T-rex outside of mcdonalds
The folks leading the anti-dino crusade call themselves Christians Against Dinosaurs (CAD) and boast nearly 30,000 members in their private Facebook group.

Are dinosaurs a hoax cooked up by a shadowy cabal of scientists, perpetuated by the liberal media, to trick people out of believing in Christ? One internet group thinks so, and they’re calling for the removal of a Tyrannosaurus Rex statue outside of a Tucson, Arizona McDonald’s location.

The folks leading the anti-dino crusade call themselves Christians Against Dinosaurs (CAD) and boast nearly 30,000 members in their private Facebook group. Like many things on social media, it’s tough to tell exactly where the line between irony and sincerity is drawn.

The group appears to be filled in equal parts with trolls who find the very concept of the page funny, and legitimately aggrieved Christians who have a *ahem* bone to pick with dinosaurs. 

Level of sincerity aside, their social media campaign targeting the Tucson T-Rex dug up a whole lot of trouble.


“Please help! This McDonald’s has this dinosaur and refuse to remove it! This is in Tucson, Arizona. Call the manager and demand the removal of this blasphemy!” read the post that started it all. Published by CAD member Josh Brown, the post also included the address and phone number of the McDonald's restaurant.

The statue in question is a beloved Tucson landmark, a lifesize replica of the world’s most popular dinosaur that was built in 1994 to coincide with the release of Jurassic Park. Its status in the community led to intense debate over the calls for removal.

Local reporters actually reached out to Mr. Brown, who doesn’t think there’s anything funny about the dinosaur hoax. “It seems to me that every dinosaur story and display or dinosaur themed event is furthering the myth that the Earth is much older than the Bible says it is,” he told reporters.

“Yes, the dinosaur should go unless they’re willing to compromise with a plaque of some kind stating that it’s a fictional character.” 

(Might we suggest Ronald McDinold?) 

For what it’s worth, it sounds like the T-Rex isn’t going anywhere. “Absolutely not,” insists restaurant management. “People really seem to like it. It’s a landmark really.” And despite employee fears of harassment or even protests outside the McDonald’s, they’ve yet to hear a peep from the anti-dino crowd.

Jurassic Snark

It’s worth noting that even the most science-denying, die-hard Young Earth Creationists don’t believe that dinosaurs themselves are a hoax. Most believe that humans and dinosaurs coexisted 6,000 years ago, Noah had two of each species on his ark, but they eventually died out due to changing climate and over-hunting by humans.

One might argue that “dinosaurs never existed” really isn’t that far removed from “dinosaurs are 6,000 years old”. Both positions ignore science dating back to 1842, when dinosaur science began in earnest.

A charitable interpretation of “Christians Against Dinosaurs” would be that, perhaps, that’s been their point all along - to ironically poke fun at scientific ignorance.

To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park: trolls, uh, find a way.

And in case you have a deep interest in combatting trolls AND learning about dinosaurs, a rival Facebook group has popped up you might want to consider joining: Dinosaurs Against Christians Who Are Against Dinosaurs (DACWAAD). No, we're not kidding. 

All that aside – what do you make of Christians Against Dinosaurs? Clever trolling, or are they actually sincere? And on social media, where, exactly, do we draw that line?


  1. Brenten Stevens's Avatar Brenten Stevens

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m guessing alllll of them graduated from Trump university .... How completely ignorant . I can provide reels of video of us removing fossilized large creatures far far older than the dinosaurs . You can’t change brainwashed fools minds until they actually remove fossils them self .

    1. Alicia Szot's Avatar Alicia Szot

      Good gods! How exhausting it must be for you to find a way to bring Trump's name negatively into EVERYTHING, even if it has nothing to do with him. I pity you.

      1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

        Oh stop it. Why do you have to go on the attack?

        1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

          Alicia is correct. If we’re going to bring politics into everything we might as well cover the two dinosaurs of Pelosiasorus and the rapidly aging Bidenadactyl.


          1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

            I thought Brenton paid Trump a complement, by speaking about a university named after him. I can see naming a nursery school after Trumpelstiltskin, for the level of mind he obviously identifies with, but a university? I don't think so.

            1. Daniel Ginther's Avatar Daniel Ginther

              Anyone who believes in "dating" in any way is a fool...Things are assigned an age as to fit a narrative.....We can only say things are old, how old, who knows the scientists don't.

              1. Richard Clark's Avatar Richard Clark

                I will will trust the scientific evidence of Carbon-14 testing over the ignorance of fundamentalists. It seems that Christian fundamentalists have no problem with Carbon-14 dating until it dates something older than 6,000 years. Glad they don't speak for all Christians.

              2. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

                then you are a fool. Carbon dating in the 1960s showed a living mollusk to be over 10,000 years old.

