John Shields
John Shields wanted his death to be part of his legacy.

"When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home." Tecumseh

Tormented by an incurable disease, John Shields was thrilled when he learned that Canada had legalized "medical assistance in dying" for patients who are near death and suffering from terminal conditions. Commonly known as "assisted suicide" (or "assisted death", depending on who you talk to), the policy permits someone to end their life by having a physician administer a cocktail of life-ending medication.

After his doctor informed him that he qualified, John felt hope real hope, for the first time since his diagnosis. He knew he was going to die, but he could now go out on his own terms.

The Disease

After a harrowing car accident landed him in the hospital, tests would reveal an even more grim truth: John suffered from a hereditary form of amyloidosis.

While the disease is by nature unpredictable, this much was clear: it would eventually cause him to lose all feeling and basic function of his body. Suffering meant playing the waiting game, slowly watching quality of life slip away and agony mount. Death would come, but it wouldn't be quick or painless by any means.

A patient who has chosen assisted suicide. Taking the Plunge

Knowing he was going to die anyway, John eagerly took advantage of Canada's new law. He felt suddenly empowered at the prospect of owning his last days, of taking back control from the awful disease that had been dictating his every move. Choosing the timing and manner of his own death openly and without fear would be his most meaningful legacy.

Everything was planned by John himself. On the eve of his death, a party was thrown in his honor. Too weak to leave his bed, friends and family gathered in a hospital room for an evening of stories, laughter, and some inevitable tears. John Shields even enjoyed his favorite meal rotisserie chicken legs with gravy.

The meal was followed by an emotional ceremony. Borrowing aspects from different cultures and religions around the world, the ceremony was both a tribute to his life and a fitting reflection of John's unique personality. All of those who had grown close with John over the years gave their blessing, exchanging last words with him.

A Final Goodbye

As the evening wound down, John was visibly waning. Attempting a goodbye speech, he struggled and faltered. He sat silent for several long moments, as if drifting off to sleep. Finally, with eyes closed, he spoke:

"When we blossom forth into the night, what do we hear? We hear the silence of the bees. We hear the brushing of the wind in the trees. We hear the whisper of wind to branch and branch to wind. And we know that we are close to the end of the journey." Opening his eyes, John finished: "And to all of us, who have come together. You are seeing me get sad. It would never happen without some sadness."

With that, the ceremony ended. Friends and family filed out. John's doctor administered the drugs the next morning, and he passed away peacefully with his wife by his side.

ControversyAssisted suicide protest

Assisted suicide is a notoriously controversial topic in the United States. The practice remains illegal in 43 states, and is the source of much debate especially among religious groups. Proponents call it "death with dignity", arguing that people with terminal illnesses should be allowed to end their own suffering. If the pain becomes too great, they say, it would be heartless to deny a sick person the right to die on their own terms.

Others insist on calling it "assisted suicide" and claim that the practice devalues human life. How will severely disabled people feel if a terminally ill individual is permitted to end their life because they are suffering? "Disabled people suffer every day. Is a disabled life not worth living?" they ask.

Still other opponents view the issue through a religious lens. Because God has a plan for everyone, they point out, ending one's life early is thus a direct affront to God's will.

**Where do you stand? Should a terminally ill person be allowed to choose "death with dignity", or is condoning suicide immoral no matter what?


  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    I think each case is different, but it should certainly be an available choice for a mature adult. Mercy is mercy, and death can be merciful, if it comes in a timely and relatively painless manner.

    1. sid Rimmington's Avatar sid Rimmington

      Just like abortion, the individual should be allowed to choose.

      1. Amber's Avatar Amber

        I agree with both of you. Each individual should be given those choices and the respect to leave them to those choices, regardless of personal beliefs on the matter.

        1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B


          1. inga's Avatar inga

            i have a hard time with this site because it is a ministry site. and while i agree with all of you.. the bible says else wise. and really it is up to the bible, god;s word. not our opinions. oh man can you imagine when we get to heaven and god asks us for the answers he has given us in book form. probably an open book test that the most of us will still fail.

            again. dont get me wrong. my first instinct is like yours. but the big picture is what we are suppose to be looking for, and god has his reasonings.

            the personal opinions will get you. i swear. read your bibles if you are in the bible book club. the answers are there. and i am sorry to say. they are not what YOU and your groupies might think.

            sigh. i tell you this with sterness for your own good. please. please read your bible. i dont want to be stuck in hell with all of YOU GUYS ??!! lol

          2. inga's Avatar inga

            maybe god doesnt get it as there is no death in the heavens.. lol. maybe thats why, as a people, we are more compassionate as a whole than he is. on the other hand. he flooded the earth.. burnt numerous cities.. advocated a few wars.. etc etc to the tune of 25 million, give or take a few.. and then his son.. comes along and says. yeah. about that.. we should probably try a new approach. my dad is kind a pissed.

            what a book.

            i have my moments struggling.. i often see people more compassionate than god.. though jesus appears to have patients. of course, hes new. lol. the new guys always do. but being raised religious struggle with "right" and "wrong" according to the good book.

            wow people are so good eh. compassionate. hating to see suffering. i watch the news and i cry sometimes.. for others.

            but are fractions of time enough. or is it the bigger picture. life as a whole. . sigh.

