Ahmed Mohamed, the boy who made a clock at home and wound up being arrested and questioned for it is now demanding $15 million from the city of Irving and its school district. His lawyers are seeking $5 million from the district and $10 million from the city. If they don't comply within two months, or 60 days, they plan to file a lawsuit.

The Homemade Clock

homemade clock Mohamed claims he was trying to make a clock at home to impress his teacher. However, he was in for a surprise when he took it into his school.

  • His engineer teacher was the first person to see the clock. He told Mohamed the clock was nice, but advised he leave it in his backpack for the remainder of the day.

  • When Mohamed got to English, he pulled the clock out a second time. He plugged it in and set a time. The clock started beeping.

  • His English teacher became alarmed and notified the principal.

  • Police were called, and Mohamed was ultimately arrested and taken in for questioning.

  • He was eventually released, but suspended from school for three days.

After the suspension, Mohamed's father announced his plans to either home school his son or place him in a private school. All of the children in the family were removed from the school district. There are some concerns by how he was treated, as he had to leave the school in handcuffs, have a mug shot taken, and endured several hours of questioning from police officers. There are some claims that he was not read his Miranda rights, and he says the police did not let him contact his parents during the questioning process. His father said Mohamed was having a hard time sleeping, wasn't eating well, and that the entire event had led to a very difficult time for the family.

After the incident, social media sites went crazy discussing the case, with many people siding with Mohamed after his treatment. He got so much attention that President Obama personally invited him to the White House via his Twitter account, and he received generous support via scholarships and television appearances, as well as a small mountain of gifts from tech companies.

He attended Google's prestigious science fair for young inventors. Olivia Hallisey, the 16 year old winner of the event, devised a portable rapid test for Ebola. Other contestants designed a diagnostic tool to detect Alzheimer's at earlier stages, invented an automated method for finding and characterizing gravitationally lensed quasars, and designed a more reliable way to transport vaccines to remote locations in developing countries. Mohamed was the VIP guest despite not inventing anything, but for building a clock.

Many tech-savvy critics argue that he may not have even built anything. Anthony DiPasquale, webmaster for artvoice.com, explained that at first he felt sympathy for the young student but as he took a closer look at images of Mohamed's clock, he began to suspect some dishonesty.

He points out that the circuit board has a silk-screened "M" logo on it, and found it perfectly matched a mass-produced Micronta clock from the 1980's that is available on eBay. He also says the switch to select between 12 or 24 hour time is a good indicator that Mohamed simply removed the inner workings from a commercial clock radio and put it inside of a small briefcase and claimed it as his own "invention".

Treated Wrongly?

homemade clock
Left: homemade bomb / Right: Mohamed's clock

Should Ahmed Mohamed have been dishonest, or at worse, baiting school officials to see this as a danger to students, there is no excusing the Islamaphobia as a direct response in the public. Mohamed received a lot of threats to the family's email address, and their personal home address was even publicized. After that happened, they felt they had no choice but to leave their home. They are currently residing in Qatar, thanks to a scholarship Mohamed received.

While it is best that teachers take precautions if they perceive any danger to students, regardless of the religions of anyone involved, the question remains that if school officials truly thought there was a bomb on campus, why was it not removed while the student was questioned?

Part of the concern people have is the fact that Mohamed may have been singled out because of his religion. Mohamed and his family are Muslim, and some feel he was targeted due to his religion.

Just Doing Their Job

Whether or not Mohamed was treated fairly is for you to decide. He brought a clock into a school that resembled a bomb. Not only that, but he pulled it out a second time after his first teacher recommended he leave it in his backpack. In addition to pulling it out, he plugged it in and set a time on it in order to make it begin beeping.

It's a shame he and his family had to leave their school, leave their home, and move to an entirely different country. Yes, it is important for the case to be investigated so it can be determined whether or not he was treated properly. However, the fact that the family is not willing to release the details of what happened when he was questioned is enough to raise eyebrows. While the Mohamed family may deserve an apology, asking for millions of dollars in restitution is a bit much to ask.

It's important to rebuke so many people that are judging all members of the Islamic faith based on how they feel about some individuals. It is also important to point out that you can have a positive or negative view of an individual without making any sweeping judgments about all members of a group.


  1. Valerie Ward's Avatar Valerie Ward

    ENOUGH! All these wrongs don't make a right. All that's being done is the fear is being fed. Blame all around. This all needs to stop if things are going to change in our world.

    1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      I agree with you to much fear being generated blessed be

    2. Thomas William Cornfield's Avatar Thomas William Cornfield

      good words and may the lord walk with you and believe in the lords plan it just has not come about yet May the lord be with you

    3. Rev. Jo-An Josephine's Avatar Rev. Jo-An Josephine

      I agree with you and really starting to loath this site. Here we are PRETENDING to cherish and honour our god, to spread his/her good word, yet all I read is hatred, bigotry, racism and radicals again PRETENDING to be better than the rest. When are you guys going to give it a rest? When are you finally going to understand that not one of us is NOT better than the next? When are you going to get it through your thick heads that YOUR religion is NOT supreme being. WE, the reverends of this organization ARE supposed to be unbiased, supposed to be all loving and understanding....but NOOOO, the majority are nothing but a bunch of self serving HYPOCRITES! Shame on YOU.

      Yes Rev Dr Ward...ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

  1. Robert's Avatar Robert

    it looks like a bomb to me! but he will get all of that cash to be able to help his Muslim friends in building a real one

    1. Thomas William Cornfield's Avatar Thomas William Cornfield

      funny how the fam left the country and now say they want 15 mil well i would like 16 mil for having to listen to it lol lord be with you

    2. Minister Franklin Earhart's Avatar Minister Franklin Earhart

      I agree with you if they give him the money it very well may be the end for USA

    3. Billy Hendrixson's Avatar Billy Hendrixson

      He was told by his Engineer Teacher to leave it in his backpack. He pulled it out in his English class & plugged it in! Not a "Religion" issue. He disobeyed his teacher's order!!! I agree with the 3-Day Suspension. May God (whomever you perceive that to be) bless & keep everyone loving each other. Amen.

  1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

    There are 3 million peaceful muslims in this country, have you seen them buidling bombs? They are Doctors, engineers, nurses, lawyers and other workers who work hard, pay taxes and are law abiding... And definitely not in gangs robbing people, selling drugs, raping women and shooting inside your schools. Islam is 1600 years old. America 200 years old. for all there years muslims have lived in the US and haven't caused any issues to America. Morocco, a muslim country, it was the first to recognize the US as a country free from Britain... Stop the bigotry.. This was just a very smart child.. Yes there are criminals who hide behind Islam to justify their crimes, the same way some people were burning people alive in the name of God.. This was just a child. Enough with your hate, enough with the ignorance.

    1. CRAIG's Avatar CRAIG

      Great post! The challenge is to separate ISIS from Islam. Islam is a peaceful religion, but as with all religions, there always seem to be small intolerant factions that take to the extremes.

