A collage of all the celebrity deaths in 2016
The list of celebrities who died this past year is astounding. Who will be your most-missed public figure who left us in 2016?

The year 2016 may go down in infamy for many reasons, but one of them has to be the unbelievable string of celebrity deaths. This year has been absolutely ruthless in claiming the lives of so many beloved public figures. The death of a celebrity affects us in a unique way. Although most of us have never met these famous people, the loss still stings.

Rotten 2016

You could probably pick any random year, and, upon inspection, find a long list of public figures that passed away. However, 2016 seems different somehow. The year itself has been demonized and blamed for everything that has happened. There have been a lot of bad headlines over the past 12 months, along with a feeling of increased divisiveness.

When the world outside seems too chaotic, many people retreat to find comfort in their favorites songs or movies. We learn to view artists, actors, and other celebrities as part of our lives by way of their works. Perhaps this year, on top of everything else going on, we were simply unprepared to see many of these celebrities go.

The relationships between us normal people and celebrities only work one-way; that is to say that they have no idea who we are, but they can mean so much to us. It's natural that their deaths have brought about a strong public reaction.

Forever Remembered

Here are some of the familiar faces whose bright lights faded out in 2016:

Gene Wilder

gene-wilder This enchanting actor passed at age 83 due to complications of Alzheimer's disease. He is best known for inviting us in to a world of "pure imagination" as the candy man himself in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Florence Henderson

florence-henderson To many of us, she will always be the quintessential TV mom Carol from The Brady Bunch. To see her on screen felt like being home. She was taken by heart failure at age 82.

David Bowie

david-bowie This rebel and his music taught us to defy traditional labels and forge our own paths. No doubt we have some great memories listening to his songs. He was 69 when he died from cancer.

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen

This legendary singer-songwriter passed in his sleep after a fall. Cohen's legacy is immortalized in his song "Hallelujah", which many of us have turned to in times of anguish.

Alan Rickman

alan rickman, snape, harry potter From his first huge roll in Die Hard, Rickman would go on to perfectly bring to life one of the best and most complex characters in popular contemporary literature. Many readers learned through his performances to not be quick to judge others and their motivations.

Carrie Fisher

carrie fisher, empire strikes back, star wars The daughter of Hollywood royalty, Fisher was a pioneer for female heroes both in science fiction, and in general as Princess Leia. She was incredibly candid about her mental health and substance abuse issues never shying away from starting important conversations that are often too difficult for others.

Debbie Reynolds

singin in the rain, debbie reynolds Reynolds was a cherished actress known for her starring roles in "Singin' in the Rain" and "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". She suffered a stroke while planning the funeral of her daughter, Carrie Fisher, who tragically passed away one day prior.

Some of the other public figures who died this year include:

John Glenn 1st American astronaut to orbit Earth

Zsa Zsa Gabor model turned Hollywood actress known for a titillating personal life

Muhammad Ali boxing champion and spokesperson for struggles of Parkinson's disease

Prince trailblazing musician in funk and R&B

Antonin Scalia Supreme Court Justice

Janet Reno 1st woman to serve as US Attorney General

Our Reactions are Nothing New

Our fascination with celebrities and their deaths is certainly nothing new. In fact, this phenomenon can be traced back to ancient times. The Mayans and Egyptians built breathtaking monuments to house deceased royals, conjuring a physical manifestation of their larger-than-life status. Greeks and Romans immortalized heroes in poetry and song, going as far as exaggerating their accomplishments to mythic levels.

Even in 19th century Paris, the death of author Victor Hugo (the Hunchback of Notre Dame) drew millions of fans and readers to mourn in the streets. Indeed, many of us probably remember the commotion surrounding the death of Princes Diana.

Looking to 2017

It is a wonderful act of empathy to mourn celebrities. However, it also highlights the indifference we have regarding the death and suffering of folks who are not famous. Perhaps we can channel these "2016 blues" and aim them at making our communities better places moving forward. We tend to paint our neighbors in broad strokes - villainizing them for supporting the other candidate, or dismissing their cries for help because we don't think they've done enough to help themselves. In doing so, we completely fail to see the human dignity in others.

Heading in to 2017, we should invest more in the people in our actual lives. Musicians, politicians, actors, and others will always have some influence on us as they have for generations, and it's great when someone's work has personal meaning to you. It's not that we should (or could) abandon our celebrity culture. However, we ought to remember that it isn't the end-all-be-all.