              3. Richard Clark's Avatar Richard Clark

                And where did you read that from, a living mollusk was shown to be 10,000 years old by carbon-14. A let me guess, a fundamentalist Christian site? It's hard for me to still believe we're still debating this issue in the second decade of the 21st century about the age of the earth and dinosaurs. And in my opinion it's about time for the mindset of fundamentalist Christianity to go extinct like the dinosaurs. And I say that as a Christian (Presbyterian) who believes in science. BTW, you should read the excellent book written by a Christian titled "The Language Of God" by Dr. Francis Collins who believes in evolution. If the name Francis Collins sounds familiar he has been on the news lately trying to talk some sense to that ignorant Trump about the severity of COVID-19, to social distance and wear masks.

              4. Vernon James Walters's Avatar Vernon James Walters

                Please take it from some one that knows for sure from God that wearing a mask and distancing will not help or protect you. God told me this virus was coming and that nothing will stop people from getting it and that if your suppose to get it you will an if your to get it and heal from it you will heal frm it, if your suppose to die from it you will die from it. I died from a 99 gmc suburban falling on top of me back on July 5th of 2019. God sent me back to earth to do more for him. I had ribs 2 through 7 on both sides of my body broken in multiple places which in turn poked multiple holes into my lungs and collapsed my lungs. Tore my sternum totally loose from the right ribs and only thing holding the sternum to the left ribs was two strands of cartilage. My right collar bone was broken in two places the acromedial bone underneath the collar bone was broken in two places as well. My right shoulder blade had a diamond shape broken out at the bottom middle area and a half inch from each side of that diamond shape broken out it cracked from the bottom all the way to a half an inch from the top of my shoulder blade. Both of my shoulders in the ball and shelf area are messed up and will take surgery to fix the problem. My right shoulder, Arm and Hand are 98% numb and hurt and I get shooting pain down my arm into my hand and out my finger tips which feel like 44 magnums going out them. I will need surgery on another part of my shoulder and on my arm and hand to fix that problem. My T 2 disc in my back is 3/4 gone and bulging badly as well as my L 2 disc is also. Both hips are messed up as well which makes it hard to walk very far with out hurting. Doctors from both hospitals I was taken to came to me after seeing the xrays,mri's and cat scans and said how are you even here talking when you should be dead and in the cornor's vehicle on the way to the morg. I told them all because God said I could be. That is all they would except. When I got to the second hospital the doctor said same thing and so did I. Then when they sedated and intubated me the doctor told my wife and olderst son that I would be sedated and intubated for at least 6 months to a year in order to heal up from all the surgeries and just what had happened to me.God healed me quickly and enough that I walked out of the hospital in 3 weeks. The doctors could not believe how fast I healed. God told me he would heal me enough to get home quickly but it would take some time to heal totally up. So now who is the ignorant ones seems you are standing in that line doesn't it. Yes before you and any of your buddies say I am full of it I have the written proof records from the hospitals with doctor notes and even got cd's with xrays,mri's and the cat scans of all the damage to my body. So may God bless you and keep it from you. I tell God every morning I wake up thank you for waking me now and ask him to for give me for all my sins every day and night before going to sleep. I seen what hell and heaven looks like and I diffenately don't want to be sent to hell. I know the devil is real I seen him and I saw Jesus and God so I know they are real

              5. John T. Watson's Avatar John T. Watson

                Carbon dating is an inaccurate way of finding the age of any object. As to believing the science, then you have made a religion of science itself. Worship what you will. I have chosen Jesus Christ. The age of the earth does not concern me anymore than your age concerns me. What does matter is your salvation through Jesus. Repent and ask Jesus into your heart and you will be saved.

              6. Richard Clark's Avatar Richard Clark

                My faith in Christ is just as strong as my belief in evolution. God was the architect behind evolution and the evolution of humankind over millions of years. You make God too small. Read "Thank God For Evolution" by Michael Dowd.

              7. David Ciambrone's Avatar David Ciambrone

                Carbon dating works quite well. BUT there are other techniques that are also used that can date thing farther back in time than carbon dating can. They do work. I trust science over fundamentalists any day of the week. And dinos existed in spite of what these "christians" think. They can't prove the dinos didn't exist.

                This is why religion does NOT belong in public schools.

              8. David Ciambrone's Avatar David Ciambrone

                Prove carbon dating is incorrect. Your statement implies all carbon dating is incorrect. PROVE it with real hard facts and not some religious clap trap.

              9. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray


                need to check your facts BEFORE starting talking

              10. Leah Petrosino's Avatar Leah Petrosino

                But carbon dating is an actual thing that you can read about and gain basic understanding of. Is there a reason you don't believe it's true?

              11. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

                because carbon dating is a fraud

                Summary: Radiocarbon dating is a key tool archaeologists use to determine the age of plants and objects made with organic material. But new research shows that commonly accepted radiocarbon dating standards can miss the mark -- calling into question historical timelines. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/06/180605112057.htm https://www.nytimes.com/1990/05/31/us/errors-are-feared-in-carbondating.html https://www.sciencealert.com/radiocarbon-dating-ancient-levant-region-calibration-inaccuracies

              12. Ricky's Avatar Ricky

                If you are going to rubbish an entire section of science then at least read your references first. The inaccuracies are detailed in your first reference Quote "These variations, or offsets, of up to 20 years in the calibration of precise radiocarbon dating could be related to climatic conditions."