          3. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

            Inga...there is no such thing as "hell"...Tom

          4. inga's Avatar inga

            i know. thats how i can tell who read the book. lol its simply a state of unconsciousness.

  1. Barry's Avatar Barry

    Yes, I think it should be an option.It is Case dependent.

  1. Sherise's Avatar Sherise

    If I were ill and knew I was going to die sooner than later, I'd love to have the option to be able to control that. I think this would be a good way to say goodbye to all of your loved ones before that time comes on your terms. It's all up to the individual may his soul rest in peace.

  1. Valerie Ward's Avatar Valerie Ward

    Counseling and planning equals death with dignity.

  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    Death with dignity should be a human right. How blessed are Canadians to have that right. How wonderful for him to have the option he did and end his life on a positive beautiful way with friends and family. Peace be with him.

  1. Shirley J. Davis's Avatar Shirley J. Davis

    If a person decides on their own, without being pushed, that it is time to die, then we should honor that wish. I think so long as society is extremely careful, allowing a person like this man to choose his own death on his terms is good. However, we must be cautious. We must NEVER allow the choice of death trump the value of human life. It must be up to the person who is involved to decide to die, never up to a court, or to a relative, or to society. Only in this way can we safeguard against killing people simply because WE decide they don't deserve to live because they don't live up to our standards of what is normal or healthy. We've seen too much evil done in the past by people who swore they were trying to safeguard humanity.

  1. Miranda Allison Young's Avatar Miranda Allison Young

    I think this something only the person involved should decide. Why should a person suffering from an incurable diisease be forced to live with excruciating pain which has destroyed his life, knowing that he might be that way a long time? Why should a person be forced to live in a body that has already quit? These people should be allowed to die with dignity.

  1. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

    In this world of secularism a dignified death would be desirable. But this is a slippery slope to euphemism. Once you open the gates to assisted suicide it will bring the question of helping those in a vegetative state. Then the elderly with dementia. Then the mentally deficient. Then unwanted children up to the age of 14. Because each and every situation has a good and valid reason to end someones life.

    As for me and my house we will follow the Lord.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Did you mean euthanasia instead of euphemism? That autocorrect can be murder itself.

      1. Benee Kent's Avatar Benee Kent


      2. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

        John...isn't euthanasia a euphemism?...Tom

        1. inga's Avatar inga

          lol. you guys kill me. bahahah

          1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

            Inga...i could assume you are a Pantheist, but i would rather you explain you...Tom

          2. inga's Avatar inga

            i grew up in a house hold where my mother had to reject catholic , with no hardship i might add, to marry my father, protestant. he took mighty good care of his wife and us kids. three biological boys, and me being purchaced from the water polluntion control board, frmally recognized in those days as: the childrens aid society. contrary to my moms resentment that had nothing to do with religion. she still hates the catholics for her own , some valid and some admittedly invalid, reasonings.

            so i was sent to the christian school with christian teachers who attended church on sundays with my christian parents where we, as christian kids, asked arrangements with the other christian kids and their christian parents as to who would be going to whos house next week,, and whos christian parents would be dropping of and or picking up. it was a sheltered life. and hind sight says.. it proved most of us well.

            i attended the christian school, not catholic, though me elementary years, as to date, the school created on behalf of the immigrants had not yet progressed beyond elementary years. the results of my education , which went beyond that of bible class , are still appreciated to this day. so my customers tell me and my son.

            so this is what i have to work with. trying to keep an open mind.. while understanding the equation that works, as demonstrated time and time again within our little corner of the world. .

          3. inga's Avatar inga

            waiting on a message to grab.. as it sometimes seems not to.. and then posts after i re type.. lol.. so . hang on. but i do not know what a panthiest is.. open to learning.

            on a side note.. we have a poutine festival this weekend in the down town. yummy. heart attack in a box that you pay for .. on purpose. woot woot.

          4. inga's Avatar inga

            oh.. the messages filled in.. all makes sense in the land of blog again.. lol.

            so i can only understand my angle and respect yours. i should take care in how i word so as to think i am pushing my thoughts on.

            sometimes my questions are ligit but misrepresenting .. like doubting thomas.. when i ask my thoughts out loud, from a religious stand point.. but what does god say.. because i forget from between peoples compassion to which i understand and can respect. but always for me.. i have to go back to.. but what does god say, as this is my angle.

            though i do try and understand and respect man, and woman's .. lol. angle.

            does that ake sense.. no worries. i dont always. lol.. but my intentions are to grow and learn. even if i disagree.. often my disagreeing could be my misinterpretations. not a reflection of what i think i know of god.. lol. i am only human too.