  1. Alice Elyaman's Avatar Alice Elyaman

    excellent observation! I pray that we do in fact begin more to value the lives around us. Especially now, we need to dig deeper within ourselves and be "the change we wish to see in the world."

  1. Maiane santo santos's Avatar Maiane santo santos

    Celebrity? Glenn, Ali, Reno, Scalia, these people weren't celebrities, they worked hard at the jobs they were assigned, they earned respect. The others, when did making a record, working on a TV show, all these people were piano players who banged the box better than the guy next door, but celebrity, give me a break, well known? Maybe, sad by their passing, maybe, the reality baloney on TV makes this celebrity passion more nauseous as time goes on.

    1. Josie G. Addington's Avatar Josie G. Addington

      Irregardless of status, celebrity or not, these artists (actors, musicians, artists) work equally hard at their craft. Just because they make their craft seem effortless, doesn't mean they don't work equally hard. Many of the celebrities you grace with a condescending view have degrees similar to the likes of Glenn, Reno, and Scalia. I'm saddened that people like yourself choose to judge a person based solely on how he/she chooses to make a living. Not many people are successful at making a living as a musician, actor or, for that matter, artist. These successes are few and far between. You only read about the ones who are popular. Despite their popularity and exposure, these artists are human beings like the rest of us. They worry about their families, worry about whether or not they'll be cast in another film or make another record or publish another piece of music or dance in another chorus line, or sell an another painting.

      Bottom line is what's nauseating is people like you who judge and condemn without the understanding of what it actually takes to eek out a living as an artist. Anyone can be an engineer, or a lawyer. It takes a lot of courage and heart to be an artist. Every - EVERY - human being deserves respect.

  1. hsw's Avatar hsw

    I'm not in any way a celebrity worshiper. I grew up with some pretty heavy hitters in my house. A journalist who regularly appeared on Meet the Press and was part of the White House press, and all the people that brought into my life. But the fact is that some of these people provided the sound track for big parts of my life. I remember where I was when President Kennedy was assassinated but I also remember where I was the first time I discovered Bob Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary, the Beatles, and so many others. I lost a close friend a month ago and two friends have buried parents this month. I mourn them and I mourn with their families. This is more a mourning for little pieces of the fabric of my life as they deteriorate, and maybe also the reminder that the days ahead of me are fewer than the ones behind. Being sad that people we've watched and perhaps admired from afar have left us, and being involved with the people in our own lives, aren't mutually exclusive.

    1. Pastor Pete's Avatar Pastor Pete

      Absolutely hsw, all the little pieces of our youth begin to drift away, eh? Bowie's death moved me greatly, loved his music since I was 12, 13, he said (paraphrasing here) that growing older is the process of becoming who we always were... And what a finale! I'm not a celeb worshipper by any stretch of the imagination, but when an artist who has influenced the course of your life passes, it's a very sad moment.

      1. Minister Peter Anthony Moore's Avatar Minister Peter Anthony Moore

        Crazy..Pastor Pete

  1. biblical scholar's Avatar biblical scholar

    I'm very disappointed that the ULC sees fit to give homosexual pornographer DAVID BOWIE his own memorial, but brave conservative leader ANTONIN SCALIA is reduced to a footnote in this memorial article.

    I thought this was a Christian church but I see now the error in my ways.

    1. Richard Johnson's Avatar Richard Johnson

      EXCUSE ME? The late, great David Bowie was a hero to the entire gay/trans community. His message was loud and clear: Be happy with who you are and do not give a damn about anyone that has a problem with it. He more than deserves to be on that list and to have his own memorial simply for the huge impact that he had on this generation. This memorial is full of great and talented people, you know, a place where Scalia doesn't belong.

      1. Dr Mike Beech's Avatar Dr Mike Beech

        Contrary to any beliefs Dick...Bowie was NOT a queer... it is the gay society that painted him that way and that is all...

        1. biblical scholar's Avatar biblical scholar

          My name is Richard, please address me as so. Whether he was "Queer" or not doesn't overshadow the overwhelming effect that he has had on the gay/trans community. He helped thousands of people be comfortable with who they are. Whether or not he was gay is completely irrelevant. Thank you for your pointless comment.

          1. William's Avatar William

            Richard, talk about a pointless comment. I imagine God appreciates the overwhelming comforting effect given to all the gay/trans community. I'm trying to save a few from eternal punishment and you're lauding how wonderful that they had the chance to be themselves. Whose footsteps are you walking in?

