“In God We Trust” is a national motto found in many public places, including in our schools and on our currency. Should it be on police cars, too?

A Florida Sheriff’s Department is facing backlash after proudly announcing it will be stamping the words “In God We Trust” on the back of all its police cars. Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey says the move is part of an effort to make his police cruisers more patriotic (the new decals also include an American flag).

However, the initiative is not off to a great start. Ivey’s announcement quickly caught the attention of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), which promptly filed a complaint. The FFRF calls the decal “inappropriate and exclusionary” as it seems to imply that law enforcement is endorsing the Christian interpretation of God – and perhaps even acting on His behalf.  

“Statements about a god have no place on government-owned cars,” said FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor. “Further, in a time when citizens nationwide are increasingly distrustful of law enforcement officers’ actions, it is frightening and politically dubious for the local police department to announce to citizens that officers rely on the judgment of a deity, rather than on the judgment of the law.”

Guided by the Light

However, Sheriff Ivey insists the words are intended to be inspirational and are not meant as a religious statement. After all, he points out, “In God We Trust” is a national motto found in many public places, including in our schools and on our currency.

And so far, the local community is backing him. Plans to include a waving U.S. flag on the front doors seem to have won hearts and minds, particularly of veterans. Ivey says he has the law behind him as well, pointing to a past court ruling which determined the motto “is of a patriotic or ceremonial character, and bears no true resemblance to a governmental sponsorship of a religious exercise.”

But Brevard County Commissioner John Tobia took that reasoning a step further, arguing that placing an “In God We Trust” decal on patrol cars “will measurably lower crime rates in Brevard County.”

One Motto to Rule Them All

Although the Founding Fathers declared the first national motto to be ‘E Pluribus Unum’ (Out of many, One) in 1782, another version emerged during the following century. ‘In God We Trust’ was first minted on coins in 1864 as the Treasury Secretary’s response to heightened religious sentiment during the Civil War. However, it wasn’t adopted as an official national motto until 1956 under President Dwight Eisenhower. 

Despite numerous legal challenges on the grounds of respecting the separation of church and state, that national motto has continued to endure on the basis that “God” – despite its singular nature and capitalization – does not refer to any one specific god, nor endorse any one specific religion. 

Not Going Down Without a Fight

For officials in Brevard County, this is about more than just a motto, though – it’s about the very fabric of our nation.

“They have a better chance of me waking up thin tomorrow morning than they do of me taking that motto off our cars!” Sheriff Ivey, a heavy-set man, told Fox News. “I personally believe that our country is at a tipping point, and if we, as strong patriotic Americans, don’t stand for the principals of our great nation, we are going to lose the America we all know and love!”

Since the sheriff is refusing to back down, this case could be destined for the courts. Where do you stand on the issue? Do religious messages – even if they’re baked in tradition – belong on official government vehicles? Or would the citizens of Brevard County be better served by an entirely secular fleet of law enforcement cruisers?


  1. Peggy says:

    The title of this article made me laugh. Atheists don’t believe in God, therefore, they do not believe in hell… and coming full circle, Atheists would seem to be raising nothing. They can raise a family, raise the roof, raise a pig, etc., but they can’t raise hell. I’d also like to say that Christians, for the most part, seem to think they have the right to dictate what all people must abide by. They tend to think If you are not Christian, you are not allowed to have a voice. Truth is, freedom of speech does not begin and end with Christians.

    1. Rev Buzz says:

      Thank you Peggy. Despite what many might believe, our founding fathers went to great lengths to avoid any endorsement of god or any religion in the documents that established this nation. Unfortunately, our Supreme Court has been reluctant to adhere to that concept and has bowed to the idea, that because it has been such a long standing tradition, that in god we trust is embedded as a national custom. One nation under god wasn’t added to our pledge of allegiance until the 1950s. How long is it required for such customs to exist before they are considered to be deeply ingrained in our society? If I may make an analogy, Until shortly after WWII, the Department of Defense was known as The War Department. The name change did not change the mission of providing for the national defense. It was just considered to be less aggressive sounding. I wonder if AR15 style rifles would be considered less threatening if they were referred to by their normally intended purpose ; as defense rifles instead of assault rifles? Similarly, In God We Trust, has no purpose being on our currency. It does not (or should not) increase the faith that we have in those pieces of paper. Our trust in that paper is based on our nations ability to back it as acceptable legal tender, with no regard to any religious beliefs. Catholics are often criticized for worshipping idols/statues. What they actually worship is what those statues represent. That is no different than our pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth, which is a flag representing our nation. OK, I’m done for now.

