Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - November, 2016

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Religion is supposed to better us, but have our faith leaders lost their way?
The Visionary sheds light on the dark side of "the Church". From invading public schools to silencing victims of abuse, it seems the holiest among us have their own demons to wrestle.

Gay Marriage Divides Anglican Church

Several branches of the Anglican church have recently voiced support for gay marriage, a move that threatens to demolish the behemoth faith organization
Does This Mean War?

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The Holy Hush

The Holy Hush

Heaven knows that some Churches have a questionable habit of keeping things quiet. The newest charge? Religious leaders are silencing victims of domestic violence.
What Do Survivors Say?

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Expelling Jesus: The Quest to Get Christ out of the Classroom

"Separation" be damned, the battle for our children’s souls is happening in public schools across the country. Does Christianity belong in the classroom?
Should Kids Be Baptized by the Bleachers?

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The 11th Commandment

"Thou shalt take the money and shut up." The Vatican wants to give financial settlements to victims of sexual abuse in exchange for their silence.
Is Salvation for Sale?

Birds of a Feather...

In an unexpected twist, the infamous Westboro Baptist Church is currently picketing Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, who gained notoriety by refusing to grant gay marriages.
Are Christians in Crisis?

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The Antichrist Among Us

The existence of an "Antichrist" has been on the periphery for centuries. Does this entity exist? What would he look like? Is he already here?

Is this the AntiChrist?

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This month our friends on social media were both excited and dismayed to weigh in on the news that the United Nations had selected "Wonder Woman" to represent their women’s rights programs.
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