No matter which direction you look anymore, it seems like you're staring straight at death. As the attacks seem to increase in frequency, so too does the familiar refrain we hear in response.

"Pray for Syria"

"Pray for Paris"

"Pray for San Bernardino"

power of prayer Many people have begun to express their frustration with these phrases, which they argue are meaningless platitudes. Provocatively, the Daily News in the U.S. featured a cover that declaring "God Is Not Fixing This" in response to the shooting deaths of 14 at the hands of violent extremists at an office in San Bernardino, California.

We posed the question to all of you on our Facebook page and got a litany of interesting responses. Many of you echoed the sentiments shared by the Daily News, voicing instead that you would like to see our nation's leaders instead put forth actionable solutions to the problems we face. Many of you also, however, voiced anger at the declaration of the Daily News and advocated for the power of prayer in difficult situations - particularly when a person may not individually be able to take direct action.

Largely, it can probably be agreed that all those praying for the victims of tragedies have good intentions. Indeed, this Universal Life Church has issued calls for prayers in the aftermath of violent incidents itself - including after the attacks in Paris. The Daily News has us wondering, though, are our prayers doing more harm than good?

Certainly, prayer is a cathartic exercise for the pray-er. It does make us feel good to somehow express our sympathy for those who suffer, and the sense of universal neighborhood we feel as we see similar outpouring certainly feels like it is valuable, from a human standpoint.

However, we can also sympathize with the mother of a young son gunned down in his prime who - at the end of the day - is left clutching a mountain of prayers where her son could and should be. No matter how many prayers are tweeted at her, she is never going to hold her son again.

We don't know what the answer is here, but we are aware of the disconnect and think it is an important one to consider. Perhaps, the next time you pray, think also about what steps (if any) you can take to solve the problems you are referring on. Did your God(s) or the Universe intend for your prayers to be one-way hotlines for outsourcing problems? Or would (s)he/it prefer a dialogue?

Let's keep the discussion flowing! Let us know what you think, below.


  1. Minister Leslie Kulac's Avatar Minister Leslie Kulac

    Dear fellow brothers, its up to us to try to bring peace and god to the world. All religions must unite in this with out prejudice and forget our differences to save humanity!. I am forming a group called R.A.V. religion against violence. Allthose from all over the country willing to help me. Please contact me With much love and respect to all of you Minister Leslie

    1. Elizabeth Woodford's Avatar Elizabeth Woodford

      I agree with you and I am praying for peace to all.

      Minister Elizabeth

    2. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

      I agree with you it is up to us to bring God to the world

      1. Elder Peggie Johnson's Avatar Elder Peggie Johnson

        Yes it is up to us who knows the father's will and plan.

    3. Minister Darryl's Avatar Minister Darryl

      I agree also with you and want of us to pray for God to Strengthen us to increase our power of prayer.

    4. Garey's Avatar Garey

      Minister Leslie, I could not agree more. It is our obligation to bring forth the love of God to everyone. Yes, there are many other religions and we can not discriminate against the peaceful practicing of them. I am more than interested in your group and would love information. Together we must stand. With the love of God to you all. Minister Garey

      1. Minister Leslie Kulac's Avatar Minister Leslie Kulac

        Talk is cheap, we need to band together

    5. Elder Peggie Johnson's Avatar Elder Peggie Johnson

      Minister Leslie I would like to join in with you in this situation. So please let me know what I can do.

      1. Minister Leslie Kulac's Avatar Minister Leslie Kulac

        Thank you, you are one of the only that has said this Bless you

    6. Kerry McNeal's Avatar Kerry McNeal

      I'm praying daily and nightly the bloodshed stops. Jesus she'd his blood for us, that's all that matters. We should always pray no matter what. Chaplain Kerry

      1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

        I agree with that

    7. Paul VanDuyn's Avatar Paul VanDuyn

      I agree, blessed love and light.

    8. Chaplain Frank Bravo, Ministry Team Leader of Mending Fences of the Cowboy church of Leon County's Avatar Chaplain Frank Bravo, Ministry Team Leader of Mending Fences of the Cowboy church of Leon County

      Mending Fences Thought For YOUR Day: What do people see in YOU? Is it Jesus or....