      Bottom line – In God We Trust doesn’t belong on a police car any more than you would expect it to belong on a military vehicle. Think about it.

      1. Rev. Joseph says:

        I feel you have said everything I wanted to say except one thing. The very act of stating, “God does not mean but one god or deity in that statement,” is actually against the Christian doctrine. However, it is another example of how they use half-truths and partial lies to cover the fact that Political Leaders have been injecting The Christian Agenda into the laws of The United States of America since the 1950s.

    2. Jack Gerber says:

      That is very well stated.

    3. arawngraalrd says:

      “Hell,” should be capitalized, as in “Life is Hell.”
      The Secret of Reincarnation, btw, is that Life is Hell. We really just let souls gravitate where they’re heaviest.

  2. Dr. Tinsley Keefe says:

    Religious messages don’t belong on any public buildings or cars or money…Separation of Church and State…there is a reason for that….one day most people won’t believe in god or goddess anymore….science and love …that’s what we need more of …

  3. Lea Weisenbach says:

    We are a secular country and it should be removed….I tend to not trust anyone that wears a cross..

    1. Val Jester says:

      Have you ever cracked a history book? Have you read ANY of the founding fathers writings on the inclusion of religion and faith in the formation of our country?

      1. Don says:

        Funny how your history books missed these:

        “The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”
        1797 Treaty of Tripoli

        Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise.”
        James Madison — Letter to Wm. Bradford, April 1, 1774

        “In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty.”
        Thomas Jefferson — in a letter to Horatio Spofford, 1814

        “It is too late in the day for men of sincerity to pretend they believe in the Platonic mysticisms that three are one, and one is three; and yet the one is not three, and the three are not one.”
        Jefferson’s Letter to John Adams, August 22, 1813

        “The legislature of the United States shall pass no law on the subject of religion.”
        Charles Pinckney, Constitutional Convention, 1787

        “No religious doctrine shall be established by law.”
        Elbridge Gerry, Annals of Congress 1:729-731

        “And the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.”
        Thomas Jefferson to John Adams

      2. Don says:

        Here are a few more your history books missed:

        “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries.”
        James Madison — 1803

        “I have generally been denominated a Deist, the reality of which I never disputed, being conscious I am no Christian, except mere infant baptism makes me one; and as to being a Deist, I know not strictly speaking, whether I am one or not.”
        Ethan Allen, Revolutionary War Hero

        “Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst.”
        Thomas Paine

        “What is it the New Testament teaches us? To believe that the Almighty committed debauchery with a woman engaged to be married; and the belief of this debauchery is called faith.”
        Thomas Paine

        “Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, then that of blindfolded fear.”
        Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, August 10, 1787

        “Lighthouses are more helpful than churches.”
        Benjamin Franklin

    2. arawngraalrd says:

      We are no more Secular than Christian;
      A+SJWs are Agents of Tyranny.

      1. Dr. Tinsley Keefe says:

        We are a secular country, and god isn’t real….and that’s ok.

        1. Lionheart says:

          Correct! And until anyone can prove ANY god is real we are in fact a secular world!

          The car sticker could just as well read “In Zeus We Trust”, or “In Fairies We Trust”. All being just as meaningless as that which is currently on the cars. If I had a choice I’d go with the “In Fairies We Trust” because that would please many children until they grow out of it and see reality, which sadly, many adults don’t do with “In God We Trust”.


        2. arawngraalrd says:

          Have you found proof, that God isn’t real?
          It’s mostly our Press, Democrats, and other agents of Tyranny, that deny God.

          1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

            I believe in many gods and goddesses, and then there’s the ultimate unknowable diety (in Wicca and Paganism); The All, in Hermetic philosophy. And Satan might even be a god-like diety, to Satanists. And all of the Satanists I’ve known have seemed like better people than most of the Christians I’ve known.

