Mila, French teen at center of controversy
The controversy has dominated French media to the point that French President Emmanuel Macron decided to weigh in.

When a 16-year-old French girl named Mila broadcast her thoughts about being gay live on Instagram, she probably never imagined the president of France himself would eventually have to come to her defense.

But the Lyon, France teenager has become a controversial cause célèbre for the way she chose to respond to a Muslim commenter who derided her as a “dirty lesbian” and a “dirty whore” beneath her original post. Instead of ignoring the slurs, Mila shot back with an anti-Islam diatribe in which she said that the Quran is “full of hatred" and "Islam is bull****.”

The video engraged Muslims on social media and sparked hundreds of death threats; the teen was even forced to change schools after her personal information and whereabouts were posted online. 

A National Controversy

As the headlines continued to mount, France's public prosecutor opened concurrent investigations into the incidents – one against the attackers' “death threats, threats to commit a crime and harassment," and one against Mila's own potential “provoked religious hatred”, a crime in France. The issue has reached such a fever-pitch in France that French President Emmanuel Macron decided to weigh in.

“In this debate we have lost sight of the fact that Mila is an adolescent," he told Le Dauphiné Libéré newspaper, pointing out his government “fulfilled its responsibilities” because "we owe her protection at school, in her daily life, in her movements. That necessity is separate from the criticism of religion. The law is clear: we have the right to blaspheme, to criticize, to caricature religions. The republican order is not a moral order … what is outlawed is to incite hatred and attack dignity.”

Meanwhile, the incident has drawn support from far-right French politician Marine Le Pen, who staunchly defended the teenager's actions. Conceding that while her words may be seen as vulgar, "we cannot accept that, in 21st century France, some condemn her to death," Le Pen argues. 

However, not everyone has been quick to shed tears for Mila.

"This girl knows exactly what she has done," insists Abdallah Zekri, general delegate of the French Council for the Muslim Faith (CFCM), insisting her comments were insulting, provocative and not covered by freedom of expression. He sees it as a cautionary tale: "They who sow, reap."

But other members of CFCM say that it doesn't matter how offensive the remarks, they don't justify death threats. "We have to accept all the debates and refuse all violence," says Mohammed Moussaoui.

The Limits of Free Speech

Mila has since appeared on French television proclaiming to have no regrets, though she has offered apologies to those who practice their religion “in peace." The high-profile episode has sparked a furious public debate over the limits of free speech in the famously secular republic. Some aren't sure criticism of religion should be permitted as readily as it was in the past, in part due to the country's growing Muslim population.

There are no existing laws against blasphemy, but the French public is well aware of what can happen if religious zealots hear or see something they find offensive. 

January marked the five year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, when a group of Islamic terrorists murdered twelve people at the Charlie Hebdo office in an attempt to "avenge the prophet" after the satirical magazine repeatedly published cartoons of Muhammad that drew outrage from the Muslim world.

Larger Than Islam

But make no mistake, Islam is far from the only religion whose adherents have proven overly sensitive to offensive criticism. Just recently, the comedians who created a film depicting Jesus as gay reported receiving death threats from evangelical Christians in their home country of Brazil. Clearly, threats of violence in response to supposed blasphemy is an interfaith phenomenon.

There’s an interesting question to ponder here. Freedom of speech, of course, has limits. You cannot incite public panic by yelling ‘FIRE!’ in a crowded movie theater, for example. Given the risks of evoking a violent response, does the same idea apply to blasphemy and criticism of religion? 

Should we be able to criticize religion with absolute impunity, or are there lines that simply shouldn’t be crossed - and should those lines be drawn by the government?


  1. Robert Edward Szekely's Avatar Robert Edward Szekely

    Death threats are NEVER acceptable in a civilized society. If they are made with intent, it should warrant a swift visit from and discussion with law enforcement with inquiries regarding just exactly how did they propose to kill that person. In a free society, if you are threatening to take away the ultimate freedom from another person--their life--that should justify at least a visit from law enforcement to look into it. If people know that in honestly threatening to kill someone is going to result in a visit from the police, with the potential of subsequent surveillance (based on the outcome of the interview, warrants may be justified), it just might make them think twice before they consider doing that again. Death threats need to not be taken so lightly.

    1. CB's Avatar CB

      I agree with this.