      There were concentration camps in WWII, but we tend to forget that even in this country there were "detainment camps" for Japanese because of suspicion and fear. We need to learn from that--stop racial profiling and look beyond just what you see.

      Recognize that one small, radical group does not represent the whole.

    2. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      Not all Muslims are bad its the racist biggots that is bad

      1. Bryan's Avatar Bryan

        No all Muslims are not bad but all terrorist are cowards untill the good Muslims condemn the actions of terrorist I belive there will always be a trust issue in America with them. Give God The Glory.

        1. Bob's Avatar Bob

          Amen to that Byran!

        2. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

          Bryan, the mistake we did in 9/11 was to hide out of shame and fear, and let the darkness of the Terrorists overshadow the light of peaceful Islam. This time Islamic organizations all over America are clearly reaching out and condemning Terrorism

          1. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

            Sahar, Not clearly enough. In order for you to be accepted in these times of mistrust. You must make your criticisms very public. You need to make a stand as americans. You need to stand with us against the hate that the raticals are fostering.

        3. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

          Untill the good Muslims condemn the actions of Terrorists???

          Since when do Terrorists care about "good Muslims?" They have been killing "their own " for many, many years! Though I dont consider them to be muslims, many people of other religions do. Just proves how much people pay attention to the media and not what's around them. The media is about ratings. Not everything displayed is 100% true!

          I and many other Muslims have always stood against religious intolerance. The problem is the news stations will not broadcast it. Wait... Actually they did use footage of us marching for peace but not for that purpose. They used it for a negative issue instead.

          We then took to YouTube and posted our responses to terrerism. But whose listening? Everyone looks up "this" or "that" attack but not "Muslims calling for peace" right? How are you really gonna see that call for peace? That is the issue. The majority of us stay quiet avoiding any issue in fear of it being used against us.

          How to breed a terrorist! Keep blaming him/her for issues. Call him/her negative words. Attacking him/her verbally and maybe even physically. When that person feels backed into a corner with no way out, you've succeeded!!! That's how many people end up being Terrorists, etc. In psychology it's called "self fulfilled prophesy!" Look it up.

          You want to stop terrorism? Stop creating them! Learn about them, friend them, hang out, talk, etc. Treat them like a terrorist and that's exactly how they'll be. They will see no other choice.

          Some people are great with me and others. Some are not. They spread fear, hatred and intolerance. I left these boards for a while because of it.

          As far as the kid... He disobeyed a teacher! He deserves the suspension and NO earnings from it.

          Just my opinion. Richard

          1. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

            Stop with that. Have even read the quran. Wow amazing

    3. Thomas William Cornfield's Avatar Thomas William Cornfield

      the only 2 thing i can recall the muslim and christens and Jewish people have been killing in the name of god for thousands of years and as they pass it stays the same when we all worship the same lord Lord be with you

    4. aaaaa's Avatar aaaaa

      Muslims have not been in American sicne it's inception. Muslims have been doing the asinine beliefs for 1600 years of stoning the victims of rape and the actual war on women. That is not a "very smart child". He took apart a clock, that's it. The PC crap of not wanting to offend someoen and be called racist is partly responsible for the prevention of San Bernardino. Islam is part of the problem, deal with it.

      1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

        Yes they were: below are some references. As for your belief that we are the worst killers, and that is really what you want to believe, go for it, we killed 6 million jews, burnt women and protestants on the stake, hung witches in Salem and wiped out 80% of the Native American population. Hating people you don't know, from countries you have never been makes you feel patriotic go for it.

        Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas by Sylviane A. Diouf, Ph.D., New York University Press, 1998



    5. Ysidro's Avatar Ysidro

      I tried reading the Koran. It's filled right from the starting line with hate and intolerance. Read for yourselves, people. These dummies are brainwashed.

      1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

        These dummies invented the numerical system the west is currently using. They invented it while some Christians were burning people on the stake for saying that the earth was round. Google "AL Khawarizmi"

        1. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

          And those dummies are still performing acts of terrorism and killing their neighbors just like they have been since nearly the beginning of history. Christians have mostly evolved to the point that they condemn burning at the stake and I think most of them feel that the world is round. From someone who is neither Christian nor Muslim, I wonder how has Muslims evolved? Recognize this as a question that I would like answered because many of times americans are influenced greatly by the news. Maybe we need more education on what peaceful islam is like.

          1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

            Those 10 000 terrorists are nothing compared to 1.2 billion Muslims (0.0083% do the math). You want to know how have Muslims evolved, very simple, book a flight to Morocco or Tunisia, Algeria, Indonesia, Dubai, Lebanon, Qatar, AbuDhabi, Malaysia, Singapore and Kazakhstan. You will realize who the real dummies are.

          2. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

            I mean no disrespect, but I thing that most americans see reports of the terrorism and not of the good. That is what i am saying. We need to see the good and that will only happen if peaceful muslims get more in the public eye so americans can actually recognize that there is good and it is separate from the bad.

          3. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

            Don, yes, the good are speaking up, but what can you do when the media do not want to cover it. If you're an educated Muslim speaking up for peace, good luck getting Fox News to put you on stage. They will just show the retarded radicals, with dirty beards and ugly teeth. Or muslim women covered from head to toe. There are many humanitarian Islamic organizations, but nobody talks about them. American Muslims have now raised more than 100k for the recent victims of San Bernardino, is it on the news? of course not. I get your point on that. We have to speak up louder and louder until we are heard.

      2. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

        You know Ysidro, I wish people really would read it. It's available online for free. They would see for themselves that from the start it says "ALM. In the name of God..." and that you are spreading mistruth! All religious books , have violence, overcoming suppression, hate, love, war and peace. They are the lessons for which we should learn by.

        They would realize that our book is not about the hate or intolerance that you for some reason see the need to focus on. It is about treating each other with respect, tolerance and fairness!

        1. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

          not the beginning but it changes and the last half is hatred intolerance slavery murder quit trying to convince people that it is not isis is following what the quran directs you to do look at wurope and the peaceful loving muslims there come on stop the lies

    6. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

      There is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim. Their religion requires violence and domination. Stop trying to fool everyone

      1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

        Calvin, what you just said is the equivalent of saying "there is no such thing as an American with common sense". Who do you think is helping the US fight the war against terrorism? You and other Muslim haters behind the computer? Of course not, I will tell you who is on the ground fighting with America while you have the luxury to sit behind your screen and insult all all Muslims. 1. US Men and Women in uniform: 3500 of them are Muslims 2. Intelligence/CIA: Who do you think they send on the field? James Bond? The Avengers? No they use Muslims who know the culture, speak the language and can blend in. 3. US allies: Muslim peaceful countries who provide intelligence, base support and Air Field safety (Fighter Planes don't teleport from the US like in Star-Treck) 4. The First country to recognize the freedom of the America as a free nation was MOROCCO: a Muslim country. (Yep, the first ambassador to reach out in peace was sent from the Moroccan Sultan. The letter is currently displayed at the US Embassy in Morocco. Yes, I know, you probably don't even know where it is, I suggest Google Map)

        So, who is the ignorant and the fool here?