      With all the headline news these days I can only imagine the confusion in one's mind and heart. "Lord, do I hate? Love? Embrace? I'm confused." The real question is are YOU seeking his will, wisdom, and guidance. We must revisit the Word and read what Jesus states, “I am the way, the truth, and the life!” Jesus answered. “Without me, no one can go to the Father.” (John 14:6). If the Word of God is the truth, the light, omniscience, omnipotent, and your source of purpose (Matt 28:18-20), then YOU have an obligation to share Christ with everyone. “…to neglect to lovingly share the gospel with our Muslim friends is to demonstrate that we are not really willing to treat them as friends. What kind of friends would not share lifesaving information with their friends? What kind of friends are we (to Muslims and other non-Christians)… if we just try to be nice…to neglect to show someone the way to abundant life is to refuse to love them.” (A Christian Response to Islam. 2002. James L. Garlow. pp. 114-115) Aren’t YOU thrilled that Jesus forgave YOU, sanctified YOU, loves YOU, and died for YOU? God sent someone to share His Word with YOU...just YOU, so YOU can have eternal life. Now it’s YOUR turn to share Christ.

      They kept on asking Jesus about the woman. Finally, he stood up and said, “If any of you have never sinned, then go ahead and throw the first stone at her!” – John 8:7

      For God so loved YOU, that he gave his only Son, that when YOU believe in him, YOU will not perish but have eternal life. Think about it....

      1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

        Amen chaplain frank

      2. Janis C. Sommers's Avatar Janis C. Sommers

        It is not for me to judge another's place of worship or method. Those who want peace need but demonstrate the same within their families, communities and society. It is, for me, to be the peace, carry God's words in my heart and demonstrate them in my interactions with every person, place or thing. If I am the mother, the father, the aunt, cousin or uncle. If I am the brother or sister or parishioner or neighbor, l make my job to share peace and be the peace with them. And it is theirs to share among their groups. I do not convert others with divisive religiosity. I convert 38th words of common love for God and all that I have received because I have turned to Him. Find the common ground to find peace. I will join your group, Leslie.

    9. Rev Deborah Dunkle (Raven Wolf Song)'s Avatar Rev Deborah Dunkle (Raven Wolf Song)

      I could not agree more. Thank You Leslie. I would like to help you if I may. Please let me know how you are setting this up. My location is Maine, our local churches have a history of trying to work together but the fact is we are not a culturally diverse area. The isolation of living in an area with a smaller less diverse population leaves us we with poor view of the world seen through the eyes of the media.

      My biggest fear is the retoric from people like Trump about isolating Muslems and blocking imigration by religion. That sounds very similar to how Nazi Jermany began the holocaust doesn't it? Bless be those who minds are clear that we may think and see with clear sight and reason out a calm peaceful way to band together and solve these issues facing us. This we pray. Amen

    10. Irini's Avatar Irini

      I'm in. What next?

    11. Stacey cruise's Avatar Stacey cruise

      I would love to help in any way I can!!

    12. george's Avatar george

      i WOULD LOVE TO HELP AS WELL Minister Byrd

    13. Pastor Benjamin's Avatar Pastor Benjamin

      Hello Minister Leslie, My name is Pastor Benjamin. I am interested in your group. I can be reached:, please advise.

  1. Berry Gargan's Avatar Berry Gargan

    Perhaps the issue is not that we pray, but HOW we pray. We tend to focus on what we do not want, thereby giving it energy and creating more of it. So instead of praying for our problems, we could maybe pray for peace. I have seen miracles happen when hearts unite in this way.

    1. Amy's Avatar Amy

      What a wonderful perspective. Since their is power in prayer, why not use that power to inject positivity into the world. I love it. Reverend Heath

      1. Jennifer Kemper's Avatar Jennifer Kemper

        Prayer is a form of magic and it works if done in a positive manner and as long as it doesn't affect the free will of others. In the Wiccan religion we say what we want to happen, but not what we don't want to happen. I might say "Peace is within reach for us all; may it begin with me." The words set the wheels in motion, and it is up to us to follow through with appropriate action. Praying is a way for us to focus on, acknowledge and access the power of the Divine which is a part of us all, no matter what religion we believe in. Thus,you make changes by changing your self, and others may even be inspired by you if you provide the example. Blessed be.

    2. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

      Your right barry

  1. Sylvia's Avatar Sylvia

    More than anything else, religion provides a code...rules and structure and order. The codes overlap with many listing what we KNOW we need to do in order to live together in peace and prosperity. Be kind. Be generous. Be compassionate. Be full of life. Be grateful. Work hard.

    More than heartfelt prayers, it is the communication of this underlying moral system that is needed. We need to teach one another to be better people. And we need to hold accountable those who cannot or will not live together in peace.

    How do you prevent a brother or sister from turning to fanatical action as a form of political and emotional expression? Pray? Not necessarily.

    We model our code. We listen. We act with kindness. We are generous. We work hard to make better the lives of others. And we empower these lost people to believe change will come. In other words, we do right by our family in the name of whatever deity/deities/power/order we can. All of us have the Power to do this. And we must.

