Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - June, 2017

Faith can be a source of strength, but inflexible beliefs have consequences.
The Visionary shines light on victims of dogma: A pregnant teen outcast for breaking her celibacy, kids married off in the name of tradition, and a girl harmed by "faith healing".

Selling Creation: Rebuilding Noah's Ark

The world’s largest Christian theme park has unveiled its latest attraction: a life-size version of Noah's Ark. But the project has not been without controversy.
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New Jersey Won’t Ban Child Marriage

New Jersey Won’t Ban Child Marriage

NJ Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have outlawed child marriage in his state, bowing to concerns about "tradition" from religious groups.
Does God Hate Children?

By the Power

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Christian Student Banned From Graduation Due To Pregnancy

A pregnant high schooler was told she couldn’t attend graduation because she violated the Christian school’s ban on premarital sex. “Maybe the abortion would have been better,” she said in retrospect.
What Happens When Abstinence and Pro-Life Collide?

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Dying Man Holds Pre-Suicide Party

A terminally-ill Canadian man chose to end his life via “assisted suicide”. But before he went, he made sure to host a grand goodbye party with all his friends.
Is Assisted Suicide Ethical?

"Faith Healing" Victim Speaks Out

An Idaho girl has become permanently disabled after her parents repeatedly ignored doctors’ warnings in favor of prayer. Now she wants to prosecute them.
Should They Be Jailed?

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Escaping a Religious Divorce

29 years after her husband nearly killed her, a Jewish Orthodox woman was finally granted a religious divorce by reluctant church officials.

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Our friends on Facebook reacted to the news that more states are banning conversion therapy, dealing a blow to a controversial practice that claims to turn gay people straight.
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