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Universal Life Church NewsletterJune 2013

June 2013 Newsletter

This edition of the Visionary is all about what it means to be ordained in the Universal Life Church Monastery. Of course other events have occurred on the world stage of religion since our last newsletter, but as our busy season begins, it is important for ministers new and old to explore their rights and issues concerning the church.

The Interspiritual Revolution

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You are a part of a growing movement some refer to as the interspiritual revolution.

While many of our ministers subscribe to one faith, what we share is a respect for others and their views. This is becoming more and more common. Find out more here.

Religion as Reality TV

Old Television Set

Getting ordained in the ULC Monastery has been the subject of many episodes of television, but what if there was a show that focused on ministers getting ordained and working?

Here we discuss how reality television can break out of low-brow entertainment and into teaching people about religions.

Humanists Can Perform a Wedding, Too

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Performing a wedding requires that you be ordained in a government-recognized church. For many humanists, this can present a problem.

Since the ULC Monastery respects our humanist ministers and has been shown to be legitimate, we can provide a path to becoming an ordained wedding officiant. See how on our blog.