    1. Jennifer Kemper's Avatar Jennifer Kemper

      You get it! You get it!

  1. Ken's Avatar Ken


    1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

      You got it right ken

  1. Rev. Dr. Valerie A Ward's Avatar Rev. Dr. Valerie A Ward

    Prayer is good. Prayer is powerful! Be mindful of the words you choose. Praying for the death, removal, end of, a particular group of people, things, or 'religion' is not very Spiritual or God-like. Praying for the highest and best for ALL people, things, circumstances, outcomes, does not limit the prayer. Beings do not elevate or become enlightened by negative thoughts, words, or actions. It is a challenge to all to adjust the negative thoughts, words, and actions, into positive ones. That is what the Universe/God/Goddess hears. We have to keep improving our own thoughts and actions to send the power to others. Everything will play out according to Divine Order. Follow the love in your heart and not the fear induced hysteria of the media. Blessed Be. Rev. Dr. Valerie Ward.

    1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

      I think we need to pray for an end to this situation without killing a whole race

      1. Minister Starr Mayo's Avatar Minister Starr Mayo

        I am not sure which race you are referring to. Islam and the believers of Islam are not a race. They are followers of a particular belief system; much like Buddhists, Hinduism, Bahai, or Christians, etc., are all believers of their particular belief systems. However, Muslims are not a specific race.

    2. Rev Bradley Bilyeu's Avatar Rev Bradley Bilyeu

      You all know we need to be united togather as one on Jesus Christ our Lord and savior it says int bible that we are to pray for our enemy's feed our enemy's and clothes our enemy's, quit judging let the Lord do the jundging we as Christian talk about others to much back biting is a sin in the Bible and sin will send you strit to HELL why not pray for outher and get a blessing our nation needs prayer. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  1. Denise's Avatar Denise

    Prayer is great! We all need to pray unceasingly every moment of the day. I find myself waking up at 2 or 3 A.M. with the urge to pray. This is good. But we also need to show our praying through our actions, do we make fun of people and other religions? Do we brush off the homeless and curse those who do wrong! We need to embrace everyone and pray for everyone.

  1. Deacon Zack's Avatar Deacon Zack

    God can and will mend the broken heart. Ya see, America is in Sin right now. Gods word he doesnt put up with Sin. GOD is still the all loving and merciful God but at the same time, he is still a judge. He will never put up with Sin. Psalm 145:18: The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. If my peol which are called by name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal the land

    1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

      Amen to tjay

  1. rdbogy's Avatar rdbogy

    "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful in what it can achieve" (Jas 5:16 CEB).

    "The test of all prayer lies in the answer to these questions: Do we love our neighbor better because of this asking? Do we pursue the old selfishness, satisfied with having prayed for something better, though we give no evidence of the sincerity of our requests by living consistently with our prayer? If selfishness has given place to kindness, we shall regard our neighbor unselfishly, and bless them that curse us; but we shall never meet this great duty simply by asking that it may be done. There is a cross to be taken up before we can enjoy the fruition of our hope and faith" (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, p 9:5).

    I think this is a good guide for us. If we are sincerely living what we are asking, our prayers will bear fruit. What are we beholding in our own thought? Are we contributing to the hatred in our world by hating those who commit acts of hatred or are we seeing everyone as deserving of love even though misguided in their ideals?

    It takes a great deal of humility to love someone who does evil things but its been asked of us to do so. Its easy to love those who love us. The true test is in loving those who don't seem loveable. My prayer is, "teach me to love in the way that you love, Father." If I try to draw on my own human sense of love I may fail but if I draw on the love of the grand Creator I can help eliminate hate.

  1. Rick Pascal's Avatar Rick Pascal

    I believe that there is no supernatural being that hears or responds to prayers. All power is within ourselves to make things better if we can. Perhaps praying inward to ourselves can enable us to reach a higher power of inner drive, giving us more confidence in our own abilities might be helpful. Communal prayer serves to bring people together for a common good, showing support for one another or for someone who needs help from the community. But no one can make changes for us; we must make changes as a society or as an individual.

    1. Rev Bradley Bilyeu's Avatar Rev Bradley Bilyeu

      You know that is why Jesus Christ isent helping when people can't believe in him Jesus Christ is the reason where hear in first place the problem is we as christains don't stand thier ground. Try to believe is something other then your self may GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  1. CRAIG's Avatar CRAIG

    I believe prayer is great. Dr. Masaru Emoto has conducted many experiments involving positive and negative thought, and it seems clear that any positive thoughts toward others are beneficial. From a scientific standpoint, thinking / prayer is an expenditure of energy, and sending out positive reinforcement is always beneficial.

