Are men and women equal in today
Do we have gender equality in our society? How do we measure equality?

Equality is a tricky concept. Just because two people are equal does not mean they are the same. Let's take men and women, for example. No matter how you look at it, men and women are inherently different. Women can give birth to children while men cannot. In general, men are physically stronger and taller than women. Men's and women's brains are even different, processing thoughts and emotions in separate ways giving each sex a different advantage. Although oppressed for much of history, women fought for, and eventually achieved, the same legal rights as men. Considering the lack of women's rights and perverse attitudes toward the female gender in other countries, this is something that should certainly be celebrated. However, are men and women truly equal? And beyond that, how do we actually measure equality? Let's look at some different aspects of this debate.

Religious Influence

Depending on your religious beliefs, you may have different opinions about gender roles. Some religions follow traditional ideas the man is the head of the household, while the woman takes care of the house and is under the authority of her husband. This happens to varying degrees, of course. In some religions women are expected to never question their husbands, while others encourage a more equal relationship though still not 100% equal. Additionally, some religions require men to be leaders of their religions institution. Roman Catholics, for example, forbid women from being in a position of authority, unless they are teaching other women or leading a program for children. Other denominations of Christianity are more progressive, and do allow women to be pastors and leaders in the church. A lot of these differences hinge upon how religious texts are interpreted. Muslims, for the most part, do not allow women to be in charge either. However, some of the more progressive, modern mosques have changed this rule.

The Pink Tax

In general, personal products for women cost more than equivalent products for men. This is commonly known as "the pink tax". For example, a package of five-blade razor that's marketed specifically for women costs, on average, several dollars more than the same five-blade razor marketed to men. The same goes for shampoos, body soaps, deodorants, etc. It's hard to say for sure why companies started charging women more for the same products. The most likely explanation is that they discovered they can get away with it. As long as the products keep selling, there is no reason to consider changing this policy.

The Workplace

Distressed Woman at Work While many professions that were once male-dominated are now open to women, a wage gap still exists between the sexes. This wage gap is slowly narrowing, but a woman still only earns about 84% of what a man makes when performing the same job. However, the wage gap is only one issue with the modern workplace. Many industries are still male-centric, and demeaning treatment of women remains a prominent concern. Traditional gender roles continue to influence the workplace as well; women are still encouraged to stay at home with the children, while men are pressured to bring home the paycheck that provides for the family. After some examination, it's clear that this is a case where equal opportunity hasn't resulted in equal treatment.

Sexual and Domestic Violence

When it comes to sexual or domestic violence, women are much more likely to be victims than men. Some estimates indicate that up to 70% of women will experience some form of domestic or sexual violence in their life. The vast majority of human trafficking victims worldwide are women. In addition, anywhere between 20-50% of female soldiers in the military are sexually assaulted or raped, according to a report from the Pentagon.

However, men can be victims of domestic violence and sexual assault as well. While a higher percentage of victims are women, there are significant numbers of men who endure the same types of traumatic experiences. Unfortunately, justice is rarely achieved in these cases; male victims often don't speak up or report the incident for a variety of reasons:

  • They are embarrassed to admit they have been attacked by a woman.

  • They're not convinced others will take them seriously.

  • By nature, it's difficult to gather evidence in order to prove these cases in court.

  • They're scared the female attacker will manipulate the story to make herself appear the victim.

What Should Be Done?

These are just a few of the many areas in which we have yet to achieve complete gender equality in America. At the same time, however, it's important to recognize how far we've come. While we have achieved equality on paper, it's obvious that achieving it in reality is a much more difficult task. So, we must ask ourselves several questions: do traditional gender roles have a place in our society? If not, is religion to blame for encouraging them? Is complete gender equality an achievable goal? Let us know what you think.