        1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

          Calvin, what you just said is the equivalent of saying “there is no such thing as an American with common sense”. Who do you think is helping the US fight the war against terrorism? You and other Muslim haters behind the computer? Of course not, I will tell you who is on the ground fighting with America while you have the luxury to sit behind your screen and insult all all Muslims. 1. US Men and Women in uniform: 3500 of them are Muslims 2. Intelligence/CIA: Who do you think they send on the field? James Bond? The Avengers? No they use Muslims who know the culture, speak the language and can blend in. 3. US allies: Muslim peaceful countries who provide intelligence, base support and Air Field safety (Fighter Planes don’t teleport from the US like in Star-Treck) 4. The First country to recognize the freedom of the America as a free nation was MOROCCO: a Muslim country. (Yep, the first ambassador to reach out in peace was sent from the Moroccan Sultan. The letter is currently displayed at the US Embassy in Morocco. Yes, I know, you probably don’t even know where it is, I suggest Google Map)

          So, who is the ignorant and the fool here?

          Read more at http://www.themonastery.org/blog/2015/11/homemade-clock/#xfsgXZfToPfzRFuE.99

        2. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

          Before you try to insult someone you should know something about them I was in Desert Storm and have been there and read the Koran or as much as,I could tolerate. There are 37 points of violence against nonmuslims and no tolerance for any other religion. I am not uneducated like you were trying to portray me. I don't hate Muslims but you are not being honest. You are required to dominate and spread Islamic law. I doubt you have been to the middle east. Just another keyboard warrior. Who's the fool now

          1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

            1- Don't insult someone if you do not wish want to be insulted.

            1 - I am from the Middle East.

            2 - My husband is an Air Force decorated Muslim Pilot. He has been depolyed 3 times.

            4- When you were deployed, all the Muslims you met were violent, bad and evil? Really?

            3- Islam Does not require domination. Terrorists use Quranic verses out of context to justify hate and violence, so do the Muslim haters. I don't know where you did your in depth Quran study but every verse in the Quran has a context. it needs to be red and understood in context and in comparison with the bible as well, since many accounts in the Quran are from Biblical, Jewish and Abrahamic heritage. One must also know that many verses are metaphorical and traductions are simplistic. In your study of the Quran you should be able to refer to an educated enlightened scholar who has a deeper insight and wisdom. Look up "the Threshold Society", they teach about the spiritual and peaceful aspect of Islam.

            4- The "Non Believers" or "Al Kafirine" in the Quran, is a translation that refers to the pagan tribes who used to persecute and torture Muslims, the exact same way the Roman persecuted the Christians. These tribes got together and formed a coalition to attack and kill all Muhammad's followers. In that particular context only, the prophet who was struggling with the idea of war "allowed" to answer to the calling of war and to fight back these "non believers".

            The expression "to fight" someone in Arabic (Katilou), and in its coranic context is not synonym of to just "Kill". It means to "fight back", the terrorists are very good at using these words out of context.

            Here are quotes in the Quran against violence, Believe me, if I work at it, I can find you 10 x more than 37 points about tolerance and non violence:

            The First verse of the Quran "In the name of God, the Meciful and the Compassionate"

            “Fight in the way of God against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! God loveth not aggressors.” (“The Cow,” 2:190)

            “Surely they that believe, and those of Jewry, and the Christians, and those Sabeaans, whoso believes in God and the Last Day, and works righteousness–their wage waits them with their Lord, and no fear shall be on them, neither shall they sorrow.” (5:69)

            “But if the enemies incline towards peace, do you also incline towards peace. And trust in God! For He is the one who hears and knows all things.” (8:61)

            “And do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness.”[5:8]

            “There is no compulsion where the religion is concerned.” (2/ 256)

            “You cannot guide those you would like to but God guides those He wills. He has best knowledge of the guided.” (28: 56)

            “We have appointed a law and a practice for every one of you. Had God willed, He would have made you a single community, but He wanted to test you regarding what has come to you. So compete with each other in doing good. Every one of you will return to God and He will inform you regarding the things about which you differed.” (Surat al-Ma’ida, 48)

            “and do not kill a soul that God has made sacrosanct, . 5:53 says, “… whoso kills a soul, unless it be for murder or for wreaking corruption in the land, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and he who saves a life, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.”

            6- the teaching of the prophet Mohammed to Muslim if they are in a situation of inevitable war are the following:

            a- Sneak attacks are forbidden. Muslim commanders must give the enemy fair warning that an attack is imminent. b- Terrorism or "hirabah" is forbidden in Islamic law, which groups it with brigandage, highway robbery and extortion rackets– any illicit use of fear and coercion in public spaces for money or power. c- Anyone who disturbs free passage in the streets and renders them unsafe to travel, striving to spread corruption in the land by taking money, killing people or violating what God has made it unlawful to violate is guilty of "hirabah". d- The Prophet Muhammad counseled doing good to those who harm you and is said to have commanded, “Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well, and that if they do wrong you will do wrong to them. Instead, accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong (even) if they do evil.” e- The killing of innocent non-combatants is forbidden. “I instruct you in ten matters: Do not kill women, children, the old, or the infirm; do not cut down fruit-bearing trees; do not destroy any town . . . ”

            5- The bible too contains a lot of violence against women and against non believers. One must not forget that stoning for example, is a Jewish traditions, and was a common practice among Jews and Christians for centuries AD. Today only 5 out of 22 Muslim countries still practice it. The dialogue between modern Muslim countries and these countries is in progress to stop such barbaric practices.

            6- If you apologize for your stereotype, I'll apologize for mine.

          2. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

            not a stereotype read your own book the first half is love but not the second half stop with your lies

          3. Gerardo's Avatar Gerardo

            You know, Calvin, this woman Sahar will not stop; you and I and many others have read their book and its implicit message of violence and total intolerance. The standard phrase they use when you point out this message is that “those are bad Muslims that use the teachings in a bad context and do not represent the rest.” I remember the case in Israel when a Muslim baby ‘s life was saved thanks to an organ donation from an Israeli person. You know what the mother’s words were she found out her baby would survive? Alhamdulillah! Now this boy will grow to become a Palestinian martyr! Of course she must be a “bad Muslim”. Can you imagine a Christian using the teaching “love thy neighbor” In a bad context? By the fruits you recognize a good tree. Look at the Muslim countries and tell me what you see.

      2. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

        Calvin... How many Muslims are in the world? How many in the USA. If that were true... all the Muslims would have bombed the western world. This would have been over long ago. It hard to fight something you can't really see.

