black lives matterThe University of Missouri, often called Mizzou for short, has been in the news recently after some racial unrest has been taking place at the school, largely via the Black Lives Matter movement. Many incoming students are surprised to discover how voluntarily segregated the students are based on their assumptions and generalizations about members of races other than their own.

Outright discrimination between students has been left unchecked by administrative staff and allowed to escalate. Several incidents have divided the campus, including at one point the smearing of feces on a wall in the shape of a swastika, and threats made against the safety of black students on the university's social media page.

Many black students refrained from attending classes after that and others started protests on campus. The demonstrators have made called for things to change, and here is a list of some of their demands:

  • Tim Wolfe, the university's president, needs to write a letter apologizing for allowing excessive violence against protesters and innocent bystanders by campus police, acknowledge his white privilege and read this letter at a press conference.

  • Tim Wolfe needs to resign immediately or be fired (he resigned willingly in response to these demands).

  • Mizzou must respect and honor the demands set in 1969 by The Legion of Black Collegians in order to make the school better for those in the black community.

  • A curriculum must be established for all staff at the university to review. It will show a racial awareness and the curriculum must be overseen by black people, including staff and students.

  • The University of Missouri must increase black staff to 10% by the 2017-2018 school year.

  • They must come up with a 10 year plan that will help prevent at risk students from dropping out of college early. This must be in effect by May of next year.

  • Mizzou must hire more mental health specialists, especially those of color, to help increase awareness and availability for those needing mental health assistance.

  • The University of Missouri must also increase funding to hire more people (preferably those of color) for the social justice centers. This will help with outreach and awareness.

Whether or not these requests are reasonable or not are for you to decide. If people at the school are being discriminated against and regularly threatened, then things need to change. If the president was standing by and not taking any action to address racial antagonizing and violence, then he was failing his students.

Hopefully, the University of Missouri and the students who feel targeted can come to a peaceful agreement that will help eliminate these problems in the future without any racial intolerance issues in the future.

**The Issues

black safety education That being said, it is ridiculous that some students in Missouri are complaining about the Paris attacks taking their spotlight the recent terrorist attacks on the French capital. There are even a few who think the issues in Missouri are just as bad as what happened in Paris. It's very difficult to understand how someone can truly believe that. After all, not a single person has been killed at Mizzou.

To compare your issues with a massive terrorist attack that took over 100 lives is absurd. To offer that unchecked racism and the deaths of so many are of equal weight is to suggest that the concerns of the students are simply more important than the lives lost. Some Mizzou students think the only reason people care about what happened in Paris is because primarily white people died. However, this is not the case.

This is possibly a knee-jerk response to having to put up with these issues for decades now without much, if any, attention and care being given to them by administrators or the country in general. The anger is understandable, though the inflated language is not.

Many people have noticed the polarizing of society and the over-prevalence of political correctness. We are right to raise awareness of institutionalized racism and discrimination, and how much it can cripple the opportunities of minorities. We can't use that as an excuse to sink to lower levels ourselves.

A New York Times article on the situation at the University of Missouri includes interviews of both black and white students. Students on both sides admit that when they arrived on campus and things weren't what they expected, they resorted to referring to people by their race instead of respecting their names. Blacks and whites admitted they became part of the problem and had no patience for others' perspectives.

We aren't suggesting that having patience for expressed racism is a goal, but to respond with discrimination back to more than just the individual antagonists but all members of their race, including those that did nothing wrong, fosters the hostility you claim to hate. Be careful to direct your frustrations only where they belong: on bettering the school policies, making it safer, and putting an end to racial antagonizing by the specific students that engage in it.

"You can't just have one side of the conversation," said a 21-year-old white senior at Mizzou. On Wednesday he erected what he called a "free speech wall" on campus for people to write their opinions. "I've had students tell me that they're afraid to express their opinion because they are afraid they'll be criticized." We have to let all voices be heard, even the offensive ones, if we want to truly know what these issues are and solve them.


  1. M's Avatar M

    black lives matters are a bunch of whinnies immature imbeciles that need to realize they are not the center of the universe and that they bring on most of the problems themselves by having a chip on their shoulders. If they would follow all the rest of the rules of society as the rest of us do, they would have a whole lot less problems. They also need to realize that all life matters not just their self center racist view of life. when they start valuing the rest of the life of the other races they might get the respect they think they deserve.