          2. Dr. Tinsley Keefe says:

            Do u have actual proof that she does exist? Not just, “I saw “goddess” or “god” in a dream or think I heard his/her/their voice, but actual proof? Has *anyone* ever had that kind of proof? It’s like your employer telling you to keep working and that they’ll pay you a huge sum of money after you die….u really gonna go for that?

          3. Lionheart says:

            “Have you found proof that god isn’t real?”

            I’ll use whatever method you used to determine fairies, and all the gods of other religions aren’t real.

            Please let me know what that method was so that I can use it to show to the world your god is real. I could do with my name on the Nobel prize.


    3. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

      I don’t mind crosses as long as they don’t hàve figurines of Jesus on them. That turns them into crucifixes. Plain crosses were known and used as powerful symbols long before the birth of Christ.

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

        I’m just glad I know that God and Goddess are real, and dont care what anyone else thinks about it. I minister to all, without preaching, or trying to convince anyone of my beliefs. Whatever’s right for you is fine with me, as long as it isn’t being forced on anyone, like too many fools try to do.

        1. Lionheart says:

          I’m just very curious Carl as to what knowledge you have, which presumably is demonstrable, that has caused you to know that a god and goddess is real?

          Just asking!


          1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

            I’ve had many magickal experiences in my life I’m happy to tell you, my friend, none of which I can prove to you, nor would I ever care to try. I’m just selfish in that way, and glad of it. My time and breath are too valuable to me to waste on nay sayers. I’m content with your disbelief and lack of religious experiences, and hope you always remain the same. You seem most contented that way.

          2. Dr. Tinsley Keefe says:

            Carl, what are your experiences? I’d like know 😊

          3. Lionheart says:

            Thank you Carl. I’ve had some wonderful experiences in my life, some would say they were magical, but in reality they were just wonderful experiences. I never attributed them to a god or goddess, or fairy, though it would have been very easy to say that, but being a realist I just couldn’t.

            I’ve been to magic shows, like David Copperfield’s in Vegas, and I had no idea how he did it, but my head tells me they were somehow tricks and not from any god. Amazing experiences though!

            Good to hear from you my friend.


      2. arawngraalrd says:

        Garuda was really quite bright, when born among the Devas, after the Ocean of Milk War.

        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

          The magick we speak of in Wicca is not the same thing as magic tricks performed by magicians. We’re talking about both personal power, and divine magick of our dieties, which is the same thing as what Christians call miracles. However, in Wicca we believe us Wiccans can have more of a direct influence on such things than Christians do. We also believe that everything about the life of a Wiccan is magickal, but not only in what others call supernatural, but in the things that others take for granted, such as the air we breath, which is truly a magickal experience. Then again, we of Wicca view much in different ways than others. We don’t even believe in such a thing as the supernatural, for all is contained within nature. That concludes today’s lesson in Wicca 0301. Blessed be !

          1. Lionheart says:

            We are doomed Carl, but the good thing is, we get to spend our time in Hell with some amazing people who have frequented our time space.

            I’m just hoping Joel Osteen, Benny Hin, et al don’t follow us. I’ll raise my athame to the 4 quarters to make sure that doesn’t happen. 🤪

            Blessed be!

            Archbishop Lionheart 😇


    4. Rev. Brien says:

      I am proud to NOT be trusted by you. Now before you get heated up let me explain…
      I wear what I chose to wear. I do not ask permission nor do I care what someone thinks about it.
      I believe what I chose, and I believe how I chose. My faith is not part of some old work of fiction.
      Nobody represents my faith but me, it is my faith not yours. I also do not care how you keep your faith.
      Words do not offend me, actions do. I do not give a damn if a cop shows up dressed as a circus clown, as long as he or she does the job. For that matter, I do not care what the car looks like either.
      I do not care what definitions or labels you use to define you or someone else. I do not believe in labels, they are just wasted words.
      I do not hate because someone told me to. I make my own choices based on the faith I keep in MY HEART. Your choices are your own.
      If people put the same energy they use to argue over stupid crap into something positive, the world would be better for it.
      Lastly, for the record, the cross I wear has a deep personal meaning to ME. I did not ask for, nor do I care about your opinion. Be a good human, and I will try to do the same. PEACE

