Chick-fil-A restaurant exterior
Chick-fil-A has attained church-like popularity and recognition in part because the food and service are both consistently good .

San Antonio has decided to ban controversial fast-food giant Chick-fil-A from opening a new location at the city’s airport. After plans for the new restaurant were made public, community groups expressed concern over the company’s record on LGBTQ rights. Amid growing pressure, the San Antonio City Council voted 6-4 to bar the popular fried chicken chain from opening.

“With this decision, the City Council reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality and inclusion,” declared District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino, who voted against Chick-fil-A’s airport expansion. “We do not have room in our public facilities for a business with a legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior. Everyone has a place here, and everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport.”

Defiant Response

Following the decision, Chick-fil-A representatives released a statement expressing their disappointment. But they weren’t the only ones to complain. While many supporters of LGBTQ rights were thrilled by the news, critics say banning Chick-fil-A from the airport is an unnecessary attack on religious beliefs that will only sow more division.

Sen. Ted Cruz was quick to seize on the issue, writing on Twitter: “San Antonio City Council voted to ban @ChickfilA from the airport bc the company gave to…the Fellowship of Christian Athletes & the Salvation Army?!? That’s ridiculous. And not Texas.”

Others argue that the personal religious beliefs of the company’s ownership should be of no concern to anyone. Chick-fil-A doesn’t discriminate against customers, and people of all walks of life are free to visit their restaurants.

Double Trouble

But the people of Buffalo aren’t buying that argument, either. In a surprising move, the city of Buffalo, NY has also decided to ban Chick-fil-A at the city’s airport. Assemblyman Sean Ryan announced the news on Twitter:

This development came just days after the San Antonio decision, a troubling trend for a fast-food franchise eager to improve its image.

A History of Controversy

Chick-fil-A has been the source of controversy ever since the company’s owner first publicly spoke out against gay marriage back in 2012. That incident sparked nationwide boycotts and spurred supporters of “traditional marriage” to line up around the block to show their support. Profits jumped over 12% on the year.

Since then, investigations have also revealed the company donates sizeable amounts of money to groups that actively oppose LGBT rights. Just this week, it was reported that Chick-fil-A has donated $1.8 million to religious groups with troubling records of anti-LGBT discrimination.

While tasty fried chicken is the heart of its business, the company has made no secret of its religious views, even splattering biblical verses on its restaurant walls. One recent New Yorker piece compared the chain to a megachurch.

Principle vs. Pleasure

And therein lies the problem: Chick-fil-A has attained church-like popularity and recognition in part because the food and service are both consistently good. Boycotting means giving up that delicious dining experience – something not everyone is willing to do.

This dynamic forces consumers to reconcile their spending power with their own moral and ethical stances. Do you support LGBT rights enough to stop eating at your favorite restaurant? It’s an interesting question – and not an easy one to answer. Even some members of the LGBT community admit eating there despite knowing full well the company’s stance.

What do you think? Do the religious influences behind Chick-fil-A bother you? Should our conscience stop us from handing money to companies with views we find distasteful?


  1. Ben says:

    There is no room for intolerance in the 21st century.

    1. Joe says:

      Yes and bans and boycotts are the essence of intolerance.

      1. NV says:

        Boycotts and bans are a civil way to create change. In no way are they intolerant. This company actively pays others to campaign and lobby for the removal of the rights of one group because they don’t have approved sex. Which is completely asinine.

        1. Gerardo Defendini says:

          I am not pro or con when it comes to sexual orientation. I believe everyone should have the same rights. Gay or not.

          BUT, I will fight tooth and nail for your right to disagree with me one way or the other.

          Let’s get clear. What Chick Fill A did is no different than what AARP, for example, along with thousands of other businesses do every year for decades.

          You have a right to lobby for whoever and whatever you want without being afraid your business will suffer for it. That is true Democracy. If you want to keep from eating there, that’s your right. You can even convince others to do the same.

          If this place refused service because of religion, that would be illegal but they did not. An American business has a right to open a place of business anywhere they want to.

          1. Jim says:

            Well said Gerardo. Its funny when people talk about Intolerance yet they don’t want anyone else to have an opinion if it does not agree with theirs. I’m not a fan of Chic fil a but I may just start eating there.

          2. Ralph McKinzie says:

            Words of Wisdom

          3. Don W. says:

            God made the rules we have to accept them he is just. he loves us, we must turn from our Wicked Ways so our land can be healed. our preacher says that gay people can come to the church and hopefully hear the word and be saved and yes people have a right to go to hell if they want to. Don

      2. Stephanie Willey says:

        Let’s be clear here. The bans and boycotts are the direct and directed result of the owners well stated intolerance and the corporate practices of intolerance.

        1. Hank Stanco says:

          Reverse discrimination.

        2. Joe says:

          So they are not entitled to their beliefs?

          1. SAC says:

            They are entitled and I am entitled to not do business with them

        3. kim says:

          wrong. stating and standing for one’s conscience is NOT intolerance. Banning a private enterprise from serving the public (including gays) based on religion (NOT bigotry) IS intolerance.

          1. Don says:

            If all they were doing was “stating and standing for their conscience” they wouldn’t be ignorant homophobic cowards. They don’t seem to have any issues with Jesus, and he was gay.

          2. John Owens says:

            Right, try to remake Jesus in your image,, knowing it’s a lie, and you don’t even admit He was real. IF he’d been gay, YOU’D be writing hymns praising him, instead of being a troll.

          3. kim says:

            hmmm…in your vernacular, ignorant christophobic freaks were the one’s who had issues in this scenario and are (fortunately) in the minority in this country. Jesus wasn’t gay which would have broken the old commandment dooming mankind to annihilation. And, he wasn’t the faggish image religion gives us (again in your vernacular).

          4. Don says:

            Please don’t use vulgar bigoted terms and state it is in MY vernacular. I have never stooped to such infantile terms. It makes you look like a sleazy two-faced sack of trash…and no one wants that. Thank you.

          5. kim says:

            ah so… mean you like to give it out (ie/ignorant homophobic cowards) but you’re too much of a whimpering snerd to be able to take it. I expected as much.

          6. Don says:

            Please show where I used vulgar terms to describe a segment of the population. Failing that, apologize for your sleazy lie.
            Unless, of course, that’s how you want to be seen publicly. Your choice.
            See You Next Tuesday.

          7. Don says:

            Yep, about what I was expecting.
            Thanks for being the standard, predictable, hateful spewer of lies.

        4. Gerardo Defendini says:

          Not aware of any “corporate practices” done that are illegal. Lobbying and promoting is not illegal. They have a right to lobby on anything they want. Boycotts I understand, Bans for nothing illegal, no.

    2. Gerardo Defendini says:

      I find it really curious that the Bible says the punishment for being gay is God will judge them after death and may not go to heaven after death and it causes people all over to have a fit, banning and boycotting yet the punishment for homosexuality in Islam countries is death and the same people are OK with that.

      1. John McLallen says:

        No, I am not ok with that and to ask it is asinine. As for the right to lobby against the LBGT community, that, too, is something I am not OK with. Lobbying against an innocent community is reprehensible. However, let’s take this argument a bit further, would you be ok if it were the Jewish community? African Americans? the mentally and/or physically handicapped?

        The second that you are ok with lobbying against any specific group or discriminate against age, race, creed, color, national orientation, sex, sexual orientation, income and marital status, to name a few, is ignoble.