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Although I definitely believe in equal rights for all, I also believe it's sometimes best to keep my mouth shut, and go with the flow, depending on who I'm with, and where I'm at. Above all, I believe in self preservation.

  1. Jake Reynolds's Avatar Jake Reynolds

    It's always a double standard with some in any religion, calling someone names as she was called is ok, but saying anything against my belief is wrong, baloney, that's why I take an athiest stand, you can't dis my beliefs, I don't have any, well maybe one, I always thought the 426 hemi was a more powerful motor than the 427, but that's it, oh and dark roast is the very best.

    1. CB's Avatar CB

      LOL! Are you sure? Have you tried the medium roast with a bit of cinnamon? It might also depend on how strong you brew it. As for the motor, would have to do a bit of research on that before commenting one way or the other. Yes, there may be a double standard happening as it is described in the article.

    2. arawngraalrd's Avatar arawngraalrd

      I want a Wankel, but there's no accounting for Taste. If you're an Atheist, you believe in No-God, and I leave it up to you to discover that you're completely wrong, which you will, because you're going to die, as you have before. We are each immortal, and Death doesn't effect who we are. This girl's life is at risk, because she insulted a violent interpretation of Islam. This interpretation had long since been put paid by The Prophet Jesus, but Mohammed may have gone a bit daft in AD 622. Who are they who would commit murder, that they can rape Virgins? Deport them, without their gonads.

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        The reality is that no one has any proof whatsoever what happens after death. There are many superstitions, which many like to believe as truth, as a result of reading books of fables written by men, or people claiming they had near death experiences, but I guess none of us will ever know for sure until real death actually happens, and even then we might not know, if nothing happens after death.



          Excuse me, Lionheart, I can't and won't speak for others, but when I was 5 years old and my heart stopped, I did have such experience. I came from a Jewish family whose family line is related to Moses and Aaron. However, I remember seeing Jesus, who had hair black like licorice and was like a Black person's , the skin, like a person from India, and the eyes so blue, that I was able to see my reflection. I asked where I was and the man told me that I was in Heaven. His voice was soft and his hand was soft as well. He introduced himself as Jesus. I told Him, that I wasn't supposed to talk to strangers, but I introduced myself and reached out my hand to shake it. Instead of shaking it, He offered me a hug, which I gladly accepted. The room was in a pastel blue, a big table, with all kinds of food, drinks, and all kinds of flowers. They looked and smelled beautiful. They were all growing , and not any of them were cut. Even though I was almost 51/2 years old and a small child , I noticed that He was quite small (90 pounds) and 5'. I thought this was quite amazing, bec. He had the reputation of being at my mind being a super hero. When I heard His voice being so soft, I commented on how soft His voice is and so was mine. I told Him how I got teased about it. He told me, that having a soft voice was very beneficial bec. it had the people He preached to , and His friends listen to Him more closely. He said that if He spoke loudly, they would hear the volume drown out the message. I told Him I wanted to help Him and be with Him always. He told me to take care of His poor and hungry. I told Him I didn't have an allowance. He ruffled my hair, and said to tell people about Him, they wouldn't be hungry. He then told me that some people might have money, but be poor/. I asked what he meant and he that He meant, and He said one's spirit. I asked what that meant. I forgot what he said, but at the time, I remember associating that definition with my adoptive Dad. I was then told that I had to go back home to Earth. I cried stating that i wanted to stay with Him forever. He told me that He would be with me forever and pointed to my heart.