    What else can we do? Individually, we can be the voices of reason, the ones who offer the silver lining in the dark clouds for others who are afraid and unsure. Work in your own little corner of the world to pray, to help, to comfort, to offer positive avenues to those who need it.

    1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

      I agree 100 percent

    2. Rev Bradley Bilyeu's Avatar Rev Bradley Bilyeu

      We always need prayer when we pray in unity in one mind,body,and soul to our lord JESUS CHRIST then you see the power work

  1. Donald K. Marvin's Avatar Donald K. Marvin

    Prayer, like organized religion, is nothing more than psychological salve for the weak-minded. Its efficacy is on par with flipping a coin, rolling the dice or cutting the cards. It's a relatively benign exercise that makes some people feel good. If that's what they need, by all means, pray away.

    1. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

      I agree with much of what you say. Religions have caused most wars. Thus my argument for spiritualism. I do not need someone or some religion to tell me how to act or believe. My relationship with God already provided this, and does not require me to kill, or judge others in his name... which seems to be the result of organized religion. I also feel that prayer does little other than comfort those in need of comfort. God has already gifted us with what we need to obtain peace. We must choose peace for ourselves and stop expecting God to make it happen. I doubt that even God can change the past and yet we pray for him mostly when something bad happens... and thats already in the past. Only man can make peace by caring and not judging others.

  1. Sharon Bergseid Rose's Avatar Sharon Bergseid Rose

    Prayer can be very powerful when words are carefully chosen. Prayers with right action to promote a better world. But what is right action? Wage war, hate differences, promote strange propaganda or do things to better society with hand ups to those in need, try making peace with oneself so that radiates to others or smiling at people we meet on the street? I chose to be on the positive side of events and not allow fear to control me. Sharon

  1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

    Your so right sharon

  1. God's Messenger's Avatar God's Messenger

    A lot of people think that prayer is all they need to do. Prayer is mostly innefective without action. That is the truth. Prayer had not stopped the crazy Muslims from murdering the innocent. From personal experience, prayer is at best mild to what is needed. Many will dispute this. I would ask have you battled darkness lately? I would have been creamed had i relief on prayer only. So when I hear politicians and taking heads say pray for this, that and the other, I just shake my head and think what blithering fools! To win that battle you need way more than just prayers.

    1. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

      well said

    2. TedP's Avatar TedP

      Sometimes prayer helps us to better understand the subject/s of the prayer/s.

      1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

        I release my faith everytime ipray and I see results

  1. Gregg Wietstock's Avatar Gregg Wietstock

    It is rather arrogant to say "God isn't fixing this". How do we know this? What I suspect is that God IS fixing this. All the hand wringing manipulation on the part of man has created the mess we are in and as we know, what we sow, we must reap. We are living with the results of turning ourselves away from God, and when we do this, results in pain and suffering. Even when we fight for our religious beliefs does not mean we are right. Christ is the light. His life and death and his teachings reveal the truth with regards to the spiritual enlightenment of humanity. No other human being has introduced such loving perfection to the world. Know this truth and it shall set you free. He is indeed "the way, the truth and the life". Keep praying, it certainly can't hurt!

    1. TedP's Avatar TedP

      Maybe a large part of the problem with death is our lack of understanding of the relationship of death to life.

  1. Andrew's Avatar Andrew

    Brothers and Sisters,

    I use prayer to soothe myself and to offer condolences to others (and perhaps ease their pain, if only for a moment), but I don't delude myself into thinking they have any purpose beyond that.

    God gave us free will, so it is up to us to shape the world in the way we want it. Saying things will go "according to divine plan" is a way of admitting helplessness and/or trying to ease your guilt by letting you (and humanity) off the hook for not doing more.

    Forcing people to be responsible for their guns (i.e. Handling them in a responsible manner, knowing gun safety, Not selling to others unless that person has at least gone through a background check), and taking steps to assist/require good Muslims to call out, or take control of the bad Muslims in their communities are two things that we, as a civilzed society, must do.

    How we accomplish those two things is, of course, up for debate. Doing nothing but offering prayers, however, is an abandonment of the responsibilities that come with our free will. As such, doing nothing Is, at the very least, a refusal to accept God's gift. I would argue that, in fact, doing nothing mocks God and is, therefore, blasphemy.

    God Bless, Andrew

    1. Alice Elyaman's Avatar Alice Elyaman

      I am just curious, Andrew, are good Christians able to control the evil ones among them? I wonder why the masses of good Muslims are somehow responsible for the actions of a group of fanatics that are killing their own people, yet good Christians are not responsible for the actions of their evil brothers. So much crime here, gang members, homeless, victims, why are we not responsible for this?