        1. kim says:

          I’m fully against aging and am not ashamed of it, I have no interest in non-American nations since I live here and am not ashamed of it, I have my own “creed” (faith) and I’m not ashamed of it, I recognize skin color because I’m not color-blind and I’m not ashamed of it, un-Americans aren’t welcome here because this is America and I’m not ashamed of it, I recognize sexual differences and am not ashamed of it, I’m not gay and I’m not ashamed of it, I’m rich and I’m not ashamed of it, I’m traditionally married and I’m not ashamed of it. I suggest people like John McLallen just admit the Emperor has no clothes because his list of “discriminations” is mostly a PC contrivance to attack the society. Lobbying is a tool of contrived non-normative minorities and NOT the majority which has no need to “lobby” and in doing so would be lobbying against itself. Such PC attacks by those who choose to be “offended” in some manner are designed to destroy society rather than righting a wrong. If you think you’re not “ok” with something…get over it.

          1. John says:

            Kim, you and your ilk are to be avoided at al costs.

          2. Don says:

            Are you ashamed of your pointy white hat?
            “non-normative minorities” — You realize that you belong to one too, right?

        2. kim says:

          you left out the key word.….CONTRIVED. An excellent example of twisting someone’s words to make it appear in another context. That’s called a lie. If you’re referring to me being a kkk then know that it was the democrats who were kkk who were in favor of slavery. I’m not a democrat. I’m an American. And proud of it. We all should be.

          1. Don says:

            “the democrats who were kkk who were in favor of slavery”

            Yes, and that was before the Democrat and Republican parties switched ideologies in the 1960s. Strange how your “history” leaves that part out, given that leaving that important piece out makes your statement a sleazy lie.

            Contrived, indeed. Are you ashamed of hypocrisy?

          2. Gerry says:

            You noted your attitudes against income levels, age, skin color and other beliefs and freedoms that you do not support.

          3. Don says:

            “Personal attacks such as what you gave me are an excellent indication that an actual rebuttal to my post cannot be found and resorting to such rhetoric is always nice to see from that perspective”
            It’s fun to expose hypocrites using their own words!

          4. John Owens says:

            They didn’t switch. At all.

        3. Kathy Franklin says:

          There is a HUGE difference between L.B.G.T, the African American community , and the mental/
          physically handicapped communities and the biggest difference is their right to choose to live a gay or lesbian lifestyle anyone who lobby’s against the L.B.G.T is lobbying against that lifestyle CHOICE!!

          Why is it that its okay that people who are okay with L.B.G.T lifestyle are not okay with ANY opposition
          I am perfectly fine with everyone’s opinion, even when its the exact opposite of mine because guess what? sometimes I’m wrong and have been known to change my stance on some issues.
          How boring would the world be if we all l took the same stance on things, and agreed on every issue.
          How ignorant are people who think that we should.
          I don”t care for sea food but my kids love it, should I ban it from my house or should I choose not to eat it ?
          How Ignorant would that be? I don’t like Red Lobster so I choose not to eat there.but I didnt lobby against it when one came to my town, because it would have been ignorant for me to do so.

      2. Carl Elfstrom says:

        My favorite fried chicken has always been KFC original recipe. Nothing else compares. Next to that I like my own fried chicken made with Tony Cachere’s Original Creole Seasoning. I’m not much into eating out, and am too good of a cook to have to, besides the fact that I love grocery shopping, primarily at Kroger. It it wasn’t for that I’d stay home in solitude a lot more, and buy almost everything from Amazon. I think I ate in a Chik – fila just one time, in Lexington, Kentucky, about a decade ago. I can’t recall having come across one here, in Galveston, Tx.. I’m all about equality, diversity, and equal rights for all. Throughout the month of June I even wear a Gay Pride hat pin. I don’t like hearing people talk
        Ing about their prejudices, and try to avoid the people I know who do that. My father was very prejudiced, and I was able to successfully avoid him for the last twelve years of his life, I’m proud to say. Of course, I wasn’t in his Will because of it, but can’t miss what I never had. Nevertheless, I have a memorial set up for him, in a corner of my living room, above my bookcase, and in addition to other things I display his burial flag from the veterans cemetery, in Houston. He twice enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps., and had deployments in both the aKorean and Vietnamese wars, as a sniper scout in Recon, and retired from the merchant seaman’s union. Even prejudiced people aren’t all bad, and I won’t condemnanyone. I won’t even say or think anything bad about Satan. That’s God’s job, not mine. And, Chuck Norris is one of my favorite actors. I’ve even got four seasons of Walker Texas Ranger, and some of his movies on DVDs that I love watching, but we won’t be swapping spit in the shower, an I wouldn’t want to be his friend. I won’t drink Coors beer either, and wouldn’t be caught dead in a Chik-Fila.

    3. Gary Minnis says:

      There is intolerance EVRYWHERE in the 21st century

    4. ron says:

      it doesn[t matter what happens,JESUS is still the SON of GOD. and every one has to pass away, and then non believers will have to stand before GOD and answer to HIM.

      1. Don says:

        Cowardly superstitious threats of damnation have no place on this page.
        Shame on you. Grow up.

  2. Larry Copeland says:

    I follow the teachings of Christ! I’m a Christian..Jesus says they are non believers they must be Sinners then. Christians are told by Jesus not to associate with them. You believe or don’t. The choice is yours go to heaven or to Hell.

    1. kim says:

      wrong….the Bible says to not be unequally yoked. doesn’t say to avoid association with. Jesus obviously associated with women (Mary Magdalene), sinners (Zacharias) and thieves (Judas). The concept of “shunning” in the context of a boycott is not found in the Bible.

      1. Chasity Harrison says:

        Amen! And Proverbs advises to not argue with fools.

    2. Ken Parsons says:

      Jesus associated himself with what was considered the outcast of society back then, not the religious at the time. He was so radical he preached love and peace, not the judge mental preaching some religions preach today. If you cast the first stone be prepared to have them thrown right back at you.God doesn’t need any help from any of us to judge another one. That’s His job. Yours is to “Love your neighbor”

    3. Carl Elfstrom says:

      I’m happy where I’m at right now, and won’t address where I’m going after death, until I’m dead. Until then I intend to live it up the best I can,within my morals ( of which are of my own making). I once read someplace to let the dead bury the dead. That sounds a lot better to me than trying to be something I’m not, in hope of going to some imagined place after death, so I can spend eternity with a bunch of equally insincere spirits, worshipping an egotistical god who constantly needs to be praised. He must not know how to practice spiritual principles. He won’t get any praise from me. I don’t even like arrogant people, and seek to avoid an arrogant god. I’ll take my chances living in the present moment, since that’s all we ever have.

      1. Carl Elfstrom says:

        And the Wiccan Rede says “With a fool no season spend, or be counted as his friend.”

  3. Miranda Allison Young says:

    I am a lesbian. I have many friends who are LGBTQ. I boycott any organization or business that donates to anti-LGBTQ organizations or mistreats any LGBTQ people. If they want my business, they will have to change and I doubt that they will do that.

    1. Gerardo Defendini says:

      First let me explain I do not judge people at all in my business for sexual orientation. I have the right to have that opinion and conduct my business that way. In my opinion, businesses that fail to do that will suffer as they should as they are heavily narrowing their clientele. BUT I will fight you tooth and nail for your rights to be the same rights I have.

      First, Chick Fill A has not “mistreated” anyone I know of.
      Second. So it’s OK for places like AARP, UBER, Google, IBM and others to do the same thing (including donations and lobbying) for the opposite side? Does that sound fair to you? It does not to me.

      U.S., people and businesses have a right to lobby and express any views as long as they don’t break the law. Period.

      1. Don says:

        “Chick Fill A has not “mistreated” anyone I know of.”,_2014
        So murdering people isn’t mistreating them? You are delusional.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Thank you God we have the right to believe and have our opinion. Many are oppressed and not allowed. Love and let live.

  5. Georges Jansen says:

    As long as you like the food, what do you care about the owners views…. you are entitled to their views as you are to
    yours •

  6. Alan J Meunier says:

    Who wants the restaurant in an airport to be closed on Sundays anyway? Makes no sense right off the bat.

