Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - December, 2013

December 2013 Newsletter

This was a great year for the ULC Monastery.

Our church is now officially recognized in New Zealand. Our membership continues to grow, including the ordination of new ministers like Iron Chef Bobby Flay, Comedienne Joan Rivers, and the esteemed
Sir Ian McKellen.

We wish you and your families a lovely holiday season and a happy 2014 to come!

Our latest sermon is on the virtue of charity.

Find out how charity is expressed across different faiths, and learn about simple changes you can make to become a charitable person.

Read this week's sermon here.

The Universal Life Church has played host to many weddings over the years. We wanted to share with you the top 5 lessons we learned from these experiences.

Click here for our top 5 wedding tips.

A large retail organization recently raised some eyebrows by placing a fiction label on the Bible and shelving it next to books like Grimm's Fairy-Tales.

While Costco claims it was a simple mistake, many people were upset by the news.

Read the full story here.

Marvel Comics has created a new character to fill the shoes of hero Ms. Marvel.

No doubt the notion of a strong Muslim female character will draw the attention of Islamic Extremists, as well as the ire of Islamaphobes. The writer expects criticism from both sides of the debate.

Click here to read more.

It's no secret that attendance in traditional churches has been on the decline for a while now.

That isn't to say that people are any less spiritual now than they were before, but there seems to be a growing rift between traditional churches and the congregations they serve.

Read the article here.

Why do we have this item?

For many people across the world, the spiritual and ethical message of the Jedi Order from the Star Wars movies resonates with their personal views. Countries like New Zealand or some in northern Europe even recognize "Jediism" as a religion!

Why would you want it? Maybe you are one such person whose beliefs line up with Jedi norms. Maybe you are just a total nerd (like us), or perhaps you know someone for whom this would make a great gift this season.

Whatever your reason, you can pick up one here, and may the Force be with you!

Order your copy here.

Perfect words for the perfect wedding.

A Wedding Ceremony to Remember a must-have for everyone who wants to conduct wedding ceremonies or for those who plan to be married soon. This book is exquisite and wonderfully designed by Rev. Marty Younkin.

A great investment for every minister.

Order your copy here.

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