      Or, is it because we pay attention to what we are fed by the media. They do not tell us of our own abused women and children down the block from us, they suffer in silence. Because, you know that our society here is broken. So many evil things going on here, murders, rapes, abuses,crooked politicians, broken souls that have no hope. I believe that if we reach out and are there for our downtrodden masses, one person at a time, it will somehow make a positive effect in our world and trickle to the other side of the world. Are we not our brother's keepers? How many of us actually give the downtrodden in our neighborhoods a second glance?

  1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

    Brother Greg your so right. Prayer is a very powerful tool

    1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

      Alice it is the terrorist that hide behind Islam and kill innocent people that are at fault not the Islam faith

  1. David's Avatar David

    Dear brothers and sisters fear not. There is a higher power at work. We as children of a higher power should not lean on our own understanding but on a higher power. Prayer is simply asking. As a parent our kids ask us for something all the time but as parents we decide if it is good or bad or if it is the right time or not or let us wait and see what happens for our kids. As children of a higher power we need to simply trust and have simple child like faith in a high power that everything is according time plan and good will come among all this tragic problems in this world. Have faith and be patient. In all things give thanks.

    1. hsw's Avatar hsw

      So if I trust and have simple child like faith, will I a) be taken care of by a higher power, or b) starve to death?

      1. JO-ANN's Avatar JO-ANN

        If in fact, you starve to death......believe me you were not trusting to begin with!

  1. Billy (Ray) Vaughn's Avatar Billy (Ray) Vaughn

    As stated in the article, I believe prayer is most helpful to the one doing the praying. But it is possible to raise "positive energies" and even evoke spirit beings (angels).But we cannot depend on "miracles". As the Master Jesus said, "faith as a grain of mustard seed can move mountains". But let us not be disheartened when God hands us a shovel. In other words it is all of our personal responsibilty to work toward the change we need to see. As St. James says "faith without works is dead", therefore prayer without personal action is worthless.

    Peace, Rev.Billy Vaughn

    1. Lee Boutell's Avatar Lee Boutell

      Very true, thank you.

  1. Rev. Dr. Marion Ceruti's Avatar Rev. Dr. Marion Ceruti

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    Prayer is best when used in its most powerful form. Prayer mostly benefits the person praying. Among the highest forms of prayer is asking God to reveal Himself to you. Call out the names of God silently in prayerful meditation. Intense prayer sustained over long periods can help develop the power of concentration, which then can lead to even more intense forms of prayer in mystic transport. All forms of prayer are good but the purest forms of prayer focus on the development of the relationship between the individual and God. Intense prayer awakens love in the devotee and this, in turn, affects other individuals.

    We must remember that God created and is running this world. We see only a small fraction of the total, whereas God sees the "big picture." This world is based on pairs of opposites: positive and negative, day and night, male and female, good and evil, light and darkness, etc. The opposite of duality is unity. We can unite with God only when we have transcended the realm of duality through intense prayer. It is very hard to understand this, but it is a fact that in order for the creation to continue, evil must be present. If all the negativity were to be removed from this world, it would collapse back into its pre-creation state. Ultimately, the question of why evil must exist in this world boils down to why the creation must exist. The history of the world has many examples of evil. One can surmise that God would have eradicated evil a long time ago if He did not wish it to be present in this world. This world is a proving ground to make us spiritually stronger - to resist and overcome evil just as a weight lifter in training overcomes gravity to lift a heavy weight. We can avoid evil by preventing others from doing evil to us and from refraining from doing evil to others (the golden rule.)

    In summary, we can never remove the thorns on the path of life, but we can wear strong shoes.

    With Love, Light and Blessings to you all during this holiday season and forever,

    Rev. Dr. Marion Ceruti

    1. Lee Boutell's Avatar Lee Boutell

      Very well said, Dr. Marion. Love the duality/unity observation, the sustained intense prayer practice, and our need for strong shoes. God is love and evil will always exist in this world. That is apparently His plan. We must strive to reach His level.

  1. James Bousman's Avatar James Bousman

    Praying helps the people involved by making them feel that something is being done.

    It is unlikely that any divine being has yet responded to a prayer.

    1. Alice Elyaman's Avatar Alice Elyaman

      what a sad conclusion.

      1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

        God does answer prayer

  1. vic smyth's Avatar vic smyth

    In answer to: Did your God(s) or the Universe intend for your prayers to be one-way hotlines for outsourcing problems? Or would (s)he/it prefer a dialogue? In prayer we speak to God, in meditation we listen to God. (God, gods, Universe, or benevolent supernatural agents.)