  4. James Slack says:

    I believe the sheriff has the right to put In God We Trust in his squad cars. The non religious believers have to get over it and suck it up. It’s time we put God first, instead of satan. The time has come to stand for religion and down with non believers and bring them to our thinking. So let’s make God Great Again

    1. Lionheart says:

      In god we do not all trust. It’s time for religionists to suck it up and realize that not everyone has the same archaic beliefs, so let’s make logic, common sense, and reason make America great again without its mythical gods.


      1. Dr. Tinsley Keefe says:

        I agree. Amen 😊💕

      2. Val Jester says:

        This is a church blog. Why are you here?

        1. Don says:

          This is a ULC blog. Why are YOU here?

        2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

          ULC is not a Christian sect, Val.

        3. Lori says:

          Wow Val…. Did you think this was a blog about YOUR perception of church? It’s about Universal Life! Each person has the right to view and share their experience of who God is or isn’t.

      3. Jack Gerber says:

        Very well stated, Lionheart

      4. Lea Weisenbach says:

        Lionheart you took the words right out of my mouth. Spot on

    2. Lea Weisenbach says:

      James Slack…You need to look at religion….It has s trail of blood behind it…It uses the word god to do Satan’s work..Actions speak louder than words.

    3. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

      Unless you’re trying to sound like a functioning illiterate James Slack, Satan is a proper noun, and should always be capitalized. Thank God (figuratively speaking) there’s no o such thing as Christian English !!!

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

        I didn’t put that o between no and such in my above comment. It was the Android poltergeist !

    4. Dr. Tinsley Keefe says:

      Both “god” and “satan” are fake hun

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

        That’s one man’s opinion.

        1. Lionheart says:

          No, not just one man, it’s mine as well, 😜 until someone can demonstrably prove to me that they exist, they remain fake, just like fairies.


          1. arawngraalrd says:

            Then you choose to believe Truth is Falsehood, because Fairies are real too.
            Is George Washington a fiction, since we know he didn’t really cut down his father’s cherry tree?

          2. Lionheart says:

            Oh goodie. I’m glad fairies are real. My daughter is going to be soooo pleased to know that. I know she’ll ask me how I know they are real, and I’ll just tell her that you said they were. I do get a very sneaking suspicion she won’t believe me without proof but I’ll try my best to indoctrinate her to believe you.

            Thank you for your confirmation. Have you told anyone else yet, or am I the first one to know. Just asking!


        2. Don says:

          Facts and evidence do not care about your feelings nor opinions.

    5. The Doctor says:

      Sheriff is an elected position, he is a servant to all in his county. His will is not what matters but the will of the people. Unless he ofcourse like so many corrupt badge wearers and politicians think he is some supreme authority.

      And stand for which religion? If you mean christianity, then which version?

      Your idea of a god is not everyones, nor should it be. Think as you like but keep it to yourself because pushing such ideas on others is the root of tyranny that was torn out by better men then you centuries ago when they founded the U.S. of America.

      1. Rev. Joseph says:

        Good point to be made in this comment.

        elected officials and anyone that works for the people should not be touting anything that does not belong to ALL of the people they serve.
        They would never put the Wiccan Motto, “Harm None, Do What Ye Will,” on their cars. So, why this term that can only serve to alienate a good portion of the community.
        It seems as if they are asking for their to be an issue just to get attention and/or have a reason to start a fight.
        that is it…
        they ARE trying to do that…
        taking attention away from something else.

        QUICK… look for what else is happening right now that is not being paid any attention.

  5. Dr. Tinsley Keefe says:

    Sweetie “god” isn’t real…just a childlike view of the afterlife and stuff…..pls turn to science and love

  6. Gene Evans says:

    This is people with a lack of religion trying to force their ideas on people who believe in religion.

    1. Don says:

      Wow, really? So asking people like you to not shove your god in our face is forcing ideas on you?
      Have you always been this obtuse?

    2. Lea Weisenbach says:

      Gene..that’s wait the opposite..It religion again trying to enslave our minds.