        There have been many peaceful, loving and tolerant Muslims in the USA and the west for many years. We have immigrated here, born here, converted here and even died here! Yet have not done the things radicals do!

        1. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

          Read the quran then talk to me. It requires domination and to kill or enslave non muslums. Read the book already. So tired of non educated people talking about muslims. Read the the damn book. Then talk to me.

          1. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

            I have read the Qur'an! You didn't read the last paragraph. I stated "WE have immigrated here, born here, converted here and even died here!" I am very well educated on my faith!

          2. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

            if you were so educated then tell the truth about it it is not love and tolerance in the second half of it it is murder dominance and slavery not to mention pediphilia

          3. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

            Calvin Does the Bible not talk of the same issues?

            As far as pedophilia... The majority of us Muslims do not follow that age old tradition as times have changed and so have we.

            Sadly, there are still those who continue the old tradions. Those include Christians like some Menonites, Amish and Mormans as well as some Jews and Muslims.

            The Bible, Torah and the Qur'an all permit marriage to young wives. Jesus himself never spoke on the subject. Possibly because Marry was 12 to 14 years old when she married Joseph when he was in his thirties.

            Maybe you should study the subject yourself!

          4. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

            First off not a christian so thats out. Secondly stop trying to belay the question. If you cant be honest about your religion then it is all lies

          5. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

            Nowhere in the bible does it call for killing nonchristians but the quran does nowhere does it say if christian law is not the law of the land then those laws do not apply. But the quran does. Quit the lies changing the subject be honest.

          6. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

            If other religipns were on here lying. I would confront tbem too

          7. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

            I am honest about my faith. Dishonest is your opinion. I don't need to "mislead" others. It's for them to choose. Your opinion means nothing to me. Especially since all your doing is arguing and trying to annoy me. Which by the way you have failed to do. All it did was make me research my answers before posting to be sure it was truthfull. lol

            Muslim means one who submits to God's will. As far as I'm concerned Christians and Jews are exactly that. If I didn't believe that I would have tried to convert my wife and kids. They are Christians.

            As far as the Bible and killing non Christians... You need to read Deuteronomy 17. Within will be the answer to your statement.

          8. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

            Again dodging the question. I am not teying to annoy you but stop you from spreading lies about the quran. Which by the way it says you are allowed to do to gain trust of nonbelievers. So since you and others on this page cannot be honest about your religion. I will counter your lies with the truth

          9. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

            Well Calvin, I answered your queations many times in different posts but maybe you should be more direct with your question. Quit flooding it with other responses so that I understand exactly what you WANT me to say rather than what TRUTH I have to offer.

            Later we will discuss this quranic verse you keep mentioning over and over as if I haven't responded. Then again maybe you are like me... Searching for the answer that will lead you to God. Doesn't matter what religion. Just the fact that you feel whole, complete and accompanied? I felt lost and I think you feel the same. Like you need THEE answer!

          10. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

            Have not answered my question once. But keep running in circles. More direct. Is the latter half of the quran about dominance murder slavery of non muslims

          11. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

            Yup that is what i thought will not answer a direct question because it is true. So all you following this. You should now realize the truth

          12. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

            Calvin I apologize for not responding sooner. I have tried to respond. Unfortunately it would be a long post and responding on an Android phone is difficult. It erased my post twice before I could finish it.

            You have some serious questions that I'm sure others want an answer to as well.

            I will respond this weekend when I am at my computer as I work out of town.

            Sorry for the delay Richard

          13. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

            I have read the quran so i know what it says. I just want you to admit to what it says. Muslims always dodge change the subject. Blame someone else instead of admitting what the quran instructs you to do. Look at europe those muslims are living the quran the way it says to. They will probably get deported for it but they are true to it. Look at dearborne mi. They are trying to enact sharia law. Just be true to yuor religion and admit the truth

    7. Daryl Porn's Avatar Daryl Porn

      I am sorry but the child was wrong he did not design something new. He took known parts and made something that is used in a bomb. Something is wrong with this whole thing. Why did his parents move back to a country where his son can learn how to make a complete bomb. His father did not say it was wrong for his son to bring the clock to school. And then disobey his teacher. His science teacher knew it would cause a problem. There is more to this story than told. Yes they were Muslim and Muslim s do kill Americans. Look at all the killings in the USA the biggest share were done by Muslims. And about all the muslims in the USA who know what some of them will do tommarow or next week. Stand Up America. We should be scared. What mall or place will be bombed next.

  1. Alvin Jones's Avatar Alvin Jones

    Prejudices are very prevalent today due to the chaos causing religious differences in the world. We should be mindful of this and take those careful spiritual steps and discernment in all matters before reaching any conclusion.

    1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      Your so right about this

  1. Brother Rog's Avatar Brother Rog

    There should be some kind of conduct rule (I'm sure there is already one in place) that forbids students from bringing to school any homemade electronics, or any another toy for that matter, that detracts them from paying attention in class. Like handheld video games and such things. That rule should be listed under safety and security and enforced so that the punishment fits the crime..... Done deal. To many teachers want to be buddies with the kids. It was as irresponsible for that teacher allowing that student to leave his sight with that homemade timing device as it was for the student to bring it to school.The school should have taken that toy away from him and called his parents. At least let his parents be part of the process before having the police take him in for questioning. Given how there have been attacks at schools in the past his electronics teacher obviously knew people might be alarmed by such a device and told him to keep it in his backpack. Why did he take it out in his English class? That was his second mistake. I see it as he builds something that looks like a crude briefcase bomb from a 007 movie and decides it would be fun to take to a public school? His parents allow it, someone reports it, people error on the side of caution, people over-react. His parents are just as much to blame as everyone else. I don't think their reaction has anything to do with race or religion. It has to do with the fear. Based on the violence we have experienced in our schools in recent years I would have to say that this fear is justified. Everyone deals with this fear in different ways. The school did not take anyone to jail or arrest anyone. They simply did the right thing and notified authorities. They parents have no right to attack the school district. We need to have some control over what kids bring to school. Now what happens? In order to make sure everyone is being treated the same do they search all the students backpacks when they arrive at school? And who pays for that? Maybe its the parents with no common sense that allow their children to bring homemade briefcase timing devices to school? What if they pay millions of dollars for the extra security that has to be installed to make sure that everyone gets searched so that there is no question that everyone is being treated the same. Freedom does not mean you get to do whatever you want with no accountability. That would be immature to think that way. I also don't feel the answer is to become hyper-sensitive to the needs of people who don't want to use common sense and follow simple rules. Any person who building a timing device inside a metal briefcase and then taking that device to your local coffee/wifi hangout and then placing that device on a table top next to you and activating that device .... will not attract all kinds of negative attention .... is really not living in the reality of the modern world. You have to hold people accountable for their action. And that include everyone involved in this. Including all of us. Where we go from here is what counts. I would imagine that most everyone would feel that taking a homemade timing device in a metal briefcase to school without proper permission would be a bad idea. So this entire incident could have been avoided if someone and his parents would have thought it through better. Giving someone millions of dollars for making pour decisions wont fix anything. I find it interesting though how greed seems to break down the boundaries between most all religion. Just my opinion.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

    God Bless

    1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

      Dear Brother Rog, I do agree with you on that point... regardless of religion, the amount demanded by the family does show some greed. Being from a Muslim background myself, and as a mother, I would not allow my kid to take such a device to school without taking pictures and talking to his science teacher before hence. Knowing the climate that is going on and how we are branded as terrorists, I don't think it was smart. On the other hand, calling the police was definitely an overkill. These are times when we should stay objective and not giveven into hate and anger.

