Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - December, 2015

Thus far the holiday season has been a bit grim – is "outrage" the new "joy"?
This month, The Visionary tackles an avalanche of issues snowballing out of control. Can we coexist with Islam? Do black lives matter? Is anyone hearing our prayers?.

The "Power" of Prayer

In the wake of disasters like those in Paris, Oregon, and California we frequently hear calls for prayers. Despite millions of prayers, though, the world still suffers.
Is Praying Enough?

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Terrifying Times in Texas

Terrifying Times in Texas

Ahmed, the young Muslim arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school, is now demanding $15 million in damages resulting from his alleged profiling and treatment.
Should All Muslims Scare Us?

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Is the World at War Against Islam? Daesh and the Threat to Life

ISIS, or Daesh, have shaken the world into fury. What will it take to save the Western World from extremist violence? Is backyard terrorism just the new norm?
Are We All Doomed?

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Black Activists Want More

Students at the University of Missouri last month captivated the nation with aggressive protesting that tore Mizzou apart and led to its president’s resignation.
Do Black Lives Matter?

Red Cups & the War on Xmas

We saw a great deal of outrage over Starbuck’s “red cups”, and even more outrage about that outrage. Are we really in the midst of a “War on Christmas?
Sound Off Here!

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Always Look on the Bright Side

In these frightening times, as we continue to navigate the everyday stresses in our life, what steps can be taken to ensure that we remain positive despite all else?

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Our friends on social media were delighted to learn of the Canadian couple who cancelled their large wedding to sponsor a family of Syrian refugees.
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