Missouri senate candidate Courtland Sykes
U.S. Senate candidate Courtland Sykes has been heavily criticized after releasing a fiery statement mocking women's rights.

What is nasty, snake-filled and apparently fit only to prepare dinner? Why, the modern feminist woman, of course at least that's the way one GOP senate candidate in Missouri sees it.

Courtland Sykes is a 37-year-old military veteran hoping to unseat incumbent female senator Claire McCaskill this November. But Sykes has suddenly found his election bid in peril following a cascade of criticism over a controversial statement he made disparaging the feminist movement and mocking the notion of women's rights.

Although there was plenty of crude language to unpack, perhaps the most notable passage covered expectations for the women in his life. Sykes wrote:

"I want to come home to a home cooked dinner at six every night. One that [my fiancée] fixes and one that I expect one day to have my daughters learn to fix after they become traditional homemakers and family wives."

Referring to his daughters, he further clarifies, "I don't want them to grow up into career obsessed banshees who forgo home life and children and the happiness of family to become nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she devils."

Below is the full statement from his Facebook page:

She-Devils Bite Back

Sykes was clearly trying to energize Missouri voters that hold more traditional views on family and family structures, but his aggressive, condescending tone appeared to miss the mark. Instead of inspiring his supporters, Sykes' comments struck a nerve with many female voters evident in the wave of critical reactions to his statement on Facebook.

"Courtland Sykes is apparently running for office in the upcoming general election of 1954," joked one woman.

"I'm sorry, but any man who is incapable of following the directions in a cook book, probably shouldn't try something as hard as writing laws for our entire country," said another.

For all his confidence, Sykes' strategy seems to have backfired, sparking a flood of donations to his opponent.

"Despite never having heard of you before today, as a direct result of your gross antiquated statement, I just made a donation to Claire McCaskill. I'm sure she thanks you," another woman declared.

A woman homemaker in the 1950s
We've come a long way since the 1950s.

What is a "Woman's Place"?

Sykes' unapologetic take on women's roles is part of a broader cultural debate that's been going on for decades. What is the best way to organize society? Should women go out and pursue careers, or should they stay home and focus on raising children? What should men do?

Opinion has shifted considerably on this issue over the years. Far from the "housewife & breadwinner" model of the 1950s, nowadays women are encouraged to attend college, be independent, and forge exciting career paths right alongside men. By and large, this is viewed as a positive shift.

However, not everyone sees it that way. Those who favor a more traditional family structure insist there are consequences to the modern approach. They argue, for example, that having a full-time mother around is vital to children's development. If both parents are working all the time, then children might begin to feel neglected. This lack of structure could also compromise family harmony.

Given the strong feelings on both sides, it's unlikely this debate will be settled anytime soon.

In the meantime, here's some sound advice for the Courtland Sykeses of the world: if you expect your fiancée to cook you dinner every night (without poisoning your food) perhaps it would be best to avoid labeling all women who dare question your narrow point of view as "nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she devils."

Just a thought.


  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    This poor man is obviously deluded—and destined to remain single.

    1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      He would rather have women bare foot at home and pregnant

  1. flugo's Avatar flugo

    In the kitchen, pregnant, and barefoot is where they belong!

    1. Susan's Avatar Susan


      1. Tim Traviolia's Avatar Tim Traviolia

        Bob, your an idiot

  1. mypages2016's Avatar mypages2016

    What is wrong for women to be at home being a mother and a wife most career minded women really in my experience are not a good wife

    1. Allen Alexander's Avatar Allen Alexander

      Perhaps you should have qualified your remark with "In my opinion...". Because that is what it is, your opinion, and we all know what they say about opinions. Everyone has one and they all stink.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        mypages said, "...in my experience..." Isn't that a qualifier?

    2. Grenville's Avatar Grenville

      How many wives have you had? In your experience. Asking for an internet dating service.

    3. Dr. Griffith's Avatar Dr. Griffith

      Whose idea of a wife are you using? Some of us enjoy being in a relationship with a career minded woman. It sounds to me like you believe a woman should be subservient to the man.

