do I understand that the nearest fully equipped hospital is over an Hour away. That is my choice and if anything major happens I will have to deal with it. It is not the responsibility of the Government to make sure that I have a hospital next door. As for the state you live in that's where you choose to live and if its full of Red Neck Hicks that get drunk and beat their wives and kids well birds of a feather. What I think is that Every life is precious and it is a shame when things like this happens. But the FACT is that people die. Those are the FACTS like em or not.

        3. Dr. Daniel R. Thomas. Ph.D. D.D's Avatar Dr. Daniel R. Thomas. Ph.D. D.D

          Very nicely done! Now that you have established the facts, and the truth, expect to have your character attacked. Because if they can no longer debate the message, they will attack the messenger.

          May God bless you and keep you always close to His heart.

          BTW: This nation will answer for the death of its unborn. The number is so high as to just numb the soul.

    2. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      To be or not to be, that is the question.

      1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

        Why don't they try having barn dances, or even humping heffers.

  1. Barry's Avatar Barry

    I think a strict abortion law is a good thing.But there should be adequate abortion facilities.There should also be education.States that allow 24 Week abortions are ludicrous !

    1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

      barry not one state in this country allows abortions in that late a stage of pregnancy without there being a meaningful risk of life.

    2. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      I know it helps to have more than a wire clothes hanger.

      1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

        At six months they ought to insert a noose and hang the little varments.

    3. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      I sometimes wonder if this blog is posessed by the ghost of a functioning illiterate like Billy Graham, or some other moron.

  1. James's Avatar James

    Oh no, Majority ruled and the minority don't like it! That's new. Tax dollars must go to killing babies no matter what! Blah blah I get so tired of the libs crying and attacking fiscal responsibility, good morals, and common sense things. Yes rape is bad incest is too. No one claims it isn't. But why should the tax dollars pay for it? Especially when this country can't afford toilet paper! We are in debt up to our eyeballs. Can't be killing off oooppssie babies though.

    1. Marilyn E Gibson's Avatar Marilyn E Gibson

      So am I to understand that you have adopted a child whose in dire need , correct ? Of course you have adopted a child born from an drug addict, severe abuse or spent years in foster care . If not please sit down and shut up or put your money where your mouth is.

      1. Lenna's Avatar Lenna

        Why yes, I have adopted a drug addicted baby. It was hard, but she is my daughter and I don't regret taking her out of foster care!! So you point is irrelevant, rude, and shows you don't know what you are talking about.

    2. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

      It’s only ok to use tax dollars to kill innocent, unarmed men, women, and their babies in other countries. And when we take over that country and its resources, it’s ok to rape any women not killed to make more of us. Or we move our women in and by god she better not abort any babies because we must be fruitful and multiply. Ain’t that right? This is biblical! Hmmm! Did they use tax dollars back then? This is becoming insane, but be assured, I am not using your tax dollars to express my insane comments.

      1. Jim's Avatar Jim

        Minister Carey You have no idea what you are talking about. Have you ever been to another country? have you ever been in the military and posted in a foreign country. Now your calling our military rapists and murderers. If you hate this country that much please, Please just leave and go somewhere else. We went into Iraq, we should have taken oil to pay for the ousting of Sadam but we did not. WWII we defeated Germany and Japan yet turned their countries over to them. We treat our POW's one hell of a lot better than ours were or are treated. Yet you have the gal to say this kind of crap. I think you are probably a fan of Jane Fonda another person who should have been tried for Treason and kicked out of the country.