    2. Benee Kent's Avatar Benee Kent

      David, You couldn't be more wrong!! The "slippery slope" argument is in fact complete and utter nonsense. It's a very lame excuse to not grant mercy or kindness. I consider it extremely selfish to for a person to force their will on a loved one who is terminally ill and in pain. I have seen my mother suffer in agony and pain and not be able to eat or drink on her own for MONTHS this went on before she finally died. I had to feed her, bathe her, etc. She was no longer independent which is TORTURE to the human mind. Death With Dignity was not an option at the time. I find it odd that just about every human being would refuse to allow an animal to suffer but far too many people would force a human to do so. It doesn't make any logical sense.

      Death With Dignity has absolutely NOTHING to do with euthanasia. Study the facts before giving an opinion. Don't jump to conclusions of go by selfish emotion.

    3. Amber's Avatar Amber

      All or nothing mentality on such a subject is terrifying to me. There are levels and degrees that need to be examined very carefully. To let someone suffer unnecessarily against their will for the fear that some day people will be pressured to do it for less clear wants or needs present... ridiculous. Obviously great care would be necessary. Clear consent and plenty of counseling would be needed. Sound mind would need to be required and someone in the throws of dementia or a vegetative state would not qualify barring some sort of pre-planning for such things.

  1. eric k's Avatar eric k

    I think once an individual is faced with pain with no relief and for no other reason this should not be allowed

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    Every individual has the right to dictate his or her own life or is the epitome of arrogance for one person to judge another, and judgment is unethical

    1. inga's Avatar inga

      what about what god has to say on the matter ??

      1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

        Inga...we are part of God...we can do nothing that is not part of God...we may generate karma, but that is also part of God...just love and care about other people, and all is alright...Tom

        1. inga's Avatar inga

          i used to volunteer on palliative care for many years in my late 20s. i understand the choice. especially with the information provided by doctors.. i made the call with my dad to resuscitate once (because we made all the effort to get to the hospital...). but not the second time moments later. i have put down my cat.. for her best interest. 17 years. yeah. i get it.

        2. Becky's Avatar Becky

          Beautiful Tom. : )

          1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

            Thank you, Becky...Tom

        3. Clayton Beardmore's Avatar Clayton Beardmore

          We get two things from God - karma and grace. Karma is getting what we deserve while grace is getting what we don't deserve. Which would you rather have?

  1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

    The topic of death/mortality should come up more often and I encourage this blog to visit it more often. By seeking the answers to a few important questions, based on the acceptance of our inevitable deaths, the paths we each choose to follow are constructed in each of our minds.

    Eckart Tolle does an extraordinary explanation of the importance of embracing death as an inevitable part of life. Around 4:00 he reminds us that a culture than denies death becomes shallow and superficial. The images that are woven into this piece make it all the more captivating. Below that is a TED presentation by Stephen Cave.

  1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


  1. bri's Avatar bri

    Because God has a plan for everyone, they point out, ending one’s life early is thus a direct affront to God’s will.

    If it happened, perhaps that was God;s will !

    1. Amber's Avatar Amber

      The trouble becomes how do you know what that plan would be for someone else? Who are you to question what that plan might be for another? What if that plan involves expressing true concern and true compassion for the one in need of ending it? How do you know that isn't the plan for a particular person to need and be given such respect and dignity to honor their life and their choices, even to the end?

  1. rch's Avatar rch

    We must be able to exit this life on our own terms and die with dignity, and we can. Cessation of eating and drinking is usually available as a way out. A dignified death with medication is simply faster and less painful --- a mere technical difference with the same end result. God works his magic in miraculous ways and expects that we make choices for ourselves.

  1. Galin Pheylan's Avatar Galin Pheylan

    How dare anyone turn someones God/Goddess' given Will to end their own suffering, when they are in the last thralls of their life, into a selfish, misguided mission of their own creation that this will create a road to death for anyone who is disabled. This type of thinking is just what pushes people away from man-made organized religion. And, I say again, How Dare You! How does keeping someone alive, when they would be dying naturally without sciences help, allowing a person to keep their God/Goddess' right of living and dying with Dignity? Is this your so called belief system to go around telling everyone else how to live and how and when to die, taking away other peoples' right of Free Will, and Dignity? Unless it is doing someone else harm, stay out of how someone else lives, dies, whom they fall in love with, who they marry, and their right to pursue their happiness, and yes, Dignity.

    1. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

      Amen to that, Sister!

