Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - August, 2017

Our faiths sometimes ask a lot of us; how far would you go in the name of religion?
The Visionary examines how beliefs guide us -- and not always for good. From priests popping magic mushrooms to a father killing his own daughter, faith proves a powerful force.

The Last Abortion Clinic

Christian fundamentalists are trying to shut down Kentucky’s only abortion clinic. If successful, the move would essentially ban abortion statewide.
Good Riddance?

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Higher than Heaven

Higher than Heaven

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University plan to give religious leaders psychedelic mushrooms in the hopes of inducing spiritual visions or revelations.
Think It Will Work?

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Father Murders Daughter: "Honor Killing" Sends Shockwaves Through Community

Henriette Kara, only 17, was brutally stabbed to death by her Christian father after refusing to cut ties with a Muslim boyfriend. In his eyes, Henriette had dishonored the family - and therefore had to pay the price.
What Should His Punishment Be?

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The School from Hell

A shocking investigation has uncovered over 500 cases of abuse at a Catholic choir school in Germany. Former students describe it as "worse than prison".
When Will It End?

Bieber's Fellow Believers

Pop star Justin Bieber is just one of many young people enraptured by megachurches. What makes these high-energy houses of worship so popular for millenials?
Have You Ever Attended?

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The Land of Many Wives

Long gone from mainstream society, the practice of polygamy lives on in a remote area of the Southwest dominated by an infamous Mormon cult

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