Palm Reading for Beginners

Richard Webster

The secrets of your future are in the palm of your hand. Learn from an experienced palm reader how to decode palm lines and impress your friends and family.


Product Description

Discover the secrets found in the palm of your hand with this easy to understand guide to palmistry, the practice of palm reading.

Palm reading has been practiced for centuries, with records of Aristotle providing providing a book on palmistry for Alexander the Great some 2600 years ago. With Palm Reading for Beginners you too can learn how to read palms and provide insight into your life and the lives of others. With helpful illustrations, this palmistry guide makes it easy to learn the ancient practice so you can have fun reading palms and impressing your friends and family.

This guide doesn't just stop at teaching you the technique of reading palms. Soon you can learn how to read and understand all of the aspects of the hands! Each person's hands are unique and each one tells a different story. With all of the things a person can do with their hands and the expressive connection it has to our brains, it's no wonder that we can interpret so much from them.

Author Richard Webster has spent years studying palmistry and now travels the world giving lectures about metaphysics. Knowing how difficult some guides on palm reading can be to read, this guide has been written to make the process easy, fun, and rewarding for anyone interested in discovering the secrets found in our hands.