          2. Minister Jesse Gregory's Avatar Minister Jesse Gregory

            Bernard the ULC is a coexistence church as members we are not supposed to judge anyone based on their beliefs or lifestyle. William if you truly believe homosexuality is somehow an offense to God that is your right, but you might want to read up on what the ULC stands for before you bein voicing that opinion here. Richard I respect everything you said David Bowie was a great man who touched a lot of people's lives and never apologized for being himself.

          3. biblical scholar's Avatar biblical scholar

            William, I make my own path, I don't follow in "footsteps". Do not assume that because you are a christian, everyone else is. Who are you trying to save from "eternal punishment" on a message board exactly? I am "lauding" at them being able to be to be themselves because I see everyone as people. People being able to live and be themselves without being chastised is incredible and if you are going to let your "loving and accepting" religion tell you that gay/trans people should be treated as anything other than equal, then maybe you should reevaluate yourself. In fact your good book says very clearly "treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself". it also says "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" which roughly translates to pipe down, shut up, and accept people for who they are.

    2. Pastor Pete's Avatar Pastor Pete

      This is not a specifically Christian church Bernard, that's kind of the point, we're a church of many faiths, and may I say I found David Bowie's work uplifting and inspirational, particularly in the way he dealt with his own demise. I pray that when my time comes I am able to have such grace. All the best, Pete

      1. Minister Jesse Gregory's Avatar Minister Jesse Gregory

        Well said Pete

    3. hsw's Avatar hsw

      First, I'm glad you see the error in that one respect. Now if only you could see the error of your bigotry.

      Second, Antonin Scalia should be a "footnote." His rigid thinking, his insistence that the Constitution is not a "living document" despite the many times it has been amended to keep up with things the founders could never have anticipated, those are just two of the reasons he should be a footnote, not only to the article, but to history, on which he was definitely on the wrong side.

      Stay if you're interested in a spirited exchange of ideas. If you're only interested in spewing hatred as in the post above, try not to let the door hit you.

      1. biblical scholar's Avatar biblical scholar

        Typical libatard, parroting trash heard on the Clinton News Network (FAKE NEWS!) Scalia was one of the only PATRIOTS who had the courage to stand up to the ungodly leftwingers.

        1. Pastor Pete's Avatar Pastor Pete

          Always found it strange that followers of Jesus could be in at way right wing, or indeed spout such hateful garbage, but hey, maybe I'm missing something when he said " love thy neighbour as thyself ". Am I? If so, please enlighten me...

    4. Rev. Jo-An Josephine's Avatar Rev. Jo-An Josephine

      Yes Please Excuse us! So many of us here are NOT Christian and we don't pretend to be Christian. Why you thought this was a Christian Church is beyond me. Do you not see ALL the symbols on the main page? Do you NOT see the word UNIVERSAL? This Church is for EVERY faith out there, not just Christianity! I am a PAGAN and I am PROUD of it. We need to start embracing others, not condemning them. And even if Bowie was a homosexual....who cares?? Both his parents were hetero!!!!!

      Blessed Be!!!

    5. Reverend Dorman's Avatar Reverend Dorman

      This is not a Christian Church, itbis a Human church, Universal Life Church, although my beliefs are Christian based, Being human and loving everyone equally and without Judgement is what REAL Christians are told to do. The Bible tells us what to do akd what not to do amd that is the guideline for ourselves, no one else, and we are VERY SPECIFICALLY not to Judge any other because of their choices, people like you spewing hateful words and pointing your ever righteous finger......WOULD YOU HAVE DONE THAT IF JESUS WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU? I can ASSURE YOU , he would have covered your finger gently and said LET HE WHO BE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. .... your why people wont go to church and dont believe in God, bc of all you Hypocritical So Called Christians.

  1. Dudley Baker-Beall's Avatar Dudley Baker-Beall

    Although much emphasis has been placed on the loss of our heroes from the world of entertainment in 2016, we have also lost an excessive number of those who formed the background to our lives in all spheres of our lives; from family to inspirational. Irrational "Post Truth" decisions made on the political front in 2016 have also added to a feeling of disconnect and increased isolation. I am seeing this manifested by increased aggressive behavior, and a rejection of socialisation, and collective responsibility. Personally, I have had to strongly resist the temptation to withdraw from some community work, (Parish Councillor) to concentrate purely on those areas I find particularly rewarding. Time to give to our communities, and reinforce the positive messages we learned from those who have left us.