    1. Gary's Avatar Gary

      No It's not, its the reality of the racism thats taking place against the African Americans at the university of Missouri, their the ones that experiencing racism, so there just saying African Americans lives as well as all lives matter its not a racist statement your making it into one , anyone has the right to go to college hear in America with out being discriminated against because of the color of their skin, this is America the land of the free.

      1. aaaaa's Avatar aaaaa

        The racists are the BLM dolts. They are not saying all live matter, just black. They are not African-Americans, they are black, welcome to reality. Everyone does have the right to go to college , but no one should be given preferential admissions like they received for something not based upon merit.

        Just FYI- You used their,and there incorrectly

      2. Charles's Avatar Charles

        Gary, you are way off base. And, the student athletes who said that they would not play should have their scholarships stripped away from them.

      3. M's Avatar M

        you are wrong, the blacks are just as much or more racist as anybody else, they don't want to conform and they think that making them do so is racist, it isn't, if the other people in this country need to conform to rules they need to also. If they would stop resisting arrests they would not be roughened up. That holds true regardless of your race. If they don't like it, they can leave this country just like all the other non conformists foreigners. The blacks have more privileges then anybody else in this country and they are never going to be happy because they always want more. they don't want diversity they don't want whites around at all, they want the country all to themselves. the problem is, they can't govern themselves because they are not mature enough, they are only good at whining and crying. if they were good at other things, they would be focusing on those things and not getting into trouble and then complaining about it afterwards. Racism is not a real thing, it is just a way of using and misusing people. In actuality, it is all a mental disorder. the amidgula and the hypothalamus in all whiners that make them not be able to reason and that makes for sociopaths and they is one of the symptoms of many of these people otherwise why would they ot want to admit that there is also injustices that are do to other races and that they need to be considered also, thus, all lives matter. but the fact is that they want o manipulate to get things done for themselves and only themselves. what would happen if the cops stopped arresting all blacks for anything they do and they start getting away with crimes, is that right? They are saying just that, that blacks can do not wrong, well i have got news for you, that is delusional.

      4. M's Avatar M

        Let me where the racism is, it is with the blacks, they discriminate on the whites and maybe some or all the other races. Case in point, they have black history months, there is a black tv, black college funds, black bands, and god knows how many other black's organization. The blacks do not want or will not let any other races or at least not the whites join and play in any of the reindeer games. Right? well that is discrimination, blacks get special considerations with college entrance exams, where are the all white and whites only tv, all whites and whites only college fund, white history month, white history courses, all white work places, bands or any other number of all white organizations. We are accused of discriminating, well i think we are being discriminated against, we are now the minority, i think we need to have "special" treatments. We get discriminated racially, we are called all kinds a awful names by blacks, we are bullied, we need to have protections, too. We are being genocide by all the other races esp. from the blacks, muslins, and the hispanic communities.

    2. Ray Hayes's Avatar Ray Hayes

      Right on, Mary!!!

    3. REV COOK's Avatar REV COOK


    4. Thomas William Cornfield's Avatar Thomas William Cornfield

      All lives matter and when one org says their lives matter more than other then they are the raciest

      1. alencon's Avatar alencon

        The slogan "Black Lives Matter" has an implied "Too" at the end of it so the full slogan is more correctly "Black Lives Matter Too."

        I didn't know this but it was pointed out to me in a diary on Daily Kos a while back.

        Why the "Too" isn't overtly included is something of a mystery to me but it is what it is. Now consider the question from that viewpoint.

        Over 1100 people have been killed by police in 2015 and 116 officers have died in the line of duty. Clearly we're doing something wrong with that level of carnage and it needs to be fixed.

        1. aaaaa's Avatar aaaaa

          No, it's not "implied". That was just someone trying to cover over the backlash these racists have received.

    5. Robert Blackler's Avatar Robert Blackler


    6. Glinda's Avatar Glinda

      I have NEVER heard any members of the Black Lives Matter campaign say "ONLY" Black Lives Matter". It has been proven over and over again that white lives matter. When an excessive amount of young white males are beaten and or murdered by police officers and the police officer's actions are deemed justified, then there can be a "White Lives Matters" campaign.....Oh yeah, that campaign already exists under another name...."Life as Usual".