        1. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

          Jim, yes I have the “gal” to say what I say. I am a Warrior for truth. My ancestors are indigenous to this land - America. You go somewhere else if you don’t like what I say. Go back to the land the Creator gave to your ancestors. Now listen well - even aware that my ancestors’ land was/is conquered by others, I wore the uniform to help protect it and will do it again if I am given the truth about reasons for war. I love this land, it is my inheritance. And I’m staying right here on the land of my mothers and grandmothers. Now, this is where I tell you, Jim, to shut the F-word up. I saw with my own eyes American military men and women disrespect and/or abuse people of the country where they were stationed. I listened to men talk about leaving their mark (making and leaving a baby in that country). I visited the orphanages with half-Americans/half-foreigner. I know American military women who adopted some of these children with hopes to give them a better life. I am very well aware that American military men raped American military women as well. And I am still absolutely, undoubtedly, disgusted. Don’t you dare tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. YOU DO NOT KNOW ME. YOU DO NOT KNOW MY EXPERIENCE. Some of my ancestors were raped by conquers. RAPED AND ENSLAVED. Watch the movie “Rabbit Proof Fence” and you’ll see what happened to the indigenous Australian. This concept continues today. Get your head out of the sand and watch some of the documentaries of how land was taken for indigenous people. Not peacefully. Ever read or listened to research by Eustace Mullins, a European. Others have written about war as well. Listen to some of the court martials of the American soldiers charged with killing and raping innocent people while stationed in their country. Sometimes an entire village. I want to call you stupid Jim, but the best description for what you say is ignorant. Straight up ignorant. So truth is now treasonous Jim? If this country is invaded by another country, do you think our women won’t be raped? You think unarmed men, women, and children won’t be murdered? This is when I will wear the uniform again. And dumb asses like you will need to get out of my way. Are you aware what the phrase “take all the booty you can” means? This is par for the course during wartime. From ancient times. All Americans (including military personnel) are not rapist, murderers, racist, thieves, conniving, corrupt, but some are. Get a clue Jim. Americans do fucked-up shit just like people (including men) in other countries. There, I’ve gone and used bad words. Again.

          1. Jim's Avatar Jim

            I don't know how you even use the word Minister with your name. Minister of What? You accuse the military of raping women and then say you wore the uniform to protect this country so I guess you were raping as well. Just because their are a few bad apples does not mean they all are which is what you are saying. A warrior for truth my ass. Now you listen well. My ancestors were indigenous to this land as well so I'm Already here on my land. Most lands have been conquered by others throughout history. I will not shut up. You want to degrade our military for a few bad ones. I got news for you there is not an organization our there that doesn't have a few bad eggs in them. That does not mean they are all bad. Japan for example during WWII had enslaved woman for their troops it was part of their war strategy so don't get on your high horse and breach to me. You are right I don't know you and based on what You posted I don't want to . Anyone that would accuse our military of raping and murdering is either a complete fool, Moron or both. In your answer to me you admit that not all military do these things but that was not in your original post. Yes do some AMERICANS do F-up stuff you bet they do but I have spent many years overseas and I can tell you that most leave a good impressions. You want to call me ignorant, my friend you need to look up the word. I'm willing to talk and listen to other ideas but not when they ACCUSS the military and Americans (ALL which was your initial Post). Your trying to make it sound like this is the norm. Is there collateral damage sometimes Yes of course but we have and do more than any other country to limit the possibility of civilian casualties. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

          2. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

            You’re not a good spin doctor, Jim. No one is going to fall for your attempt to take my response to your post out of context. Or, perhaps you need to read again, with comprehension. Do not worry your small mind about my ministerial activities. Bye.

          3. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

            I owe an apology to all on this forum for reacting very negatively to Jim’s post. I admit the “treason” accusation was too much for me (considered as fighting words for this disabled veteran), and I used ugly hurtful words to retaliate. Please accept my apology.

            Jim, this apology extends to you as well. Please reread my post. I did not say ALL. I responded to a post stating that tax dollars should not be used for abortions (killing babies). If I am wrong that tax dollars have been used for wars (necessary or unnecessary) where innocent, unarmed men, women (pregnant women too), and children have been killed, some raped, please provide the evidence/proof - that no American solider has done this (intentionally or unintentionally) and no bombs from drones have killed innocent people. Upon receipt of your evidence, I will, humbly, retract my words.

  1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

    Shouldnt be surprised. That state is a cesspool that would be improved by be ground zero for a nuclear weapon strike and a merciful fate for those that live in a waking hell there.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      That statement is not ignorant nor bigoted at all... right....

  1. flugo's Avatar flugo

    We need to start at the beginning . . . conception. A good, cheap birth control device is an aspirin tablet. Very few pregnancies would occur if the gal laid flat on her back with an aspirin tablet between her knees.