    3. Dr. Tinsley Keefe says:

      No, Gene….this would be true if atheists had a campaign to put, “god is fake” on the backs of violence cars….yes, that would be forcing our beliefs upon everyone….but we are not doing that, are we? Instead, it’s the Christians that are doing what you accuse us of doing….by placing “In god we trust” on the backs of the cop cars….that, sir, is forcing your religion upon us…you all started this mess, not we.

      1. Lionheart says:

        Christians would complain, and rightly so, if police cars had signs saying “In Santa Clause We Trust”. They would say that’s totally ludicrous, but in reality, it’s no more ludicrous than “In God We Trust” as both are fallacious statements.


        1. arawngraalrd says:

          Unless you mean my cat Sandy; people talk about how Sandy claws and he slay; that cat is a total fiction. Saint Nicolas, otoh, is an actual historic person, thought to be an avatar of Odin/Poseidin, last rumored to be residing in Florida. God, also an actual person, serves Coffee farther north. The Easter Bunny, The Leprachaun and Doctor Kildare are all real people.
          Enough about my peer group, it seems to me, the Sheriff is simply making a patriotic show, based on a pre-existing violation of the First Amendment.
          Now, I hope it’s not illegal for me to write Trump across the White House, on the backs of my U$20s.

          1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

            You can even write Trump sucks across the White House, and tell them I told you to, if you can get past the Secret Service.

          2. The Doctor says:

            actually it is technically a crime to deface, damage, or alter any valid currency in the U.S. Sure plenty smash pennies and make notes on cash but it is not legal to do so just, not really ever enforced except when it comes to counterfeiting.

  7. arawngraalrd says:

    “In God We Trust,” could be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Theist, Buddhists should trust Anyone, and Scientology would still demand Cash, but seems improper for Congress to adopt. Once adopted by Congress, it seems patriotic for the Sheriff to display on his vehicles, and Atheists can pound on Florida’s copious Sand. This could go before the SCotUS, as a challenge to the rights of Congress.
    If you really want to disenfranchise the Atheist+Social Justice Warrior, which is not a bad idea, have Electors vote their Marksmanship.

    1. Don says:

      Atheists aren’t SJWs – SJWs tend to not take responsibility for their own actions…just like fundamentalist Christians.
      Both of those groups need to learn to take responsibility for their actions.

  8. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

    And what about the Goddess? The Goddess gave birth to the God. Why isn’t she included?

    1. arawngraalrd says:

      I hardly think that Congress would be aware of Her current Avatar.

  9. Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. says:

    In God We Trust is a holy statement. If you can find that holy statement written on dollars and pennies,than you should obey the Holy Bible which speaks of Jesus Christ that is the first born of the dead according to Revelation 1:5.
    Because we are living in the U.S.A.,we are really living in a Christian like country called U.S..Tobacco is satanic.Marijuana and illegal drugs are also against the Holy Bible oh all Christians in the U.S.A..(Galatians 5:19-21)(2 Timothy 3:1-5)

  10. minister james says:

    aw, just follow it with “…all others pay cash…”. and, may we all find that better day…

  11. Lea Weisenbach says:

    The problem is with this is that religion keeps trying to take over..Freedom of religion us also freedom from religion. I’m a Survivor from Christianity and I don’t want this type of influence at all. The thing us..if everyone just lived their religion instead of wearing their label the world would be a better place.

    God is different for everyone..I beleive its Goid Orderly Direction and nothing to do with the invisible man.

    I my self made a choice not to wear a label just because of people judgments and just plain ignorance…It gets sickening that I get dissected by Christians and I can’t question them.

    Freewill..freedom if thought…and understanding our pure nature is spiritual…Till this world starts respecting others for their choice..And not being selfish and billing others in pushing their religion..We will never have peace in this world…God has no religion..

    1. Lea Weisenbach says:

      The word is bullying ..not billing.

  12. Rev Buzz says:

    I sent a post on November 8th in response to Peggy’s initial post. If the administrators of this site are going to arbitrarily refuse a posting, they have an obligation to inform the person who submitted the post the reason for it being refused. I used no profanity, nor made any ugly or rebellious remarks. Please acknowledge.