  1. Harry Buskin's Avatar Harry Buskin

    I don't argue on the basis of humanity, but then again there is another side to the coin. My Mom died of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, but was a Greek-rite Catholic and suicide was out of the question. FWIW: None of her physicians would even discuss euthanasia.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      There is a really misguided notion that suicide in any form is a sin and since it is a dying act, that one will not be forgiven for it. This stems from the equally-misguided notion that you only have THIS lifetime to repent from sin, that you cannot repent in the next life. I think that is just a myth the churches use to gain members, and have never seen a scripture explicitly stating that. As to not being forgivable, the Messiah Himself said there was only one sin that would not be forgiven, and that was blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. That would suggest to me that He WILL forgive suicide, since suicide is not blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. He also said, "greater love has no man, but that he lay down his life for a friend." That would be a form of suicide, wouldn't it? Didn't Jesus sacrifice Himself? Sounds a little like suicide by Roman Procurator.

      I'm not criticizing your mother at all, but just pointing out that the dogma has holes in it. My mom died of Alzheimer's and my dad, first wife, and mother and father-in-law of cancer.

      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


  1. Paul Moore's Avatar Paul Moore

    As a Psychologist, this idea we should keep everybody alive is a great human tragedy. If it is truly my life, then I should have the right to end it at any time. Some may say God gave you this Life! If that is so, when you give someone something, you have no rights to what that person does with what you gave them.

    If someone wants to end their life and they a not cognitively impaired, why do we dishonor them by not supporting them. Our society is so hung up with this. We can have our sick cats and dogs put to sleep in a peaceful way with their loved ones holding them in a loving embrace. I on the other hand cannot die with the same respect. I cannot choose, to jump of a building, step in front of a train or something like this as it involves traumatizing some innocent person.

    My children have known for many years that when I have lived all the live I desire to live I will end it. One accepts that one doesn’t. So instead of being surround by my daughter as I go to sleep/my death like the family pet. I will need to go out my boat and fall overboard, or be eaten by a bear.

    1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


    2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      I'll run my Electra-glide off a bluff or into a raging river.

      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


        1. seedwomyn's Avatar seedwomyn

          Or as my 90 year old dad said today, "Why hang around when the better part of your life is over?" He is so over it, and wishes that he could take a Kevorkian cocktail. I support his choice and if I wouldn't get arrested for "mercy killing" I would help hasten his departure. But the choice of time and place to end his life has to be his, not mine. I can only be supportive and try to make him comfortable daily.

        2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          John Maher, what you just said was in the caption under my senior portrait in the high school yearbook-- "Live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse." I think I've already outlived that possibility, though.

  1. Brian H Davies JP. CMC.'s Avatar Brian H Davies JP. CMC.

    The simple answer to all of this, is to have written instructions attached to your will or in a safe deposit box where it clearly states your wish not to be revived, medicated or fed should you reach the point of being Non Compos Mentos, or in the event that you are nothing but a life form devoid of soul & spirit being sustained by artificial means. In Australia this is called a Health Directive which is legally binding. God gave humans the power of choice and to date I've seen no example of God's wrath being served out to those who assisted in an act of euthanasia. In the bigger picture I think God has more than enough on his plate to worry about small mortals being sent on guilt trips by over zealous preachers whose mind set is to install guilt, rather than compassion. Having had 2 sisters die from cancer over a long protracted period, I vividly recall both their dying wish to be given an overdose of morphine, but instead they were victims of the system and big pharma and all someone had to see the was pain etched in their lifeless bodies to see that the right to die is just as important as the right to live. My God is good and caring and will allow me the right to choose my own exit plan should he not reach out before hand.

  1. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

    I have lived with cancer for 15 years and know that, eventually, it will claim me. However, as California has a Death with Dignity statute, I know I will have the choice to leave this existence when and if the pain or the burden on my family becomes too much for ME to bear. There are no words to describe the peace and solace this knowledge brings me..

    1. Becky's Avatar Becky

      Bless you and Bless your choice and experience Bob.

  1. Alan's Avatar Alan

    This is, and has been, a leftist sympathy 'hook' for years. This is one step towards the next: outright Euthanasia. The political left has, for decades, looked for an efficient way to redistribute income (as did Hitler). Health care costs. Less health patients, unproductive mental patients will eventually be added to the list of 'kill-ables'. The left has loved abortion not because of a 'woman's right to choose', but to decrease welfare costs. This is one reason Planned Parenthood can almost always be found in poor areas. Cuts down on 'WIC', food stamps, AFDC payments, crime, etc. The devil works through peoples sympathies and once you bite the hook, you have no idea where the boat will pull you. Assisted suicide is just the other end of the process from abortion. You MUST understand, your life is Gods. You have no more right to take it than does an armed robber. When Christ was dying on the Cross, he did not ask anyone to make it 'quicker'. He was only lanced by a centurion after he was dead to make sure he was. This is why (as was the practice) they did not break his legs (to ensure death). The lancing proved he was dead.

    1. chiefhall's Avatar chiefhall

      I hope you at least enjoyed the taste of the koolaid....