    1. Hank Stanco says:

      And yet they did not use that particulate planation.

      1. Gerardo Defendini says:

        Spoken like a true scholar. Tell me, what the heck is a “particulate”, genius?

    2. Leslie says:

      Exactly, Alan. An airport needs to provide as many amenities as possible. The airport is the first impression visitors get of a city and its surrounding areas. Here in Louisville, KY, we obviously have KFC as it’s headquartered here, so if people want to eat chicken there, they can. When an airport has too many choices, I always fear that my layover will be a long one!

  7. Clay Beardmore says:

    Gay Marriage = Homosexuality (there’s no argument).

    God’s condemnation of homosexuality if abundantly clear – He opposes it in every age:

    * In the patriarchs (Genesis 19:1-28)
    * In the Law of Moses (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13)
    * In the Prophets (Ezekiel 16:46-50)
    * In the New Testament (Romans 1:18-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Jude 7-8)

    Why then, have homosexual interpretations of Scripture been so simple: People want to be convinced. Since the Bible is so clear about the issue, sinners have had to defy reason and embrace error to quiet their accusing consciences (Romans 2:14-16). As Jesus said “Men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their seeds were evil”
    (John 3-19). As Christians, we must not compromise what the Bible says about homosexuality – ever. No matter how much you desire to be compassionate to the homosexual, our first allegiance belongs to the Lord and to the exaltation of His righteousness. Homosexuals stand sin defiant rebellion against the will of the Creator who, from the beginning “made them male and female” (Matthew 19:4). Don’t allow yourself to the intimidated by homosexual advocates and their futile reasoning – their arguments are without substance.
    Homosexuality if not a disease, neither is it a psychological condition. Homosexuals need forgiveness, because homosexuality is a sin.
    Remember, no matter what the sin is, whether it is homosexuality or anything else, God has provided forgiveness, salvation, and the hope of eternal life to those who repent and embrace the Gospel.

    1. John A Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON says:

      New Testament locations cited (other than Matthew) were written by people who had no contact with Yeshua ben Youssef. John was born AFTER the Crucifixion, and the bulk of the remaining NT was written by Saul of Tarsis, who brought the opinions of orthodox Judaism into Christianity when he converted. Yeshua himself said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about homosexuality specifically.

    2. Thomas N Binnall says:

      clay, EVERYTHING TASTES BETTER WITH PUBIC HAIR IN IT. You’re welcome to use your bible in your own life, but know that it’s harmful to use YOUR bible to judge others.

    3. Thomas N Binnall says:

      Clay, When ( how old) were you when you made a conscious decision to NOT BE HOMOSEXUAL?

    4. Lori says:

      Clay, you beat the biblical drum for condemnation of homosexuality, but do you beat the same drum for the adulterers and fornicators, who are equally condemned by the bible? Our own President is an adulterer and a fornicator, not fake news. And yet, so may Christians support him, unequivocally. I am having trouble understanding the ‘pick and choose’ thing that happens with people that rant biblical verse. I guess some things can be overlooked while others can’t. Enlighten me.

      1. edward says:

        Simple, An adulterer and Fornicator was a better choice than a socialist, sell your soul, leftest criminal. It’s called the lesser of two evils. Have Faith and live in the real world.

        1. Lori says:

          Wow, if you say so. Lesser of two evils….there you go picking and choosing and judging. What ever works for you. Bright blessings

    5. Scott J S says:

      And yet, so many Christians ignore Matt 7:1-2, taking it upon themselves to pass judgement upon OTHER sinners, when Jesus has specifically instructed us to leave judgement to He who is the only one who is fit to Judge, He who is the only to sit upon the Throne of Judgement.

      The overall message of Christ was to lead a good life, and to celebrate your love of God and His love for you, and to set a good example for others. The whole idea is so that non-believers will see you being peaceful and happy even when your life circumstances are bad, and wonder why they don’t have such peace and happiness in their lives. Then you share the Gospel with them, and they see that their sin is what is causing their pain, leading them to ask Christ for forgiveness of their sins.

      Unfortunately since many Christians feel justified in expressing messages of hate towards homosexuality and others such as the spiritually lost young ladies who seek (or are led to) abortions. These people don’t see Christians as gentle, caring, loving people who are at peace with their lives because of their faith, instead they see hate and sometimes even violence – and when you are already emotionally hurting, why on Earth would you associate with such people?

      I doubt God will ever judge you harshly for simply “allowing” someone to be gay. However I suspect that if you drive away someone from the message of Christ because you overly emphasize ONE of their sins out of proportion, influencing that person to not seek out Christ, He may address that with you when you stand before His throne. In other words, Matt 7:3.

      By the way, are you this insistent about the sin of Divorce to non-homosexual individuals?

      1. Lori says:

        Scott, that was nicely said, without so much of the drum.

    6. John D. Partin says:

      Clay Beardmore, neither you nor anyone else here has proven that whatever condemnation there is in the Bible of homosexuality actually came from God and not just from the men who wrote the Bible, in order to make “God agree with them” and “sanctify” and “justify” their views and impose them on other people much easier, with “divine authority for them”. Until you or anyone else can prove that the Bible writers didn’t just come up with all of those statements and prohibitions of homosexuality themselves and put them into “God’s mouth” (and I don’t know how you or others would ever do that!), you can’t prove, either, that violation of that “law of God” and indulgence in homosexuality by anyone is actually a sin. There being two main sexes in the world (not counting, as you don’t, hermaphrodites and people who were born into the wrong sex bodies) no more proves that people should always only ever mate or have sex with someone of the opposite sex than that they should always only mate or have sex with someone of the same race or ethnic group or religion, as racial and religious bigots also think is “the only right way”! Your bigotry isn’t any better or different than theirs, so that we should go along with your bigoted views against gay marriages and homosexuality, while denouncing racist and religious bigotry!! Bigotry is bigotry, for whatever “reason”, and should all be denounced equally or else none of it denounced! Straight people didn’t invent or copyright or patent marriage and so don’t have exclusive rights to it! People don’t need to be forgiven for something that only bigots against it believe is a “sin”! Bigotry is also a sin in nearly everyone’s eyes, and not just in yours, which is why you try to deflect that charge from yourselves and won’t admit to it, even when it is obvious to everyone else! Sins that you won’t admit to (and that are actual sins) are still sins. So, as Jesus said, let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone and first remove the beam from your own eye and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye!

      1. John D. Partin says:

        My proof that the Bible writers did put their views into “God’s mouth” is that the bigotry is there in the Bible and bigotry is bigotry, even if some people say that “it isn’t bigotry”. Since God isn’t a bigot or a homophobe, wherever there is obvious bigotry and homophobia in the Bible, you can take it to the bank that God didn’t put it there and so it had to have been put there by human beings.

      2. kimberly says:

        Bigotry is intolerance. Forced acceptance of a perversion by those who are perverse is even worse. The difference is astronomical. Perversion is not a genotype. Homosexuality is one of the few things in the Bible that is called an “abomination” and in the statutes of Leviticus is condemned by death. And, death is the consequence of sin.

        1. John D. Partin says:

          Kimberly, there aren’t only a few things that are called “abominations” in the Bible or that the death penalty was demanded for. Look it up in a concordance if you don’t believe me. If bigotry is intolerance, that fits homophobes about homosexuality to a tee! Bigotry is perversion of fair and right thinking and so people who are actually perverted can’t reasonably condemn those whom they only “think” are “perverted”. Why, according to your statement, should we be forced to accept the perversion of sexual bigotry from those sexually bigoted perverted “thinking” people, either? We shouldn’t! The consequence of sexual bigots’ sin certainly is spiritual and psychological death!! Homosexuality isn’t a perversion, except in the view of those who are perverted in their “thinking” toward it and discriminate against and condemn it!