  1. Ralph Miller's Avatar Ralph Miller

    I remember back in the old days when only one parent worked while the other stayed home raising the kids. So my question is this..."If both parents are now working,then who's raising the kids"?

    1. James's Avatar James

      Look around. No one, that's why most children suck and can't function as civilized humans.

      1. Ralph Miller's Avatar Ralph Miller

        No, james.there being raised,just not by their parents. there being raised by their peers,by what they see on the streets,by movies and what they see on tv,and last...there being raised by video games. I'm not saying a woman's place is in the home,but when kids are involved someone should be there raising them

        1. Minister James Owen's Avatar Minister James Owen

          Mr. Miller you are right. I deal with kids on a daily basis because i am in Law Enforcement. When you go to Circuit Court or General Sessions and Juvenile Court is going on down the hall and you have a court room full and the hallways full of juvenile offenders and a parent not parents you will understand why someone needs to raise the children. There is two to three times as many juveniles in court as there are in Circuit or General Sessions court. Juvenile offenders will be grown offenders when they come of age. I have dealt with juveniles that will cuss with some of the worst words there are and dare you to touch them. Check the news every day there are kids beating their parents or their teachers.All the items you mentioned is what is causing the problem. God Bless you Sir

          1. Ralph Miller's Avatar Ralph Miller

            Exactly james owen; I grew up in what was called the "ASS WHOOPING ERA"If your neighbors saw you doing something wrong,they whooped you.then took you home and mom would whoop you,then you had to wait till your father got home.And if you talked back to a teacher or threaten them...guess what,they whooped you.

      2. Rick's Avatar Rick

        You are correct

    2. Dr. Griffith's Avatar Dr. Griffith

      Ralph, how does a family afford to live if one of the parents does not work? The minimum wage is too low to live on, Conservatives want to take away all the safety nets, are we to start living in our cars. Oops, many families do. Also, why is it the woman that has to stay at home? I know many couples where Dad stays home, is that wrong? I guess you are one of the 1% who can afford to have your other half not work.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        No one should expect to live off minimum wage. That is an entry-level wage to determine if anyone is worth having around, and for people who live with their parent(s). If you get a job, work reliably and well, you should get a raise. If a job doesn't pay enough, you go and look for another.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          And, just btw, I've never seen a family living in their car, though I have lived in mine, but only here and there. What are you calling a safety net? Isn't that a circus term?

      2. Ralph Miller's Avatar Ralph Miller

        David Griffith. Minimum wage was never designed to raise a family.One person can live off minimum if their on a very strict budget.(I've done it back in my younger days,before i started a family) Age ole question is,why start a family if you can't afford to support them.that's one of society's main problems today.sometimes we all suffer due to people's dumb decisions.

  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    There is nothing wrong with women choosing to stay at home to raise children. However, we should make that choice. It should not be made for us.

    1. James's Avatar James


    2. hate the lier's Avatar hate the lier

      But Susan that's not your decision to make. That decision belongs to some man that has nothing to do with you or your family. Be a good Evangelical and let them make your decisions for you!

      1. Susan's Avatar Susan

        Ain’t no evangelicals here. We she devil feminists have scared them all away.

        1. Dr. Griffith's Avatar Dr. Griffith

          Thanks to people like you Susan the world is still civilized. I am one man who fully agrees with the she devil feminists. Keep up the good work. No, this is not a joke, but what I truly believe. Grow up men and allow women to be equal, what are you scared of?

      2. Tim Traviolia's Avatar Tim Traviolia

        And what rock have you been hiding under REV

    3. Reverand Raymond Smith's Avatar Reverand Raymond Smith

      Totally agree with you, Susan

  1. James's Avatar James

    I'll put it this way. There is an easy way to do things that will result in a really nice and orderly life. I. E. "righteous". There are many other way and some nice things come for them. But the righteous life will always turn out the best in the end. Not forcing other in to that life style. But willing partners in a family. Marriages lasting 70 plus years, good, bad, great, sad, but more fruitful lives than multiple devorces and such. Some facts.

