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March 2012 Newsletter

The Ides of March are here - beware!  2012 is a year famous for its connection to the end times.  While we agree that it can be fun to contemplate far-fetched scenarios of death, doom, and destruction, the Universal Life Church Monastery would like to take time to consider more credible threats and what can be done to combat them.  Though the economy has been on a bit of an upturn for several months, more can be done to stimulate job growth and national morale in a similar way to what the space race did in the 1960's and 70's - in a very, very similar way...

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Called to a Higher Purpose

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Humanity has been called to fulfill a higher purpose. We believe that each of us has been ordained to be good a steward of this planet. Such a notion appears in many faiths, from Christianity to Paganism.

In this modern age, we should consider what it means to protect the Earth from any credible threat, whatever it may be. Though there is no imminent danger of an asteroid impact, scientists report that it is just a matter of time, and we don't want to be caught unaware. Read our plan of action.

Going to Church May Not Reduce Depression After All

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Attending church can be great for the spirit. Some claim that it can combat feelings of depression by encouraging personal growth, fostering a community, and allowing you to pursue the life you believe is right.

These reasons may be entirely valid, but it seems the conclusion may not be. See the article on our blog.

Atheist Group's Anti-Slavery Billboard Misunderstood

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An atheist group in Pennsylvania has erected a billboard designed to make Christians think critically about the Bible. But what ensued was hardly the desired effect.

Instead of recognizing the existence of some rather abhorrent passages within the holy text, Christians instead have accused the atheists of racism. Check out the full article to see where they went wrong.

Featured Items - Zondervan's Tax and Financial Guides

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It's that time of year again, tax season! Before you submit your paperwork, if you are operating a church, ministry, or non-profit, we recommend you take a look at our tax guides to be sure you are filing properly and getting the maximum amount deducted.


Zondervan Publishing has released these two great resources for the 2011 year: The 2012 Church and Non-Profit Tax and Financial Guide and the 2012 Minister's Tax and Financial Guide. If you are a real procrastinator, don't forget to have these expressed to your home.