    1. Rev. Jo-An Josephine's Avatar Rev. Jo-An Josephine

      Yes, 2016 had been a very rough year on so many of us. Not including any "celebrity" I myself have lost 23 people in my circle in 2016 alone. I've already lost 3 in 2017 including my 51 year old sister-in-law just yesterday! The Universe works in mysterious ways, and I just wish she would divulge why so many souls have been taken. But there is a grand design at work, and we must not question too much of it, for it will be revealed soon enough.
      So I am asking, regardless of what faith you practice or believe, can we all please just take a moment and ask the Universe (God of your choice) to bless all those we love, hate and tolerate! Unfortunately, we are not all pure of heart!

      Blessed Be!!

  1. G Spits's Avatar G Spits

    I’m very disappointed to see that Bernard Moleman calls himself a christian. I would call this short sided.

    1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

      People who make preposterous public proclamations like Bernard do more to encourage the rejection of Christianity than Dawkins, Hitchens, Kurtz and Martin combined. Read his comments with bemusement as Christian congregations continue to shrink. Do Muslims, Jews, Buddhists or Hindus have representatives like the Christians in this video?


  1. Rev. Leah's Avatar Rev. Leah

    We shall miss them all. Everyone you meet or listen to has an impact on one's life, great or small. God's children all. God doesn't make mistakes. Their friends and family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  1. Siji's Avatar Siji

    Gee, the greatest musical intelligent person to walk the earth since Mozart is PRINCE. He also was far advanced in Christ Consciousness.

  1. James Macklin's Avatar James Macklin

    Since, 2016 was a year of numerous deaths in the public office, and entertainment field, it was also a year of numerous deaths to substance abuse in this country, as well as deaths from natural causes for many ministers and their families or friends. I lost my mother in September, suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack. As we all mourn the loss of those individuals that have in some way touched our lives, may we live with their memory of how they touched us. As the Universal Life Church Monastery, is a non-denominational religious organization, let us remember that we should respect and not judge others on whatever their lifestyle or religious beliefs they may have, and be inclusive, and acceptive of all people and love them all. Remember, "DO NO HARM TO OTHERS".
    May everyone have a healthy and prosperous new year.

    1. Rev. Jo-An Josephine's Avatar Rev. Jo-An Josephine

      Well said James Macklin!

      Blessed Be!

  1. claimyourpowerblog's Avatar claimyourpowerblog

    Thank you for this reflection! Let us remember:


    Death / Life, a repeating cycle.

    Death is caused by expansion, life is caused by compression.

    All has to work hard to keep charged to maintain life. Breathing, eating, etc add electrical potential to our organism.

    Our bodies are a battery of electrical potential. You are 75-80% water, with electrolytes (salts). That is an electro-conductive medium, and you are a giant antenna broadcasting your energies into the world you reside in, and receiving transmission outside influences.

    Death means rest, or cessation of motion. Sound is motion created with effort, but ceases without effort. It takes effort to arise, and go to work, but no effort to cease work and go to rest.

    It takes effort to warm metal, but no effort to cool it.

    All things will die normally and naturally without help. That is what radiation is.

    Multiplied expansion means helping matter to expand quickly, and that is what radioactivity is. Using nuclear fission multiplies the difficulty of living things to keep alive, by aiding them to die.

    Death is due to normal expansion, and all quick death is abnormal expansion. A bullet hits you at great speeds, no, it only comes within the mass and expands through explosive nature. Even poisoning (arsenic, etc) is abnormal expansion due to contacting a higher voltage electric current than that which the body can stand. So the cause of death is radioactive electrocution.

    Life is compression, and death is expansion. All is electric. All is light. All is from the one light whence creations were born.

    God first said let there be light, and his electric thought and desire created the movement, or magnetism, or potential for other things to come into being.

    God constructs and dissolves matter electrically.

    All things which die/decay do so because of their inability to continue the electric strain of compression sufficiently to preserve normalcy. All living bodies compress. All dying bodies expand. ll things are eternally compressing and expanding in alternating sequences, forever

    There is only one mind functioning universally withing all creating things. It is not divided into more or less. God is consciousness. And consciousness is static. It is knowing. Knowing is static.

    Thinking is electric.

    Thinking is the motionless principle in light which creates the illusion of motion.

    All forms in this creating universe are but electric recordings of god's imaginings. They have no existence. Records of idea are not the idea they record. They have no substance. They are but black and white lights of sun-center wave fields of space assembled in vibrating systems, to SIMULATE substance in an objective universe, which is not, but SEEMS to be.