  1. Beth K's Avatar Beth K

    I love how Mr. Traditional Family Values is talking about wanting his fiance to have dinner on the table at 6:00 every night when he comes home. Then, he goes into how he expects his daughters to learn how to so cook. Ummm, nothing there about a wedding. It seems that he's saying he's living with his "fiance" "without benefit of clergy" now, and may continue to after she provides him with "daughters"

    The answer as to "who's raising the kids" while both parents work ranges from nobody to a series of low-paid workers in daycare centers or as babysitters. Or, children are turned loose with a computer and internet, with no adult supervision, or they're turned loose with the TV remote. We've become a nation of child neglect.

    There's nothing wrong with a woman choosing to stay home to rear children. There's nothing wrong with a man choosing to stay home to rear children. There's nothing wrong with a woman having a career. There's nothing wrong with a man having a career. Having it all is just not possible to do if you're going to do any of them well. If one parent has a good career, yes, they can raise a family on it and have the other parent stay home IF they live frugally. If they have chosen an expensive home, want to keep up with the Joneses, want everyone dressed in the latest fashion, have 2 or 3 late-model cars, eat out often, and go on vacation every year, that's probably not going to work out with one parent staying home with the children.

    I also notice how these "Family Values" conservative politicians, one after another, are being caught and having to resign over some sex scandal or other. I think it's all for show.

    1. Ralph Miller's Avatar Ralph Miller

      Beth k. Exactly

    2. chris's Avatar chris

      Thank you for pointing that out. He is a "good christian" yet he is living in sin? I am less and less surprised by religious people's hipocrisy.

  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    Well said.

  1. Clayton Beardmore's Avatar Clayton Beardmore

    What real man wants to come home at six every night?

    1. Wen's Avatar Wen

      You’re a thinker Clay.. lol

      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


        1. Amjit's Avatar Amjit

          no trump is the best. GOd pit him in office prais Jesus AMEN

          1. Dr. Griffith's Avatar Dr. Griffith

            First, you really need to learn how to proofread your work before posting. Second, if you truly believe what you wrote than you have no idea what a true Christian is. I feel so sorry for you and what you are offering your family in terms of values.

          2. Shane Lowrey's Avatar Shane Lowrey

            Your right. G-d puts all governments and officials in place, or so the Bible says. But not all governments or officials are "good." Often, they are examples and sent to test our mettle. In a worst case example, how about Hitler and the Nazi party. Trump may have been chosen but best? I think not.

  1. Wen's Avatar Wen

    And when your lovely senator husband is forced to resign due to his inappropriate contact with minors, remember that forgiveness is the christian way besides you don’t have an education and can’t support your 5 children.