  1. Stacy Shannon's Avatar Stacy Shannon

    This is a tricky topic of conversation. Men and women are created different. That's because they are meant to compliment each other. Not for one to dominate each other. By nature I don't feel they can be equal. Take the example that was given, woman can bare and have children while a man cannot, however, the natural way is for a woman to be impregnated by a man in order for her to have a baby. It takes two working together to complete the task. As for Religions that teach woman to obey her husband, we must remember that this concept is based on the notion that the husband will respectfully guide the woman in the ways of the philosophy of that particular religion. She should be able to trust him to do what's best for them. With that being said she should know the philosophy of that said religion herself to know if she is being lead astray. If so a woman is well equipped to quietly and respectfully influence her man. But she must also use her blessings to guide in the proper direction. We all know the Story of Ester. Should a woman be paid equally as a man? YES!! ABSOLUTELY!! Equal and fair pay is the true meaning in the Lord's eye for an eye tooth for a tooth lesson. Give a person a fair wage for a fair job well done. As long as a person is doing a job as it should be done there should be no difference in pay. In some areas of life the difference should be there. I love to delight in my wife's softness of her body, just as she delights in my sculpted ness. Do we want each other to feel equally the same? I think not. So I think that it is not possible to be treated as complete equals because we are complimentary. But we should have equal respect for each other and that includes equal understanding of our differences by nature.

    1. James Williams's Avatar James Williams

      I agree. Looking at the big picture and history. A person's entire contribution and life's work is what we need to compare. After all isn't only until we have taken our last breath that we are judged to be allowed to enter heaven. As we develope through puberty and peaks there are times when the stages of a man give him great abilities and we must cultivate this strength, and when women are prepared to provide children for their husbands they need encouragement and we need not always make comparisons.

    2. Allan's Avatar Allan

      I agree with the pay issue. Unfortunately I work in female dominated field and have constantly had to prove myself and this ticks women off. They are always criticizing my work and are what to me appears to be jealousy.I keep telling them that this is it a competition but it seems as though the do not listen. Please understand that I am not trying to brag but am trying to tell you that I have experienced the lower pay,the snide remarks and they are not nice. So the other shoe has fallen

      1. David A Griffith's Avatar David A Griffith

        You are a perfect example of what the majority of women are complaining about in business. Perhaps it is good the shoe has dropped so that men can have an understanding of how hard it is to get a fair shake in the workplace.

        1. Theresa's Avatar Theresa

          Just because the other shoe has dropped on Allan's head, does not make this a good representation of all 'men having an understanding of how hard it is to get a fair shak in the workplace.'
          Allan needs to learn to assert himself as a dignified human being, and women with whom he works with need to stop being bigots.
          Both sexes need to learn to treat all individuals with dignity and respect.

    3. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

      No, men and women are NOT equal. I believe women are superior to men in most ways. More ways, in fact, than men are superior to women. Take physical strength out of the equation and women win hands down.

    4. Jean E Klingensmith's Avatar Jean E Klingensmith

      Women should be paid as much as a man ...if their doing the same amount of work.

  1. Mike's Avatar Mike

    It is so tiring to see the same old feminist propaganda paraded through the various medias. When will men and women start educating themselves and challenging these distortions and outright lies? The information is readily available but the media refuses to acknowledge that their is another perspective.

  1. M's Avatar M

    I agree with Joseph, and the women's liber are trying to make women men and men wimpy, I don't believe that women need to act, dress or think like men to be equal. women are inherently equal. Women need to stop listening to men when they tell women that to be equal they have to do what en do to prove they are equal. Women are not supposed to act like men, And yet they are still equal. women need to believe that and insist that they are treated equal regardless of their gender.

    1. Dr. T and the Women's Avatar Dr. T and the Women

      Quiet you chattel. Get back in the kitchen

      1. M's Avatar M

        Excuse me, but if you men would be men I would be happy to get back to the kitchen, but since women are equal, we can go into the kitchen and back our of it if we wish. if it was not for women taking care of you baby of men for generations in the kitchens, you would never had grown up to be pigs now. So I suggest you show the respect to women that we deserve. Jesus said women after all are the mothers of the Universe and the civilizers of men. So become civilized and shut your mouth and show us women the respect we deserve.

