Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - January, 2017

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2016 is history. It's a new year, and an opportunity for a fresh start.
This month, The Visionary looks back at 2016 - both its ups and its downs (and boy, were there downs!). Also, with 2017 upon us, we look toward building a better tomorrow.

We're curious, what are your 2017 resolutions?

We're curious about your New Year’s resolutions! Let us know what you’re hoping to accomplish in 2017 by participating in the interactive poll on our blog.
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Are We Taking the Christ out of Christmas?

Are We Taking the Christ out of Christmas?

Although Christmas is a Christian holiday, studies indicate that might be changing. Increasingly, people see Christmas as a cultural event rather than a religious one.
How Do You Celebrate?

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Falling Stars: The Lives We Lost in 2016

From Prince to Muhammad Ali, from David Bowie to Carrie Fisher, 2016 claimed the lives of so many beloved celebrities and famous personalities.
Did Your Favorite Celeb Survive?

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Is Good Will a Crime?

A Maryland church was fined $12,000 for allowing homeless folks to camp on church property in hopes of removing the individuals from sight. Is this justice?
Can Kindness Be Outlawed?

The Dangers of Mirth

Holiday celebrations and driving are a dangerous combination; statistics show that drunk driving accidents peak during the holiday season. All that eggnog adds up.
Have You Been Affected?

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Churches Protect Illegal Immigrants

All across the country, "Sanctuary Churches" are taking a stand against deportation by offering shelter and aid to immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

Is Your Church A Sanctuary?

The ULC has relaunched the Minister Network and given it a fresh new look. Come join the most active online chapel on the internet.

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Our friends on Facebook reacted to a video of a Texas pastor who approached kids waiting in line to see Santa at a local mall, telling them: "there is no Santa Claus, Christmas is about Jesus Christ."
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