  1. Pastor B Stevens's Avatar Pastor B Stevens

    Barefoot and pregnant was the phrase used were I was a child in the late 50s - the 60s . These men are for the larger pare very abusive wanting a woman to wipe their a#£ wash their clothing cook pop out babies and if lucky handed a tiny allowance like a child . Phony men they are not Christians but abusers both mentally and phsycally . Today I see some of these family’s I’ll with hold their chosen belief church but they are mostly southern churches where I grew up in . They search biblical scripture to twist into their servant wives whom have no social life beyond church members . Even church members are vetted to be certain their home servants stay uninformed . Any man in these times whom are using a woman as a baby maker ( full quiver people are 1 type) servants and backed by twisted scripture make real men angry . My wife is a strong woman but that was not the way she was when I met her 26 years ago . Beat down by religious zealots to be a servant working from sun up to sun down also working a full time job she was truly brain washed . I faced off her husband one night after he slapped her so hard her eye closed shut . That was often done to force her to do his whatever he wanted . I found him in a strip bar in Little Rock AR with 3 other church members . After I loudly put him in his place the other members took off left the bar quickly . He was fairly drunk and attempted to leave driving that’s when I took his keys and called the police . They gave him one option get a cab or to jail he goes . He attempted to call a buddy whom was also drunk to take him home the officer told him Cab or jail . After a question session by police I left but 20 minutes later my phone rang he was there with her choking her punishment for calling me . I left meet the police one block from their home when the officer could see him choking her through the window the door was kicked in . She came home with me and I called a sister to come help clean her up . This man was looked up to by other church members could not believe he was this way . Long road ahead but he was divorced within 3 months based n constant phsycal abuse . All the while he was repeating Religius rights ...... My wife was at that time scared to death of him and his Church members . I was not seeking a relationship with her or anyone at that time I was very busy running a business . As things progressed she became a stronger person in spirit and everyday life . 4 months later I asked her if she might ever consider marrying again ..... I proposed to her 1 month later . We’ve been married every since and today she amazes me her spiritual strength is amazing she is amazing . Watching her grow into a strong woman finally speaking her mind and becoming a public service job being she deals with every sort of society in her job she is one very strong woman . No woman should ever be seen as a slave ... servant to any man ... . I still here men in big evangelical churches state ... women need to know their place and stay at home to serve men like men are Gods . This man in Missouri is not the only men in this mind set we have several attempting to force their twisted ideals into laws right now . From states all the way up to the whitehouse claiming religious rights to treat women as servants . I hope this ass gets everything he deserves I believe he would be happier in the Middle East where women are still 2nd class citizens . America has 0 need for these sick mentally abusive and phsycal abusive so called Christians . If Jesus Christ were to arrive suddenly for the day of judgment there are going to be a lot of men tossed in the belly of satins servants . Follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and walk side by side with your wife as a complete set . Treat each other with the highest respect loving your partner as a equal not a servant . I truly hope I live to see the day women are in high office in our country . Women think men for the bigger part puff up their chest and make snap decisions leading to the deaths of millions over thousands of years of time . Some men are scared to death of women’s decisions because women think of everyone not just the slinky filth and greed men so posses in their actions . We as a specieses are advancing old ways are being proven crude crule archaic ways . In recent years these sick men are being exposed and rightly so pushed aside . I do not care what political party you choose to support but recently I’ve seen the actions of our POTUS and his menions attempting to bring back archaic ideals of long ago . I’ve never seen such a poisonous vichous group of allllll men attacking everyone that does not sucribe to their ideals . None of them are rooted in reality but fantasy abusive men in power positions constantly lying to the nation . Even when caught red handed they brush it off and attack the facts as input alternative facts ( lying ) then using political power to damage anyone they perceive as a threat to their personal archaic goals which include Women being servants whom are not to be herd but suppressed into slavery . This nut job in Missouri is getting what he deserves yet I wonder if his future wife thinks being a slave a concubine to him is all she can be . Wake up stop accepting these thugs as truth tellers question everything and for gods sakes get out of that relationship before someone ends up destroyed or even killed by one of these men . Yes it happens often men killing their wives for not being obedient to their master .?

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    I object to your first question-- "...fit only to prepare dinner?" Feminists are not fit to prepare dinner. When they have a gathering, food is always a problem for them, because no one remembers to make sandwiches.

  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    Do you know an feminists? I can cook.

  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    You guys are all joking, right? Men are no longer such Neanderthals. Correct? With the exception of that Courtland Sykes guy, men are really not this crazy anymore. Please tell me I am right.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      We're just messing around with you, Susan. It's just good-natured teasing. Although, it is considered a scientific fact that the reason women generally have smaller feet than men is so they can stand closer to the stove and sink. HA HA! HA HA!

      But, seriously, all the societal BS aside, and the macho crap, AND the feminist party line stuff, the female of our species HAS been biologically engineered (or designed by God--same result either way) to carry, bear, and nurture the young. That being the undeniable fact of nature that it is, it should not be seen as less than honorable IF a woman does choose to be a home-maker and mother. We all know they are quite capable of so many other things, but most are totally superior to men when it comes to nurturing children.

      1. Susan's Avatar Susan

        I absolutely agree. It is in no way a less honorable calling to raise good citizens. In fact one of my daughters, who holds two master’s degrees, has chosen to do so. I did not. I worked full time while raising four daughters. However, when I was a young woman, many if not most of us, were relegated to roles that were not of our choosing and worse, we were often our own enemies. Professional women criticized homemakers and homemakers criticized working women. Given these precedents, you can easily understand why I cherish my rights.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Well, I applaud your dedication to your family and your work, and your ability to appreciate people who are different yet still honorable. Nobility can come in different packaging.