          1. kimberly says:

            Actually homosexuality is the only thing listed specifically rather than generically as abomination in Leviticus outside the food laws. And, you’ve confused bigotry with a phobic (fear) reaction. The two are distinct with the latter being a fake contrivance in this sense. Most people don’t give a sh*t about who’s gay and who isn’t (including me)…..UNTIL its thrown in their face by perverts and freaks trying to justify themselves as socially “normal” when obviously they aren’t. The bigotry in this instance is those like you who are intolerant of thoughts and opinions. Even to the point of listing a contrived accusation that has no substance.

          2. John D. Partin says:

            Kimberly, Leviticus isn’t the only book in the Bible that lists specific (not just generic) “abominations”, as Proverbs 6:16-19 states: “There are six things which the LORD hates. Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that run rapidly to evil, A false witness who utters lies, And one who spreads strife among brothers”. None of that sounds very vague or nonspecific or generic to me, especially not “a false witness who utters lies”, “one who spreads strife among brothers”, “hands that shed innocent blood”, and, well, all of it is pretty damn specific!! You may not think so because you need only homosexuality to have been “specifically, not just generically” condemned, but what you need the Bible to have said and what it does say are, quite obviously, two entirely different things. Proverbs 11:1 says: “A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, But a just weight is His delight”. Again, pretty specific and unmistakable. Deuteronomy 7:25: “The graven images of their gods you are to burn with fire; you shall not covet the silver or the gold that is on them, nor take it for yourselves, or you will be snared by it, for it is an abomination to the LORD your God”. Nothing unspecific or vague about that, either, unless you need it to be! If 9 examples of specific “abominations”, according to the Bible, don’t disprove your contention that “only homosexuality is specifically condemned”, 9 thousand or 9 million examples of specific “abominations” in the Bible wouldn’t prove it to you, either, since you aren’t open to any proof and it really only takes 1 example of something other than homosexuality’s being specifically called an “abomination” in the Bible to prove (to anyone who can be convinced by proof) that it wasn’t only said about homosexuality. I don’t have all day to waste piling up proofs for someone who is unreceptive to them, anyway! Adulterers and fornicators were also called an “abomination” in the Bible and were stoned to death because of it!! Look it up or do I have to do everything for you!!! As for “things being thrown in your face by ‘perverts’ or ‘freaks’ trying to justify themselves as socially ‘normal’ when obviously they aren’t”, that must be all people who just want to be allowed to live and have equal rights and some dignity and respect in this world, including black people and other minorities and Jews in Nazi Germany and you yourself, if we get right down to it!! According all of these other people the same rights to live and be treated with respect and dignity and be given equal rights, the same as you, is only this Golden Rule that you and so many people profess to believe, but don’t actually practice: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you don’t want to be called a “freak” or a “pervert”, then don’t call anyone else that! Who are you to judge other people’s lives or sexual preferences, so long as they keep them to themselves and others who want to be involved and it’s consentual, as though your own life is such a “model of purity and righteousness”—while you are condemning other people!!! Who are you to say that homosexuality isn’t socially normal for gay people, since it is even found in the animal kingdom and throughout all societies in the world, especially considering what your own life is!!! Let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone. Judge not, that you be not judged, for with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged, and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.That could very easily be turned right back around on you because homophobic bigots are perverts and freaks, too, since bigotry against anything isn’t rational, fair or right-minded thinking!!! The same as John Owens and many other people in this blog, you want to turn everything around and upside down on people who point out, rightfully, any wrong thinking or bigotry on your part and say that they are the “actual bigots”, which is just an evasion and smokescreen on your parts. I’m not intolerant of you or anyone until you are intolerant of me or others, as the Nazis and Klansmen were and are!!

  8. Dr Daniel R Thomas says:

    Our Lord and Saviour said it for us:

    Mark 7:18-23 NASB
    And He said to them, “Are you so lacking in understanding also? Do you not understand that whatever goes into the man from outside cannot defile him, [19] because it does not go into his heart, but into his stomach, and is eliminated?” ( Thus He declared all foods clean.) [20] And He was saying, “That which proceeds out of the man, that is what defiles the man. [21] For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed the evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries, [22] deeds of coveting and wickedness, as well as deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride and foolishness. [23] All these evil things proceed from within and defile the man.”

    As to eternal life …

    1 Corinthians 6:9-11 NASB
    Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, [10] nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. [11] Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

    But understand we are to pray for ALL men, and to seek to open the doors of the Church to ALL as well. Otherwise how will they hear the Word of God? Jesus came to save EVERYONE. The healer must go to the sick in order to do his work. This world belongs to the evil one, that is very clear. As ministers, we must attend to all so as to help rescue a few. What we do in this world will never save anyone We do not have that power. That belongs to Jesus Christ.

    John 14:6 NASB
    Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

    John 14:2-3 NASB
    In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. [3] If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also.

    …. BTW: I am always amazed that people who post here as ministers of faith rely upon their own opinions rather than those of their faith. Just an observation, not a criticism

    1. Lori says:

      So tell me, if the Bible says that homosexuals, FORNICATORS AND ADULTERERS are all equal sinners, why do so many of these GOOD Christians stand behind our President. He is a confirmed FORNICATOR AND ADULTERER. Shouldn’t he be treated the same as a homosexual according to your biblical verses? His fornication is fact, not fake news. I don’t understand how one thing is soooo bad and the other you just look the other way. Please explain that if you can.

      1. Lori says:

        Also Dr Daniel, incase you aren’t aware of it, this is a universal ministry. Not a YOUR FAITH, MY FAITH kind of thing. We, as universal ministers, do not have to believe in the biblical BS just because you see it as the ONLY WAY. You have been brainwash by this stuff for 2000 years, and it’s your choice, but you have NO RIGHT to dictate what anyone’s state of conscience should be. This kind of thinking is slowly going the way of the dinosaurs. It is closed minded and totally cut off from the Source that created us.

        1. kim says:

          Rejecting Christianity is NOT rejecting the Bible. Much of Christianity is paganistic tradition and not found in the Bible. I would suggest you learn the difference before calling the Bible “BS”. As a Bible researcher, I can tell you that it is an incredible database even in the translation we have available. And, contrary to Christian teaching, it is NOT an instruction manual telling humanity how to live. Instead, it is meant to tell humanity how it will be judged and will be used as a record against us in the day of judgment to come. Big diff.

          1. Lori says:

            Yes Kim, it is your choice to believe as you wish. I am well aware that Christianity adopted paganistic traditions. It was a clever maneuver to appease the general population in their need to cling to those traditions. And Yes, the bible is simply a collection of some historical events and some really good stories. If you enjoy the read, then by all means, go for it. I have many progressive Christian, and a few Christo/Pagan, friends who have grown in spirit and grown beyond the BS that the bible projects to so many. Interpreting what the bible teaches has been a challenge for everyone who picks it up. I guess that’s why there are so many divides and brutile messages that pour from its pages. I’m so thrilled that you are a biblical researcher and have some vast knowledge that the rest of us don’t. If you’re coming away with all the answers, then you are arrogant and your ego is right up there with the fundamentalist Christians. They see everyone who doesn’t think like them, as going to Hell. God’s judgement is only concerning to those who fear it.

          2. kim says:

            the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. that’s in the bible. Its worth heeding. Also in the bible is a prediction about all these different “Christian” religions.

            Luke 21:8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for MANY shall come in my name (ie/falsely claiming to be “brothers”/”sons”/”Christians”), saying, I (Jesus) am the Christ (true of course); and the time draweth near (false): go ye NOT therefore after them.