                A 20 year variance in a carbon dated age of say 20,000,000 years does not invalidate the science

              13. Ricky's Avatar Ricky

                However, as stated in a post from Lionheart further down, carbon dating is only valid for objects 50 to 60,000 years old.

                Therefore other methods are used such as Uranium-series and laser ablation.

              14. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

                whats wrong, mad because I proved you wrong?

      2. James Paris's Avatar James Paris

        I have to agree. Why bring in Trump's name into everything? It's not cool, it's not funny. It only makes you look like an idiot.

    2. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

      Brenten is so right on. It would be much more relevant if they formed a group, "Christians Against the Sin of Poverty" and actually did something positive for humanity.

  1. Alicia Szot's Avatar Alicia Szot

    I have a born-again Christian cousin. One day, her husband felt the need to tell me that the earth was 6,000-some odd years old. I looked at him pretty strangely. I told him that the Earth, the other planets and the universe was billions of years old. He told me I was wrong. So, I said, "If the earth is only 6,000 years old, how do you explain dinosaurs?" His answer: Those bones were planted by Satan to make us doubt the word of god.

    That was it. I was done. There's no sense trying to talk sense into a zealot.

    I always felt bad for their kids, who will never have the pleasure of going to the Museum of Natural History and seeing all of the wonderful extinct species there. They will never visit the Planetarium to learn about the wonders of the universe. They will never have an open-minded conversation about any of this. It's sad. And what's even sadder is that before my cousin married this nutjob, she was "normal"! She love the Museum of Natural History and was open to all beliefs and the rights of people to have their beliefs. As soon as she married this guy, I, being Pagan, was evil not to be spoken to. We were best buddies growing up since we went to school together (she's 1 month older than me).

    These people feel that their beliefs are the only valid ones, there's no sense catering to them or trying to get them to see reason on anything. I hope the city, McDonalds, or whomever is responsible for this T-Rex doesn't cave to these jerks.

    1. Daniel Ginther's Avatar Daniel Ginther

      All dating that has been done is completely inaccurate that is a fact. No one knows the age of the earth, could be 6,000 years could be 60,000,000 no one knows but I can assure you the bible is correct because whenever it was it was, 'In the beginning'. Please read my post below, but for yourself being Pagan ? Why would someone believe in promote evil, death, hatred and everything else that is horrendous ? There exists only one truth, everything else is a lie.

      1. Karu's Avatar Karu

        Just because you choose to see one truth does not automatically mean "everything else is a lie." The world got along quite well before either testament of the bible was written.

        1. Tamara Marie Slater's Avatar Tamara Marie Slater

          who was there when the Bible was written? none of us, so that too could all be fiction. I am a person who grew up Catholic, turned spiritual.

      2. David Ciambrone's Avatar David Ciambrone

        I'm sorry, your answer is BS.

  1. Paul J. Fumero's Avatar Paul J. Fumero

    Incredible. These christians would get rid of Jesus if he did not fit into their crazy beliefs. I bet they believe the earth is 5,000 years old... LOL. Yiu cain't fix stiupiiid! (in a cowboy drawl). I wonder how they would react to the human footprints found beside the dinosaurs? They already had the skeletons of giants removed from the Smithsonian. Or that the entire story of Jesus birth death and resurrection was also in the story of Horus, the egyptian God of the Sun. I wonder if they would recognize him if they ever came across him? I would peg present day christianity at about 10% correct and the rest is all invented crap to support a narrative that benefits a certain group. But you'll find out the hard way eventually. BTW, I've already met him. He said why are you asking me what you already know? LOL

    1. Daniel Ginther's Avatar Daniel Ginther

      The bible is the greatest factual piece of literature ever preserved in case you didn't know. It's text has not changed over 2000 years. Any prominent historian on earth will testify that Jesus Christ lived and died, that is a fact ! The only question remains is: Was he resurrected ? Maybe you are to scared to any research on the subject ? You owe it to yourself to look at the facts and decide for yourself based upon evidence you discover, you surely do not want to be wrong because of the unknown to you right now, your life is but a blip in time....Remember energy had to come form 'something' it cannot come by itself.

      1. James Riggle-Johnson's Avatar James Riggle-Johnson

        God did not write the bible, man did. Most of the stories you read in the bible were wrtten hundreds of years after Jesus's death. The books chosen for the bible was done by committee, not God. You can claim that God guided those wrtings and their placement in the bible however, people today committ horible acts in the name of God. How can you be absolutely sure it wasn't the devil influncing those words. People today claim to live by the word of God but in the next breath they condem others, just as Jesus said not to do.

        As for the age of the universe, how can you claim to know how long 7 days is for a supreme being? Seven days could well be 14 billion years. The bible is a collection of stories to encourage a way of life full of love and peace. We have proven we are incabable of living by those lessons.