        1. James Williams's Avatar James Williams

          Chefs are underappreciated.

          1. M's Avatar M

            women are more then chefs, much much more. get it through you adolescent minds.

      2. M's Avatar M

        this woman will show you about being chattel. if you ever come around me in person with that child like immature mentality. Maybe you father never taught you about how to treat a women and maybe he never treated your mother the way she deserved to be treated, but that will not fly with me. women are not chattel. never were and never will be. you males drones are not worth anything you are worthless and you need to go back under a rock were you came from.

        1. Sir Lord Baron Von Reverendstein M.D., D.D.'s Avatar Sir Lord Baron Von Reverendstein M.D., D.D.

          It's odd that a woman would argue against men and women being equal and then use her given equality to chastise those that agree with her antiquated views. It seems like given your position, the proper response to a man telling you to do something would be simply to do it without sass.

  1. M's Avatar M

    Men and women are most defenitely equal, most people think that women act differently because of nature. But science has proven that men and women's brains are equal. The biggest reason men and women act differently is because of nurture. So women and men should be treated equally. After all, society as it is now hurts men too. Making them think that they shouldn't cry, that whenever they do something traditionally feminine that that's bad, all these men who are suffering from mental illnesses but won't admit it because that's "wimpy". Sexism isn't just hurting women, it hurts men too; when will y'all realise.

    1. M's Avatar M

      to M, i don't know where you your info from, but i just recently finished a psy class and in that psy, they said that most definitely men and women's brains are not equal. you don't know what you are talking about.

  1. M's Avatar M

    First of all, To Tell a woman or anybody that you are married to is wrong unless it is to save their lives or keep them safe is unacceptable and secondly to think a person does not have the right to sass back about things they don't agree with, then their is something wrong with that person. every body at least in the US has that right. Even may of the slaves sassed back about their conditions. to not be allowed to have the right to speak out, is just wrong. So I will sass back to anybody and everybody when ever I want and if anybody doesn't like it, that is tough. because that is the way it will staying.

    1. Jailyn's Avatar Jailyn

      total side note here but I used to live in Amherst and have actually been to Mary's Bird World. It was such a cute shop! Are you the owner?

      1. M's Avatar M

        not the same place.

  1. fatherted3138's Avatar fatherted3138

    Gen 1:27-31 27 God created humankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them. 28 God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply! Fill the earth and subdue it! Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and every creature that moves on the ground.” 29 Then God said, “I now give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the entire earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. 30 And to all the animals of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to all the creatures that move on the ground – everything that has the breath of life in it – I give every green plant for food.” It was so. 31 God saw all that he had made – and it was very good! There was evening, and there was morning, the sixth day.

    Males and Females have always been equal. It is respect for one another that has not been equal. Until such times as both males and females learn to respect each other equally, there will never be true equality.

  1. aaaaa's Avatar aaaaa

    What a load. Women are given every advantage and you still a large group of them whining. They are held to lesser standars which should be done away with.

  1. Stephen Fisher's Avatar Stephen Fisher

    Yes, everyone should be free to pursue their goals and interests to the fullest extent (so long as they are not initiating or threatening to initiate violence against another - including theft or destruction of property). This would include the right to pay people whatever you negotiate with someone (perhaps less or more for a woman), to hire and fire who you choose and to provide service or deny service for any reason, or no reason. This is freedom and equality, without the force of government.

  1. Kat's Avatar Kat

    Men and women should be considered equal. It's proven women don't need a man to survive BUT as long as men are placed in dominating positions women will never be equal in men's minds. Equality in work place by law should be equal but by men it isn't and they do everything they can to make women feel inferior when working in a so called "MANS WORLD". I worked in a Fortune 500 company for over 30 years. Men were constantly promoted for not being able to do their job and women were ridiculed and placed under standards to just servive. And when women would stand up for equality we were called BITCHES for complaining and the men's answer to the problem was "YOUR TIME WILL COME"

    1. Krazenkov's Avatar Krazenkov

      Yes, I've heard in Brazil there's a village and it consists only women since around 1900's. Women don't need men definitely. Therefore I appreciate women who still want to deal and take care of us.