          3. Lori says:

            Kim… As I said, you can believe what ever you want. Your job as a bible thump-er is to create other bible thump-ers. What you’re actually doing is causing people to head in the other direction. As long as you keep try to scar people they will turn their backs on what you say. Why don’t you get that? I don’t care what the bible says. It’s BS.

          4. Don says:

            Strange how the bleating mobs always skip over Matthew 6:5-6

            Matthew 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
            6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

    2. Rev. Brien says:

      Who the hell are YOU to decide what I quote from? You are nothing more than a religious bigot. Anyone that tries to quote law from an old dusty poorly translated incomplete book of short stories is a FOOL. I would much rather hear from someone that thinks for themselves. Personal beliefs are PERSONAL…and should be reflected in your actions, not your mouth. My life is reflected in my actions, not some kind of soap opera nonsense. This response is also for that other religious bigot above who also lets some old damn book do his thinking for him. The danger does not come from people that stand for themselves, the danger lies in all the others that are so easily programmed.

      1. Lori says:

        Rev Brien, you’re right. The programming has gone on from generation to generation. Somehow they think that makes it right.

      2. The Left Reverand John says:

        Right. The Bible was written by and for people who thought the earth was flat and could not comprehend that it revolves around the sun. Also, I have no doubt that Moses, or whoever wrote Genesis, did not think that people would believe there was an actual flood that covered the world and that Noah saved all of the animals and insects by gathering up a male and female from each species. For the Bible to condem homosexuality, but then kills off a whole world with a great flood is contrary and false.

        1. Hank Stanco says:

          Well there ya go. Your first problem is basing your understanding of the Bible by today’s standards.

          Where in the Bible does it state the world was flooded?

          The Bible speaks of the KNOWN world as being flooded.

          You also don’t account for the historical books of other peoples and societies. There are many documents that mention a great flood that coveted the KNOWN world. It wasn’t just the Bible.

          And yes, the Bible specifically states that homosexuality is wrong.

          1. Lori says:

            If homosexuality is wrong, so is adultery and fornication. Why do so many CHRISTIANS support adulterers and fornicators and not the gay population. Why are so many CHRISTIANS adulterers and fornicators, living a full Christian life in the church and see this as excusable, and being a gay person in a loving relationship is not.
            I KEEP ASKING THIS QUESTION AND NO CHRISTIAN WILL ANSWER IT. Priests, preachers, ministers, the PRESIDENT OF THE US, so many have done disgusting things and you bible people just look the other way. What’s up with that?

          2. Gerry says:

            the Bible was written by people who thought the world was flat and that the sun revolved around the Earth. So the anti homosexual attitude holds no weight.

          3. Hank Stanco says:

            So Gerry, you think that because their science wasn’t up to par then their morality is also questionable? Yeah. Nice try.

          4. Gerry says:

            Hank, they told you about Babel and that there was an Adam and Eve, so, yes, I question everything those writers thought. Their God, by the way, was depicted as a cruel and revengeful God that killed off whole populations. So, and again, what they say are just stories that have no bearing on modern civilization. To think different is and to accept their morality is obtuse.

          5. The Left Reverand John says:

            Hank Stanco, there has not been nor will there ever be any real evidence that there was a “great flood.” Whenever you folks are called to task you always say that it was a regional flood.
            By the way, the Ark was not big enough for the animals and the dinosaurs were all gone, done in by an apocalyptic comet that was not sent by God.

          6. kim says:

            In answer to your question………..Genesis 7:19
            And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered.

          7. Gerry says:

            Kim, why would you post something from the Bible when you don’t live your life like a Christian? Need I remind you of your post that states your “white power” beliefs and antagonistic thoughts against homosexuality? Or is it that you can’t think for yourself and follow the lead of a Franklin Graham type of person?

          8. kim says:

            I’m not what you would call a “Christian”. I’m a Bible researcher. And, I never said I had “white power”. I said I was proud to be American (and also fortunate). There’s nothing wrong with that. Sure beats living in Mexico and I should know because I lived on the border close enough to see across the border into Mexico, New Mexico and the United States from my front yard simulaneously. And, I have no antagonism against gays..just don’t throw it in my face and require me to “think” a certain way, which is what you are implying is needed. If you do that, I didn’t write Romans 1:27 but I will point it out.

          9. Gerry says:

            Kim, you are weak of spirit and a bigot. For you to think a certain way would be to take away your ability to think for your yourself, which you do not have. You have no redeeming character Case closed.

          10. kim says:

            Gerry. Personal attacks such as what you gave me are an excellent indication that an actual rebuttal to my post cannot be found and resorting to such rhetoric is always nice to see from that perspective. I appreciate your unknowing complement to my logic.

          11. Gerry says:

            Kim, your logic is based on someone’s writings that lived in times where they thought the world was flat and that there was a great flood. Moses thought that by writing a parable about a “Great Flood” and a ark that held all of the different species of land animals and insects would not be mistaken as something that actually happened. It was strictly for illustration. So was Babel and all of the other stories in Genesis. Science proves that and so do Biblical scholars which you are not!

        2. Hank Stanco says:

          Well Gerr, there are huge amounts of evidence that a great flood occurred.

          Not only is there written evidence from other societies, there is scientific evidence in geological studies of the area.

          That you deny a flood occurred doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

          1. Gerry says:

            No evidence of the great flood that is depicted in the Bible exists. That was a story written by Moses which he thought people would use as a parable. None and to say so is without scientific fact is utterly obtuse.
            At least, post a link of a reputable scientific fact that there was such a thing. Good luck.

          2. Don says:

            “huge amounts of evidence” — And yet, just like every other clown on this site who claims to have evidence of supernatural events, you present NO EVIDENCE.
            Just go away.

          3. Hank Stanco says:

            Oh Don, I won’t go away. Geology is a science. And you have google. It’s easy. Press the keys.

            If I said it’s raining you’d probably want scientific proof before you believe it while your head gets soaked. So if you want proof it’s rainy just go soak your head.

          4. Don says:

            Very strange that none of John’s source material he calls “evidence” for a global flood mentions ANYTHING about a flood that would have covered the highest mountains on the planet (32,000 feet of water ABOVE sea level). But sometime tells me John already knew that before he posted them.

            Not the first time he’s posted “evidence” that does nothing to support his claims.
            Sad and pathetic.

          5. John Owens says:

            Absolutely does. Your denial bears all the hallmarks of a religious fanatic who denies anything not included in their own dogma. Pathetic.

          6. Don says:

            Poor John should actually vet his “evidence” before posting it.
            Unless he MEANT to make himself look like a mentally challenged YEC, not to mention a Flat Earth believer. Just check the links for the authors of his “evidence” – they speak volumes!

          7. John Owens says:

            So, you should find where I have said anything about believing in Flat Earth, and copy and paste your evidence, since you are such an intellectual giant.

        3. Gerry says:

          If you think that there was an actual Garden of Eden and that we are ALL descendants of Adam and Eve, then you really don’t understand the Bible and what that was all about. Stories. All of it.

    3. John D. Partin says:

      Dr. Daniel R. Thomas, bigotry against homosexuality in the Bible, passed off as “the Word of God’ to “sanctify” and “justify” it and impose it on other people much easier, is no more believable or less reprehensible than bigotry against homosexuality out in the rest of the world, lacking all of that “holy” camouflage, to any truly sensible and thinking people!!! We aren’t ministers of the Christian faith, exclusively or primarily, here, anyway, that we would only care what the Bible says about homosexuality, even if we accepted those words as coming from God, and not from the men who wrote the Bible, which we don’t!!

  9. Mary Benoit says:

    Maybe the sirport wants businesses that are open when the airport is open. People fly and eat on Sunday.

  10. Alicia says:

    Everyone has the right to their religious beliefs and their opinions. Chick-Fil-A is a Christian-based company. While I don’t agree with their stance of the LGBTQ community, they were there helping out giving food and donating blood after the Pulse shooting.