    2. Patrick's Avatar Patrick

      As usual, the Left goes about things in the slow cumbersome manner. Perhaps they should take a cue from the Right and just kill all those undesirables directly. You know, kill lunch programs and Meals on Wheels and other assistance for the poor and elderly and infirm. Make sure training is hard to get for police so that more poor minorities are killed in law enforcement encounters. And of course, destroy any sort of insurance possible for those anchors on the economy.

      Is that what you were going for?

      And remind me again what passage claims that suicide is a sin in the first place. Is it Judges 9:52-53? Judges 16:29-30? Or maybe John 10:17-18?

  1. chiefhall's Avatar chiefhall

    You know, that arguement about the "sinfulness" of suicide not only has a huge deficit of compassion and respect for other living humans, but also logical fallacies. One simple example: there have certainly been times when soldiers in battle have been ordered to take action that will unquestionably result in their deaths. Following the logic of "sinfulness" - obeying those orders, taking action that you know will result in your death - is that not a form of "suicide"? Is that then not "sinning" against God? Perhaps there's some waiver in the Bible that I missed reading? For that matter, ordering soldiers to their inevitable deaths - wouldn't that then be considered "murder"? I'm sure those who want to adamantly cling to "sinfulness of suicide" dogma will be able to rationalize all logic away....

    1. Alan's Avatar Alan

      In ref to combat being suicide, it is a false analogy. Combat is dangerous, no doubt. As a former combat officer, I never would have sent anyone into a situation that did not have a realistic strategy that would likely result in success. The fact is, you are more likely to be shot to death in Chicago today than being shot to death in Afghanistan. Today's combat soldiers biggest danger is receiving severe injuries from IED's (boobie traps). Modern warfare is a far cry from warfare during WW2 or Vietnam. The soldiers going into combat zones know the risk, but are well trained in spotting those risks and being prepared to take it on before the bad guys even know our soldiers are there.

    2. Alan's Avatar Alan

      I have been in what you call 'inevitabe death in combat'. I have been in firefights that hollywood could not create. We had three wounded. One very seriously, but survived. As I said before, the military has ways and means of conducting operations that minimize (as much as possible) the possibility of casualties. Yes, I have heard the crack of the small sonic boom you hear as a combat slug passes your head, so there is risk. It is in no way suicidal, but clearly risky. And understand, some things are worth the high risk. We stopped situations where women and children were being routinely raped in public, innocents kept from being executed (murdered) , and destroying these truly evil SOB's as far from here as possible. Believe it or not, the propaganda the US starts wars is ridiculous. No democracy goes into combat without convincing cause as the civilian elected persons know they have to be able to justify to their constituants, or they will not be re-elected. Also, after 60 days, if the President orders operations, congress has to agree there is reason for it. You have to know, the world outside of the USA is nothing like the travel magazines or national geographic. There are truly insane tyrants running some countries. If you are aware of this and the terror inflicted on innocents who have no recourse, you, as a human being, really have to ask yourself (if physically capable) 'if not now, when; If not me, who ?" And have the courage and concern for your fellow man to do what you can to help protect these men, woman and children. Even if it does take your life. Remember what Christ went through for you.

      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


        1. Sam's Avatar Sam

          Amen brother He may say Lordy ;) Haha

        2. Alan's Avatar Alan

          In ref to your Trump rant, I have spoken to the man on several occasions, and can guarantee he is neither racist, a bully, a frau or a con man. And the fact is, there is no evidence of any of this other than statements (lies) from people who do not know him. While I do not know him personally, I know he is down to earth, kind, cares deeply about people in that I have seen his generousity with people who have worked for him as contractors (A/C at Mar A Lago) and seen him deal with workers and contractors of every race, including many african americans. From what I saw, he was highly respectful, actually hung around and spoke to the workers, not just about the problem, but on a personal level. I never saw him walk away from anyone without leaving them laughing their backside off. He has incredible sense of humor. And I saw him give large tips to everyone, regardless of sex or race. He is actually a very kind man who actually cares about and relates to any one of any income bracket. So, I would like to know, why do you waste time and brain matter by watching MSNBC; NBC or CNN ? It is the only places (other than NYT'sand other sociaist rags) where you would hear this crap. And othersI know, who actually know him socially through Mar a Lago and Trump International, have told me the same. He is actually someone you would want to hang with, assuming you enjoy good humor, kindness and generosity in a person. These are the REAL facts. And, remember, not that it matters to you, but the 8th commandment forbids giving false statements about your fellow man.

          1. inga's Avatar inga

            that is so nice to hear. i like him too.

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    Bob...and there is nothing beyond peace, which i wish for you...Tom

  1. Connie's Avatar Connie

    I feel each person, of right mind and age should have freedom of their choice. An can change that choice anytime they want. What is right for one may not be for the other. Neither has the right to push what they believe on the other. If one wants everything done should have just that. I have worked in the medical field and have made the choice for me to be a DNR DNI. I feel the right also should be mine to pick my time. I have heard making God's decision of life or death isn't ours to make. What about medication such as antibiotics to save a life. Also heard God gave us the knowledge for that, I think the same can be said with the knowledge of dieing in peace and as painless as possible. I don't fear death, but am concerned about how. There are worse things in life then death. Again freedom of your own choice for all.