      2. Tamara Marie Slater's Avatar Tamara Marie Slater

        how do you know if the Bible is fact or fiction, we were not there when it was written. We are literally just taking the words of others and believing them. It is our right to question all things to find the truth. I grew up Catholic, (i became more Spiritual than religious) read the bible, listened to the word and came to my own conclusion. No one is perfect, Jesus was married, he was the son of GOD, but aren't we told we are all his children. If you believe God created everything, why do you not believe in Dinosaurs? Do you think God just appeared 6,000 years ago, do you honestly believe the world, the universe hasn't been around for billions of years? How can you be that ignorant, "you can't fix stupid" is right.

  1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

    so a small bunch wants to deny dinosaurs? Ok so a simple question to shut them up is "God was supposed to have made everything, so whats so hard in thinking that he made dinosaurs?"

    1. Lori Mongillo's Avatar Lori Mongillo

      Even better, ask them why God, an all powerful creator, would create the devil? That's a real puzzler. And why would God even keep this evil doer around? Just for fun? There are so many things that don't make sense in the wonderful world of the Christians.

      1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

        There is a lot of stuff from people on this thread that if you would look at it and not know they truly meant what they said and believed it, they would be sitting in a rubber room with the backwords tux

      2. Daniel Ginther's Avatar Daniel Ginther

        I'll answer your 'puzzler" quickly as I can but judging by your cynical remark about Christians your mind is full of foolishness to anything you cannot see. God created free will beings which included angels, this is not a puppet show, it easily could be but God declares he is Love...I'm sure you can attest that someone loving you because they want to is surely better than someone being forced to love you if that's even possible. For lack of a better explanation, Lucifer chose not to love God and accept all things perfect as they were, if God were just to cast him out and separate him immediately and condemn him how would that appear to all other free will beings ? Could they possibly think, I better obey and if I have to pretend to love God or else ?
        The answer is love and mercy, God is showing every free will being he is patient and is even giving the worst of the worst every chance to change his ways. Yes there is much more on this discussion but in a nutshell maybe now you can kinda grasp why.

        1. Lori Mongillo's Avatar Lori Mongillo

          I'm sorry, but I don't believe in evil spirits of any kind, other than in the minds of humankind. I see you promote division, rather than seeing the beauty of Spirit in all people. Your mind is closed to anyone else's concept of "God", and only your bible speaks to you. You exclude anyone that does not see spirituality the way you do. In seeing things this way you are able to feel superior and it allows you to be condescending and righteous. You have every right to believe as you wish, if it truly makes you a better person, but I suspect you really don't understand what that means. If humans would stop judging each other in their choice of faith, and recognize the power of acceptance and love, division would perish. I understand free will. It's quite obvious, with all the chaos in the world, that free will exists. I really do believe that Spirit works through each person, and it's not for me or YOU to say how "God" has to do His/Her work. What upsets me are people that think they KNOW what Spirit is doing. How arrogant that is. I've been around a long time. I've heard so many folks interpret biblical passages to suit what ever message THEY want to project. If you get rid of the book and just focus on Love and Spirit you will find that losing your ego and personal perspective will open you to Spirit energy. Bright blessings!

    2. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

      The problem with it is they procreate and they teach others who might not have considered it. Small groups of nonsense tend to grow and become larger groups to rival the more logical bunch. Why do you think particularly the states is in conflict right now? Too many of those small fringe groups grew.

      1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

        Sort of like the ones who claim climate change is settled science when they cant explain how the earth froze solid and then thawed out six times in its past history when mankind was nowhere to be found.....or better yet that the Big bang is fact and expect people to believe that everything in this massive universe was condensed to the size of a pinhead? Or that the very nature of the Big Bang is destroyed by Newtons first law which says that any object in motion shall stay in motion and any object at rest shall stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside source.

        So what was the outside source?

  1. John Condron's Avatar John Condron

    I think "Trump University" has (deservedly, IMHO) become a synonym for "poor education."

  1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

    Help save the dinosaurs from the Christians. Join the Facebook group Dinosaurs Against Christians, (DAC). The dinosaurs survived becoming extent when the Earth was hit by a meteorite, I'm sure they will survive an attack from a Christian group who is trying to do something God did not want to happen.

    Do you think the folks in this Christian group eat chicken? Thanks to Darwin we know the ancestors of today's chickens and birds were the dinosaurs.

    1. Daniel Ginther's Avatar Daniel Ginther

      Actually Darwins theory is just that, a theory which is devoid of any scientific fact if you understand what the definition of a scientific fact is. Darwins theory was his own notes, his own observations and what he 'believed'. The only thing that scientifically exists today is De-volution the exact opposite which is a scientific fact supported by the second law of Thermodynamics. And if Darwin was right we would have several warehouses the size of Amazon buildings housings the millions of transitional fossils that should exist, it would be really cool, but it is just not true. And the meteorite destroying earth ? That's as factual as Darwins theory. Were there dinosaurs, yes....That's all we know.