  1. Gregory Willmore's Avatar Gregory Willmore

    I believe that prayer changes us and for those we pray for ,but I also believe that after we have prayed we need to go out and do something about it. The bible teaches us to pray without ceasing but also calls us to love our enemies and to work for social justice. Jesus tells us to do good to those who do evil to us and pray for them as well. Pope Francis has said we need to pray without ceasing and then go out and do something about. As children of the Light we need to be light and hope in the midst of an evil and hurting world and be the hands, feet and voice of our loving and merciful God and of His Son, Jesus Christ.. May we become what we believe. Amen.

    1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

      I agree with you Gregory you right on track here

  1. Minster. Cornelius's Avatar Minster. Cornelius

    Yes! I agree the power of prayer works

  1. Lee Boutell's Avatar Lee Boutell

    The statement "God isn't fixing this" is indeed provocative, as it was obviously meant to be. We are indeed discussing this, are we not? The distinction should be made between the "thoughts and prayers" of the public and of our political "leaders". Truly everybody has the right to pray and send their best thoughts and positive energy out to victims and to the families affected by these tragedies of violence. What else can the everyday person do? The problem is with our so-called political "leaders" who wring their hands and pretend there is nothing more they can do, which is not true. There are so many things that could be done to stem the tide of terror and gun-related violence in the USA, But our political "leaders" lack the courage to do the right thing. In order to get into power and to stay in power they must depend on big money. They must do what big money wants or they will lose financial support. Big money does not want to change any laws related to guns. Nothing will change until our "leaders" do what the vast majority of Americans want, to bring some common sense back into the 2nd Amendment debate. We need to do what we can to make guns safer and to keep them out of the hands of the mentally ill, felons, and those on the "no fly" lists. This will not interfere with our rights for law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms. But it will make us all safer.

    1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

      Your so right

  1. Jay's Avatar Jay

    Prayer is a tool we use to palpate deeply our unique connection to God...These moments when we're deeply embraced by God's lovingkindness aren't designed to magically save us from the messes we collectively create in the physical plane. No matter how hard the ego pleads with God to fix things, it's ignored....True prayer is a moment taken to reconnect our Spirit with the Devine, and to move closer to Union with Godliness...Our baser natures have no footing in this moment. When we're open to God in prayer, we are given His lovingkindness in endless measure, so we can go out of our rooms and closets to heal the sickly world we've all created together...The expression of God's lovingkindness into our world is the cure...not the expression of our fear to God in prayer...

  1. Rev. C.J. Mitchell's Avatar Rev. C.J. Mitchell

    Reverend C.J. Mitchell, Frederick, MD

    I pray to God daily and nightly as it relates to resolving and ending the multi-faceted conflicts plaguing (in otherwords) terrorizing and killing the the people, the innocent animals and plant life and our entire precious Mother Earth.
    I also pray for healing for those who have lost loved ones while simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    I pray very hard that I will maintain my torch of grace and composure so as to have the ability to provide solace and strength for our precious sisters and brothers which have faced loss of loved ones, or for those who have been indifectly terrorized by the recent terror acts which are daily if not hourly featured in most if not all media vessles.

    I pray for the soldiers fighting for our rignts to live and share this beautiful planet.

    I pray for the leaders of ALL nations to band together and pledge to work tirelessly toward goals and objectives which will lead our brothers and sisters on this world to an existense free of all the horrors brought on by terriorists.

    And for the terrorists, I pray for forgiveness. I pray for a great deal more, but out of respect for possible readers I'll just say Amen.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    We will have peace when Christ defeats the armies of this world and sets up his Earthly Kingdom. Then the Earth will enjoy a Sabbath. Until then we will not.

    1. Billy (Ray) Vaughn's Avatar Billy (Ray) Vaughn

      The kingdom of God is within you friend, it is here and now in the present moment. Only inner peace will bring world peace.

      1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

        Brother Billy your right it is peace with in us that brings peace to the world

      2. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

        Your so right billy

  1. Joseph Langer's Avatar Joseph Langer

    As the old saying goes, the Lord helps those who help themselves. Prayer certainly doesn't hurt anything, and can make you feel better, but leaders who promote prayer as the answer to human problems, and do nothing to solve them, are not leaders, and have no place in secular government.

  1. jeannemacl's Avatar jeannemacl

    It is not up to God to change things. It is jup to us. God gave us free will. Will we do good or will be do evil? The choice is ours.