  1. Jeanie's Avatar Jeanie

    I can't believe it's even a question. Human beings are equal. Period. Gender, race, culture, religion, race, we are all equal. I think it's insane to think otherwise.

    1. Rev.Dr.Larry A Koertje's Avatar Rev.Dr.Larry A Koertje

      You are 100% correct Jeanie ! God Bless You for saying so much with just a few words ! If only all People would think that way instead of making everything complicated We all would be much more happier and God would be so very much more happier with Us as His Children. Its all in the teachings of the Bible but some of Us need someone to help explain it and that's what We Ministers are supposed to be doing every week instead of just confusing most by not fully explaining the teachings because of being to lazy to take the time to teach in the way I like to call "in english" instead of word for word that can totally confuse and yes even bore many. I enjoy making a story out of a teaching that involves the entire Congergration. God Bless You and Your Family ! Sincerly ; The Reverend Larry A Koertje

      1. M's Avatar M

        you obviously don't understand that God did actually say that not all humans are equal, in fact God said that He is not equal of all the being like Him, that He know that most and that is why He is the leader and the head God of all His beings. He said that he wants to give His spirit children a chance to see what they are made of, HE said I will send them and those who show leadership in Heaven, we will see if they will show leadership on Earth, also, let those who will be leaders, lead, and those who are not won't. from the book of Mormon. Even God recognizes that not all humans are equal, we all do not want to apply ourselves and we all don't want to see what we need to see. in fact if we were all equal, then why did Jesus say to His disciples that he spoke in parables because what he had to say was not for all to hear, some are just not ready to hear what He as to say. If we were all equal, then Jesus would not had to worry about what he taught to whom.

        1. Rev.Dr.Larry A Koertje's Avatar Rev.Dr.Larry A Koertje

          Hi Mary ! I will not go against the teachings that You believe in. I'm not a Minister that will argue with anyone's personal beliefs and how they interpret the teachings of the Bile and their Church. I wish You well in Your beliefs and I will continue to teach the way I believe in and that is everyone is equall in the Lords eyes. God Bless You and Your Family . The Rev.Dr.Larry A Koertje

  1. Minister carl long's Avatar Minister carl long

    Bible says Adam eve I believe that no matter what u do n life as bible state proverbs 22-6 train up a child n way it should go .if u do it right it won't work I would love to b a speaker on topics but don't have no money to travel I was accused of a lot of things but Jesus brought me through amen

  1. Steve Ruiz's Avatar Steve Ruiz

    All of you need to stop the bickering and come together. This topic is bigger than your personal views of what you feel about the opposite sex. My stance is as a father to an incredible, smart and beautiful girl is yes, women do deserve equal treatment, rights, payment and respect the world over and it should be given on merit and achievements but we are not in anyway physically equal. We were made different for a reason. So there. Stop your immature back and forth and let's look at this like evolved Human beings.

  1. Allan's Avatar Allan

    Hi aaaa, you say that women are held to lesser standard. Although I would agree in some instances this is true. At least or is getting better. My job as a person on human services sees this constantly but it is reducing and thank God for that. The women I deal with on daily basis are, in my opinion duplicitous, complaining and grousing about everything. At least the pay scale is across the board. Myself I keep to myself and let them whine about how unjust they feel. You think that they Protest too much? Just saying

  1. Renee's Avatar Renee

    Should we operate in the fullness of spirit, then gender is not an option. Gender comparison is a form of separation that continuously divides us. Therefore the Ego is present. There is nothing tricky about it.

  1. Bob Soukup's Avatar Bob Soukup

    Women and men are equal in all facets of life. Both are responsible for the quality of life, love, and in the Proclamation of the Kingdom of God.

