Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - November, 2017

We are surrounded by people wearing disguises, and not just on Halloween.
The Visionary presents several stories highlighting a frightening reality: what we think we see is very seldom the truth. From the face of God to the Muslims next door, we unmask it all.

... And a Side of Jesus

Some companies are openly faithful, but others keep their beliefs discreet. Here’s a list of brands you might never have suspected are deeply religious.
Can You Guess Them?

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In a Heartbeat

In a Heartbeat

It’s been 44 years since Roe v. Wade, but the issue of abortion is far from settled. These stories indicate we may be on the brink of a big, sudden shift.
Where Do You Stand?

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Muslim For A Day: Outrage Over "Racist" Experiment

A British TV show is under fire after they dressed up a white woman as an undercover Muslim -- complete with "brown face" and an unflattering prosthetic nose. They claim to have had good intentions, but did things go too far?
Judge The Transformation For Yourself

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God is… a Robot?

A former Silicon Valley superstar has formed a new religion and is building a robotic God to lead it. When it comes to A.I., should we quit while we're ahead?
The Hubris of Humanity

Skirting the Rules

A Christian fundamentalist is suing her former employer, alleging religious discrimination after she was fired for refusing to wear pants in the workplace.
Is Feminism Flawed?

By The Power Vested In You

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Meet the Mohammeds!

A new study shows that 1 in 5 Europeans would be uncomfortable living next to a Muslim. Is the faith of our neighbors a real concern?

Prudence or Intolerance?

The ULC has relaunched the Minister Network and given it a fresh new look. Come join the most active online chapel on the internet.

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Our friends on Facebook were surprised to learn that millennials are increasingly turning toward magic and witchcraft to help solve their problems.
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