    1. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

      Bob, I found your statement to be truly comical. Stupidly comical. Please educate me. How will a “gal” be able to hold onto that aspirin tablet during a forced (rape) sexual encounter? Why is it that the men (and women) who find abortion so horrible don’t advocate for men to not sexually engage with women who are not ready, or do not want to bear a child? Of course that would require contemplative conversation. Or perhaps buddy can stick a aspirin tablet in the place from where his sperm would flow. Nawl, that’s stupid. Ok, last few question (to all) because this inquiring mind wants to know - is there some type of ‘lust’ in some people for unwanted children? In a world today of decreasing welfare benefits, rising cost of living, increasing one parent families, mis-treated children, orphaned children, kidnapped children, run-away children susceptible to thuggery, drug addiction, sexual exploitation, and slavery. What is this need to control a woman’s decision and her body? How does abortion affect someone who is not a part of the woman’s life and want no part of her life? What are the possibilities that it is the potential father who is forcing the woman to abort? Here’s an idea: Pass a law where men are not allowed to engage sexually with a woman until she has made the decision, in writing, that she is ready to have a child and willing to have a child with him. Not so funny.

      1. jason's Avatar jason

        Carey, I find your comment a little how should I say, outdated. Women and men engage in sexual activities just because but the problem doesn't just lay with men, it lays more so with the women. If they want to have sex, then know how to prevent a pregnancy BUT they make no attempt to so they become exactly what they don't want pregnant! My question is for ALL women, if you don't want children why do you all not take the steps to prevent it beforehand? In cases of rape or incest I understand fully, but then there is also the loophole women would use if that was a law, that some men would get falsely accused so that they could abort the child. Why women don't just say no we aren't having sex unless you have a condom but then whine later they need an abortion for THEIR mistake is beyond belief.

        1. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

          Jason, I wish it were that simple. With some research, you will find that all birth control devices, as you say, don’t always work. And some of those devices have even harmed some of the women using them. Please note I did not say ALL women. It is true that some women use abortion as their form of birth control, but not all. It’s unfortunate that we can’t read people’s hearts and minds to understand motives (why’s). For instance, how many pregnant women who found themselves to be HIV positive pursued abortion? Why would they want to abort?

          I know this may be hard for some to accept, but all women who get abortions do not want to. Some may be or have been forced to do so by the potential father and sometimes the father is their father. Some who can not afford an abortion use other means more riskier than abortion. There are just so many factors. And what seems simple, may not be. All who seem mentally and/or emotionally healthy may not be. And these people are or can be in all segments of society. We wouldn’t know until the fits hits the shan.

      2. Jim's Avatar Jim

        I re-read several of your posts MINISTER and your right. I should have read closer I would have seen that you are right there with the other Bully assholes like John, T'keren and Carl. What you write his just pure hatred to anyone who does not have your opinions. You accused American Military and the tax payers dollars of killing innocent men, woman and children in other countries and then we take over their resources. Had I read your other posts I would have realized you for the arrogant ass you are and not even responded. I will put you in the same category as the others and trust me you will not hear from me again. You folks aren't worth the time of day. As for your ministry whatever that is I'm sure you have a few left wing nuts that listen to your BS. I trust me on that I could care less. All you people want to do is lay the blame on society or others instead of individual responsibility.

    2. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

      Bob you are a truly loathsome individual speaking such nonsense. Please do us all a favor and chew off your fingers.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        As much as your venomous writings irritate me, I can't help but giggle every time I read this comment. Very funny!

    3. Sid's Avatar Sid

      It's the drunken, drug addicted, worthless rapist that is the problem.I support sterilisation of all criminals and extermination od all rapists.

  1. Jim's Avatar Jim

    Why is it that when people talk abortion its turned into rape incest etc. I don't think any right to life person would make a woman suffer like that. I believe in personal responsibility Carey, if a woman is raped or there is incest or her life is in danger than yes an abortion should be legal. But to use abortion as a form of Birth control should not. As I have said before a woman has a right to decide what to do with her body. If you don't want to get pregnant don't have the sex or at least take the precautions necessary. Once you make that choice and if you become pregnant then have the baby if you don't want it put it up for adoption. The male should accept his role as well and if the baby is kept support the child. If on the other hand abortion is legal why should the male be held accountable for the baby when he has no "choice" in the matter. AGAIN accepting responsibility for ones actions is the key to a lot of the problems we face in this country.