          Lionheart, in my experience I disagree with you. When I was almost 5 1/2 I remember having chest pains and my heart stopped suddenly.. I remember that i met a man who was 5' and around 90 pounds. His hair was black like licorice, skin like a man from India, and eyes so blue, that i was able to see my refection. His voice was so soft . When he introduced Himself as Jesus and told me that I was in Heaven. I was in a room painted pastel blue and there was a huge table with every kind of food, including Oreos. In addition there were are kinds of drinks .There were so many chairs I even saw one with my name on it.My bio daddy chose for to me at birth. , I offered my hand to shake it. ( He offered me a hug, which I gladly accepted. Al though I came from a Jewish family whose tribe were related to Moses and Aaron), due to some of my friends at the time , I knew who He was. I too had a very soft voice and was often made fun of it, I told Him that. He told me that it was very beneficial having such a small voice, bec. it made His followers and friends focus and listen. he told me that if His voice was loud, people would just focus on the volume and get distracted. and not focus on the message. I asked Him how I could take care of Him, He told me to take care of his poor and hungry. I told Him I didn't have an allowance. He told me that some people had money and were considered rich by having possessions, but were poor in spirit. I asked what that meant. I forgot what He meant, but understood. I mentioned my adoptive Dad being one of them ( He was financially wealthy and many possessions, but abused me every way possible). Jesus had tears roll down His cheeks , while hugging me agreed. he told me to tell people about the Lord's and His unconditional love . I agreed. He then told me that I needed to go back home to Earth. I cried and told Him I don't want Him to leave me. He pointed to my heart, and said that He will always be there. Right after that I heard the phone ring with my sister/mom talking to my bio. mom. and was told that my bio daddy was having his bypass surgery postponed for a bit, bec. he had severe chest pains and had his heart stop. It was at the time I did, When I came to, he did at the same time. He and always were very very connected. All this happened on June 20, 1974

          1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

            Thank you for your very touching Near Death Experience (NDE) story heidianne. I in no way wish to take away the experience that you say you had. I have met many who also say they have had similar experiences. One that stands out to me was someone I met at a NDE Symposium in Salt Lake City who said that Krishna came to him during his NDE. What I haven’t met yet is someone of a religion meeting a “prophet” from a different religion. We of course have very little knowledge of what is really going on physiologically in our brains as our body is going into shock from trauma, especially when our heart stops.

            For me, it would be nice, if there really is a god, that he would take the time to really show up while we are all “alive” to put an end to anyone’s doubts, and especially help little children dying in pain with cancer, or other debilitating illnesses.

            I do appreciate your reply though. Many hugs 🤗


            1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

              As far as I can tell believing in a god, a religion, and life after death are all different things. However, only those who have experienced anything first hand can truly know something is real. I will never condemn anyone for not having experienced what I have, or for experiencing things I haven't, nor will I seek to convince anyone that anything I have ever experienced is real. The only thing I have ever known for a fact is that I have ,and have had, perceptions. Everything else can only be what I am comfortable in believing. I've seen plenty of shrienks, and have never been diagnosed with a mental illness, which is reason enough for me to believe that what I have experienced is real, or at least what is perceived to be real. I have experienced much of which is called supernatural, none of which is anyone's business, but my own. I have had far too many out of body experiences, and have seen and sometimes communicated with far too many discarnate entities to ever consider that life before birth, and after death, do not exist. And none of that has anything to do with religion, or believing in a god.

            2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

              To the best of my memory, I have never met or otherwise perceived a god, or anything religious, during any of my out of body experiences.

      2. CB's Avatar CB

        What is a Wankel? Yes, death does not really affect who we are. If someone wishes to be an atheist, well, that is their decision. Yes, we shall all discover something! Yes, the ones who have threatened the girl, for merely speaking her own mind, have, shall we say, shown their true colors, which are, to say the least, not pretty. Have to agree; Mohammed may have been daft; there is evidence he suffered from epilepsy.

        1. Lewis Smith's Avatar Lewis Smith

          A Wankel engine does not use pistons, rather a 3 sided rotor around a central crankshaft. Mazda used to use them in their cars, but emissions control difficulty has sidelined the engine type. As for the original article, the young woman has every right to say and believe whatever she wishes. that is her God given right of free will. The man of islam halso had the right to express his opinions. Same free will. Where BOTH crossed the line was lowering themselvs to insults to make their points. My opinion? Her sexuality is her business, she is not hurting me with it. His defenders, rushing to cry foul and blaspheme against Islam, where is your indignation towards your brother for attacking a child? Is your faith in Allah so weak that a teenaged girl can influence you?