  1. Alice Elyaman's Avatar Alice Elyaman

    Brothers and sisters, prayer is the first step. It puts our minds in focus. It allows us to thank God for what we have been given and praise Him, because he deserves all the Praise.

    But, historically He does not swoop down and fix things just because we ask for it.It requires action from us. Even Moses, when God parted the sea, even Moses had to act, he hit the ground with his staff. We need to act in out own lives, in whatever influence we may have. We need to take care of those in our community that are in need in whatever way we are able. SO MANY BROKEN PEOPLE! Step out of your comfort zones and give a kind word , an ear, a hand.

    There are more good people in this world than bad. If we step out of our homes and show kindness and support, then the Evil force can not win. Pay it forward every day. Leave the judging to God. If all the people of good do this, it will be amazing how much God's hand will multiply our efforts.

    1. Lee Boutell's Avatar Lee Boutell

      True words, Umyousef. Prayer focuses our mind and opens our hearts to His grace, to His messages for us. Prayer is best as giving thanks, not as a wish list. It is foolish to have the attitude that we know better than God and suggest He must do something different. It is all His plan, not ours. God is love. It is up to us to live a life of love, and to strive to be worthy of His grace. Prayer and giving thanks opens our hearts to this.

      1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

        I agree with you lee

    2. flugo's Avatar flugo

      'upyourself': You say ' . . . . . more good people in this world than bad.' What a crock! In Matthew 7:13, 14 Jesus assured that a lot more people are on the road to destruction than otherwise. You ought to do your homework before posting inane blather.

  1. TedP's Avatar TedP

    Well done!

  1. Joseph Gpdleski's Avatar Joseph Gpdleski

    First brother and sisters Jesus said I am the way and the truth and the light no one comes to the father except through me I sorry but I do not agree with pluralism or Unitarian Universalism ideas Islam budhist Hindu Sikh confiousism or any of the other share the God of Abraham Jacob and Isaac only Judism share the same truth as Christianity

    1. Alice Elyaman's Avatar Alice Elyaman

      I am confused.How can Judaism share the same truth if the do not believe Jesus existed? I do not think that buddhist, hindi, sikh confucianism talk about Jesus, but the Islamic Quran mentions Jesus in their book, and they believe the Jesus is coming back to rule.

      1. Rev paul collins's Avatar Rev paul collins

        The Jesus in the Quran is the anti Christ sister alice

  1. JO-ANN's Avatar JO-ANN

    "GOD ISN'T FIXING THIS" naive can you be? From the beginning of time to the last event in REVELATIONS...AND, ON.........GOD IS IN CONTROL.....he is our creator and his plan is unfolding....darn...there had to be a devil...darn...we have an enemy...but, recall that our weapons are not carnal. We are in a spiritual battle against the forces of evil and we may never know how much evil plots we have actually stopped due to our universal prayer. However, that being said...all that is happening are END TIME PHOPHESIED EVENTS ......."DAMASCUS SHALL BE NO LONGER A CITY, BUT WILL BECOME A HEAP OF RUINS" HE IS WITH US....PRESENT PAST AND FUTURE! MERRY CHRISTMAS MY SISTERS AND BROTHERS IN HIM. TIS THE SEASON TO BE FULL OF JOY BECAUSE OF OUR SALVATION...WHICH IS THE MESSAGE WE ARE TRYING TO GET ACROSS ...THE MESSAGE OF JESUS....GOD BLESS...AND FOR GOD'S SAKE .....KEEP PRAYING...BE PART OF THE LIGHT BY PRAYER..LOVE...PEACE...JOY PS...JUST TO BE CLEAR....I WOULDN'T STEP OUT OF MY HOME...IF SOMEONE IS OUTSIDE WITH A DEATH WISH FOR ME....we are in a war now spiritually as well as carnally....don't put yourself in harms way...use you smarts and stay alert til he returns

  1. Irini's Avatar Irini

    We are the stewards of this planet. We were created for this task. We have freewill. God created and stepped aside, much like an artist next to his handiwork. The stewards are asleep at the wheel. Wars in the name of God? What sense is that? The world has gone mad and God is looking down and saying, ' why must fools love me?'.

    No. We can't just sit there, close our eyes and pray. The spiritually minded must be more hands on. When children are being raised the emphasis is on accomplishing and making money, greed. Not much emphasis on love your neighbor and respect for other's creeds. Too many incompetent, spiritually dead people having kids recklessly and without much thought. Personally, I think people should have a license to have and to raise children. Ignorance begets ignorance and that is largely the problem.

