Invoking the Egyptian Gods

Judith Page, Ken Biles

The power of the Egyptian gods is in your hands with this guide to invoking ancient Egyptian magic. Learn spells to improve your life and the lives of others.


Product Description

Reconnect with ancient Egyptian gods and reveal your inner potential with this guide to Invoking the Egyptian Gods.

The land once known of Khemit, now Egypt, is said to have once been the world's temple where man could walk with the gods who came down from heaven. The ancient Egyptians built temples known as "god's mansion" to be homes for the god or goddess as permanently consecrated sacred spaces. These temples would be the links between humanity and their god, where the God and Pharaoh could meet through sacred rites and ceremonies and high priests would give invocations to the gods. The Egyptians claimed that their language itself was given to them by their gods from the Spiritual Realm.

Now you too can use the magic of the gods of Egypt with Judith Page and Ken Biles's book Invoking the Egyptian Gods. In this book you'll learn the secrets found in ancient Egyptian symbols to call on the gods of Egyptian mythology and transform your life. You'll discover your true magical name and learn to create doorways between dimensions to step into the gods hidden realm. Call upon Amon for protection when traveling or invoke Ptah to help you start a new project and bring your ideas into life.

Judith Page is an expert in Egyptian pantheon and astronomy and is well known for her art specializing in the representation of the pantheon groups. Ken Biles is a writer and High Priest who has practiced Witchcraft for nearly twenty-five years and now teaches it to others in person and online. Together they have created a guide to harnessing Egyptian magic so others can awaken the power and divinity within themselves.