    1. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

      Where is the data on why women chose abortion as an accepted form of birth control? Is it possible that methods other than abortion were used and were ineffective? Where is the data on the side effects of using other forms of birth control? Jim, do you have the evidence to show whether or not abortion is the first choice or a last ditch effort? Have you ever used birth control pills or other chemical meds or devices to not get pregnant? Have you ever had an abortion? Are you aware of the risks? If not, KNOW THIS, every woman is not affected the same way when using various forms of birth control. Jim, when you grow a womb, experience everything that may involve having a womb, including cramps, labor pains, miscarriages, etc., and you have to make decisions about how to protect and manage your womb and the lives of your children (or future children), and your life, we can have a real conversation. Last, but definitely not least, do you (to all) really believe that it is that easy, so simple to bring a child in this world just to give it up for adoption? Do you think any guilt may be lessened by giving the baby up for adoption versus not having the child? This is NOT a one size fits all situation. Not having a clue how possible adoption will turn out. The Universal Creator entrusted the born female with the womb and the intuition to be the womb of man (woman), so let her decisions be worked out between she and her Creator. What she eats don’t make you go to the bathroom (putting it mildly).

      1. Jim's Avatar Jim

        I do agree with a lot of your points. That said however the choice is made in the act that got you there in the first place. Taking responsibility for your actions. If a persons health is at risk with the pregnancy then abortion makes sense. If the woman was raped she should not be held accountable and take the baby to term unless she feels the need to do so. There are situations like with anything in life that should be looked at. Do you have the stats on how many woman used other forms of Birth control prior to deciding to have an abortion of course you don't. I do think that is a stat anyone has. If you choose to drive while intoxicated and hit a person should you be held accountable? If you steal something and get caught should you be held accountable? if you point a gun at someone and it ACCIDENTALLY goes off should you be held accountable? We make decisions in our life that effects our life, we should be held accountable for those decisions that we make and suffer the results of the decisions. Others should not suffer for our decisions.

        1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

          If the woman is raped she could sell the basturd , which would at least give her some monetary retribution for her ordeal.

      2. Jim's Avatar Jim

        I accept your apology and extend one out myself. I'm retired from the USAF and am partially disabled. Maybe I read your words wrong or maybe read to much into them. I never said that innocents were not harmed. I was stationed in Korea in the mid 70's and a GI was arrested for killing 6 women. as I said in my last post there are always bad apples in any group. The way I understood your comments were that all were like that and by fair it is few and fair between. We go to extra lengths to try and limit collateral damage but we all know that it is impossible to eliminate CD. Again maybe I'm a little to touchy when it comes to military. I was in at a time that it was not considered a good thing to be in a uniform. My apologies to all. Minister Carey I should not have attacked you and your ministry personally and should have stayed above the fray.

        1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

          Carey is correct in what he has stated. I have treated actively duty, vets and retirees from Vietnam War to the present wars, all branches of the military including Army Intelligence, USN, USMC. I retired 1 year ago from a USAF mental health clinic in AZ Military Sexual Assault is a clear problem and is being taken more seriously rather than trying to push it under the rug. That's why the USAF has SAPR program with annual trainings. So many victims of rape both down range and stateside. I have also spent years and years treating active duty member's whose stories would keep me up at night regarding atrocities they committed from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan. There was Fallujah and the use of white phosphorus, is just one example, which for a long time was denied by the DOD. Cluster bombs filled with depleted uranium in Iraq exposing our troops and Iraqis to toxic radiation, Syria being used as a Black Site for torture are just a few.. I come from a military family,= grandfather (USN), father (USN), hubbie and grandson USMC. Unless you are on the inside, it would be hard for ordinary civilians to understand or accept what Carey is revealing facts.Carey, I am so sorry that you were attacked by ignorance. It was too threatening to their false patriotism and profound ignorance. BTW, I have several active duty members say they hated it when civilians would say, "Thank you for your service." They have no idea what these guys and girls are secretly dealing with. Min. Carey kudos for you for speaking the truth.