      1. CW's Avatar CW

        The amount shows it was an act of terrorism. It was done to invoke the fear response. All they need to do is have one person that was in the room thinking that was a bomb, press charges. This act was done by his family or him with full knowledge that this would happen so they could sue. 690k Muslims refuges in the last few year, ISIS shootings and bombs, No race attached to the isis stupidity club, only fear. And this child thought is was a good idea to take a movie prop bomb that beeps to school, then claim they are just racist.

      2. Brother Rog's Avatar Brother Rog

        The school district is not our criminal authority so calling the police is the right protocol. Schools do not have electronic device experts on staff. I don't feel they called the police for the child but more for the device. In order to legally dismiss that the device as harmless they would need a criminal experts opinion. No bias here that I can say except for the safety of the entire School. Did someone else bring such a device to the same school and wastreated differently? There's no basis for a case. The only prejudice I see is on the side of the parents who seem to be motivated by race and religion. The school district on the other hand seems to be motivated by the safety of the children which is exactly what we want is caring loving and responsible parents do. I'm sure there is no doubt in anyone's mind that racial and religious prejudism exist in the world but trying to associate the acts of responsible Educators protecting our children with race or religion is completely irresponsible and ignorant in my opinion..

    2. Bill's Avatar Bill

      Here is what you do as the defense attorney: have a young Arab man walk into the courtroom and plug it into the wall during the proceedings and see how the Judge, Jury, and Bailiff react. End of hearing, parents go to jail for 30 days.

      1. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

        I agree totally

      2. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

        I agree but it would not have to be an arab. It could be a white man and the response would still be unpleasant. I wouldnt try.

  1. M's Avatar M

    this does not look like a clock, he should had worked with his teacher much more closely and filled her in on it ahead of time and found out if it would had been okay, first. then they should had realized that it did not look like a clock and that it could had been misconstrued as something else, if the kid didn't know, his father should had. But what i have to say is excuse me but there has been a lot of violent stuff going on in school so they should had planned better.

    1. Jackie Carlyle's Avatar Jackie Carlyle

      I agree. I'm not prejudiced but today you have to be careful. His father had somewhat radical ideas and even ran for president of an Islamic nation. Now they've moved from here to another Islamic Country. If I saw a clock that looked like that I would question it as well. People are allowed to say, with some "scornful bent" and not get blown up ir killed in the degree of what is going on in the name of "Islam" today. White supremacist, Homegrown terrorism, Nazi white people's party, Zionists, Right wing Christians, Gay badgers, "Crackers, you get the point. Not nice but the President doesn't doesn't protest much. 50%if hate crimes in this Country are committed against Jews. Where's the outrage? Yet we can't say, Islamic Terrorism? Why do we even have to pre-qualify it with the word "radical"? All acts of terrorism are "radical". I think if the majority of Muslims are against the behavior of the radical Muslims they must come out in very large numbers and not use fear as an excuse. If their fellow Muslims are using "Fear"to hold them and the rest of the world hostage and they truly don't like it, then they must condemn it to make the change. If Christians, Jews or Buddhists used terrorism to run my life through "Fear" I wouldn't stand for it!!! I, for one, will not collude with this coddling attitude.

  1. Reverend Matty F's Avatar Reverend Matty F

    Unfortunately, Islam is a radicalized "religion" that teaches hatred, and trains terrorists IN CHURCH. The facts are the facts. Muslims are potentially dangerous.

    1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

      Reverend, Muslims have been part of this country since they were brought as slaves from Africa. Muslims have been part of this society since the Dawn of America. The Coran is not all that different from the bible. What is really dangerous us ignorance and hate that people who have never been around Muslims are preaching.

      1. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

        I can forgive your grammar, but to misspeak history is another matter. Muslims were slave traders, not slaves...as condoned by the Quran. And yes, the bible is different from the quran; while both contain hateful teachings, the quran lays a blueprint for enslaving the world under the banner of Islam and not only condones, but promotes mass killings as a way to achieve that. The West ignore Hitler's "Mein Kampf" wherein he said exactly what his plans were, but no one believed him. The quran expresses the same blueprint...hopefully the West will not ignore it this time.

        1. Jackie Carlyle's Avatar Jackie Carlyle

          The Jewish and Christian religions have evolved more through time whereas Islam hasn't done so yet.

        2. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

          Thanks for your personal comments about my grammar. sorry, English is only my fourth language.

          As for History, I know what I am talking about. Yes muslims were brought here as African slaves and have been part of America since its dawn: below are some references.

          As for WW2 and Hitler, let remind you of the thousands of Muslims from North Africa who fought alongside the allies.

          As for the most famous mass killings that history has witnessed, I do not remember them being inspired by the Quran...

          You know, if hating people you don't know, from countries you have never been, makes you feel patriotic go for it.


          Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas by Sylviane A. Diouf, Ph.D., New York University Press, 1998



  1. Dana allen's Avatar Dana allen

    Really? He's never seen a movie or a comic strip with suitcase bombs? Regardless of your religion people need to use common sense. What parent would allow their child to take this to school? Come on people

  1. Denise's Avatar Denise

    We take one instance and blow it up to reflect that everyone is "out to get us" - I believe this young child due to immaturity and not being advised by parents and teachers showed poor judgement. Where his intentions of "no good" only he knows that answer. We cannot judge anyone! Should we be afraid of people because of their religious beliefs - what about priests who had molested young children; what about ministers who cheat on their wives; religious leaders who "steal" money from their congregations - if this is the case we would be afraid of our own shadow! We are all human and have human faults - yes, there are some who wish to cause terrible harm but can we judge them because they "believe" this is what they are supposed to do? No, judgment is from God only and He is love. Be cautious - absolutely but pray always! Be at peace!

  1. Michael's Avatar Michael

    I believe he deliberately created something that looked like it could be a bomb and then took it to school to get the reaction that he ultimately got. I also believe he and his family are scam artists that are capitalizing on valid fears that the Muslim community have themselves created.