          1. CB's Avatar CB

            Good points!


        arawngraalrd, I have a very strong faith in God, while my husband is an Atheist and when he is angry uses Jesus Christ as a curse or address to it by saying Jesus f..n Christ He still does this, but I don't shove my beliefs down his throat, nor does he try to make me not believe. I stopped asking him to stop. However, not once have I with him or anyone else forced my belief or faith on anyone. The Lord gave us free will. In my opinion, my husband would be more much more at peace and happier if he had faith, but that is a decision he has to decide for himself. I don't think it's up to anyone, but the person to decide to believe or not. I think the girl or any other lesbian, gay, transgender, asexual, pansexual, gender fluid person should be put down, bullied, beaten, or killed. She should not have been put down for being a lesbian, and I understand her anger about being insulted and 'fought" back. The Muslims who want to her kill are horrible. I do hope the girl is protected. As for me, I trust Atheists more than Christians ( I am a humanist but my religion of choice after being a member of a few different religions including the one I was brought up Jewish) is the Unitarian Universalist, but for me I trust the Atheists the most is because they choose to like you, treat you with respect, etc. because they choose to, not bec. they were told to, by a leader, or by the afterlife.

  1. Brien's Avatar Brien

    I think any organized religion is bullcr@p and it does not matter to me if someone is gay or not. I do not care what anyone's PRIVATE lives are, as long as they are a good person. Now as far as Muslim, jewish, catholic, oh heck, all of the BRAINWASH religions are concerned, they are all declining because they are all bull. Go ahead, send me a death threat.....considering what the source would be, I just do not care.

    1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

      And yet here you are disrespecting religions all because you can. Tell you what. Go to the middle east and tell them that their religion is brainwashing. Just remember to take enough money with you to have your body shipped back home

      1. Brien's Avatar Brien

        I bend my knee to no-one. I keep my faith where it belongs, in my heart. I do not need ANYONE to tell me what to believe, nor do I fear standing up for myself. I have no reason to visit a part of the world that has been killing itself for 2000 years, nor do I give one damn what someone's brainwashed opinion is. I hope that has made it perfectly clear to you. I have stood up for myself, I have been tested. You are free to believe as you wish, just don't expect someone like me to listen to it, or even pay it any attention at all. The only thing I see is wether or not you are a decent human. Peace

        1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

          And did you see anyone asking you to bend your knee? And exactly how can you prove that YOU are not the brain washed one?

          1. Brien's Avatar Brien

            No one asks because I do not attend the brainwash academies. Every religion demands that you live in fear of some mythical being that will somehow smite you down should you chose to disobey. Look, I did not invent this crap, it has been going on as long as man has been. Take a good look at the middle east today...tell me, how many people have died so far? How many more must die before someone calls it out for what it is. As I said, you may believe whatever you wish. It is what I said it is, brainwashing. Oh, and how do I know that I am not brainwashed? Because I do not march down the street committing genocide on people that do not believe in a mythical being. How about you? I have stated my case using 2000 years of death as proof. Prove me wrong, please. Peace

            1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

              And again this is no proof other then your OPINION. Want to try again?

              1. Brien's Avatar Brien

                Have you read ANY history book? You cannot be that ignorant..oh wait, I cannot say that because there is no proof.


          If I could give you a billion up votes I would. Blessings and hugs,, Brien. Love and peace, Rev. HeidiAnne

    2. CB's Avatar CB

      Perhaps you have found them to be bull___, however, please do remember that many people have found them to be a source of comfort, hope, and strength. Much of the time when someone does not know enough about what is being taught that individual cannot see the value in that particular religion. Religion is oftenly also a cultural consideration. Some have described "religion" to be a system of spirituality. For some it no doubt is. So, then, for you, perhaps you might consider what "spirituality" means - to you. Please also rest assured, I am sending you blessings, and hope that you have a happy and good life, filled with joy!

      1. Brien's Avatar Brien

        May you be filled with peace as well. I stand but what I have said. The organized religion has made itself into the end all to be all for people needing an excuse. I have personally seen lives destroyed by the brainwash tactics of the "saving" religions. You know, save your soul, save your heart, blah, blah. It is called giving false hope and it is just as destructive as any hardship. Case in point, take this very story. Who the hell in their right mind sends a young girl death threats because she makes an off color remark about some crazy religion? Brainwashed zealots that no longer think for themselves. As I said, I stand by my statements, and I am at peace with it. May this day find you happy and well. PEACE

        1. CB's Avatar CB

          You are right; brainwashed zealots do not think for themselves, and it wreaks havoc all around! Yes, you have a good point, if one follows almost any organized religion to a "T" it can lead to fundamentalism, which oftenly could be viewed as a form of brainwashing; people lose their (if they had ever practiced it to begin with) ability of discernment and it goes downhill from there. I have seen it, too; members of one congregation proclaiming that if others do not believe the way they do those others are going to hell in a handbasket, or will suffer whatever the horrible fate of the week may be. The core idea of spirituality gets lost in meaningless ritual and those who do not follow that ritual are doomed and so on. Indeed, your point about people needing an excuse is a good one; these are the ones who will not take real responsibility for their actions. There is a good book you might think about reading: The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden. You would appreciate it. Peace and blessings to you!