  1. Alan's Avatar Alan

    I respect your opinion, but DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) is far different from assisted suicide. My older brother has an extremely serious illness and 2 months ago asked the medical staff to let him die, as he thought he was soon about to. They did not have a DNR and contacted my other brother and myself. We did not allow the DNR. He is now doing significantly better, but far out from out the 'woods'. People in such serious health situations often have extreme depression, are under the influence of pain medicine/narcotics and often are not using their best judgement. Another issue is that assisted suicide is, in fact, murder. If you intentionally facilitate another's death, you are committing murder. If he were still around, you could ask Dr. Kavorkian about his convictions.

    1. Amber's Avatar Amber

      His convictions were do to laws put into the books. If we as the human race can muster the compassion to release the un-treatable once every single option has been explored and found useless then he would never have been charged in the first place. Taking options away only leads to unnecessary suffrage. Leave those choices to those needing to make them because there is no good reason to make them suffer that much more.

      1. inga's Avatar inga

        biblically jesus instructed people to obey their governments. hence.. we fluctuate according to who is governing.

      2. Alan's Avatar Alan

        Amber, I respect your opinion. But keep in mind that pain and depression create a 'surrealistic' state of mind, not one of pure logic and hope. There are large groups of former patients who were considered close to the end and were told that in order make preparations (last will; last goodbyes), and went through the process of trying to get help to die (without success). Today, they are perfectly healthy and pray in thanks to God that their wishes were not acted upon. My grandfather was an 'old school' General Practitioner (GP), and surgeon who had been trained extensively to deal with all aspects of a patients problems. (GP's are very rare today) He would send people with vision or mental health issues to specialists, but did the rest himself. While watching a TV show with him years ago, there was a scene in which a physician told a patient that his condition would be fatal and had six months to a year of life. I asked grandad if he ever told a patient that and he said absolutely not. I was glad to hear that. He explained he felt it was inappropriate for the simple fact a physician can only express an opinion based on experience, the condition of the patient and the fact, after practicing medicine for 60 years that he had seen many patients he and other physicians 'knew' there was nothing else that could be done except provide comfort, both physically and emotionally to the patient, only to see the patient regain their health and be back living a productive life within a year. The fact is, a physician has no idea of what one mans biology is actually capable of. Only time will reveal that. We all have to face pain and depression when ill and it causes a person to seek things they would or could regret. The true 'kindness' comes with the willingness of a patient to keep faith, maintain a positive attitude, and be willing to wait. That has saved more lives than you will ever understand.

  1. Chris L Brackeen's Avatar Chris L Brackeen

    I think that assisted death should be allowed if they are suffering and death is inevitable. To be able to have the choice should be a right, depending on the circumstances I believe in some states, the "cocktail" is made available, but the patient initiates the process to have it administered.

    Is this against the will of God? I don't know, I don't make up those rules, but I would hope that God would be understanding, and that it would not interfere with one's standing in Heaven.

  1. Celeste Artist Webster's Avatar Celeste Artist Webster

    Buddhist monks are sometimes amazingly long lived. In some countries, at least, there are masters who 'know' their time of death, and prepare for it. In many cases they actually choose their time, 'purifying' their bodies by building up natural poisons that also preserve them after death. Death itself is not evil, it is a part of life. I question some modern medicine practices, created out of a desire 'to save lives' that in reality only prolong dying. Why is a medical procedure that keeps a heart beating seen as a blessing, but one that stops a failing heart peacefully seen as an affront? Do we really get to choose which human behavior is 'the will of God' and which is 'playing God'? Let us step back, and measure our Ethics by a Kindness score. The recipient must be the judge of which feels the most kind. Is it kinder to encourage the teen to fight the cancer? One more round of chemo? Or kinder to let her choose the procedure that would let her rest. Either one carries risks. Neither one guarentees success. If she dies will you say it was God's will? How long will you wish she had made the other choice?