  1. James Williams's Avatar James Williams

    There is no such thing as a little hate crime.

    1. James Williams's Avatar James Williams

      When I win the victory. I take a small piece of Lucifers's heart and eat it and then I kick dirt over Satans grave. God has already given me the victory so as a champion I profess that the Devil has been defeated. I give thanks to God. The most powerful and mightiest God of all gods, that sent his only son to earth to show love, power and forgiveness. God bless and Happy Holidays.

      P.S. FYI drinking some beers so...don't quote me...

      1. Thomas William Cornfield's Avatar Thomas William Cornfield

        All lives matter and when one org says their lives matter more than other then they are the raciest Read more at

  1. Valerie Ward's Avatar Valerie Ward

    I am really tired of hearing black lives matter, blue lives matter (cops), red lives matter (fire dept) or whatever color you wish to focus on, when in fact ALL LIVES MATTER! As soon as people get over their sense of entitlement, get over their thin skins, begin to take responsibility for what happens to their particular 'color', and realize that we are all the same on the inside, the better off the world will be. Religion to politics, it's all about who is better, who is offended, who is offending, who is enlightened, and who has a real long way to go to enlightenment! Until we accept that we are all brothers and sisters with ONE DIVINE BEING (no matter what that being is called) nothing is going to change. I believe in loving one another and in doing to someone as you would want done to you! Do what you wish harming no one! These EGO's are so inflated it's a wonder there is any air left for those of us who understand that we are all CONNECTED! Learn to play nice together...soon. Blessed be. Rev. Dr. Valerie

    1. Cheryl Parks's Avatar Cheryl Parks

      Wow, it must be nice to be removed from the problems Black people have. Evidently you have not seen the murder of a Black man by the police. What was so disturbing about the video was the number of times he was shot. The officer had to reload. Yes all lives matter but it's not open season on all of us. At this point in time Black people could use a little support and assistance in being seen as a human being and not target practice or a threat, not because they have done anything but because of the way they look. Because they are a Black men. I believe you speak from a position of privilege. Have you ever been stopped because you were the wrong color in a neighborhood, not because you had done anything wrong but because you look like you don't belong there, or shouldn't be driving that type of car? If you have and you can still post this, I have no words.

      Cheryl Parks

      1. cjrussell's Avatar cjrussell

        A "position of privilege". Is it just assumed who anyone not black is privileged? I grew up in a virtually all white community (3 non-whites in our high school). If I succeeded or failed it was due to my work, or lack thereof, not because of my whiteness. I earned my money picking strawberries, green beans, and blueberries during the summer. When I needed financial aid for college I was told that I could easily qualify if I was black, but couldn't get any help because I'm not. I joined the Navy to get my education. What a privileged life I lived!

        Unlike some blacks, who want to blame every white person for their woes, I don't blame people of color for my lack of opportunities - opportunities that would have been abundant if I had been black and lived where I did. It's not the fault of any individual. That's the way the game was played. The world is not and has never been fair.

        Have I been stopped for being the wrong color? Yes, I have! And I have been told that I don't belong in "their" restaurant. (It was a black woman saying that I didn't belong in a Chinese restaurant, because it was in her neighborhood. It was in my neighborhood, too!)

        I find it very sad that the message of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr seems to be all but forgotten. If it's not February, no one thinks about it anymore. Young people were dying when I was in elementary school, for equality (not in front of me - I saw it on the news). We still don't have it after all these years! The lack of equality does not mean that only black lives matter, though. All Lives Matter!

        1. Glinda's Avatar Glinda

          If you can remember every instance of prejudice against you, that says a lot about your life. I can rattle off a list of times when I have been discriminated against because of the color of my skin. People of color HAVE to think about their race all of the time. In the past, recent pass I might add, people of color were not allowed to drink from the same water fountain as white, use the same bathrooms, worship at the same church, vote, sit with white people at movie theatres, eat at the same restaurants, live in the same neighborhoods, etc, etc, etc. Segregation was originated by ignorant racists people. We had to create separate churches, restaurants, schools and fight for the right to vote (HAD to, no choice given). HAD TO. If you think black people have separated themselves for no reason, I can't understand your logic. Again, HAD to separate ourselves, this was not a choice that was made by us, it was forced upon us. Don't you understand? Everything I have just written in regard to segregation is a proven fact, so it is important that people know that black lives do matter. Your words are hateful and if how you feel is the general consensus among the majority of people, there is absolutely no hope for us as a society, none at all. That makes me so sad....