    Personally, I will not eat at Chick-Fil-A only because I have tried it and am not impressed, but to call for a boycott is ridiculous. What’s equally ridiculous are the people saying that they will make sure that they eat at Chick-Fil-A solely based on the company’s donations to anti-gay causes. If you like it, eat there. If you don’t like it, don’t eat there. But don’t call for a boycott because the company’s beliefs aren’t the same as yours. I have been tempted to try it again, but I’m not about to let any of my money go to anti-LGBTQ causes. I’ll just let my first impression of not being impressed lead me.

  11. John Wilson says:

    There is a disconnect where the owners of a business can inflict their beliefs on the entire population of employees. Chick-fil-a may not overtly control employees behavior but hobby lobby certainly does. As for ‘religious freedom’, or whatever these companies want to claim, the idea is to discriminate against people that practice other religious or have a life style different than the narrow minded owners think is acceptable under their interpretation of Christianity……and of course they are wrong.

  12. Lori says:

    I ate there once and was not impressed. Now I’m really not impressed. Religious ramming has got to stop. These kinds of Christians want to control the rest of us. They are extremists and intolerant. They live in a unrealistic world where they, and their weird view of who Jesus was, think they are the center of the universe. That is arrogant. Their egos have been over the top for way too long. God is for everyone. Somehow they became so inflated that they totally lost their connection to the beauty of the Source of creation.

    1. Jim says:

      Lori can you explain how they are ramming their religious beliefs on us. Chick fil a has not refused to serve anyone that I’m aware of. They gave money to organizations that do not agree with the LGBT community that is true. However people and businesses give money to many churches, Some of which are ok with the LGBT community some not. Is it intolerance to give money to the NAACP and not to say the boy scouts of America before they allowed girls in? Is it ok to give to a Muslim organization OF ANY KIND as they are against LGBT? Is it ok to give to an abortion clinic and not to a right to life organization? I would look at what you are writing and do some soul searching. As for your comments about following Trump let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I have a couple of gay cousins, I disagree with their life style but I would stand behind them if needed. I don’t know to many people that have not done everything perfectly or who is without sin. But ask yourself who is actually intolerant someone who disagrees with you but still serves you or someone who disagrees with you and will have nothing to do with you because of that disagreement.

      1. Lori says:

        It’s so big of Chic-fil-a to lower themselves by serving the so called sinners. They’ve put it out that they don’t approve of the LGBT lifestyle, but they will bend to serve them their food.
        I’m not in the LGBT community, but if I were, I would certainly see that as a slap in the face. Why on earth would I go into a place that sees me as an affliction on the world.
        So Jim, you are free to support whoever you choose, if it makes you feel good about yourself. My humanistic view prevents me from contributing to something that is so blatantly pathetic in its denigration of others, for no other reason than to inflict some psychological barrier that says, “I AM SUPERIOR TO YOU, BUT I WILL TAKE PITY ON YOU BECAUSE THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO”. Unfortunately, this sick mentality has had its run throughout history. People are people and most aren’t able to see beyond their own little box that they call a mind.
        My soul searching is on going. I’m always open to learning something new and to expand my level of consciousness. Shutting down that growth is not an option. Getting stuck in a particular mindset of prejudice is not beneficial to me or to the world around me. Such prejudices can separate one from the heart of humanity and the Source of Creation. It’s all about choices and conscience.

        1. Jim says:

          Lori, Chic-fil-a serves everyone who walks through the door. I think that they are being respectful of the person but disapprove of the lifestyle. I totally agree with you that if you don’t like what a company stands for then don’t buy from that company. I stopped buying Nikey products because of their stance with the football players and the comments that they made about old customers not being important. I did not approve of how President Kennedy lived his personal life but I always admired and respected his time in office. I think you assume that because people do not approve of the LGBT lifestyle they somehow hate the person. This could not be further from the truth for me or most of the people I know. I don’t approve of someone who uses illegal drugs, who abuses alcohol, who beats their kids or spouse. I don’t approve of people who have abortions, I don’t approve of people who commit adultery, child abusers, rapists, I don’t approve of many peoples life styles. That does not mean that I HATE them. In one of your posts you said that you have been asking Christians how they can support someone who is an adulterer etc. While I may not be a Christian as most people see them, I can tell you that just like with JFK. All of the people I mentioned that I don’t approve of the lifestyle they lead I can still respect them as people. I’m not judging anyone. To me something like abortion is wrong, however it is legal and in some situation I can understand it. IE incest, rape. I do not judge someone who gets one that’s not for me to decide. That will be between them and their god. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton spew their hatred but no one says anything about that. That young actor that claimed he was attacked for being gay by two men wearing a MAGA hat. There is plenty of hatred in this country of that there is no doubt. I think that the assumption that because I don’t approve of something I hate it is a problem for a lot of people. I don’t like it when people disrespect our flag or national anthem but I spent a career in the military to help give them that right. I don’t like it but I don’t hate them either. People should have the right to live their lives as they want as long as its nothing illegal. I will respect that right as long as other people respect the fact that I don’t have to approve of it or participate in it. If we all did that I think a lot of this hate mongering will stop.

    2. Truth says:

      LBGT ramming has got to stop,stop forcing your lifestyle on everyone else.yall are the one’s living in a unrealistic world.

      1. Lori says:

        Truth, first of all, I am not in the LBGT community. I am in the human community and believe every person on this planet has the right to pursue a life that brings them some form of happiness, as long as it is not harming others. It’s too bad so many control freaks feel the need to impose their beliefs on everyone else. They bully and trash anyone that is different, even if, in reality, it has no effect on them personally. The ramming begins with biblical verse that is suppose to have some profound psychological effect that beats the other person into submission, when in fact, it has the total opposite effect. The more biblical verse that is thrown around in the name of God, the more people move away from it. But these so called Christians don’t seem to get that. The numbers prove it. Fewer and fewer people are clinging to the BS. The LGBT community is responding to years of abuse from “GOOD” Christians and homophobes. They speak out because they aren’t taking the BS anymore. They’ve been physically beaten and psychologically degraded for being who they are. Most homophobes would like to see them just lay down and die “IN THE NAME OF THE LORD”. For years the old way of thinking has been drummed into our little mind, over and over again. So many are blinded by the FALSE POWER of the past. They refuse to step into a future that can bring people together, in spite of differences. So yes, TRUTH, what is yours?

  13. rose says:

    I personally choose not to support Chick-fil-A. However; it is also the right of the owner to have his own religious beliefs and to express them in the way he chooses. If Christianity and the bible are reason given for bigotry in this instance, then this business and all those who lined up around the block to support it aren’t following their own Christian and Bible beliefs. They were actually supporting their own bigotry and hatred of people who were born the way God intended! When the Bible was written even wife beating and stoning were acceptable. Would these same individuals line up today to support this?

    1. Tom says:

      Agreed. I do not patronize them because of their anti-gay financing. I cannot agree with any portion of my dollars going to support such groups and I feel this should have been mentioned by them to all their customers a long time ago. I have enjoyed their product, but feel used by them for using my money to support their hatred.

  14. kim says:

    I don’t see the city banning falafel. Chick-Fil-A today……church halls tomorrow. Power over thoughts and ideals is dictatorial regardless of the reasoning.