  1. Michael Jones's Avatar Michael Jones

    My concern is that in all the photos, it looked like a bomb. Do we wait until it blows up killing kids before doing something??? No, you act in good faith to protect those kids which means getting police involved who have EOD skills in case it is a bomb. We have an issue that a majority of Muslims are silent about the terrorism going on around the world and here in America. Silence to me and most, is support. When Westboro Baptist Church began its march down the wrong road, Christians around the country condemned it but, like a Muslim neighbor of mine said, if we voice our concerns, it is apostasy and punishable by death. So it is kind of a catch 22 in some respects. But once again, look at some of the communities that have been taken over and are converting to Sharia law. That is NOT compatible with our Constitution in any way shape or form.

    1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

      You guys use the word Sharia law as a scary word, you dont even know what it means for muslims. There is no such thing as a book of laws called Sharia law in Islam. Sharia for muslims means simply living by the gospel, based on the Coran and the Sunna. These are subject to infinite interpretations and differ broadly from one country to another. The real Islam is about peace, tolerance and mercy. It is about being respectful of others faiths. Real Islam is Vety Compatible with the constitution and has existed in America since 30% of the slaves from Africa were MUSLIMS. Islam has been part of America for centuries. Now, I challenge you to find a neighborhood America where it's people are not law abiding and do not live under the constitution. Before you speak of Muslims as if they were aliens from a different planet, read some history, read the Coran in comparison with the bible, how to a mosk and meet people, maybe then speaking about Sharia will make sense.

      1. Ghen's Avatar Ghen

        I couldn't get through the first 50 pages of the Koran. It was filled with hate, intolerance, and grandiose verbiage about itself. PLEASE PEOPLE GO READ IT FOR YOURSELF. The second fucking phrase "There can be no doubt of this book".
        Scrutinize anyone and anything that demands no scrutiny.

  1. Russell's Avatar Russell

    In a word NO, should living, should we fear weather, we need to stop letting the powers control our minds.

  1. Mike's Avatar Mike

    This incident may have opened the door for an real attack by stopping the "see something, say something" if the $15 million is paid out. Just the negative attention alone may have already set us on a dangerous path. If a child can be punished for biting a pop tart into the shape of a gun, then this was an easy call unless you feel it is okay to punish the pop tart child who was non-Muslim but not a Muslim child for something that looked more dangerous than a half eaten pastry.

  1. Endemic's Avatar Endemic

    This kid was coached by his parents. This wasn't a mistake, it wasn't a poorly thought-out demonstration... This was the family carefully planning and engineering a payday for themselves.

    What this kid brought into school looks EXACTLY LIKE A SUITCASE BOMB. No parent, black, white or brown would advise their child to bring something like this into a public place. It was built, with the help of his family, to bait the school into arresting this "bright kid who just happens to be a muslim" and secure a lottery windfall for the family in the ensuing discrimination lawsuit.

  1. CW's Avatar CW

    He ignored "the teacher he wanted to impress." He then thought it would be a good Idea to pull out a beeping clock set up in a briefcase. Everyone Knows that a beeping clock in a briefcase IS A BOMB. It was reported he was arrested, which is not true. If he had been arrested he would still be in jail. He was detained from questioning. His simple act of opening a briefcase bomb, plunging it in and setting it to beeping would have terrorized any child in a school. This was not racial, this was a teenager being stupid or doing it to try to make money off of an act of terrorism.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    We should not fear Muslims. They should be afraid to make us feel fear, because fear will make us angry. It is possible to cause even an enemy to be at peace with you, if that same enemy is afraid of what you will do if he or she bothers you. I am a physically small man and getting old but I can be unpredictable if threatened.

  1. Jay's Avatar Jay

    The opposite of God's Lovingkindness has always been fear. Fear allows us all to take a single moment in someone's life and judge them, regardless of their life's worth. Part of being a child is making mistakes...How else do we grow? I refuse to judge a child's whole life based on his immature deeds in this moment. My concern is for a society steeped in hypocrisy and delusions of Godliness...Would we have this conversation if the child was the son of a Christian minister with skin a more peaceful color of white? Would we be looking at the device as a bomb? Would we all be sceptical of the family's background and motives? The Universal Teacher brings us these moments as opportunity to remove further these base filthy natures like fear...not to dive in and wallow in them....

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    Just a question: when was the last time any of us saw a recent photo of anyone NOT a muslim holding up a freshly-removed human head?

    1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

      Don't go far, US jails are full of criminals and serial killers who have chopped people' heads off and committed atrocities and they are not Muslims. Usually the heads that you see that ISIS chopped off are Muslim heads.

    2. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

      Did you forget the heads off policemen chopped off by drug dealers. Of course you never see those on Fox news. There are 3 million Muslims in the US, where have you seen then chopping people's heads.

  1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

    What it is with people talking about Muslims like that talking about one tribe... there are 1.2 billion Muslims on earth, 3 million in the US. 22 countries, more than 15 different languages. Comparing a Muslim from Morocco to a Muslim from Saudi is as Dumb as comparing a Spanish to a Russian. And American Muslims are just AMERICAN. The first Muslims were brought here as slaves, and have fought alongside you in every cause America fought for. Of course, nobody remembers them because they were peaceful and minding their own business. So stop looking at us like psychopath Martians. .We were here the whole time. We are part of the American Family, and guess what ISIS wants to kill us toooo

    1. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

      Wrong the Koran calls for violence against non Muslims therefore there cannot be a peaceful Muslim and comparing a Muslim from Peru to one from dubai should not make a difference the Koran is the same

      1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

        Well, I guess no need to argue, all Muslims are bad and violent... you just don't seem to realize that at this moment, the hateful is coming from you, not from a Muslim

        1. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

          If I were a muslim and an american, I would refer to myself first as a muslim and stop trying to convince other americans not to be prejudice. The fault does not lie with the americans or christians, but with the radical muslims. Would you let a gang member in your house to stay with you? If you did would you not suspect that person instantly if something got stolen from you? That is natural human fear and paranoia. Instead of trying to remove that fear (impossible) try to plea with the radicals to stop terrorism so the peaceful muslim can live without prejudism. Muslims have been at war for hundreds of years and to expect others to think of you as peaceful should be understandably dificult. I do not think prejudice is at fault but history.

          1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

            Don, I condemn all types of hate. The one from Terrorists (10 to 20 000 among 1 200 000 000 Muslims, so less than 1% of Muslims overall). Terrorists, are very present in the media and do not represent Muslims as they claim. By making them representatives of Islam, you give them exactly what they want. I also condemn the hate and stereotyping of all Muslims because it's just as wrong. Saying that Muslims were at war for centuries just is a simplified and narrow minded vision of a 1600 years old civilization that today extends from Indonesia in the east to America in the West. Every Muslim country (at least 22) has its own unique geopolitical history and ethnicities. Every non Muslim country today has Islamic communities that have established themselves through immigration for the last centuries.
            I am not expecting someone whose only knowledge of Muslims consists of a computer and a television to understand the peaceful aspect of Islam. If you told me that you went to all these Muslim countries who are modern and not at war (I can count at least 16) and still believe Muslims are violent, I would give you some credit. Unfortunately, geography and world history is not well taught in American schools.