    2. Thomas William Cornfield's Avatar Thomas William Cornfield

      All lives matter and when one org says their lives matter more than other then they are the raciest Read more at

  1. Robert's Avatar Robert

    their very actions have proven what they are, so draw your own conclusions!

    1. Thomas William Cornfield's Avatar Thomas William Cornfield

      All lives matter and when one org says their lives matter more than other then they are the raciest Read more at

  1. M's Avatar M

    I did draw my own conclusion, and that is, they are over reacting and they bring the problem on themselves. if they stopped having a chip on their shoulder and stop taking things as an offense they would not always be having troubles.

    1. Gary's Avatar Gary

      Their not over reacting, this is 2015 they have a right to speak up against the racism that is taking place against them at the university as well as any color or race of people, anyone who pay their money to attend a university hear in America and is being discriminated against because of the color of their skin, has a right to not tolerate that

      1. M's Avatar M

        you know that is a load of crap as racism is self generated and over reacting is subjective and all in their minds, as far as any predigest going on, blacks are the biggest racists and the most predigests of them all. they don't want to follow the same rules and the same laws as the rest of the community and yet when they do get into trouble as a result of it they use name calling to manipulate the circumstances to get their way. maybe the problem is not the color of their skin bu the sickness in their minds thinking that they are being picked on because they are not being coddled when they want special treatments, when what they really want it to get all the other races out of their way so they can take over every thinking and take advantage of everything. that is self segregating and that is reverse discrimination and that is a mental issue and that will never be right in their minds. if they do not like the laws in this country as they are, then why don't they go to a country where they don't have to worry about whites or other races or the laws they complain about. like in Africa for example. because they don't want equality they want to take over.

        1. Jim Jordan's Avatar Jim Jordan

          Well said. Remember- Separate But Equal? I believe you have to choose and these demonstrators have shown they want to be Separate.

      2. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

        Good God, Gary...have you never heard of SpellCheck?

    2. Thomas William Cornfield's Avatar Thomas William Cornfield

      All lives matter and when one org says their lives matter more than other then they are the raciest Read more at

  1. Alvin Jones's Avatar Alvin Jones


    1. M's Avatar M

      as is should be, buy that is not the message that blacks are making when they put their version of black lives matter over and above all lives.they are automatically segregating themselves by putting one race's life as mire important then another. they are the racist.

      1. Thomas William Cornfield's Avatar Thomas William Cornfield

        All lives matter and when one org says their lives matter more than other then they are the raciest Read more at

        1. M's Avatar M

          yeah, that was my very point.

  1. Rev. Brien's Avatar Rev. Brien

    As I sit and ponder yet another example of mass ignorance and hate, I do not see where any progress has been made on whether or not one type of human is somehow more valued than another. The facts are very simple to see. The black community, (self named, I personally do not subscribe to such labels), has decided that the skin color of an individual is the deciding factor of value. While most other communities have all but ceased in referring to skin color in ANY conversation at all for fear of being labeled "racist", it is in fact the very community that proclaims racism everywhere that is in fact creating it for themselves. If one community talks skin color it is referred to as racist, yet if another community talks skin color it is called "activist". It is time for people to THINK and observe their own actions. I submit that most ALL of the troubles perceived by a certain community are in fact CREATED by that community. Time to wake up.

    1. M's Avatar M

      I am glad to see that other people are starting to see what many of us including me have been saying all along. I hope to see more of this and maybe we can turn the manipulation around. But i rather doubt it as most of the black community has been so used to doing those activities that they just can't conceive any other actions.

  1. Herb's Avatar Herb

    If they want a "safe space" they should do us all a favor and never leave their homes again.

  1. Robert's Avatar Robert

    well black lives do not matter too much to them! go and look for you self on how much they shoot and kill one another, oh you can say it is because whitey is keeping them down which is a load of bullshit and you know it, they keep themselves down because that is their culture, nothing more and nothing less and if they rise, the few that do, above that, the ghetto , gangsta lifestyle, they are called names by their own kind, no black lives do not matter, why should it when it does not to them !