  15. Truth says:

    So a city wants to ban a business based on their personal beliefs….Gay&lesbian community always preaching about their rights but have no problem infringing on the rights of others.NEWS FLASH…Not everybody likes you or argree with your lifestyle.thats life,that’s the world we live in(So suck it up butter cups) The straight people are tired of all y’all s crying.” Look at me,I’m gay.I want attention.I want everyone to like me.I was born this way.God made me this way.lets go boycott people who don’t support us….”
    STOP IT…This has gotten so old and we’re so tired of hearing about it.
    If this offends you….SO WHAT! Boycott me

  16. Lori says:

    Don’t you think you’d stop hearing about it if the churches stopped stomping their feet and making sure everybody knows that they hate the gay lifestyle? Who cares if they like it OR NOT. I certainly don’t care if YOU like it, but still, here you are, shooting your mouth off about it. Heaven only knows why you chose the name “Truth”. You definitely live in you own little back woods world.

    1. Truth says:

      Who says they hate the gay lifestyle.they preach from the’s a solution…Dont go to church if you don’t agree with them.
      Problem solved.stop your crying

      1. Lori says:

        Of course most Christian communities hate the gay lifestyle. THAT is a reality, And it’s a sad one, because it’s not for them to judge. Church/faith is a state of mind. No two people think the same way. THAT is a reality. If you choose to promote prejudice that is your business. If you really feel like it is a good thing, there is nothing I can say to make you think otherwise. It’s obvious your mind is a like a steel trap. Nothing gets in and nothing gets out.

      2. The Lapper says:

        A lot of people ARE leaving the church. As a matter of fact Americans with no religion far out number white evangelicals. That is a well known fact and if the irreligious ever get serious about flexing their muscles politically we will see the country change on issues concerning church and state separation issues. That, as well as seeing the evangelicals get suckered by a huckster like Trump will be good to realize.

    2. Truth says:

      Lori: Exactly what I’m talking about,all that crying.Churches are taught to hate the sin not the sinner.If you don’t like what they preach then don’t go.simple,problem solved.Stop trying to make everybody except you.I live in the real world,you live in a fantasy world with marshmallows and unicorns.

      1. Lori says:

        “Stop trying to make everybody except you”? What is that? Yes, that is what churches are suppose to teach. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Be loving, kind and non-judging. That’s not what I’m getting from you.
        What is it you are trying to say? Do you honestly believe your fantasy is better than mine?

        1. Truth says:

          I don’t have to say it.The answers you seek are in the bible.Your negativity leads me to one or two conclusions.Your either a troll looking for attention or your so unhappy with your lifestyle that you hate yourself and wish to take it out on other’s. I don’t hate you,I don’t judge you.Your journey is yours and yours alone.You don’t have to carry that burden by yourself.Turn to God,ask that he touch your heart and lift the guilt that you carry around with you.

          1. Lori says:

            Thanks Truth. I’ll keep that in mind. Bright blessings.

      2. Don says:

        “you live in a fantasy world with marshmallows and unicorns”

        You forgot satyrs and cockatrices. They, along with unicorns, are in the Bible.
        Strange, given your other comments, to hear you calling the Bible a fantasy world.

        1. Lori says:

          Yup. Truth is a little in the dark on a lot of things. There’s no point in talking to him. I had to let it go

        2. Ralph J Miller says:

          No Don.In my world I can walk down the street with my wife holding hands and not get my ass whooped.

          1. Don says:

            That’s nice. In my world, ANY couple can walk down the street holding hands – and any cowardly wannabe “ass whooper” would get shot several times before hurting anyone.

          2. Ralph says:

            That great .you homosexuals need to protect yourselves.Some people have declared war on y’all.Not just this country but all over the world.So be careful out there cake boy!

          3. Don says:

            Nah, not a homosexual – and no need for any protection, because all of the hateful homophobic bigots are cowardly pansies who would soil their pants if said BOO!
            Speaking of which, take your spineless insults and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

          4. Lori says:

            Wow Ralph…you sound like a very sick person. The war is in your mind. You have some deep fears that need to be taken care of. Seek professional help. Why are you on this site?

          5. Ralph says:

            Yea it’s in my mind.Stay in America and practice your homosexuality.its much safer.

  17. Tom says:

    ULC has no sense of humor which is sad because the topics on their blog represent how silly humans can be. Poking fun at these situations is a great way to put some of this stuff into perspective. If the moderators insist on censoring me then I will just find something else to do with my toilet time instead of checking out this website.

  18. Fred Buck says:

    Let’s face it. Our country is becoming less and less tolerant of others beliefs, lifestyles, and choices. Many of our lawmakers have embraced intolerance of others, and are busy changing the laws to further their religious agenda. What I fear is not being able to follow the mystical path I have chosen. If they bring back the laws against witchcraft and magic, many of us who are called to those paths will be compromised, and will not be able to practice our religions (could be Christian, Jewish, Pagan, or something more eclectic) The history of the church is rampant with such intolerance. I’ve seen estimates of the people tortured and killed to be in the 100s of thousands. The Albeginsian crusade itself is a perfect example of the destruction that so called pious Christians brought upon southern France, because people wouldn’t embrace the their way of worshiping. I like to think that such atrocities can never happen again, but I know better. The alt-right people are killing people right and left in the name of their politics. Do they see themselves as avenging knights of the Church? If not, how long will it be until they do? I guess what I’m asking is. ‘Are we seeing the beginnings of another bloody crusade? Is that where we are headed? I really feel that some so called Christians want this. Am I wrong?

  19. Robb W says:

    I have no problem with their religious beliefs. They have a right to it. Their anti-LGBT beliefs, or do have a problem with. I am part of the group that is easily willing to boycott their restaurants and food or any place that serves it.

  20. B Reed says:

    This is not about LGBTQ or religion. This company recognizes their profits went up 12% when they came out against gay marriage. They found an angle to make more money and exploited it. They are hoping you will talk about a wall bible verse or their employees’ saying “Have a blessed day”. They’ve found a way to distinguish themselves in the fried chicken market and develop a loyal following. This isn’t about faith, religion, or beliefs; it is about MONEY!

  21. john says:

    No more intolerant bigots in the world than the commonplace left-wing hatemongers who object to your religious beliefs, your skin color (if caucasian), and your gender (if male). Thank God we have the Antifa Fascists to make sure their demonstrations are peaceful. We all know how much they just hate hate. Forgive it all, forget it all, find your own inner peace and follow the guidance that it gives. As Jesus said, Father forgive them they know not what they do. Their blabber and rants may be brushed aside like so much junk mail, as you fulfill your purpose as a Teacher of God.

    1. Don says:

      You did know Jesus was gay and had brown skin, right?

  22. Janice says:

    The issue is that the country was founded on religious freedom, whatever your religion is, you have the freedom and right to practice it. Simply because a person does not agree with the practices and lifestyles of others does not automatically mean that there is hatred or discrimination. Discrimination implied acting on your preferences in a way that impact the economics of the group that you’re discriminating against, e.g., hiring practices, employment, gentrification in housing, etc. In following the Bible, which Christians do, Christians live a lifestyle that comports with the Bible, e.g., the belief in creation, the belief of marriage as God instituted it between the first man and woman He created (man didn’t make up or institute marriage, God did), the worship of God and His sovereignty (not any other gods), the knowledge of our sinful condition and that the only way to eternal life is through Jesus Christ who died on Calvary. With that said, there are those of us who belief that as there are others who don’t. Christians understand that. The issue is that just as the LBGTQ community want to live a lifestyle as they believe so do Christians. It’s that simple. You do not see most Christians boycotting LBGTQ because they recognize their right to do as they please although they may not agree with it. But they have a right to disagree based upon their beliefs. In the 1260 years of the dark ages the Catholic Church was responsible for the deaths of 50-100 million Christians simply because their beliefs went against the Catholic Church’s belief system. Thus, intolerance becomes not just that we disagree, but when one group is intent on others accepting what the second group believes; that is not religious freedom. So whether you are in the LBGT community or a supporter or in the Christian community or a supporter, the issue is respecting someone else’s right to exercise their right to believe what they believe and not become a person or people who attempt to force, shame or coerce people who believe differently than you. There are people that support Chik Fillet (sp) and people who don’t. You don’t have to eat there, I don’t because I practice a vegan lifestyle and simply was not a fan before that. But I agree with their position and more importantly, their right to believe as they belief. Similarly, those in the LBGTQ community, I believe in their right to believe what they believe. People become so entrenched in their positions that they become blinded or indifferent to the basic concept of you don’t have to agree with me and I don’t have to agree with you, but we both have the right to choose what we believe and we should love one another and agree to disagree. We should be able to talk to one another and work together in spite of our disagreement. Then we respect one another and perhaps can see life through each other’s perspective and while that may not change our respective positions it says that we are human and we want to appreciate what we have to offer in other areas and not simply judge each other on one aspect of a multidimensional personage. Whether you believe in God or not, He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him… even God recognizes that everyone will not believe in Him. Thus, therein lies the basic premise.., we all have the right of choice.., respect what others choose especially when it does not agree with your choices.