  1. Rev C's Avatar Rev C

    I do not succumb to Gender Bias either way. If women want to work and have Dad stay at home, great! As a society we are slow to change in many areas; I am certain if women continue a greater participation in the work place normalcy will come and the financial, social stigmas will fade away. The more legislation and complaining the more animosity and more time it will take. This country has a history over 200 years where Dad is the hunter / gatherer and provider while Mom nurtures the children and family unit. Can't change this overnight! Keep up the Good work Ladies! Guys enjoy their company and get over it... Whatever Gender you are put your head down and perform the best you can. Remember an honest days work for an honest days pay!

  1. Brendan's Avatar Brendan

    This is madness. Nobody believes these demonstrably false claims. The pink tax is fictitious. You could easily use the same methods to prove that men's products cost more. Stigmatising being a housewife and looking down on women who decide to fill a traditional role is making families unhappy. What's wrong with catering to biological urges? Domestic violence, women have shelters, feminists scream down men's shelters despite men being victims of violence in the home too. Men are more likely to be assaulted on the street also. Let's hit up the wage gap myth. When the study was done recently and the numbers were crunched women were found to earn 4% more than men. If you're going to write an article using false statistics and claims you could at least put a disclaimer at the bottom that it's all misleading lies. What should be done about all these pernicious lies? Hmmm, removing social justice and gender studies courses would be a good start. Propagating these myths to children and making them pay exorbitant sums for the displeasure of having themselves turned into radical cult members is criminal in my eyes. Women get equal pay, that's enforced by law. Women have equal rights, that's enforced by law. Women are afforded more protection. That's granted by extra services. Men are denied those services. That's enforced by the same feminist cult that would have you believe that women are discriminated against. Who else is sick of these wolves in sheep's clothing crying rape and abuse? In 2016 does anybody believe the boy who's been crying wolf for years now? The Universal Life Church needs some Milo Yiannopoulos. Another channel that covers this well is on YouTube. Listen to Sargon of Akkad. Just look at the exposure this ideology has been getting of late. Look at what this ideology did to the University of Mizzou. Nobody wants to go to places infected by this ideology. An organisation that accepts this ideology is not for human rights. It is not secular humanist, it's not critical in it's thoughts. It is the antithesis to reason. If this is what the Life Church is I'm not proud to be a member.

  1. Lyn's Avatar Lyn

    I don't find all of your opinions ridiculous. I find them lost in the details. The "pink surcharge" is real. But before we even get to that it is important that we note that all civil rights laws include people who are different than others. It should not matter that I have a womb any more than it should matter that I have a darker skin color than another. The problem arises with women because of a Christian doctrine saying women need to be subservient to men. Ironically, people are now condemning Muslims for the same doctrines and yet here we are. Debating whether women are equal to men! How absurd. We agree that all humans are human. We agree that all races are human. Yet we debate the notion that women are lesser than men. It would be laughable if it weren't so tragically politicized and socially accepted in certain areas and arenas. I am disgusted that we should be even speaking of this on the site. And I am rarely offended by anything anymore.

  1. Fay Fleming's Avatar Fay Fleming

    We are meant to be different, That is not to say we are not equal. We were all created with different ability's and therefore need each other. Just as we have day and night, hot and cold, male and female. Balance is the key. Brightest Blessings to all

  1. Allan's Avatar Allan

    I understand your statement of civil rights open to everyone.Unfortunately this is often ignored by many. It matters not what race you are it matters who is in power at the moment. It is absurd to debate whether or not women are equal to men. If the so called feminists would stop their foolishness about pushing for more rights and attempting to emasculate males this world could and would be a whole lot better. In Maine (where I live) if you look at someone wrong either male or female you can be charged with assault. Heaven forbid if you accidentally touched them by brushing up against them in a grocery aisle. So you tell me what the issue is here. The way the law is written is to punish someone for looking at another for crying out loud. As a white American male I am subject to being treated as a second class citizen because of my gender and color of my skin. Well enough of my rant. Hope everyone is well and God Bless.

