Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - August, 2013

Universal Life Church NewsletterAugust 2013

Star-Studded Visionary Newsletter

We love to focus on our ministers and the work they are doing across the United States. From performing weddings to opening local government meetings in prayer, we stand behind our ministers both new and old. This month we have a few surprises in store for you in this special edition of the Visionary.

From Iron Chef to Iron Minister

Theology with Bobby Flay

Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay is bringing his decades of experience in the kitchens to the sanctuary. He’s going from slice n’ dice to marry n’ bury.

What creative creations will he whip up with his new status? What secret ingredient will he bring to our table? Check out our blog to find out.

We Ordain WWE

WWE Logo

World Wrestling Entertainment star Conor O’Brian is excited to be a minister with the ULC Monastery. Noted member of the wrestling group Ascension, O’Brian has always been into learning about religion.

“This is all so intimidating…and exciting,” said O’Brian about his prospects as a member of the clergy, which is a bit bewildering considering this fighting machine has shown his sheer size and confidence in the ring.

Breaking Ground in Minnesota

Minnesota gay Marriage

R.T. Rybak is the mayor of Minneapolis and a practicing minister of the ULC Monastery. The mayor celebrated the recent enactment of marriage equality in the State of Minnesota by performing the first same-sex ceremonies on the steps of City Hall.

Check out these gorgeous photos and read the full story here.

Sir Ian McKellen, the Ordained

Sir Ian McKellen

Accomplished actor Sir Ian McKellen will be officiating the wedding of his good friend, Sir Patrick Stewart.

Known for his work on both the stage and screen in fan favorites such as The Lord of the Rings and X-Men, McKellen will no doubt bring his immense talents and years of friendship to make the day extra special.

As big fans, we wish the couple all the best, and we have no doubt it will be a memorable affair. Check out the story on our blog.

Social Savvy

Social Media Icons

Are you ordained in the ULC Monastery? We want to hear what you have to say. Share your thoughts and connect with other like-minded folks on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We recently discussed souls and personhood as India made headlines by declaring dolphins to be “non-human persons,” freeing them from captivity. Do you believe in souls, and if so, for what types of creatures? What constitutes a person? Sound off and join our community.