Reiki for Beginners

Mastering Natural Healing Techniques
David Vennells

Reiki is an often misunderstood and ancient healing art. Interested? Learn how to enter that exciting world with this basic primer in the practice of Reiki.


Product Description

Reiki for Beginners is a clear, well-written, basic guide to Reiki healing techniques. Inside this helpful resources, you'll find information on the most fundamental principles of Reiki as a healing mechanism, and get the opportunity to explore the deeper spiritual undertones it is built upon. Reiki will now only allow you to heal the physical wounds of yourself and others, but will provide you with a vehicle to uncovering some of your own internal mysteries. As much as a healing practice, Reiki is a tool for meditation and spiritual growth.

The guide, written by noted practitioner David Vennells, begins with the history of Reiki as it was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui and moves forward into the current planet-wide Reiki community and the continued search of that community for a universal healing technique. gives you the very basic and practical principles of using Reiki as a simple healing technique.

Reiki, for the uninitiated, is a healing technique in which the practitioner channels energy (usually through her or his hands) to areas of the body in needs of healing. This guide will not only walk you through exactly what is happening when you visit a Reiki professional, but start you on the journey of becoming a Reiki expert yourself.

The uses of Reiki are nearly endless, and in combination with other natural healing techniques, like chromotherapy or aromatherapy, you might be able to phase entirely the use of Westernized medicine in your life.

It also has day-to-day uses; Reiki techniques can be effective in reducing stress and achieving calmness as you navigate a complicated life. If you've been wondering about Reiki, or are hunting for a new lens through which to see the world, Reiki for Beginners may be just what you need.