    This is a creating universe, and not a created one. It was not created at some remote past time by some cosmic event. God did not begin to imagine some "fixed" "time", for time does not exist.

    Man becomes a higher being with grater power as he acquires knowledge. In knowledge alone lies power. Only through knowledge can man become co-creator with god. Knowledge can be obtained by man only through awareness of the spirit within him.

    It is said that the universe is expanding to a heat death, that all heat is gradually going out of the universe, leaving it utterly cold and empty. It is believed that radiation is a "downhill flow of energy" which is not compensated for by an equal "Uphill" flow. Radiation is known as radiant energy.

    Radiation is but the out-breathing of this universal body which breaths for it's entirety exactly as man, and all things else in nature breath. Radiation is the unfolding mother-light.

    All is balanced. All is accounted for, under natural law. Cause/effect. There is no imbalance.

    Every creating thing has both father and mother. The father borns the mother, and the mother borns the father. Proton borns the electron, and electron the proton. Each was the other and each sequentially becomes the other through pulsing, breath of wave interchange.

    Radiant energy is impossible without generative energy to born it. The desire of the creator for separateness must be balanced by his desire for oneness.

    Every separate mass is part of its cycle, either breathing toward maturity, or out-breathing toward resurrection.

    There is no life in matter, nor is there death. For matter is but motion. Matter and motion may cease, but life is immortal.

    The sun is the seed of your solar system from which all manifestations of idea in the entire system extend, and to which they return.

    Everything in nature is a moving extension from a still point of the one light. The center of the sun in your solar system is the point of still light from which everything in the entire solar system radiates spirally, and toward which it gravitates spirally for its resurrection into another cycle.

    Motion is for the sole purpose of manifesting idea. All idea springs from a state of rest in its seed. As it unfolds from its seed, it refolds into it.

    All the suns of all the heavens are centered by the still points of omnipresent light from which all idea extends and returns. Suns are seeds of idea, From those seeds all form emerges. To those seeds all form returns. The earth has been extended from the sun for that very purpose. Organic life is part of god's one whole idea.

    Everything which appears on earth as form of idea is in the sun as concept of that idea in the seed. The seed is the father light which extends its idea of man and other creating things out into far space where its children, the planets, have sufficiently cooled to manifest the man idea in organic form.

    In short, life IS radiation

    "let your light shine"

    Death is but returning to the stillness, to receive a new organic form to continue in the infinite nature of your timeless spirit learning and expanding.

    Nebula 74 Piscium: A visible example of the pattern of creation above us in the heavens.

    Page 135, is how forces of attraction/repulsion create solar systems, planets, galaxies, and than the residents of differing species on them.

    Two fiery arms of radiating mother-light reach out from the equator of it's central sun to born its countless suns and earths from it's centering seed.

    Radiation is the female principle of creation. Radiation unfolds from the seed

    Google image of Nebula 74 Piscium:


    A lot of this text is paraphrased from the following Phoenix Journal, #31


    "These Journals are the words of Truth which God promised he would send forth at the endtimes to give man one last chance to choose Truth over the Lie. "The PHOENIX JOURNALS are directed and given forth from the higher brotherhood sent forth as the Hosts for the preparation of this time of cycles when this civilization will make transition into higher understanding or return to the ages of darkness." ---Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

    1. Ed Underwood's Avatar Ed Underwood

      A lot of thought and very well expressed. I really enjoyed reading this... All my repect....

      1. claimyourpowerblog's Avatar claimyourpowerblog

        Peace on your path, fellow space rock dweller :)

  1. Vitrbjorn's Avatar Vitrbjorn

    Everyone dies, these people were public figures in life, allow them to be private figures in death. Some of them I am glad are dead, that way I hear nothing more about them. We must remember that good or bad, they had fame foist upon them and that humanities need to have people better than they are is what made them celebrities. Once they are no longer mentioned then they will be forgotten just like everyone is forgotten in time..

  1. Mark Meier's Avatar Mark Meier

    Yes Bernard, where did the convoluted discription of Bowie as homosexual, pornographer you really should stop thinking that you are a Christian,you are solidly a Godless,bigoted ass.