  1. Thomas Harkness's Avatar Thomas Harkness

    For 20 years now I have see bullies, thugs, and muslims intentionally doing things to incite anger, fear, and frustration with the intent of causing the innocent people to react just so they can use litigation to finance their terrorism against the people that they hate. And they use righteous indignation to make it look like the victims are the perpetrators so that the perpetrators can benefit as the victims. The islamic people have been fighting and killing innocent people now for more than a thousand years and it will not stop any time soon. It is biblical that this is happening and there is a reason for it all. We need to stop looking for good Godly leaders to lead us to God and start working on having enough good Godly followers that the leaders come by default.

    Islam is right though..... the instant that last and final Christian is called home there will be Peace on Earth. The old Heaven and Earth will pass away and the New Heaven and Earth will begin. But that will not be a good day for islam.

    1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

      Thanks for comparing all Muslims to thugs. As we were told in our teachings, you can't fight darkness with darkness, let's put some light on some of your misconceptions, probably due to the fact that the only Muslims you know are the terrorists you see on TV:

      Many are not aware that Jesus is also important for Muslims. They are not aware that Muslims are instructed to follow Jesus when he will come back on earth as our savior. So here is what the Quran Says about Jesus:

      “He (the son of Mary) shall be a known sign of the Hour; so have no doubt concerning it and follow Me.” (Quran 43:61)

      “God gives you tidings of a word from Him, whose name will be Jesus Christ, son of Mary, held in honor in the world and in the hereafter, and one of those who are nearest (to God). He shall speak to the people in infancy and when middle-aged, and shall be of the righteous.” (Quran 3:45-46)

      "And in their ([the earlier prophets) footsteps We sent Jesus the son of Mary, confirming the law that had come before him. We sent him the Gospel, therein was guidance and light and confirmation of the law that had come before him, a guidance and an admonition to those who fear God." (Quran, 5:46)

      As for Tolerance when it comes to other religions:

      "O mankind! We created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that you may know and honor each other (not that you should despise one another). Indeed the most honorable of you in the sight of God is the most righteous." (Quran, 49:13)

      “There is no compulsion where the religion is concerned.” (Holy Quran: 2/ 256)

      “You cannot guide those you would like to but God guides those He wills. He has best knowledge of the guided.” (Holy Quran/28: 56)

      “We have appointed a law and a practice for every one of you. Had God willed, He would have made you a single community, but He wanted to test you regarding what has come to you. So compete with each other in doing good. Every one of you will return to God and He will inform you regarding the things about which you differed.” (Surat al-Ma’ida, 48)

      1. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

        Well done Sahar. Part of the current problem is lack of knowledge and sometimes lack of faith. However, I fear that just giving knowledge to the ignorant will not be enough. There is greater number of good true muslims than the number of radicals. I just feel like the people like yourself might hold more sway to curb the activities of the radicals if you appeal to them with your numbers.

      2. Gerardo's Avatar Gerardo

        One question Sahar; Islam teaches Jesus (Issa) is a prophet and Muslim people always say they love him sooo much but when we go to real life we find an exacerbated hate against Christians and things Christian and for me this doesn’t make sense at all. The Coran says places of cult must be respected and that innocent people must be spared yet we read about churches being blown when the people are reunited to pray. Remember the Italian café in Casablanca or the attack at the beach in Tunis? Were the victims attacking anybody? I don’t think so. I do not mention Charlie Hebdo to keep the posting short.

  1. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

    My son is white and he accidentally brought an orange toy dart gun to school in his backpack and nearly got suspended. I am pretty sure even being white the same response would have happened if he brought something that looked like a bomb. But since this kid wasnt white and attorneys can make a load of cash off of nearly anything their crooked minds can imagine. This racial crap is getting ridiculous. I dont think anyone should be punished or sued for natural fear and healthy paranoia and right now Muslims tend to illicit fear in many Americans which is not a crime. Now if we start abusing, beating or killing them without reason that would be different.

  1. Olga's Avatar Olga

    In order to assure our securiry,unfair treatment will occur in the name of safety.wake up people!-we are living in a different America.Better to error on the side of safe then sorry always.the clock looked suspecious, it was ticking, the Paris and California incidents were still fresh in the teacher mind.I applaud her for looking out for the safety of her students.As far as lawsuit goes.....Only in American where justice can be meteted out with disregard to common sense

  1. Gil's Avatar Gil

    I hear all the pros and cons of this situation. My concern is; regardless of who was right & who was wrong? Why is it always the dollar bill that makes it okay? Sure take it to court, but if the teacher was wrong then censure the teacher or the school. If the kid was wrong slap his wrist and tell his parents and family to shut up! If there was an actual financial loss let the judge consider restitution, but in no way should they be awarded $15 million dollars. That is ridiculous! And I mean this of any frivolous suit tying up the courts calendar. Money should not be awarded to anyone just to make the situation okay, restituition for losses is one thing, give me free money is another!

    1. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

      It is the dollar bill because of greedy attorneys. I think all attorneys should get the same pay and then there would be less of these ridiculous suits. Everyone wants a free ride and the working class is ultimately who pays for that free ride.

  1. Scott Etter's Avatar Scott Etter

    What if he had tried to bring it on a plan to show his friends and family in another state - how do you think the TSA would have handled it?

  1. Ed's Avatar Ed

    Look at the picture. It looks like a home made bomb! He just tore out piece of a clock, and threw it in a box, with no effort to it, what so ever. He got what he deserved. If this was a white boy, there would be no questions asked. Now, he's behaving exactly like a terrorist, doing acts that seem dangerous, and got what he deserved. He can stay in the country he left for, and not come back! That money can go towards charities in that city.

  1. Sahar's Avatar Sahar

    What is troublesome, is that in a Church where we are supposed to respect all faiths and religions some Ministers and Reverends who made an oath to abide by the principles of this church are the first ones to express their hate and arbitrary stereotyped judgements about my faith. I joined the ULC because I thought it was a safe haven from haters. A space of love, mindfulness and compassion. The same people who want tolerance for themselves, seem to believe that they are entitled to deny it to others just because they are Arabs or Muslims. To all the Ministers and Reverends who have thrown so many hateful judgements about my faith, tell me: What gives you right to denigrate people just because they are Arabs? What gives you the right to denigrate the faith of law abiding American people who just want to have a good life, 3500 of them are men and women in uniform. Have you ever met them, ate with them, lived with them, and have you really been to their place of worship? Or is it because hating Muslims makes you really believe that you are caring for your country? As Reverends and Ministers how can you hand love to ones and hate to others? How can you aspire to be beacons of light when you are preaching darkness, hate and ignorance about other humans, just because you think your culture and values are superior to those of civilizations who have been around for centuries longer than yours. What makes you think your culture is the kindest when you preach the most unkind messages. Is your history free of mistakes? Was your history all about love and tolerance? Nobody has ever committed horrible crimes in the name of your religion? As Reverends and Ministers who should hold themselves to high standards how can you make such cheap and hateful jokes? What makes you a better human being, except your own actions? You say Muslims aren't peaceful, well, are you peaceful? Are you kind, tolerant and generous? One thing I have learned from my faith, is that there is only one type of kindness: the one that is for all beings from all faiths.