  1. Cheryl Parks's Avatar Cheryl Parks

    I'm really hurt by some of the responses on this page. Would it be different if it was about their religion? To not support Black people because you are afraid they want to "take over" when all most people want is to be treated fairly without being judged or penalized by the color of their skin. Thus is real and it is still happening, you would think people would support treating all human beings like human beings and be outraged by the mistreatment of your fellow brother and sister. But to be blinded to the reality that racism and hatred towards a group of people because of the color of their skin in this day and age here on this page. This really hurts.

    1. Rev. Brien's Avatar Rev. Brien

      You need to take a good look at what the real agenda is here. No body is taking anything over. There are segments of the population that do not wish to take responsibility for their OWN actions. If a policeman gives you OBEY them. Later on you can have your say in court about it. That is the way the system works here. Argueing with the police, disobeying the police, fighting with the police, pointing guns at the police, running from the police are all good ways to get yourself hurt. So I guess I would first start by telling all those who seem to feel they are above everyone to stop being stupid, obey the law, be respectful to yourself and others, and contribute to society. The VAST majority of deaths in the black community involve black on black violence. Maybe they should clean up their own back yard first, before cleaning the rest of the neighborhood. I am sorry for any hurt feelings, sometimes the truth stings a little

      1. Paul's Avatar Paul

        It has always been - in my world - that it is the 'behaviour' of people that I sometimes don't like - NOT the color of their skin - or anything else! If people could observe 'behaviours,' as opposed to color, culture etc., that would be far better. If someone steels a car, it doesn't matter what color skin the person who stole it is the 'behaviour' that we don't like. Try changing 'behaviours!' It's a lot easier than changing a persons color!! With peace and love :)

  1. ed akin's Avatar ed akin

    The blm group are no more than terrorists and should be treated as such

  1. williamone1234's Avatar williamone1234

    It is time to say ,that all lives Matter. the killing is Black on Black!!

  1. Rev. Billy (Ray) Vaughn's Avatar Rev. Billy (Ray) Vaughn

    All lives matter. Those who feel they are victims of injustice have every right to protest and WORK for change. But when the protest leads to aggression and violence it has taken the wrong turn. Let us learn peaceful change through Christ and Buddha, even leaders like Ghandi and MLKjr. Let not your good be evil spoken of and cast not pearls before swine. And let us always remember to remove the beam from our own eye first.

    Peace, Rev. Billy R. Vaughn

  1. vagolds's Avatar vagolds

    No if they don't if they think they are more important than others.

  1. Ed's Avatar Ed

    Black lives matters have become nothing but thugs. When they riot, they destroy everything and everything, inlcuding businesses owned by black women. They've even attacked white protestors who wanted to support them.

    “F*** you, you filthy white fs!” “F you and your comfort!” “F*** you, you racist s***!”

    These shouted epithets were the first indication that many students had of the coming storm. The sign-wielding, obscenity-shouting protesters proceeded through the usually quiet backwaters of the library. They surged first through first-floor Berry, then up the stairs to the normally undisturbed floors of the building, before coming back down to the ground floor of Novack.

    The flood of demonstrators self-consciously overstepped every boundary, opening the doors of study spaces with students reviewing for exams. Those who tried to close their doors were harassed further. One student abandoned the study room and ran out of the library. The protesters followed her out of the library, shouting obscenities the whole way.

    And it doesn't stop there: Police Doc: Black Lives Matter Protesters Started Confrontation That Led to Minneapolis Shooting

    The warrant states that “protestors confronted the white males and a large altercation ensued.” It does not go into detail, but there is no legal justification for protesters to order or intimidate other people off of public property. [BLM thugs repeatedly chased these camermen down, hitting them. Finally, one of them told them to back off, because he was armed. They didn't, so got what they deserved...Of course, the race baiters will tell you they're white supremists, but even other BLM protesters attest to others attacking the camermen].

    One of my faves: Baltimore Mom Catches Son Rioting; Slaps Him Down & Drags Him Home. Now, maybe if more parents did this, instead of the bull of "my kid, who attacked or tried to kill people's a 'good kid,'" we wouldn't have such problems.