        2. Wendy's Avatar Wendy

          My husband and I both have master's degrees in engineering, so we made our plans even before I got pregnant. All very logical: Kids get sick a lot and have to stay home from school. We live 350 miles from the closest grandparents who could babysit sick kids, so one of us would have to stay home with sick kids. My husband was most likely to freak out and have no idea about how to deal with sick kids, ergo I was the logical designated sick kid parent. That would make me a rather unreliable employee, so I would be a full-time mom. Then our first kid ended up being twins, and daycare for two infants is crazy expensive, so it was a wise plan. And it was the best job I ever had. But I missed engineering and talking about technical stuff with adults.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            But you are so lucky to be the one with the children. My own biggest regret in life is that I was so often away working, and sometimes even away adventuring. I mourn the times I did NOT spend with my babies, and now they are in their thirties, and I treasure being with them as much as I can.

    2. Rick's Avatar Rick

      The bad thing is that men are slowly turning into women and women into men. One messed up place.

        1. Wen's Avatar Wen

          Shows Rick around her womancave!

    3. Wendy's Avatar Wendy

      Sadly there are a LOT of these Neanderthals in Missouri. The Southern Baptist Church I grew up attending was full of them, and is still being led by one. The effect his "leadership" has had on my elderly mother crosses the emotional abuse line. I escaped from Missouri as soon as I graduated from college because there's a lot of religious insanity there. When I read the article, I thought, "Oh, it's one of THOSE idiots." Then I facepalmed.

      1. Susan's Avatar Susan

        Oh no! And here I was hoping that civilization had reached everywhere.

  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    Well said pastor Stevens. And its time to impeach Trump now, the worst of them. the # TIMES UP and #ME TOO movement needs to get louder and keep on. Weak and insecure men are often scared by strong women. They seem to try and conpensate by trying to control women and anyone whom they think is vulnerable to them. Sykes is an example of this as he is up against a strong woman. Keep in mind that there are many men who are feminist and support women as equals. However these men need to step up in massive numbers to make change. America needs a strong female leader and preferably a woman of colour to be the next POTUS. 2018 VOTE for WOMEN Women get out of the kitchen and get into politics.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Gosh, Sam. That's incredibly naive. You cannot impeach a sitting President because you do not like him (or her, someday). Also, to say Trump is the WORST of them, is insane. Are you brainwashed a little bit?

      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


      2. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

        Theonly president Id say was worse was that sorry hat salesman that chose to use Uranium Bombs on two civilian population centers rather then military targets.

        Say what you may about the japanese provoking it, but they at least chose a military target in the form of Pearl harbor.

        Meanwhile Cadet Bone Spurs seems intent on using such weapons with no consideration to the long term effects that at least Hat Salesman didnt have the long term scientific data to understand what using them would do for generations to come.

        And no we have never had such a rude, crude, undiplomatic, and barely literate bigot hold the office.

        And there are plenty of public reasons to see him impeached. Just the act of showing favortism to nations like Saudi Arabia where he has major financial interest is a clear abuse of power.

        Its just the least of his abuses of the position and virtually forgotten as he currently throws a tantrum to have a parade bigger then frances Bastille day celebration while a million U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico go without water, power, medical aid and slowly waste away.

        But we get it, you think trump was right when he said police should be rougher on suspects, that grabbing women intimately without consent is acceptable, that there are good people in white power groups.

        Seriously Cadet Bone Spurs makes GW Bush look like a constitutional scholar on par with Obama, and as caring for his country as Teddy.

        GW likely sits at home smoking a joint and saying see guys Im not the dumbest president ever!

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          You are more full of crap than a Thanksgiving turkey. But then, I guess you know that.

  1. Rev. Brien's Avatar Rev. Brien

    Another fine topic brought to you by your friends at stupid town. Are you seriously going to have a conversation about some neanderthal comment that means absolutely nothing? Let me put this person in the proper light.....he is an asshole. Conversation done.

  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    It scares the hell out of me that such people still exist. However, I agree. If we ignore him maybe he will go away and crawl back under his rock.

    1. Rev. Brien's Avatar Rev. Brien

      It has always been my belief that stupid needs attention to survive. ?

  1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

    Personally I oppose the archaic tradition of marriage and feel very strongly for the sake of our species future the way children are born and raised need to move beyond the old ways.