        2. CB's Avatar CB

          You have made some good points! You might be interested in reading the book, The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden. You would appreciate it. Blessings to you!

  1. Dave J's Avatar Dave J

    I feel that you should be free to criticise, lampoon, make fun of, or otherwise make mockery of any religion in a free society. As soon as we start making laws that hold people responsible for what some other nutcase or religious zealot (but I repeat myself) might find offensive, then we are way past the slippery slope of religious intolerance, we are in the freefall to the abyss. What happens when someone simply says, "There is no god." and a zealot feels the need to harm the observer for that? Or a person is a Wiccan, so christians feel it's ok to hang or stone them to death? Or someone makes a picture of Mohammed and then is subject to a death decree? No, we cannot permit someone else's thoughts about our ideas make our ideas unlawful. Actions, yes. If I were to deface a mosque, or a church, or a temple, I should be held accountable. But expressing that I think Odin is a crock, should not allow those who believe Odin is the only true god to hunt me down. DaveJ

    1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

      Why not. We have one person called Lionheart who does it with almost every post. So whats wrong with her doing it?

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        My comments are meant to be constructive, not destructive. They are intended, as a free-thinker, to encourage us to be rational, and use logic and reason when thinking about making statements that could be seen as being fallacious that often are only based on written ancient texts with no provenance, other than the parchment they are written on. This is applicable to many religions and beliefs not just Christianity.


  1. Vern Dee Wall's Avatar Vern Dee Wall

    Yes, one needs to avoid stirring up murderers.

    I am reminded of a remark from Miss Manners: "It is important to have good manners. Even people who don't have good manners consider it important to have good manners."

    1. Minister Mike's Avatar Minister Mike

      I agree with you, but placing blame on someone who speaks out against murderers - no matter the style of speech - is about as distasteful as the threats.

    2. Philip Joseph Ryan's Avatar Philip Joseph Ryan

      There comes a time when good manners dictates that the ill-mannered are told to show some manners; the dilemma for any gentleman, or lady, is how much rudeness should a person be allowed to get away with before the time for action comes

  1. Keoni Ronald May's Avatar Keoni Ronald May

    The world has not fully accepted 'Free Speech'.

    It is dangerous these days, to even defend yourself, against the Muslim Nation, on the Internet.

    To have a religion, that will allow any Muslim to kill this girl, is a major current issue.

    1. CB's Avatar CB

      Excellent points, well worth considering!

  1. Gerald Wirts Johnson's Avatar Gerald Wirts Johnson

    How does one up vote here. I'm a first timer. Thanks

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Just click on the “votes” words in parentheses to the left of the 👍

      Welcome to the blog, and hold onto your hat. Your constructive factual comments will be most welcome.


  1. Rodney Knight's Avatar Rodney Knight

    I believe she had the right to defend herself how ever she should have chosen her words with more care as fore the other person the use of thier word incited this conterversy they both should be ashamed of themselves no one has the right to made nasty and vulgar comments about another person because they don't act as you would like or believe as you believe no one is so I unstained as to believe that gives them the moral high ground to attack someone i understand that words can at times feel like the sticks and stones pelting you soul but it's only true if you allow it to be no one knows your heart but you and your God please I asked people don't rise to these petty tanting of the religious Zealots Evangelicals and televangelist they are only trying bait you into argument to lower yourselves to their level and say things like things like this to give them fodder to cry religious persecution or condem a whole group please folk be calm be smart walk way

  1. Rod Gesner's Avatar Rod Gesner

    the Insecurity of fundamentalists are clearly exposed by the Threats and hatred to any that presume to contradict their "Faith"and Their gods word??? this is just an outrage that whoever thought they could attack her for being who she is and then respond with Death threats to her responding in a defensive angry statement. that was based on her feelings about those that would use their belief system to attack her..the need for Male Dominated fundamentalists to Controll and Vilify women is obviously the big Problem in Most fundamentalist CULTS that is something that should be prosecuted under Equal Rights ?Sexual exploitation and Other Serious Charges related to controlling women by threats and Violence... Jail the Offenders and Let them be their own Sexual Slaves.. As They will quickly turn on each other with no women to exploit...