  1. Alan's Avatar Alan

    Society is losing its' morality when they they start to buy into the euthanasia concept, which is nothing short of murder, no matter what kind of leftist philosophy and phony verbage you surround it with, such as 'kindness', 'peaceful', 'merciful', (leftists really don't care, but these words add to the propaganda and make it seem kind). The fact is, there are numerous cases of people who 'are about to die', but their health reverses course towards wellness. Also, anyone who is facing what they believe to be imminent death loses a bit of their critical thinking, not to mention they are most often on pain relievers (opium derivitives) and other meds, which impair judgement. The people who are behind popularizing this idiocy are health insurance companies and others who lose a lot of money the longer the patient lives. Also, many hospitals and hospices push for it when the insurance runs out and they can not 'throw the patient out'. A 'DNR" (do not resusitate) rqst is one thing, assisted suicide is MURDER. Plain and simple and there is no logical escape from that definition. If you, in any way participate in the in the intentional shortening of a someones life span, you are a murderer. Period. Regardless of the flowery language, such as kind, peaceful, merciful, etc. And remember, a patient is asking to commit suicide, which is always immoral. Why participate in immoral acts, and specifically one that inflicts murder. And on abortion, there is nothing merciful about abortion. It may seem to take some stress off, due to the knowledge you won't have to pay some bills, change diapers, take the child to school, etc, but that is what adoption agencies do if you are unwilling to take care of your own child. Abortion is actually one of the most cowardly, selfish acts a human can have performed. It is only pushed by and made to seem like a valid choice by those who have to gain from it. Such is govt people not wanting to possibly have to pay for WIC, food stamps, AFDC. It is Also propagandized by Planned Parenthood, which makes a fortune, not only on the abortions, but by selling the actual organs and limbs of the fetus. Sounds unbelievable, but documented fact. On abortion, PLEASE think clearly before you make that murderous leap. Remember, a 'fetal' heart is already beating withing days of the pregnancy. In medical practice, that means the patient is alive.

    1. Amber's Avatar Amber

      Propaganda comes more from those who are totally ignorant of science and of life. In order to THINK clearly one MUST know both sides of the debate to make a more thoughtful and informed decision. Leave like or dislike of either side outside of the research for true understanding. Then and only then can the propaganda mill be shut down for both sides. If it comes down to still disagreeing then don't do it yourself. Honor the choices of others who decide to. You don't have to like, agree or help in the matter, just do not get involved as it has no baring on your own life or death. In the end that is truly the only thing we have that is completely our own responsibility.

      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


      2. Alan's Avatar Alan

        Any debate can lead to a mutual undrstanding on most things where a problem exists if the parties are basing arguements on logic and fact as opposed to ideology or the desire to be the one that comes up 'the winner'. The problem is, all issues, human, finacial, policy, etc have limits based on commonly accepted moral principles. Deviation from the principles that have become standards over thousands of years have a reason for being standard. History tells us that deviating from commonly accepted norms leads to real problems. When people start to say something is 'OK" since so and so did it, or 'other people agree with me", then we have fallen back into the dark ages where 'reletavism' reigned king and warfare was the norm, and anything went, so long as it got you what you wanted, then marxism and atheism become supreme, and we all lose. Note: The ten commandments were lessons learned over thousands of years. Violating any one of these tenets always led to much more trouble and problems then they did for any immediate gain or satisfaction. I suppose it took God to finally point out the obvious. IN OTHER words, there are fundemental realities in which opinion has no effect. Violating them, regardless of feeling or desire, has always led to more misery than you were trying to solve.

        1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


          1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


    2. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


  1. Alan's Avatar Alan

    John. how do you know you were not an unwanted pregnancy ? I obviously have not been pregnant, but know women who have been and were obviously emotionally upset at what was to be a major change in their lives. But not one, mentioned the possibility of abortion. Adoption ? One lady considered that. but kept the child. They are all extremely grateful and proud of their children. I would bet your mother, if when she was pregnant with you, and read your state of mind and how you turned out, would likely have gotten an abortion. Are you even employed ? A fetus has a beating heart within a couple f weeks of pregnancy. An MD calls that a living, separate person. And you are perfectly happy to murder the child, because it is actually much easier for you to either not marry or not pay child support. You are really the one who lacks manhood. Sissy boy, Maybe ?

    1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


    2. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


  1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


    1. Alan's Avatar Alan

      Some things are wrong and always will be. If someone is happy robbing 7 elevens, should we let them keep doing it?. Reality is not relative unless you have lost your full mental grasp of reality. Murder is murder. Whether it makes someone happy or not. It's obvious you went to a public schools, which have been promoting socialism (relativism) for decades.

      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


        1. Alan's Avatar Alan

          None of your response
          relates to my comment (except Catholic school), which I also attended. It was the old days, when facts and independent thought were the norm, unlike the last forty years of leftist run public schools. And I would like to know what is wrong with Trump, that you haven't read in a leftist paper or MSNBC,CNN etc. As a former economics major, I as well as many of my fellow economists are jubilent at his economic initiatives. The left has intententionally been down playing his policies to the uneducated, because it decreases federal expenditures and increases private productivity and relieves the average worker of the Marxist tax burdens placed on working people. + One FACT the average American is wholly unaware of, is that the US govt actually generates enough money and fees on all the various assessments from Port fees, passports, and a thousand other transactions to sustain government operations. All tax revenue ends up going from one person to another or to a non govt agency or University as payola (to keep the socialist theme alive and to stop free speech (bribery) And, which (the university) does not need it. Income tax was started by a Marxist leaning pres, Woodrow Wilson. He was a fan of Marx and decided redistribution of some of the 'Wealthiest' Americans money through a 2% tax could be used to help the needy, although private charities and the wealthy were already building hospitals and subsidizing them, building shelters for the homeless and feeding people, as well as the Catholic Church. Carnegie built some of the best libraries in the US. Wilson's dabbling in Marxism was the beginning of the economic inconsistencies that are still occuring today. (Because then, like now, much of this tax money is used for some very bad purposes) And I bet you can not give one honest reason, based on fact, that would cause you to hate Trump. Only the leftist propaganda makes you feel that way...