  1. Priestess Starwolf's Avatar Priestess Starwolf

    Sir Bernard, The ULC is multi denominational. That means Christian and NON Christian alike. It is a congregation of bringing all faiths or non faiths together in unity of humanity and acceptance. I hope you can embrace coexistence in the future. Aho. Priestess Starwolf

    1. Minister Jesse Gregory's Avatar Minister Jesse Gregory

      Very well said. Blessed be to you

  1. Prof. R A Desmazes's Avatar Prof. R A Desmazes

    Money is of the Mark of the beast and most of these fed upon this mark, as far as actors go they chose Lucifer as their God and for that was giving a five pointed star with their name upon it which is part of that mark. Actors they are the same as liar's, for these people lie for a living and thus belong to Satan and shall follow him into the lake of fire. For these are the end times and Satan is claiming those who contracted with him for their very Souls. For those who gain fame and fortune in a material way upon this earth will experience the second and Eternal Death. IT'S TIME TO PAY THE PIPER !!!!

    1. hsw's Avatar hsw

      OKEE DOKEE. Just so we're clear, everyone since the beginning of time, at least the time since the version of the bible that includes the Book of Revelation, has believed that they were living in "end times." It's been over 2,000 years so that's a lot of people who were wrong.

      You live in hatred fear - I think I'll stay with light and love. Even if I'm wrong I'll be happy, which you clearly aren't.

      1. Prof. R A Desmazes's Avatar Prof. R A Desmazes

        James: 4.4. Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. James 5; 1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. 2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. 3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

        1. Rev. Jo-An Josephine's Avatar Rev. Jo-An Josephine

          Prof. R A Desmazes, James: 4.4. Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

          Are YOU not a friend of the world? I see that you must have posted this using the WORLD Wide Web.

          Money is the mark of the beast? Are you trying to tell any of us here, that YOU do not have nor enjoy money? I really can't see any service provider that would allow you the means to post this rhetoric without MONEY, payment. You're either using a PC, or Laptop or expensive smart phone......they cost money not to mention whatever "plan" you have that includes data charges. That my friend is all money!!! So while you sit there and spew your hate for others who have money, you yourself are sitting somewhere comfortable, using all manner of devices that need money to operate or have. Congratulations....you are a bigot!

          And Pastor Pete. I too don't believe in the bible for it is a pack of stories written by men to control the masses. God, is within.....not in some book that talks about rape, beatings, hate etc.

          Blessed be to one and all regardless of what faith you follow!!

          1. RADS180's Avatar RADS180

            I've read a lot of your comments Jo-An Josephine, You have a lot of hate in your heart, so you must be a Donald Trump follower? You sit in judgement of everyone you call people names if they don't quite agree with your views, you put down the faith of others with great prejudice and I don't believe you think things out before you post them. You are full of hate towards others for their opinions even though they have a right to their views. All I see in you is attacking others when you should take a very close look at yourself, because maybe who you really hate is yourself. Attacking others for the opinions or their faiths make you much worse off than they are. Nobody is perfect Josephine, I feel sorry for you because I don't know how you can live with yourself with so much hate within your Heart.

      2. Prof. R A Desmazes's Avatar Prof. R A Desmazes

        For you OKEE DOKEE. . Jeremiah 12: 10 Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness. 11 They have made it desolate, and being desolate it mourneth unto me; the whole land is made desolate, because no man layeth it to heart. 12 The spoilers are come upon all high places through the wilderness: for the sword of the LORD shall devour from the one end of the land even to the other end of the land: no flesh shall have peace. 13 They have sown wheat, but shall reap thorns: they have put themselves to pain, but shall not profit: and they shall be ashamed of your revenues because of the fierce anger of the LORD

        1. Pastor Pete's Avatar Pastor Pete

          And here comes the book again. Sorry, your book, not mine, don't believe it, no, not one bit. Love and peace to you and yours

      3. Prof. R A Desmazes's Avatar Prof. R A Desmazes

        All you see is this world of flesh and lies and choose to dwell in it, for people like you know not the spirit. You love this Earth which is Satan's like the majority and see nothing beyond the flesh. You are fantasized brother by this World and are deceived by this earth. THE FALL OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN LED TO THE RISE OF HELL AND HELL AND ALL ITS FOLLOWERS WILL PARISH IN THE LAKE OF FIRE. YOU ARE BLINDED BY THE ILLUSIONS OF THIS EARTH BROTHER.

        1. Minister Jesse Gregory's Avatar Minister Jesse Gregory

          If you truly believe in what the bible says it is not your place to judge the people above who died or anyone else for that matter. You sir are bearing false witness and passing judgement as well as preaching a false gospel by doing such things so you are currently sinning against your God if you actually follow the bible. I respect your views and entitlement to share them, but you might want to rethink how you do it if you are going to do it in the name of God.

