Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - February, 2018

In times of turmoil, many of us turn to God for guidance - but is he being reasonable?
We all know the story of God delivering unto Moses the 10 Commandments back in the day, but over the centuries it seems like quite a few additional rules have been handed down from the Heavenly Father. Are we meant to obey all of these?

Faking It For Faith

A homosexual Mormon man became a poster child for "praying the gay away" after marrying a woman and starting a family. The experiment failed.
See What Happened to Them

Clergy Robes

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36,000 Feet Closer to God

36,000 Feet Closer to God

Muslim flight attendants in Indonesia are now required to comply with sharia law and wear a hijab – or endure punishment from religious police.
Would You Fly Sharia-Air?

When God was a Woman

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Politician Calls Women "She Devils," Says They Belong in Home

A U.S. Senate candidate is under fire after posting a wild message on Facebook mocking feminists and women's rights. He argues women should fill their traditional role: stay home and cook dinner for him – and that's not all.
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Parking Hanger

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Downward-Facing Demon

A Christian blogger caused a stir after warning his readers against doing yoga because it's "Hindu worship" designed to cause a "demonic trance."
Is Yoga a Sin?

Sunday Schooled

The law says the government cannot favor any one religion, but that hasn't stopped religious folks from trying to inject their views into public schools.
Should Schools be Secular?

Dr of Divinity

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L'Oreal-ity Check

A pair of cosmetic companies accidently pitted Israeli and Palestinian activists against each other. See the chain of events that set things off.

Is the Outrage Justified?

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Our friends on Facebook reacted to news that Mel Gibson is releasing a sequel to his hugely-popular 2004 film, The Passion of the Christ. Apparently, it will feature Jesus traveling through hell before being resurrected.
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