    The emphasis should not be on wealth and gathering of material possessions. The emphasis should be on world peace and all that entails. Children should be taught empathy and compassion first and foremost. Manners and consideration. Old school values have died and they need to be resuscitated. Some discipline should be re-introduced to parenting. It is not all about the childs esteem. It's about getting along well with others and ultimately, kids with high social and emotional IQ end up successful anyway. Cooperation is a learned behavior.

    Just like the bumper sticker says: "Coexist". Avoid all fundamentalism because no matter what the religion, it is distorted and so very wrong. Maintain balance. All the great religions natter on about being good to our fellow man. If the majority of the world's population were on board with this very simple concept, what a wonderful world it would be.

    The world is overpopulated. Soon there will be water wars. Where there is no water, there are no crops, no farming. Then the fun really begins. I'm digressing but mindfulness to the planet is a really big deal. It simply can't sustain life as it is now. Our grandchildren will suffer terribly. I have counseled my own children to not reproduce and just do good for the world because there are really enough people. Tend to the ones who are already here and very needy.

    I could go on. It's too much. Way too much to just sit there and pray. Do something. Anything. Find a cause and go to work. Break away from the old paradigm if you are raising kids. Emphasis on getting along. Better adult behavior. Do as I do as well as do as I say. The best gift a kid could have in life is parents who sincerely love each other, who are responsible and wise. So basic but more than just a prayer.

    It's our world, God is watching but not pulling the strings. We are in charge of our destiny. The world is a place of learning. We have to learn. Soon it will be too late and there will not be even a prayer's chance of peace on earth. Think about that this Christmas season. Less gifts. More spirituality and doing onto others as you would have done onto you

  1. Rev. Donna's Avatar Rev. Donna

    Prayer is the most powerful action we can take to bring peace in the world. To quote a local church: "Prayer is the greatest wireless connection." Meditation is very powerful as well. As we each raise our own vibration, we raise it for the world. God & the angels are always with us; even in tragedy. While things may seem grim at times, there is always a divine force with us & the more we access it, the stronger we will feel it. It's power never changes but our acceptance & connection with it, makes a great difference in ourselves & in the world. My prayers are always for the highest & best for all. Less pontification & more heart centered action will save us.

  1. james's Avatar james

    guys, i don't think prayers accomplishes any more than to make us feel better about bad situation.

  1. TedP's Avatar TedP

    James' response brings to mind the conflict between thinking and belief that plagues many of us. Thoughts often are based upon accumulated knowledge and experience, and related resultant conclusions. Belief, on the other hand, needs no knowledge or belief to exist, though often the two are in company.

    Prayer exists because of the belief that it has intrinsic power to effect conditions and events: A problem exists, however, when our thinking self wants some evidence of prayer's efficacy that demands results in a language and/or method understood by the individual and in keeping with the prayer's schedule and agenda.

    My thought is that prayer works. However, it may work in ways and in areas of which I am unaware.

    It seems to me that, when praying, we need to let it work as it will and accept that we may not understand its works or that we need to consider the underlying motive for our prayer request/subject.

    Praying for wealth and power may reflect insecurities that may well be the result of poor training and/or poor early environmental conditions resulting in poor thinking and poor decision-making.

    Pain and suffering, albeit unpleasant to witness (more so to experience) both, never the less, can have purpose when considering the unknown needs and conditions of the souls of those for whom we pray. While death is often quoted as "man's greatest fear" it's also true that death is a method of passage from one existence to another; it is the single method, so far as is currently known.

    To discount prayer is to miss its point which is, I think, the acknowledgement of a force beyond, and greater than, us and our area of comprehension that can and my work great things in our lives, albeit in unknown ways.

    It also casts away any hope and any promise of relief and recovery, and the often-accompanying reassurance that life in the Spirit is worth living. It follows that the unfortunate result of such a decision is often a life of gray uncertainty with fear as a primary influence and motivator.

    I think it might be a good thing to pray for the prayers, that they may have the patience and trust to allow their prayers to work.

    Just a thought.

    1. TedP's Avatar TedP

      Please substitute "facts" for "belief" in the last line of the first paragraph. Sorry for the error.

  1. Christopher Holloway's Avatar Christopher Holloway

    I believe that many people, even Christians, have forgotten that God is real and prayer is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal as Christians. Prayer does provide healing, change and we ARE speaking with a real God . Remember when we forget to believe in the power of God, our prayers become weak and our authority that we're granted by the Christ, Jesus, weakens. Is it that we're "pretending" to believe in a risen Jesus and Father? See to me He is real as much as the food that you're eating. Even more so. My brothers and sisters, firmly believe in Jesus as your Messiah and act in accordance of His word, Bible, and I promise things will change in the county.

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