      4. Prof. R A Desmazes's Avatar Prof. R A Desmazes

        Ancient Rome was an Italic civilization that began on the Italian Peninsula as early as the 8th century BC. Located along the Mediterranean Sea and centered on the city of Rome, it expanded to become one of the largest empires in the ancient world with an estimated 50 to 90 million inhabitants (roughly 20% of the world's population and covering 6.5 million square kilometers (2.5 million sq. mi) during its height between the first and second centuries AD. In its approximately 12 centuries of existence, Roman civilization shifted from a monarchy to an aristocratic republic to an increasingly autocratic empire. Through conquest and assimilation, it came to dominate Southern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa, parts of Northern Europe, and parts of Eastern Europe. Rome was preponderant throughout the Mediterranean region and was one of the most powerful entities of the ancient world. It is often grouped into "Classical Antiquity" together with ancient Greece, and their similar cultures and societies are known as the Greco-Roman world. The Romans are still remembered today, including names such as Julius Caesar, Cicero, and Augustus. Ancient Roman society contributed greatly to government, law, politics, engineering, art, literature, architecture, technology, warfare, religion, language, society and more in the Western world. A civilization highly developed for its time, Rome professionalized and greatly expanded its military and created a system of government called res publica, the inspiration for modern republics such as the United States and France. It achieved impressive technological and architectural feats, such as the construction of an extensive system of aqueducts and roads, as well as large monuments, palaces, and public facilities “Western World means Roman World”. Reservation encampments, concentration encampments, both to separate and segregate, captured or conquered people. Let’s face it, its imprisonment and Reservations are in fact, concentration camps, you see Hitler’s ideas for concentration camps for the Jewish people was from the American Indian reservations, which was the way of Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and British first. Poverty, resentment and outcast by those who are, LIARS, WHO COME IN A CLOAK OF GOODNESS AND STEAL THEIR LANDS, SLAUGHTER THE ANIMALS FOR PROFIT, THEY MURDER THEM WHO WERE PEACEFUL AND GIVING, GATHERED UP THE REST AND IMPRISONED THEM ON THE WORST OF THE LANDS IN “RESERVATIONS” (CONCENTRATION ENCAMPMENTS), THEY POISON THESE LANDS AND SELL THESE LANDS WHICH ARE NOT THEIRS AND EXPLOIT THE PEOPLES THEY HAVE CONFINED. MURDERS, THEIVES AND LIARS THESE CIVALIZED PEOPLES THAT CAME FROM EUROPE ARE. EXPLOITATION OF EVERYTHING UPON THIS EARTH FOR MONETARY VALUE, INDIGINOUS PEOPLE MEAN NOTHING TO THE BEASTS OF THIS EARTH WHO’S VERY ROOTS REACH INTO THE BOTTEMLESS PIT(HELL FROM WITHIN). That Sow, that Beast with eight piglets (G-7) suckling from its tit’s, that 14% of the world population wines and squeals for more GLUTTONY, MORE FOOD, MORE OIL, MORE LAND, MORE MATERIAL GOODS AND IT SLOPS IN ITS OWN EXCURMENT AND OF ALL THE SPOILS STOLEN FROM THOSE WHICH HAVE BEEN STRIPPED, RAPED, ROBBED AND IMPRISONED UPON THEIR OWN LANDS. OCCUPY NEW YORK? FOR THOU ART A JOKE! FOR IT IS YOU WHO OCCUPY WHAT IS NOT YOURS, YOU ARE THE INVADERS, ITS YOU WHO STINK IT UP WITH YOUR FILTH AND GLUTTONOUS WAYS, YOU WINE AND SQUEAL ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU DON’T HAVE? “HOW DARE YOU COMPLAIN YOU FILTHY PIGLETS?” FOR IT IS YOU WHO CONSUME THE SPOILS OF ILL GOTTEN GAINS, FOR IT IS YOU THEY (G-8 AND G-20) KILL FOR, FOR IT IS YOU WHO POLLUTES THE EARTH WITH YOUR TOXIC’S AND WITH YOUR WASTE! WHY? THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE THEY DO IT FOR. THEY SANCTION, THEY THREATEN, THEY INVADE, THEY KILL AND THEY CONTROL OTHER COUNTRIES, LIKE UNTO PARISITES FEEDING ON ITS HOST (ALL WORLD RESOURCES) AND FOR WHAT DO THEY SAY ITS ALL FOR? WHY, FOR “YOU”THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE, AND WHAT DO THESE SO CALLED SPOILED AMERICANS DO? THEY PROTEST AND OCCUPY THE CITIES AND WINE AND SQUEAL FOR MORE. YOU SEE YOU HAVE TO KEEP THESE PIGLETS HAPPY OR THEY GET OUT OF HAND, BUT NEVER TO FAIL, THE BEAST OF THE SEA (GREAT BRITAIN AND EUROPE) AND OF THE EARTH (USA) WILL FEED THEIR GREED, NO MATTER WHAT THE COST! You who wine and complain, you who have show’s upon television for profit and fame, you who would kill, murder and maim Gods creature’s upon television, you who boast about your homes your lifestyles your gold and your things, also upon television, and those who would slaughter Gods children from within the womb of life. Abominations, you Murderers and you who are liars who call themselves actors, for all are wicked, all are gluttons and you feed upon the minds of all, with great deceptions. You make what is immoral, to be moral. For filth, wickedness and murderers are all the same. All come to this land from all over the World to this land of gluttonies, all worship its mark (monetary), you yearn for its western ways and you all come to Satan’s sweet spot made from milk and honey, as blind sheep being lead to slaughter. BOASTING IS EVIL. THOSE WHO ARE FRIENDS OF THIS WORLD ARE ENEMIES OF GOD! YOU SEE THESE PEOPLES THAT CAME AS FRIENDS (PILGRAMS) AND LIED, AND ARE THE SAME SINCE BABYLON, EGYPT AND NOW ROMAN WORLD (WESTERN WORLD), THEY INVADE, THEY CONSUME EVERYTHING IN THEIR PATH, THEY DESTROY CULTURES, ENSLAVE THEIR PEOPLES, THEY ASSEMILLATE THEIR CHILDREN INTO WESTERN (ROMAN) WAYS, AFTER THEY KIDNAP THEM AND KILL THEIR PARENTS AS WELL AS THEIR FAMILIES, THEY EXPLOIT AND USE AND THEN MURDER. THEY LET THE ONES CONQUERD, BORROW LAND THAT WAS STOLEN FROM THEM AND MAKE THEM LIVE IN SQUALLAR AND POVERTY, WHILE THESE PIGS REAP THE SPOILS AND RAPE AND TURN THE LAND TO A STY. INDIGINOUS THEY ARE NOT, AMERICANS THEY ARE NOT, FOR THEY ARE AN ABOMINATION UPON THIS EARTH AND ARE CLOAKED LIKE UNTO A LAMB BUT ARE IN FACT OF THE DRAGON. THESE ARE THE (G-7 AND G-20) RULERS OF THE WESTERN WORLD (ROMAN, WORLD) THEY ARE THE Babylonian’s THE FALL OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN LED TO THE RISE OF HELL!

