Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - November, 2015

It is a time of thanksgiving and the holidays are upon us!
We enter in to this season with a sermon on patience and discussion on the value of a day of rest. We also take on the issues of gun violence, and the influence of religion in public life.

Murder of the Month

We mourn the 9 that were slain in Oregon in another mass shooting. The routine with which these slayings occur is despicable. Can we stop the shootings?
Can we stop shootings?

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21st Century Church

21st Century Church

As churches split over disagreements on minor details and rules, believers are flocking to non-denominational churches and putting disputes behind them.
What do you think?

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Tennessee May Ban Lessons Regarding Religion in Schools

A state lawmaker is introducing a bill to end "religious indoctrination" in public schools. Her controversial attempt to stop students from learning about Islam may backfire in her deeply Christian state, and may hurt students more than it helps them.
Should kids learn about Islam?

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Faith Interference

Catholic hospitals can refuse to treat those in need if their beliefs conflict with the treatment. Should their faith be prioritized over the health and safety of the public?
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Taking a Day of Rest

God commands that we set aside time each week to observe the Sabbath. This practice may be beneficial even for those that aren't religious.
Do you honor the Sabbath?

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Samhain is not meant to be celebrated on one day, but involves a full period of reflection. These packages include special candles, a bundle of sage, and the Book of Days and can be used to bless your home and family. We only have a few left!
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Sermon: Afraid of Dying Alone?

Death can be a terrifying journey, particularly when faced alone. While we may not be able to accompany everyone as they make the great leap, we can assure their lives are remembered.

How would you like to die?
Is this new evidence of extraterrestrial life? Our minister friends on social media had a great time debating over the recent picture of the Buddha-looking rock formation found on Mars. Is this a sign of ancient intelligent life? Or as one minister suggested, the devil? Or is it just a rock?
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