      1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

        @Daniel Ginther It appears you had terrible teachers if you think a "theory" is devoid of nay scientific fact. Please look at the SCIENTIFIC definition for the word theory. Darwin's theory is backed by so much physical evidence and scientific experiments. You will find ALL real scientists consider Evolution to be an undisputed fact. Just like Theory of Gravity, Germ Theory, Cell Theory, Quantum Theory, Theory of special relativity, and Game Theory. We have so much evidence, empirical and physical evidence for all of these theories they are accepted as fact.

        As a Christian you should learn the truth about matter such as what is meant by the word theory and law by scientists. You should also know God has evolution occurring in our world everyday. It's one of God's magnificent wonders you should be embracing. It truly is one of the wonders of God has given us. If it not were for evolution you would not be here.

        We do have buildings with millions of transitional fossils, they are called Natural History Museums. They are filled with God's transitional fossils. These fossils is just one of the many ways we know God gave us evolution.

        Praise God for giving us Charles Darwin who showed us the fact evolution is occurring.

      2. CB Cuff's Avatar CB Cuff

        Yes, science is constructed by evidence, where religion is constructed by opinion.

  1. Melinda Fulk's Avatar Melinda Fulk

    I want to make fun, but I won't. This kind of rabid, literaly belief in a book who's second chapter is mainly counterfitted by folks pushing their own agend, is only getting worse. Science denial isn't a joke as it's becoming more and more prevalent in our country - you can't be the greatst country on the world, or the leader of the world, when you have so many people screaming that the earth is flat, dinosaurs are either fake or only a few thousand years old, that certain forms of birth control are actually abortifacients - even when proven wrong, or that our president is the savior of the world. (Regardless of who they are - they're still just human.)

    Just my two cents, but I've been doing a lot of reading and studying on conspiracy theories of late, as well as current social and political happenings. sigh

    1. Daniel Ginther's Avatar Daniel Ginther

      Science denial is prevalent because the word 'Science' is thrown around by everyone about anything that they want to be be real and factual. For anything to be a scientific fact it must be: Objective, valid, reliable and calibrated. If any fact is devoid of any of this criteria it is Not a scientific fact it is only an opinion.

      1. CB Cuff's Avatar CB Cuff

        Having said that, why do you then go on to believe in an imaginary person. There certainly is nothing factual, reliable or objective evidence assuming that belief. Gods were created by humans.

  1. Minister Mike's Avatar Minister Mike


  1. Matthew Mastrogiovanni's Avatar Matthew Mastrogiovanni

    These people are in need of serious psychological help. Unfortunately America today, just isn't providing enough mental health care.

  1. Tabitha's Avatar Tabitha

    I think it’s past time for Christianity to "go the way of the dinosaurs"

  1. Charles McKenzie Jr's Avatar Charles McKenzie Jr

    It's funny to me that so many people blindly believe in science and ignore the fact that the "science" used to determine how old something is varies so much that it's dumbfounding to think anyone would accept any of it. Their hypothesis is simply too unreliable when they try and use carbon dating on fossils. First a fossil rarely contains their original carbon and fossils are contaminated with carbon from the environment during collection or preservation procedures which makes it too unreliable. So how it is that any of you who believe you are intelligent could hear a scientist say dinosaur fossils are between 240 to 270 million years old and blindly agree is beyond me. But what is even more mystifying is when people who blindly believe in the accuracy of scientists scoff at the people who believe the world isn't millions or even billions of years old and don't even consider any of the evidence that the earth and everything else surrounding it points to it not being even a million years old. But these people who believe that the existence of the dinosaurs are a myth just because they think it is furthering the myth that the Earth is much older than the Bible says seem to not even read it themselves. There are many many animals today that aren't listed in the bible but would fit under the title creatures great and small. And for the ark argument obviously there were some of his creation that he didn't plan on letting continue after the flood and that would be evident by realizing the ark wasn't built to contain that large of creatures. Seems to me these people believe that the earth is older then they realize they do otherwise they wouldn't care what anyone thinks about the age of a creature God made in the first place.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      You are incorrect Charles in your posting. Radiocarbon dating is only good for up to about 45,000 to 50,000 years. To date fossils older than that, geochronologists use different techniques such as radioactive decay of isotopes found in rocks using mass spectrometers.

      So, “what is funny to you”, as you started your article, is only funny due to lack of knowledge in the field of geochronology. You state that it’s dumbfounding that anyone should accept the science of dating materials, but in reality it’s only dumbfounding to those that are in actual fact dumb to the science, but you are not on your own. There are many who have similar views to yourself who also lack the knowledge/education in a variety of sciences. Religionists had similar issues with believing in the heliocentric system of planets revolving around the sun. And when Galileo showed, using science and mathematics, that the geocentric system was false, he was incarcerated for the rest of his life because uneducated religionists wanted to believe something else.