  1. Robert T Butler's Avatar Robert T Butler

    I see it this way, In the King James version of the Bible that I read I have not found any mention of there being any more than ONE Heaven. That tells me we are all going to the same one regardless .That applies to all of us so if we cant get along with each other here how are we gonna get along there?

  1. Rev John's Avatar Rev John

    If you are going to riot, burn and destroy everything in front of you, no matter who it belongs to or where it's located, I wouldn't worry about going to Heaven, you just burned your ticket, Thou shall no kill, Thou shall not steal, thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods. IT'S NOT A SUGGESTION.

  1. Glinda's Avatar Glinda

    Wow Rev, if the protesters are hellbound then your face will be the first one they see. As s matter of fact, you will be hell's version a Walmart greeter. There are a few verses in the Bible that speak against hate. Your words reek of hate. Regardless of how you feel about the BLM movement, it's not grounded in hate, just equality. You are providing the hate.

  1. Rev John's Avatar Rev John

    Wow Glinda, you are wrong on all counts again.I don't hate anyone, secondly you don't know my race, I'm a native American Indian,and the Bible stills says, Thou shall not steal, Thou shall not kill, Thou shall not covet thou neighbors goods. Peaceful protest is one thing, taking the law in your own hands to protest what another is doing is wrong. Take the 2x4 out your eye before you protest about the splinter in another's eye. That's what the Bible says.Eye for and eye tooth for a tooth, vengance is mine says the LORD. It says ,If you neighbor takes your coat, give him your shirt too. Everything we have comes from GOD . The job, the home, the food,, your health, the Earth, all are his to give and to take. Another thing Glinda, if you think you have it bad, think of my race, we had time rights to all of America, now it's gone.You could still be trying to grind out a living somewhere south of the Sahara desert, but for the grace of God you ended up in my country.

    1. Glinda's Avatar Glinda

      I made no assumption about your race, as a matter of fact, I didnt mention it once, but I'm happy I gave you the opportunity to make it known. I refuse to view oppression of any kind to be by the grace of God. The grace is the strength given by God to endure in spite of hate. I appreciate your expertise in bible thumping, but I would encourage you to read a little further down on the page and stop picking and choosing verses that you think proves some twisted view or opinion you may have. All kinds of evil acts have been justified by people using cliff notes of the bible AS their bible. YOU, have no idea what my life would be like if I was in the Sahara (as you say). Why do you assume a life there would be worse?We will never know though. Apathy runs amuck within all races as you have so eloquently demonstrated. If you want to sit back like a child and compare boo boos where atrocities againat human beings are concerned, go for it, I can't. As I stated in my previous post, the BLM movement is grounded in a desire for equality. I still dont understand why that seems to offend you.

  1. M's Avatar M

    Here is the next issue we need to worry about, we as Americans.

  1. James Williams's Avatar James Williams

    These are individuals trying to get a point across.

  1. James Williams's Avatar James Williams

    The Black Lives Matter movemt has made their point. I am not a member of this movement and do not raise money or protest to make a point. The resistance and counter movement that say all lives matter fuel a debate. All lives matter. These people that are being oppressed by the ruthlessness of a few bad apples are making shirts and demonstrating. There are allot worse things that people can do with their time. Black people feel real pain and sorrow from the losses of Trevon Martin and Micheal Brown, because we do not see a black person shot and killed, we see our cousins shot, because other races don't care about us as much as they care about whatever they think is more important than another human beings life. I am a veteran and my father is a retired Air Force MasterSargeant and security police officer. After 9/11 we all joined together and we still need to find it in our hearts to create that same commaradrie here at home. There is love in everyone's hearts and we must choose our battles and not create this war within as the terriosts watch and pick us apart at any sign of weakness and confusion. All lives matter. We must try to heal as a country, because we are all being threatened by ideas that are from 3000B.C. God sent his only son to earth and after he died on the cross , God realized that the human flesh was tempted and would sin and we can be forgiven if we recognize that Jesus Christ is the one.

  1. Winston Payne's Avatar Winston Payne

    In my opinion, black lives matter as much as any other life. No more. No less. Ultimately, no individual life seems to matter significantly in the totality of existence. If one ponders the scale of the universe, all lives that exist now, have come before and may come after, one life is but a brief flicker in the sands of time. All life is precious. We all have a part to play. Please do what you can to play your part well.

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