        1. hsw's Avatar hsw

          And your point is...

        2. Susan Richardson's Avatar Susan Richardson

          I'm pagan, a religion far older than Christianity. There is no deity of all evil in my faith, no damning anyone, no harming anyone or anything. Can you say the same? Oh wait, no you can't. You have Lucifer, damning people, not to mention all the wars and killing in the name of your God, AND the slaughter of my people years ago.

          Sir, sit down, and shut up, because you have no room to talk.

          _Blessed Be from a pagan FtM trans who loves women and everyone and nature

  1. patrick's Avatar patrick

    Is there any way to see a version of this photo collage with all the celebrities' names on it as well? There are a lot that I don't recognize there (I just turned 26; don't judge me!). Thanks!

    1. Minister Jesse Gregory's Avatar Minister Jesse Gregory

      You may be able to google it and get a complete list. Don't feel bad I'm 31 and I still don't recognize all of them.

      1. Rev Garry Gregory's Avatar Rev Garry Gregory

        Iam 60 and don't know who half of them are

  1. Minister Ian Duff's Avatar Minister Ian Duff

    For those who may have also grown up with groups like the Beatles, Cream, Led Zeppelin and Status Quo, these people left their marks on the world. Rick Parfitt the famous rhythm guitarist of Status Quo fame died on Christmas eve 2016. Rest In Peace Rick and do Whatever You Want! The world seems an emptier place without you.

  1. Matthew Evangelisti's Avatar Matthew Evangelisti

    I have not read all the posts...only some. I have felt bolstered by those who expressed love, tolerance and compassion. I have ignored those whose judgement seemed like condemnation. I often say to myself, "I do not want good things to happen to me (us), I want (us) to respond well to the things that do happen." Love & Light to you ALL, especially those who are angry, judgmental or feel the need to be superior!

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