    This deviant Sykes is a great example of why people should have to pass stringent psychological and intellectual tests to be allowed to pass on his DNA or let anywhere near children. I would truly fear for any female child born to this man and subject to his abusive control. Id view any woman that willingly wed or bred with him to be mentally and emotionally ill and in need of serious counseling.

    Not every one is meant to be a parent or equipped with the tools to be a good nurturing teacher to children. I dream of a day when eugenics is no longer a dirty word because of Hitler's corruption of it. Science and forethought can bring a better age of humanity but sadly many fear it because they deep down know they should not be contributing flawed genes.

    Look at the debate alone over women having the right to abort when that end is clearly going to be a birth so flawed they will never be able to care for themselves nor contribute to the improvement of the species.

    To ascend to the next state hard choices and sacrifices will have to be made. People will have to find wisdom enough to let go of the personal pride that their so good their child is an addition rather then a handicap on the species.

    Everything from needing glasses to soft teeth to being predisposed to cancer are reasons and valid ones to never pass on your genes. Adopt instead and help avoid adding when plenty of unwanted and unloved children are suffering in foster care. That is a simple first step to helping bring balance.

    1. Anna Brown's Avatar Anna Brown

      Agreed! Very well put.

    2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Yeah. Brave New World. Let us be conceived in test tubes and incubated in surrogate wombs, and bred and brainwashed for the tasks for which we are created. Margaret Sanger would be SO impressed! Aldous Huxley, too! Not to mention George Orwell.

  1. Priestess Christina Maher.'s Avatar Priestess Christina Maher.

    Call it what it is, domestic slavery. Women have the right to work, and right to equal pay for equal work. I raise both of my girls to be independent and to rely on themselves, and to take care of family. But it is still a choice. If they want to get married that’s fine,but you DO NOT become a slave to him you are equals. I took a year off for each of them when they were born. They always had fun with the sitters, but knew exactly who we were and knew how much we loved them. They were never disconnected from us.
    I insisted on education and good grades. Education is your strongest tool to survival in this world. I taught them all about demectic abuse and all the angles of it, including verbal abuse and how it works to dominate. A woman is a sevent of no one. If a woman wants to stay home that is again Her choice not anyone elses. That especially includes her spouse, or the government.

  1. tom's Avatar tom

    I think the village idiot ought to stay in their place and not run for public office. Though after saying that it seems that members of the Congress and Senate ARE our village idiots.

    1. Rev. Brien's Avatar Rev. Brien

      Finally, one single comment that makes perfect sense.

      1. Wen's Avatar Wen

        It’s multiculturalism :)

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    Apparently this guy is from Arkansas and moved to Missouri a short time ago to run for the Senate. Kinda like HRH Hillary Rodman Clinton did to New York. IMHO, there are only 2 types of politicians: Corrupt and not-yet-corrupt. That said, some pols do fit into the second type for a long time, maybe their whole career, Bernie Sanders would be an example.

  1. skipNclair's Avatar skipNclair

    History proves he is right, sure had fewer problems when men were men and real women were damn proud of it. One only need look at the USA today and the children and the divorce rates, and the unmarried numbers to find that something is seriously wrong. Perhaps if we were to get a true report on the number of women who do not agree with the feminist movement things might be different, But with the press being part of the movement and working with and for satan that hides the truth and more and more women will be fooled and changed for feeling like an outcast. Women were made to be great at certain things, and men were made to be better at other things, when you try to change the wiring or the DNA of either, you will end up regretting it, and we both as men and women are on the verge of seeing that regret. Now you have not only the break up of the traditional family, but you have the forced exceptance of the homsexual, bi-sexual, transexual, gender confused sexual and who knows what next, perhaps bestiality, and legal pedophilia. None of this could or would have happened without the breakup of the traditional family, all things are done gradually and you start with removing God from the equation and progress from that. Good luck with your so called feminist movement and all things that follow. Soon the divide and conquer of men and women will be added to the other divide and conquer programs that will lead to the end of mankind, Oh did I say mankind ? how is that for politically correct ?