    As the Buddha said "Anger and Hate are like drinking poison and expecting it to kill somebody else"

    We cannot stop you from hating us, we cannot stop you from saying the worst about Muslims all we can do is reach out to you with love and kindness.

    I will conclude by sharing quotes from the Quran about tolerance:

    “In the name of God, The Beneficent, The Merciful” The first sentence of the Quran. The verse we all repeat before accomplishing any deed.

    “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:256)

    “For you is your religion and for me is my religion.” The Quran 109:06 (Surah al-Kafirun)

    “Had God willed, they had not been idolatrous. We have not set thee as a keeper over them, nor art thou responsible for them” (6:107)

    "Fight in the way of God against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. God loveth not aggressors.” (Qur’an, 2:190)

    God bless you all.

    More readings http://english.islammessage.com/ArticleDetails.aspx?articleId=649

    1. Don McIntosh's Avatar Don McIntosh

      Well said. I think many of times leaders of the Christian religion will be judgmental at times and have poor insight into the way they are affecting their followers. I do really appreciate your posts. I have learned a different perspective than I had prior. Thanks for your willingness to share.

  1. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

    Read the Koran learn for yourself. I'm sorry but this guy is not being honest. And that is approved by the Koran to gain trust of nonmuslims

  1. “#whatdoIknow”'s Avatar “#whatdoIknow”

    Demands! This kid new exactly what he was doing! Any kid capable of building such a clock is smart enough to know the potential implications that bringing it to school may have. Let's face it, as many have said, it "LOOKS LIKE A BOMB"! In a world where we are being encouraged as a population to have "situational awareness", I think he got exactly what he deserved! Moreover, arguably one of the richest little countries in the world offered large incentives for this boy and his family to come live in the "safe" haven of Qatar, which was quickly accepted. Know this family want to sue the US government and ultimately you and I for $15 million! I for one, strongly condemn this gesture and in fact, if they read their own holy book, they would see that Mohammed the prophet discouraged such acts as well as other forms of greed including even charging interest on loans! Practice what you preach young man!

  1. Rev. Donna's Avatar Rev. Donna

    Racism is never acceptable. This country is based upon freedom of religion & that includes all religions. The child should have listened to his teacher who told him to keep the clock in his backpack. However, being treated badly by the police or other authorities is unacceptable. Two wrongs never make a right. No child should be subjected to the bad behavior of adults. Fear based actions never solve anything. My sincere hope & prayer is to heal the hearts of all concerned in this unfortunate incident.

  1. Brother Rog's Avatar Brother Rog

    In this country we separate Church from state. This was not a class project that he was assigned and told to bring to school. The school has rules, the state has rules, the city has rules. He broke the rules with the obvious encouragement of his father so he pays the price. To pretend that there is no threat to our children in the world is pure ignorance. Sounds like a good lesson learned. I bet nobody else brings a homemade clock in a briefcase to school. This has nothing to do with religion and it's ridiculous to think that it does. No person in their right mind would even consider such a thing. The facts of this case nor the law will support the plaintiffs claims. His attorney will have to put the system on trial and make it seem like erring on the side of caution is prejudicial and unjust. There's a price to pay for freedom and sometimes we may have to be uncomfortable. I seriously doubt that they will see a fraction of the money they're seeking. If they do see any money at all it will simply be money to shut up and go away. Of course it's only my opinion. God bless and Merry Christmas to all

  1. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

    Let me tell some of you a story. It's a true story about me.

    At one time in my life, I was a skinhead. Filled and consumed by hate, intolerance and violence. I hated anyone and any religion that was not Christian. I did have my doubts though. Churches often taught from their own ideals rather than Bible based subjects. It's what left me confused and filled with anything but God. Slowly, I began to separate from the church.

    I had a job where there were three Muslims. I hated them. I would call them names and try to get a fight going. I did everything I could but they would just smile and say Salam! I had to look it up. I found it odd why they wouldn't fight and would wish me blessings. I later learned that it was more than that... It was a prayer for me! I decided I needed to know my enemy. I started watching them. Learning about Muslims from the net, books and TV. I watched Ergun Caner and tried to learn as much as possible. He was later exposed as a fake and quietly hushed. I had no other option but to learn from the source, the Qur'an.

    One day, an enemy of mine was where we were working. He had a few friends with him. Needless to say the fight was on. I would have lost that fight. The reason I didn't... Those Muslims jumped in. Why did they? After all I used to argue with them all the time.

    Later, I asked them why they jumped in the fight. There response was that I believed in God. What!!! Uhm, that left me speachless. I kept reading the Qur'an and watching them. I found things interesting. Praying multiple times a day, washing themselves, etc.

    I started to ask questions and the trust started building. I began learning the real Islam. Not the fake one that Ergun Caner and others were denouncing. To shorten this story, I will say that almost 10 years later I converted to Islam.

    I am still happy with my faith. It taught me love, trust, friendship and tolerance. Something that many Christian Churches seem to preach but ignore. To know your enemy you sometimes learn of yourself... The enemy within.

    Moral of the story... I read the Qur'an for myself and learned something special! I once again found God! Then I began to find myself. Had it not been for my friends Farooq and Samir I would probably be dead somewhere or in prison.

    You can look on YouTube for my story, my conversion and after thoughts by looking up "Richard Sumtheeng"

    Equally by looking up my old YouTube name "abqskinhead" you will come to the same channel. When I converted I changed my nickname and deleted my old content.

    May God save us all!

  1. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

    What exactly are you selling

    1. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

      I'm not selling anything. This is what my life was. How it changed me. How for a long time I was loosing God and how I found him.

      You see. We all worship God. Just differently than others. We are not all what you claim. Not even the majority. Neither are others. Times have changed and history makes its claim on each other. We bash eachother using history as if it's current news.

      We are more than that. We as in christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. We have moved on. We have changed our perception and ways of practice with in our faiths. No need to bicker over it.

      With that this was my last post in this issue. It was supposed to be about a boy, an object and his claim for money. Yet once again this has turned into Muslim issue.

      Peace and blessings

  1. Calvin Pacheco's Avatar Calvin Pacheco

    it becomes that because you continue to lie about the book you follow it starts out love and peace but does not end that way and for some reason you cannot accept that and admit to it that is why it becomes a muslim issue

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