    1. Don says:

      Good luck with that. None of my four comments (clear, concise, free of profanity) were posted for this article.
      Yet the religious bigots continue to post with impunity.
      This one will likely get squashed as well.
      It’s getting to the point of pathetic. Oh well.

  13. Maia next santo santos says:

    A respondent wrote earlier this is a church, why are you here, what kind of audacious arrogance gives this person the right to ask such a question, all the years I’ve been here I’ve never seen the monastery infer I must believe in a god, (I don’t) and I don’t believe with our rights that people can’t say, write and do what they feel, as long as it follows legal guidelines. Why am I here? To listen and read others opinions and thoughts, why the fuck are you here with a brain dead thought process.

  14. Alicia says:

    Atheists don’t want to be told what to believe or what not to believe. So why are they bitching about a decal? Have the people take a vote. If a majority wants the decals to stay, they stay. What does it matter anyway?

    Since you don’t think this phrase should be on police cars, what do you think about it being on money? Do you refuse to buy things because “In God We Trust” is written on money?

    People…pick and choose your battles well. This is a stupid argument. Let it go.

    1. The Doctor says:

      I just dont use cash at all myself. luckily my debit card doesnt say a thing about any mythical being on it. Though maybe if I ever decide to splurge on a custom debit card Ill get Zeus shoving a lightning bolt of the so called Christ’s arse.

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

      We’ve got to talk about something, and ULC doesn’t give us a choice. We can’t only pick and choose old articles all the time. We must move on to the new.

    3. Rev. Joseph says:

      In regards to using money. I don’t. I use debit cards and direct deposit of funds. I never have cash of any kind on my person. The few times someone gives me cash money, I immediately put into the bank to be digitized into funds in my account. Therefore, I am not spreading the doctrine of Christianity, subverted or otherwise, by using the cash money that it is printed on.

  15. Lionheart says:

    Of course atheists don’t want to be told what to believe, and neither should children.

    Personally, I would prefer a sticker that says “In Logic And Reason We Trust”, but I’m just guessing that might upset some deists using their tax dollars to pay for it to be added to vehicles.


    1. arawngraalrd says:

      Logic is feminine:
      I don’t trust it,
      but appreciate its beauty.
      “in Gold we Trust; God willing.”

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom says:

      What about a sticker on police cars that states “We will we will rock you !”

      1. Lionheart says:

        Yesssssss!! I’m all for that.


  16. Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. says:

    In God We Trust is a holy statement. If you can find that holy statement written on dollars and U.S. currency,than you should obey the Holy Bible which speaks of Jesus Christ that is the first born of the dead according to Revelation 1:5.
    Because we are living in the U.S.A.,we are really living in a Christian like country called U.S..Tobacco is satanic.Marijuana is satanic  and an illegal drug that is also against the Holy Bible oh all Christians in the U.S.A..(Galatians 5:19-21)(2 Timothy 3:1-5)

    We are Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. that are still married spiritually. Read Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 5:1,2

    1. Lionheart says:

      Don’t agree with you Jay. I would never trust your mythical God. Quotes from your old book of tales and myth mean nothing. You’ll be saying you believe in Adam and Eve, and talking snakes next.


  17. Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. says:

    In God We Trust on U.S. currency really. According to the Holy Bible, what does it say about God?

    Jude 7 New King James Version

    7 as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them in a similar manner to these, having given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

    Revelation 22:15 New King James Version

    15 But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie.

    Revelation 21:8 New King James Version

    8 But the cowardly,unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

    1 Timothy 1:8-15 New King James Version

    8 But we know that the law is good if one uses it lawfully, 9 knowing this: that the law is not made for a righteous person, but for the lawless and insubordinate, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, 10 for fornicators, for sodomites, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine, 11 according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God which was committed to my trust.

    12 And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry, 13 although I was formerly a blasphemer, a persecutor, and an insolent man; but I obtained mercy because I did it ignorantly in unbelief. 14 And the grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant, with faith and love which are in Christ Jesus. 15 This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.

    1. Don says:

      You forgot Ezekiel 23:20
      Please stop quoting that book, it doesn’t impress anyone here.

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