          1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


      2. inga's Avatar inga

        i agree with you alan. while initially sometimes things seem like the "compassionate" thing to do in not letting people suffer.. their faith in god really ought to carry them through death. i can understand both sides.. but like alan.. i think god has his reasons for not "taking the easy way out" . is that not a testiment of faith. ?? or lack of..??

        again. its not what we think. unless we want it to be.. its what god thinks. its *his book club.

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B


  1. Alan's Avatar Alan

    Fact. All life is sacred. It was not created by mom and dad, your body was, not your 'being' or 'soul'. All of the assisted suicide propaganda comes from left wing politics, which in the USA is akin to marxism, which is 'Godless'. Atheists have morally devolved themselves to animal status, not a being with a soul and God given rights. The constitution gives us no rights. It simply points out why-They have already been granted by God and are 'inalienable'. In other words, no man can take your rights, INCLUDING the right to Life (with the exception of a criminal conviction which can result in the loss of 'freedom of motion' as it confines you by law.) The 'Assisted suicide' meme is actually a ploy by the atheists among us to carry out the Margaret Sanger view of euthanasia (in which the "lesser' of us, or the costly, should be killed to take the burden and cost of these 'undesirables' out of the budget. She was also a proponent and creater of Planned Parenthood, which is akin to the Nazi death camps, but for profit. They (PP) have actually carried it further by convicing young, afraid and fearfull young ladies that abortion will solve their problems. All for MONEY and to DEPOPULATE certain classes of people, such as 'black' people and other minorities in order to reduce public costs (they feel minorities are inferior and are simply a drain on public finance). Notice how the leftists in the USA always cloak their evil ideology as 'acts of kindness' to gain public support, when in fact they are all out for worldwide population reduction. For those of you who are 'on the fence' as to whether or not true, supernatural 'evil exists, just look at communism, M. Sangar and followers, islamic terrorists, serial murderers, the DNC and pornographers, to name a few. The pathetic part is, many to most of these proponents have come under the influence of George Soros hundreds of 'Foundations' and 'Associatons' nationwide dead set on destroying what is left of Americans belief in capitalism, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. Unfortunately, many of our politicians have been caught up in accepting contributions from these animals and many have been placed in compromising positions and secretly filmed. It is a technique widely used in the intelligence field in order to be able to control politicians and others by threatening to publish these often deviant, sexually explicit films and photos. This technique has garned the intel agencies of the world much needed intel they otherwise would have had to spend fortunes and possibly years to access. The 'Assisted Suicide' concept has been in the public view for the sole purpose of devaluing human life, not in a way to actually 'help relieve suffering'. Physicians have the ability to 'numb' the nervous system, so if pain relief is required, physician can do through pain medication or, in extreme cases, physically (surgically) by stopping the flow of signals from pain inducing areas by blocking all impulses from that area to the brain. NO need to kill the patient-Kill the pain transmitters. All of this incredibly cruel and inhuman treatment and ideologies stem from the worldwide 'left', which is atheistic, desires worldwide population control akin to Hitlers model of 'Eugenics' (as well as Sangers). PLEASE research these areas and their true motivations (it will sicken you) before you even waste time trying to discern if these practices are a 'good' thing' or a 'bad thing' and you will find out the horror of conspiracy and eliteism involved with the 'marketing' of these immoral concepts to a gullible public, for the benefit of the worlds most wealthy hippocrites. Keep in mind this fact-If humans start going down this road of 'compliant murder' because of 'pain', it will, without doubt spread to other reasons why it is alright to MURDER. Lawyers would refer to this as a 'slippery sloap'. BEWARE OF THE PROPOGANDA as it has virtually unlimited funding by people who (literally) do not care whether you live or die, or the quality of your life. The deviant behavior in many persons who have achieved mega wealth often creates a 'sociopathic' mentallity and a sense of entitlement and the feeling of superiority over most of us 'peasants'. Billions of people make it harder for them to find privacy in public with so many 'cattle' invading "their" space. Remember, Satan works through the 'Big Lie' as did Joseph Goebells, the DNC, Lenin (founded the USSR) Castro, Pol Pot, et al. ALWAYS study these issues from a factual basis, a moral basis and you will become a force for morality and the protection of the will of God.

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    While suicide is not a good idea from the point of view of karma, there should not be human laws to prevent a person from committing suicide...such laws fly in the face of freedom...Tom

    1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


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