Sun Signs & Past Lives

Bernie Ashman

Unlock your potential by invoking your past lives through the sun signs of the zodiac. Improve your life, relationships, productivity, and find inner peace.


Product Description

Now you too can use the zodiac symbols to gain insight into your past lives and make positive changes in your day to day life.

The twelve astrological symbols of the zodiac wheel can give us insight to each of our past-lives. By understanding each sign we learn what our natural strengths and weaknesses are so that we can grow and evolve spiritually to express our potential.

If you're already familiar with your birthday horoscope then you may think you already know what the horoscope symbols are and what they mean to you. With Sun Signs & Past Lives you can grow your knowledge of the zodiac and better understand your "zone sign ruler" and which "zone energy field" you fall in. Discover what negative tendencies you naturally exhibit and how to use your free will to turn the negative aspects into something positive instead.

Sun Signs & Past Lives provides a helpful introduction into sun signs by diving into the different concepts that are discussed in the book. The next chapters discuss in depth each of the sun signs and each of the zone energy fields within each sign. It gives the common characteristics exhibited according to each sign and zone and how to take control of these characteristics to improve your life.

Written by highly respected professional astrologer Bernie Ashman, this book is a helpful guide to sun signs written by an authority with over thirty-five years of experience. Whether you are a zodiac novice or an experienced reader of the horoscopes, you're sure to gain a deeper understanding of the sun signs and how to apply them to your life.