      Here is a good article that you might want to educate yourself on: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/how-do-scientists-date-fossils-180972391/


      1. Lori Mongillo's Avatar Lori Mongillo


      2. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

        um sorry but Radiocarbon dating is no good at all. They did this on a live mollusk and it clearly showed the mullosk was well over10's of Thousands of years old...yet they were living fresh water mollusks https://online.ucpress.edu/abt/article-abstract/82/2/72/109723/Radiocarbon-in-Dinosaur-Fossils-Compatibility-with?redirectedFrom=fulltext

        I mean even scientists now say that radiocarbon dating can and does screw up the timeline as it clearly comes back with errors, in fact a simple google search came back with over159,000 different sites showing while and how carbon dating is wrong and needs to be scrapped

        https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/06/180605112057.htm https://www.sciencealert.com/radiocarbon-dating-ancient-levant-region-calibration-inaccuracies https://www.siliconrepublic.com/innovation/carbon-dating-accuracy-major-flaw https://www.nytimes.com/1990/05/31/us/errors-are-feared-in-carbon-dating.html https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/carbon-dating-crucial-scientific-technique-jeopardy-thanks-our-pollution-heres-easy-way-fix-it-180961345/

        1. Robert A Stiff's Avatar Robert A Stiff

          Oh, good..Daniel Gray is back with more sputtering nonsense. Did "Q" tell you to wade in, Dan?

          1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

            I see you have a problem with the facts?

        2. David Ciambrone's Avatar David Ciambrone

          Try telling the real rest of the story. There are other dating methods that can date things beyond what carbon dating can do.

    2. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

      Ken Ham fan eh. Sad, you should try reading the book or playing the game by Baily Stardust she is like a 14 year old author of a childrens book teaching evolution. Sounds like you could really use the help to learn basic science.

      Also wall o text much? Like really just doing a break before the "But what is even more mystifying" part which is the start of a fresh statement and thus new paragraph would of really made that train wreck at least not also an eye sore.

      Let me explain it to you,no wait skip that your not worth the time creationist. Go get bathed in your gods warm white love as he spreads it all over your back while you say thank you god to your local priest while wearing your old altar boy costume.

      1. Daniel Ginther's Avatar Daniel Ginther

        All scientific dating is not real, all things are' assigned' an age. It's a travesty to those here who mock God because of their lack of understanding. For those who are so 'scientific" why have you not looked at the Bible and what it is as a piece of literature even before you mock its word ? Once again I think people are scared to know the truth about anything, they make up their minds quickly and that's it. Remember man knows relatively nothing and cannot create energy. Something wayyyyy beyond Man created energy, 'Energy" didn't just come by itself......Chew on that

    3. David Ciambrone's Avatar David Ciambrone

      Good answer Charles.

      And just for the record there was NO Noah flood. And to add to what you beautifully said, Carbon dating is limited to how far back it can reach BUT we have other method that can date much further back in time and they are used regularly.

      And I'll point out that the people criticizing science will state "God has created all lifeforms on earth" with no proof other than the bible. To make it worse NO ONE actually know who wrote the books in the bible. That includes the NT. The OT was written by superstitious, bronze age people with no understanding of the world around them.

  1. Wen's Avatar Wen

    “ That’s the way that the world goes round” (or flat) :)

  1. Christian's Avatar Christian

    Often I would explore the highest hills and mountains in America, and when I would draw close to the top - I would always stop and dig.
    Dig and dig until I would find what I was looking for: sea shells. Sea shells embedded in the rocks on the hill tops and mountains. A humble reminder that we are only visitors, only travelers passing through our vacation in life, planet Earth our playground for a few decades of life.

    We are Spirit. We find our Being in our Souls. We live for Love. We are created to Love Life and Enjoy Existence. However long or brief our stay.

    Do not weep for the dinosaurs, they had their time too. But it is the Spirits of dinosaurs that weep for us.
    For them, they could not escape the sudden and violent end of nearly all life. This was their fate. The dinosaurs weep for us, and for our 60 million children slaughtered by abortion, murdered before drawing their first breath... Never to see the blue skies with their own eyes, never to taste the sweet air of planet Earth, never to feel the warm glow of Sol's light on their skin... Nearly one in five American Citizens exterminated by the concentration camps of Planned Genocide in U.S.A. Executed before they were born.

    Will you stand in Judgement at the end of your time, at the end of the World ? ''I saw what they did. I said nothing. I did nothing. I saved no one."

    It is the dinosaurs that would remove US, for even as they would rip and tear, kill and eat, they never sacrificed their own offspring to false idols. With massive bodies, and some smaller brains, even the dinosaurs cared more for their eggs, than humans care for their own children.

    1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

      Ok so you are as mad as these folks. Abortion is not even close to murder, and guess what in times of famine, egg laying creatures eat their own eggs, the same way a lion will eat its own cubs to survive and have a chance at another breeding season in better times. Animals big and small are pretty good at shedding pregnancy when times of stress are high. Its people who seem have lost this natural perk as we evolved. Its just another one of the many reasons pregnancy is so very risky for women, and they have every right to call dibs on their body over some unwanted thing sucking away at their body like a parasite.

      Any theological scholar of any standing in the global community agrees the OT is very explicit that the soul does not exist in the body until after physical birth. Until then in the eyes of the abrahamic faiths, abortion is in no way a sin. We know the jews alongside the greeks made use of abortion herbs that were considered as common to have at a party as a cup of wine.

