Candle Magic for Beginners

Richard Webster

Candle magic is as simple as making a wish while blowing out birthday candles and is ingrained in spiritual traditions. Learn to cast simple, effective spells.


Product Description

Cast healing spells and protective rituals all with the power of candlelight in this in depth and easy to read guide to candle magic.

If you've celebrated your birthday by making a wish while blowing out your candles, you've already practiced the most basic form of candle magic. Candles have been used since approximately 3000 BCE to help people send off their prayers to their gods. A burning candle has been used in spiritual rituals across many faiths although one of the most prominent examples is seen in the Jewish tradition of lighting the menorah during Hanukkah. Though mostly used for decoration in modern days, the practice of casting magic spells with candles is still in use today.

In Candle Magic For Beginners you will learn about the different types of candles and how they can be used for different purposes. Discover the different candle color meanings and when the best day and time to cast your spell is. Learn how to perform different rituals to inform and enhance your life all while surrounded by the warmth of candlelight.

Author Richard Webster has authored over fifty books on metaphysical topics including Palm Reading For Beginners and now travels the world as a lecturer and workshop leader. His books make it easy for anyone interested in topics like wicca for beginners or color magic to begin their journey into the spiritual world.