  1. Marie's Avatar Marie

    Jeanie nailed it. We are all equal - we all arrived in wombs where we formed by God who made us in His likeness. He doesn't make mistakes nor is He impartial to people - we do that to ourselves. He tells us to love one another as He loves us and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Do you want to be 'equal" to someone else?

    Through my life. I have witnessed the achievements of different women, men, our black brothers & sisters those of different faiths, immigrants who made a good life here - it seems a person regardless of sex or patriarchal or matriarchal hang-ups or lifestyles can achieve a lot in this country. Many have done it. They are happy with themselves - who would they be equal to? Are you equal to everybody? Or want to be better? It's easy to blame one's shortcomings or ambitions gone wrong on others - it's their fault - and God's, too. Wrong. If we don't feel equal, it is within us to change that (with God's help all is possible) than to try to change laws, sue people, have demonstrations or cause dividedness. We need to reunite as God's children.

    We have all had roadblocks or detours and even been treated unfairly. All of us. What we see in ourselves determines the equality of you as a child of God to anyone else, also a child of God. God has no favorites. Allow God to plan and pathway your place in life - He will do that if you let Him. You will use a lot less energy doing that than trying to make people do what you want them to do or lament you didn't have this or you had to work harder than others. You just 'want to be equal. Equal to whom? Who is first will be last and who is last will be first.

  1. Panda's Avatar Panda

    Leaving all facets of current competition behind amongst women and men: it would be wonderful if every human being respected each other's strengths and differences. We spend too much wasted time on over achieving goals and not being thankful and humble enough for the ones that believe in us. "Humility" isnt given much credit anymore. But it's what being greatful really is.

  1. James Williams's Avatar James Williams

    X is not the same as Y.

  1. Siamak Jalali's Avatar Siamak Jalali

    I think instead of equality is more important to understand each other, that we initially human (very important because many men also some women even don't recognize basic requirement such as enough food, mobility right,...) and then our opposite gender may be the person we extremely love like father, mother, sister or babe). For more express I can say when we love our pet usually don't consider the sex of that pet, so I think if a general citizen think to a opposite sex person around him not abstract but real like father or mother She/He can feel more comfortable and behave like a socialized human to others.
    it seems crystal clear easy but hard to act.

  1. Anonymous's Avatar Anonymous

    Not really at all these days that is for sure. Most of the women of today unfortunately have really Changed for the worst of all since the 50's and 60's when back then they had such a very great personality, had much better manors, and had a lot of respect for the men in those days as well when Most of them were very nice back then and even back then many men did have a lot of respect for the women as well. Today a totally different story since this Society has really Changed for the worst as well making Most women now Not Equal to us good men anymore since they're now the complete opposite of what the women were back then. Most women now have a Career today since they're so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, narcissists, and very money hungry as well since they will only want the very Best of all and will never for Less since it is always about them. Their greed and selfishness is very much out so out of control now more than it ever was which certainly tells the whole story right there. And it is real fact that Most of the women back in those early days really did put these women today to very Real Shame altogether as well.

  1. G Seven's Avatar G Seven

    Whatever God made straight will remain straight what was not straightened by Him men cannot not improve. Gender equality is an illusion. Shoe polish and shoe brush complete each other but they are not equal. Equal things are substitutes but the ones that work together are compliments. Substitutes are in business world competitors. Man to man is competition but Man to Woman is complimenting each other period.

  1. Anonymous's Avatar Anonymous

    Well for many of us single men looking for love today has become very impossible now since most women today Aren't at all like most of the real good old fashioned ladies that we had in the past which made love very easy to find in those days. It is just too very bad though that the good old fashioned ladies are all gone making love today very difficult to find for many of us men now that are still single with no family as i speak.

  1. James Williams's Avatar James Williams

    Romans 12:9-21 NIV. Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

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