      1. Daniel Ginther's Avatar Daniel Ginther

        It seems that 'soul' life enters with your first breath and exits with your last but there is one thing wrong with your premise. Do you think our loving God really justs want, likes or even approves of abortions for any reason because that child does not have 'soul' life yet. I have to disagree, as I see it abortions can be definitely warranted in the case of rape and incest but even with that said God clearly states that he wants 'All' people to become saved.

  1. Arch Bishiop Rev Robert E Wright Jr's Avatar Arch Bishiop Rev Robert E Wright Jr

    hey Remmber this God has created all lifeforms on earth including anmials and dinosures before our time he knows what hes doing if you dont belive he created it all look in your bible becouse if you dont belive god dosent love all creaters then you dont love god

    1. Lori Mongillo's Avatar Lori Mongillo

      I don't mean to be disrespectful, but you really should get a spell checker here Mr Arch Bishop

    2. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Thank you for your very educated reply, or should that really read uneducated reply? You might want to consider just going back to school to try and get an understanding of logic and reason, but I am thinking education might be your first course of action.


    3. Karu's Avatar Karu

      That is YOUR god in YOUR mythology. There have been over time beliefs in many gods, and many timelines.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    Those pages in my bible are missing. I must have used them rolling papers. Eventually, that whole damn book will be going up in smoke,Robert. By the way, I've never heard of an archbishop before who did such a good job of misspelling words.

  1. Daniel Ginther's Avatar Daniel Ginther

    Lets possibly clear it up for everyone including the God haters....You have to look at the very beginning of the bible Gen.1:1 & 1:2 Genesis 1:2 is mistranslated, the word 'was' is really the word 'became' as E.W. Bullinger the worlds foremost bible translation expert and other have so noted, below the simple explanation....And the earth was formless and empty, and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Bible

    “And the earth.” There seems to be much evidence for a much younger universe (and earth) than secular scientists believe. The Universe could be even in the range of thousands of years old, not billions or even millions.

    However, we do think that it makes the most sense that there is a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:3, in which the world becomes without form and void, or, as the Hebrew says, tohu va bohu. E. W. Bullinger in The Companion Bible does a good job in showing that the world “became” without form and void.

    Also, it is very important to take into account that Isaiah 45:18 says God did not create the world tohu. If He did not create it that way, and it became that way, then something happened to make it so. We believe that “something” was the rebellion of Satan (Isa. 14; Ezek. 28). In Genesis 3, Satan is already against God. If Satan did not fall between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, and there is a 6 day creation as many now teach, then he had to fall while Adam and Eve were in the Garden. That seems untenable. It seems it would have taken many years for the pride to so build in Satan’s heart that he would consider rebelling against God, and even more years for him to convince a third of the angels to join him.

    How much time was there ? 1 year, 10,000, 10,000,000 take your pick cause no one knows and it is not written or told but there is plenty of time for 'whatever'. Dinosaurs did exist to deny that is really crazy but if you know anything about them, they had large body's buy relatively small lungs, they could not survive breathing in our atmosphere today because there is not enough oxygen in the air to support them, they're world Had to be different, hence they world became tohu va bohu.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      It’s not that we hate your God, it’s Just that there is no demonstrable evidence to back up your claim that your god, or any God exists, but it’s a very interesting talking point isn’t it?


    2. Karu's Avatar Karu

      “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”

  1. John R's Avatar John R

    The Bible didn't say God created the world 6000 years ago ... some pastors did.

    Some hilarious comments here (from all persuasions), thanks. Also the article was well done, quite nice to read.

  1. Hawk-A Spiritual Advisor's Avatar Hawk-A Spiritual Advisor

    In my personal and humble opinion I do not believe that anyone truly knows how old earth is. Nor does anyone truly understands God in totality. So Faith does play a big part of it. So does researching everything. Remember there are older religious texts written other than the bible. The first Biblical stories were passed down orally and only written down later by various authors. And we know how things tend to change from person to person. Faith in God is a wonderful thing and a personal thing as well. Everyone has the right to choose their own belief. The famous Dead Sea Scrolls, which contain most of the books of the Hebrew Bible, date to 408 BC to 300 A.D. So the oldest Biblical text we found is about 2700 years old. Of course, this is just what we’ve been able to locate and date. And remember they were passed down by word of mouth before that. Then go further with the research of who assembled the first Bible? Traditionally these books were considered to have been written almost entirely by Moses himself. In the 19th century, Julius Wellhausen and other scholars proposed that the Torah had been compiled from earlier written documents dating from the 9th to the 5th century BCE, the "documentary hypothesis". Who put together the books of the Bible? Jerome The Catholic canon was set at the Council of Rome (382), the same Council commissioned Jerome to compile and translate those canonical texts into the Latin Vulgate Bible. Then the following were removed: The anagignoskomena are Tobit, Judith, Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom of Jesus ben Sira (Sirach), Baruch, Letter of Jeremiah (in the Vulgate this is chapter 6 of Baruch), additions to Daniel (The Prayer of Azarias, Susanna and Bel and the Dragon), additions to Esther, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, 3 Maccabees, 1 Esdras, i.e. And remember the following were removed by Martin Luther, O.S.A. was a German professor of theology, composer, priest, Augustinian monk, and a seminal figure in the Reformation. Luther was ordained to the priesthood in 1507 A: There are seven books in the Catholic Bible — Baruch, Judith, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Sirach, Tobit and Wisdom — that are not included in the Protestant version of the Old Testament. These books are referred to as the deuterocanonical books. And then in 1604, England's King James I authorized a new translation of the Bible aimed at settling some thorny religious differences in his kingdom—and solidifying his own power. But in seeking to prove his own supremacy, King James ended up democratizing the Bible instead