          1. Jim's Avatar Jim

            Catherine Incorrect. Lets see the proof. I would really like to see the info on the Depleted Uranium in Iraq. I have no doubt there may be some black op sites around as that is something that has been going on for decades. I can also assure you I have no "false patriotism" as I know we have done things that were not necessarily on the up and up. As do every other country on the planet. We are not saints but we are also not the bad guys. Sometimes you have to do bad things for the right reasons and sometimes bad things are done and we find out there was no good reason. Gosh I guess we are human. We live in a great country. The greatest in history but we also live in a very bad world. Mistakes have been made and will be made. We are a very young country and we have a lot to learn. For the record White phosphorus has been used by the US since the late 70's when we outlawed another chemical that was worse. Just saying

          2. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

            No, I am not incorrect. When was the last tune you verified a completed a Post Deployment Questionnaire with a member? One of the questions is, "Have you been exposed to depleted uranium.?" I can tell you the answer-Never It was developed by the DOD after the initial invasion of Iraq and I have had to review them since it was published by the dept. I also doubt that you ever held a position which allowed you access to such personal, confidential discussions in therapy with traumatized troops, or that you ever treated our troops at all. White phosphorus burns the flesh off of people while their clothing remains intact. It doesn't natter how long it has been used. It is a weapon of mass destruction. The DOD denied its use until too many members came forward and the DOD finally admitted it, just like with the burn pits. Remember we invaded Iraq, as sovereign.nature based on greed. That you would state that what I shared was wrong and you want proof, says you have not bothered to educate yourself about facts of these two wars. Did you ever hear of the burn pits? Probably not. A terrible travesty against our troops similar to Agent Orange. Go to All troops who were deployed to either country were requested to notify their PCP to get the info in their medical records, since the DOD was once again denying the truth. The Korean War was a long time ago and a lot of changes have been made across all branches.You may have left the USAF, but you have not kept up the developments over the past 18 years in the USAF or any other branch, especially since you denied Military Trauma from sexual assault. We came a long way convincing commanders to take the problem seriously. It wasn't until civilians brought the data forward to the media that they decided to act in an appropriate manner. Our base commander, was furious about the problem and took action at our base, Luke AFB, home of the F16 and F35..

    2. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

      Jim the only one who has any business in each case of pregnancy is the woman that is pregnant. Contraceptives fail, in the state in question their idea of sex education is to use religious scare tactics and insult and belittle those that do become sexually active out of wedlock.

      Condoms are virtually unobtainable in such regions as many stores wont carry them due to their so called faith.

      Pregnancy is always inherently risky, Potentially life threatening as things can go wrong at any moment through out. Only the one facing that risk has any right to a say in the matter.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        The only areas I can think of where condoms would not be carried as an article for sale would have to be heavily populated by Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or some variant thereof, and perhaps the Amish and Mennonites, and Muslim people.

  1. Milton's Avatar Milton

    If you become pregnant and it takes you 15 weeks to make a decision, you should just have the baby, regardless of how you became pregnant. When the baby is born, you don't have to keep it! There are thousands of responsible families that would love to have your child.

    You still get to be pro-choice! But you don't get to pro-crastinate!

    1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

      15 weeks is still well before the fetus reaches a point of awareness. Nor is making the choice to terminate something I think pro lifers would be wanting rushed.

      You seem ignorant of the very real build up of unwanted children in foster care that suffer terrible abuse in their situation daily.

      Your opinion on what women should or shouldnt do is a non issue. The only one that matters in each situation is the woman that has a right to choose if she wants to take that risk.

    2. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


        1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

          John Maher, while I sense that you post in the style you do because it often feels like we are dealing with thick skulled bible thumpers. Id like to encourage you to ease down on the caps shouting and use some of the rather apt and deserving nicknames for the questionable potus such as Cadet Bone spurs, or Spanky Drumpf.

          I feel you will have more that feel as opposed to the things you are be more comfortable in voicing sympathy of what you write in doing so.