  1. Robert Edward Szekely's Avatar Robert Edward Szekely

    Let us not forget that she was first antagonized with epithets, and so antagonized, responded to the insult with anger. She remains a member of a repressed minority. Mockery of any faith, to any degree, is not the same as yelling "Fire" in a crowded theatre. If certain members of a particular sect are rude, they have no right to act as though they are they injured party. If you awaken the sleeping lion, and he is hungry, it is no one's fault but your own if end up being his dinner. You can't blame the lion.

    If you claim that as you understand your faith tradition that it can broach no criticism and no insult, how do you interpret that to give you the right to hurl epithets and people who are different from you? It does not. Just because you disagree of disapprove of who someone is or what they do, doesn't justify you launching a verbal attack at them. However, if you choose to do so, then YOU sow what YOU reap.

    If I were President Macron, I would make it abundantly clear that death threats are NEVER justified, nor are they acceptable, and that if a single shred of evidence should arise of a conspiracy to commit murder or an attempt to commit murder or she suffers an untimely death, that they will be swiftly brought to justice and prosecuted to the fully extent of the law, no quarter. If these homophobes think they can hurl slurs with impunity and then try to hide behind their religion, they need to think again, long and hard. I don't care what faith tradition you claim to follow: if you're rude and intolerant towards me, you had better what out, because you will get what you deserve: and I guarantee you that it won't be an express ticket to what you may conceive of as heaven.

    1. CB's Avatar CB

      Excellent points! Thank you.

    2. Philip Joseph Ryan's Avatar Philip Joseph Ryan

      The trouble is that Europe unduly protects these unsavoury, and unjustified, expressions of Muslims because they are overly indulgent and tolerant of what they see as being cultural aspects of their religion. It trumps the rights of women, gays and any aspect of Western civilisation that Islam disagrees with. At least France banned wearing hijabs in public because of it being a symbol of the subjugation of women's fundamental rights. No religion, or belief system should be allowed to deny any person, believer or not, the fundamental right to be treated with common decency and humanity.

  1. William Leon Barfield's Avatar William Leon Barfield

    I support the right to say it, but it was offensive, and they have the right to be angry.

    1. Minister Mike's Avatar Minister Mike

      Anger, yes, death threats - NO!

  1. Lewis Smith's Avatar Lewis Smith

    i am always amused by zealots of any kind. Christian, Muslim or atheistic (yes, they exist). is their faith really so weak, so fragile, that an others opinion of it endangers them somehow? Personally, I believe in one God. Who gave us free will to believe or not. To be good people or not. To do good works in this life not for an eternal reward after death, but because it is the right thing to do to help each other: or to perpetrate evil. Please remember Matthew 7:1. I try to live by it, and my life is so much better just worrying about my own actions before my God, and knowing that HE will judge what needs to be judged. I'm done. I'll climb down off my soap box now. Peace & Love to all.

  1. J E Del Rio's Avatar J E Del Rio

    First she is only 16, she can say or think what she wants, if adults can't handle what she said, they're not adults only children in grown-ups body

  1. Richard Lee Cornell's Avatar Richard Lee Cornell

    Death threats from a Muslim is a Catholic nation doesnot go very far. With so many gays in the Frence military they might be the ones who gives out justice.

  1. Thunder's Avatar Thunder

    "Clearly, threats of violence in response to supposed blasphemy is an interfaith phenomenon."

    Can someone provide an example of a non-Abrahamic religion (communism notwithstanding) which consistently responds in this fashion?

  1. Philip Joseph Ryan's Avatar Philip Joseph Ryan

    Islam proliferate in predominantly backward nations, where women have no rights, and gays face death if found out. There can be no justification for death threats because of a 'heat of the moment' retort to insults. It just goes to show how emotionally immature these misogynistic cowards are.

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