  1. Bonifacio Velasquez's Avatar Bonifacio Velasquez

    Just plain ridiculous! I can't even read the article.

  1. Robert A Stiff's Avatar Robert A Stiff

    From babbling Fundamentalists, to "only I know what truth is" fanatics, to the hair-raising ignorance of christians in general, this site has it all. The refusal of christians in general to permit even the slightest deviance from their baseless, hard-core belief system is indicative of the fragility of their "religion".

  1. Bret's Avatar Bret

    Which Bible version are you referring to? There are currently several hundred English versions? Your argument about free will pretty much makes it impossible for any of these texts to be infallible.... Also the New Testament are all translations of Greek letters which were written without spacing and without punctuation. So "Let's Eat Grandma" is very different from "Let's Eat, Grandma" thus interpretations of the original written documents can vary significantly. Also I think it appears that no one thinks that God wrote the Bible and put it here (outside of the ten commandments, possibly).

    So how can you say that what was written 2,000 years ago, or 6,000 years ago are not interpretations of the word from that time period? Free will is an argument you have used, which also dictate that people are in fact products of their environment and times. Thus is it not a fair assumption that the people wrote about God in a way that made sense in that era? Look at a current translation and match it up to King James (which was based on an unreliable Latin Vulgate) what do you see? Sometimes it can be read and interpreted differently.

    Also The fact that the First Council of Nicaea of 325 dictated what is and is not included in the Bible we know today is once again based on people and their world views at the time.

    Off the topic of the Bible being the most historically accurate and best preserved document... I think that physics tends to be pretty objective. When astronomers and physicists show that light travelling from other galaxies and stars within our own galaxy take several years to several million years to reach us. Andromeda Galaxy which is barely visible to the naked eye takes 2.5 million years for the light to reach us, so we are seeing a snapshot of 2.5 million years ago in the sky. While the light from Sirius only takes 9 years.

    Is it not possible that God created everything, but God's 7 days was actually 7 billion years? Just something to think about. After all we are very small things in a very big universe.

  1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

    I was asked where did I get the facts that a living mollusk was carbon dated to be over 10,000 years old. Ok here ya go November 2005 Journal of Archaeological Science 32(11):1641-1648 DOI: 10.1016/j.jas.2005.05.005

  1. Edgar D Bitner's Avatar Edgar D Bitner

    Why are these people not protesting the Creation Museum with its Dinosaurs on the recreation of Noah's ark?

    1. CB Cuff's Avatar CB Cuff

      In addition to the entertainment experienced at this tourist trap, city officials of Petersburg were either misled into believing this was an educational facility, or they colluded with the 'founders' in misappropriating taxpayer dollars to build the site. I read it was in the neighborhood of $10 million. Of course there is the additional insult of tax exemptions.

  1. Alexander Clarke's Avatar Alexander Clarke

    The earth as with all of Gods creations evolve. There have been many species that have gone extinct due to not adapting or to natural disasters. Christians need to get over themselves.

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    As Charles Schultz wrote, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  1. Richard Lee Cornell's Avatar Richard Lee Cornell

    One could ask President Trump the question on how old the universe is. 6000 years old could be a answer if it is that could be the reason that his science background is fuzzy. Now if your Catholic it is no more than 10,000 years old. For the rest of us our solar system is 4.6 billion years old. When it comes to the Darwin effect weak ones die while the strong live. Hope these people are not the ones who mask.

  1. Michael Gabriel's Avatar Michael Gabriel

    The dinosaurs were very important part of our future and growth not only in the imaginations when finding these remains but the fossil fuels left behind that help propel us into the future. We’d all be gathered around a wood fire right now if it wasn’t for that huge amount of life and death deposited here in the 650 million years they resided on earth. It was most certainly an important part of Gods plan.

  1. David Ciambrone's Avatar David Ciambrone

    dinosaurs existed. Get over it.

    The people who disagree are usually fundamentalists and evangelicals who not just take the bible as fact but in their minds and actions add to it. Just because something isn't in the bible does not mean it didn't exist. Matter f facet a lot of what is in the bible is FICTION. Examples: the creation myths, Noah and his flood, Moses and the exodus et al.

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