          The power of the written word is often enhanced when it is combined with keen wit and calm hand.

          1. Jim's Avatar Jim

            You need to try and practice what you preach.

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Good one, Jim.

        2. Milton's Avatar Milton

          John, if you would like, I could type up my opinion and give it to a female and have her read it. Would that satisfy your identity-political needs?

          Ideas are what matter, not who the person is that has them.

  1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

    That's right John Owens. You must never get an abortion, even if you were raped.

    1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


  1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

    Whoops! My bad. I believe she was speaking to Maher and not Owens. It's easy to get those two confused. However, the same thing would apply together of them.

    1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Yeah. You'd have to grow a brain to be compared to me, Maher.

  1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

    For some strange reason letters, and sometimes even words show up in places where I did'nt put them. In the last sentence of my last comment the word together needs to be replaced with " to iether." This blog seems to have a min of its own, and sometimes tries to change the wording of my comments.

    1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


    2. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


  1. Kathleen Guilmette's Avatar Kathleen Guilmette

    I do not check in here often,but this issue is one that I think needs to be discussed. I am appalled at the "discussion" going on here! It is largely uncouth even barbaric. I hope real people don't see it! The name calling,insults,put- is positively uncivilized! I thought this was a ministers' forum! Let's elevate the quality of this discussion. It sounds like the nastiness so commonly and frequently coming from the White House and other hate- filled organizations. Why are we stooping to this level? Please,consider this.i will be going back on hiatus from ULC discussions.

    1. Robert D Kaufmann's Avatar Robert D Kaufmann

      Thank you Kathleen.

  1. Kim's Avatar Kim

    It’s a woman’s choice!!! I do agree after a certain amount of time, after 3 months or so , she shouldn’t, but that is still her choice. Why is it that women are still trying to be controlled ? Are we that scary?

  1. Ruth Veale's Avatar Ruth Veale

    This is wrong. What right does a government have to tell a person what they can or can't do with their body. If a woman for whatever reason wants to have an abortion, it is HER choice and her right. It is no business of mine or the governments to put pressure on her to not have an abortion by limiting the time in which she can have one emotions are running high etc. I feel however that if a person has been raped or a child has been conceived through incest, these two acts should be included within the abortion time frame.

  1. R. Hill's Avatar R. Hill

    So if your get tired of your child you should be allowed to drown them in the bathtub or drive them into a lake. REDRUM is REDRUM no matter when it's done.

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    Abortion is not new. Saying it is "good" is a new idea.

    1. Daniel's Avatar Daniel

      Actually most churches in the 19th and early 20th centuries said that exact thing.

  1. SeekerOfTruth's Avatar SeekerOfTruth

    Does Mississippi offer full, free, pre and post natal care to every woman, regardless of income? And excellent follow up care also at no cost?

    Like most other countries?

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      That's BS. MOST other countries do NOT. Just the socialist ones, and the medical care in MOST socialist countries is not on part with ours.

  1. Daniel's Avatar Daniel

    If life begins at conception, why didn’t Jesus say anything about this?

    1. Brian Balke's Avatar Brian Balke

      Perhaps because Jesus was pro-creation, which is an act of intention. There are better and worse moments in our lives to bring a child into the world, and we were given intelligence to discern between them.

      1. Jim's Avatar Jim

        Excellent answer.

  1. Tom's Avatar Tom

    The problem is evident just by the respondents on this topic. Most of them are men! Men have far too much to say about abortion, they will never get one! People, if you do not approve of abortion, for whatever the reason, do not get an abortion. Otherwise remember it is legal! Stop passing laws that make it more difficult for others to do legal acts.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Damn, Tom! If a law is passed, making something illegal, it is no longer a legal act. Your post made me think someone had to point that out to you.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Oh. Furthermore, MANY of the babies aborted are MALES. That should give men at least the right to an opinion.

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    Sounds like religion. My comment to those men who think that their religion should be the law of the land. Let your God protect your family from the AIDS virus. It is the Will of God that one or more of your family shall contract the horrible virus and you shall see it effects a family member withers away. It terrible to have a sexual active son or daughter who have not had sex education training. It is the word of God and who would dare to say it was not.

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