Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - May, 2016

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The ULC aims to bring all people together, but Earth is more fractured than ever.
This month's Visionary highlights the things that are pulling us apart: our genders, our corporations, our religious leaders, and even our bathrooms.

Honk if you Love Jesus

A State Trooper in Indiana was fired earlier this month after he took the time to ask a woman if she had "been saved" after he had pulled her over for a traffic violation.
Is "Pray up or Pay up" ok?

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Living in a McGovernment

Living in a McGovernment

In the past few years, corporate involvement in the public sphere has increased tremendously. Increasingly, companies utilize their power to effect political change.
Is "Big Money" too powerful?

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Transgender Toilet Turmoil

Proposed legislation designed to restrict who can use which restroom based on their birth gender has been popping up across the country and seems to directly target transgender people
Do we need Potty Police?

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Battle of the Sexes

Despite progress, being born with a vagina still puts a person at a serious financial, political, and social disadvantage. Should men and women be treated the same?
Are Men and Women Equal?

Of Minds and Men

Would you like to live forever? That reality may be closer than you think. Scientists are currently closing in on technology that would allow you to upload your brain.
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Saying Goodbye to Life

The "People's Pope", Pope Francis, has been afforded rock-star status in some more liberal circles. In his latest writing, divorcees were given some leeway… but gay people remain ungodly.

Should the Vatican Open Doors?
Our internet friends were shocked to learn with us this week that Pope Francis and the Vatican have re-authorized a Priest convicted of raping children in Minnesota to begin preaching again in India.
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