    1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

      LOL no one gender is hard wired to be the parent. In fact post partum depression effects 1 in 3 women in the US. showing clearly that not every woman is mean to be a mother. Just like the disturbingly high 1 in 3 fathers commits physical, emotional, or sexual abuse of their children shows not ever man is meant to be a parent,

      Nannies used to be a very common thing, they where typical women or in more modern times men as well who wanted children but either couldnthave them or already had raised them to adult hood and still had a strong desire to nurture and educate.

      However the costs of living in the US and all over the world has slowly strangled out the noble nanny as even a 2 income household barely makes enough to get by let alone hire a full time pseudo parent to handle the strenuous challenges of child rearing.

      But as Ive said elsewhere far too many people have kids when they should not be parents. Far too many who make good parents choose to have their own kids rather then adopt lonely unloved children in foster care, Far too many who choose to be teachers do it just as a job rather then because they yearn to work with kids and help nurture and encourage the young in their care.

      What we really need is Rosie The Robot to be invented. She was a better parent then either of the jettsons where.

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    Money is the great equalizer. If a person has money, they have choices.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Which is why they should work, or inherit, which would mean their parents should work and save. Not keep depending on "safety nets."

  1. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

    I would rather live in a world run by women. By their very nature they are nurturing, caring and more open to conciliation than men. God knows they couldn't make it any worse than it is today..

  1. Wendy's Avatar Wendy

    I do think the current feminist movement has gone way off track, much to the detriment of all women. It focuses so much on women being victims, which just sets women up to be further victimized. Women's liberation used to be about women being strong and capable, not whiny victims. Feminism should be about women taking control of their own lives and destinies, not about women blaming men for victimizing them. I honestly don't understand the need so many women have to portray themselves as victims. It seems like it should be classified as some sort of disorder.

  1. Chris's Avatar Chris

    My husband and I both agreed for me to stay home until our son was in school all day (1st grade). I have never ever regretted that decision. Our son has OUR family values, not someone else's. He is now 27, and is a wonderful human being with all the character traits and morals we could have hoped for.

  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    That’s great because it was your choice. It also gave you the opportunity to pass your values in to him. I will also bet that it gave him respect for women. This Mr Sykes obviously has some issues with women. Perhaps his mother was not very nurturing?

    1. Willie34's Avatar Willie34

      Maybe Sykes had an abusive father, being abusive to the mother more likely and he is taking after his father. The way the big Trumpeter does. His father was evidently mentally/verbally abusive to his mother, like the old Prussian men were the old ancestral Nazi DNA turning up again. And wanting his father's approval took on his personality! Very obvious, never grown up little boy, still the 10 yr old and by accosting women he thinks he can show his manhood. Belonging to the NRA, it being a neo-nazi/fascist, kukluxklan, racial organization, using the 2nd amendment as a ruse, by weaponizing the country, hoping to start a race war one way or another! The same thing for the Republican party that slowly turned fascist and having attracted the new right fascist leader! The police having become militarized and most of the Republican citizens also weaponized, our schools turned into armed camps, what is next? Concentration camps for the Mexicans or other brown or black races? Instead of the Jews? I believe somewhere in the bible it is said, to paraphrase it, those that live by the sword/gun, will die by the sword/gun. Look that up! Wake up America, we are well on our way, a Neo-Nazi America, all the top people have been selected and the new SS/blackshirts are ready to spring into action! Heil to Trump, Heil to the Republican/Nazi party. It used to be Heil Hitler. I remember, I was in WWII and 10 yrs old, those that forget the past are bound to repeat it. The fathers and uncles and sons that fought and died in WWII are turning around in their graves all for nought! Sieg Heil was also a greeting! Remember!!! The Past

  1. DJ's Avatar DJ

    Not a good candidate for the senate, but knows how to stir up a crowd & get noticed. There's nothing wrong with being a 'stay at home mom' but it should be a choice, not a demand. That's quite a passé ideal. Note to fianceé- RUN.

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    Are you sure he is not from Iran or similar places where women are treated lower that a snake belly. As a good ultra Republican I find this guy who might be more of a snowflake then an American male. This guy should be running, fast and out of that State. He better watch where he sleeps, and eats since his views might get him lynch by the same types of women he so hates.

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