  23. C W says:

    Barred from building do to religion. For Anti-LGBT Views, yet they don’t say a thing about the muslims in england protesting the kids being taught it ok to be gay in the UK. Beside did they forget that they can not bar a building in San Antonio or religious beliefs or there would be not one Muslim church in NY. They were all protested and even fought in court. But if it an old religion and not muslim they ban the company? What if this had been a muslim or LGBT restaurant that called for no unmasked woman in the restaurant or that you had to be gay to walk in the front door? Chick-Fil-A just said they do not stand behind gay marriage not that they do not allow any gay from the in the store or they kick out same sex couple. i hope they sue the San Antonio City Council and the state of Texas. By the way how the fuck did these idiots get voted in to a Texas City Council? And yet one yells their head off when the left say interracial couples are wrong and cultural appropriation. But they ban a chicken restaurant for an airport on religious beliefs of someone that is dead? WTF I hope this world ends soon most of the people on it need reprogramming.
    there is a reason the puritans were force out of school, I believe that the cult of the left need to be remove from schools too and people that can teach our children to think be put back in. The teachers now a days are just babysitters that push dumb ass leftist issues down our children’s throats and if you don’t think like them you are part of them. The Left eats itself everyday. Humanity need a reset button pushed hard.

  24. Candace says:

    I work for Chick-fil-A. I have coworkers that are openly gay and bisexual. They are family oriented and your sexual preference does not matter as long as you do your job. Talking about sex and what you do behind closed doors is not discussed at work no matter if you’re straight or lgbt or uvwxyz. The same goes for foul language or behavior. If you want to go eat at a place that gives you foul language, sex talk, and is not family oriented then there are plenty of places for that. If you want to eat at a clean place where you will be respected and top priority no matter who you are, you wont find a better place than Chick-fil-A. I’m no where near a saint and I’m sure I do or say things that Chick-fil-A would frown upon BUT, when I clock in to work, i leave all of that at the door to give world class customer service to EVERYONE and represent one of the greatest family oriented companies to work for. So stop knocking it and EAT MORE CHICKEN!!

    1. Truth says:

      Candace:Very well spoken.Most people would agree, Nobody cares what people do behind closed doors.Gay ,straight,or relationships with family members.Its nobody’s business but their own.I wish people would stop trying to justify their lifestyle and just live.

      1. Lori says:

        Gay people tried keeping it to themselves for many, many, years, but they were found out they brutalized beyond belief. There truly is a reason this is all happening. Just once, try to see where people are coming from. Try to understand the complexity of why they’re so out spoken. It’s called compassion. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

    2. John Owens says:

      Thank you, Candace. It is really ominous that what calls itself Liberalism leans so much to Fascist enforcement of Liberalism. This is one example of Thought Police, a very smug, arrogant type of mental oppression.

      1. Don says:

        Ah yes, the Thought Police – a horrible condemnation of human rights. Darn those secular governments and their Thought Police! Oh wait…

        1. John Owens says:

          Exactly. If one does not voice approval and support for something, it is called intolerance, and every effort is made to bring that person or entity to ruin.

          1. Don says:

            Ah yes, ruining people’s lives over their personal beliefs.
            You do realize we are both talking about Religion, right?

          2. John Owens says:

            Yes. I just cannot find why you think yours is more altruistic than mine.

          3. Don says:

            Oh please do tell, Presenter of Invisible Evidence, what religion do I belong to?

    3. Howard Pippin says:

      Amen Candace, you spoke very well

  25. j says:

    I’ll be the 1st to admit. I discriminate, I will never “date” the same gender. I’ll never date some one my own age, I’ll never date a child molester, a person w/ a nasty attitude towards other. We all have our “personal preferences”. I’ll never eat red meat. The list could go on & on… Being self employed, we still service gays/straights, blacks/whites, tall/short, etc, etc. Discrimination is just that. Being discriminate on ones choices. Posting religious words on the walls is a personal / corporate choice. Pro / con for any cause is a personal choice, to publicly displayed or not. They can do business w/ who they choose. Baking a cake or serving birds. lets all get a life and let ppl be be different. A melting pot of variety w/ out condemning others for known differences.

  26. Hank Stanco says:

    Well said.

  27. Oldaabill says:

    Some people who supported LGBTQ have backed away because of examples like the Chick-fil-a issue. When LGBTQ use government to destroy businesses that don’t agree with them, then a line of rational, common sense has been crossed. However, when the LGBTQ political ally, the Muslims, take over and install Sharia, everyone will live in harmony!

  28. Secretary3rd says:

    If your a business you better do as business all do serve the public. If your a private club you can barred anyone you want. It is more than the LGBTQ it is everyone who is not of their belief. Every other religion or odd religion.
    If I was not serve in that place because of my religion the wrath of my Mother would be upon their heads.

  29. Hank Stanco says:

    No one has been refused service.

  30. Candace says:

    Certainly not! I think people have gotten off of the subject. The subject is Chick-fil-A being banned because of not donating to a certain group. In my opinion, it’s no ones business who a business owner chooses to donated to. They own the business and can donate what they want to who they want. It’s their money!! No certain group should get mad because they are not receiving a free handout. It’s their money! Their decision! It’s none of anyone’s business what they graciously donate to or if they donate at all. The only time it would be is if they donate to terrorist organizations. This is like animal shelters, St Jude’s, or whatever banning because they don’t like animals or give to the hospitals. I work there and no one has ever been refused service or employment. You don’t have to be straight or Christian to work there either. Sex or religion is never discussed at work. No one is interviewed for those things when ordering food or for employment. What you do behind closed doors is your own business. So banning because they don’t give a free handout is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!!! If the people banning owned a business, what right would anyone have to tell them where they have to donate or not donate. People need to get their head out of their butt or not complain when there is no where left to take their family that’s clean, respectful and a safe environment. I could go on and on taking up for the good that Chick-fil-A does, but no one wants to acknowledge that. They only want to criticize when it’s really none of their business where their money goes.

    1. Don says:

      “The subject is Chick-fil-A being banned because of not donating to a certain group.”

      No, it is not, You may need to read the article again.
      Right from the first paragraph, it says they were banned because of a “legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior”.
      Please don’t come here and lie, pretty sure Jesus was against lying. Thanks.

  31. John Owens says:

    I have not heard of one instance of their actual “anti-LGBTQ behavior.” They hire L and G people commonly. That is not acting against them. Not calling a press conference and giving their own stamp of approval to the preferences referenced, does not constitute “anti-LGBTQ behavior.” Unless, of course, you want to control their thoughts, like, when you don’t pay attention to a chihuahua and it yaps at you.

    1. Don says:

      Hmm. So John Owens is either illiterate or willfully ignorant. Or being, once again, very dishonest.,_2014
      I guess he thinks murdering people for being gay isn’t “anti-LGBTQ behavior”.

      But when you ignore the rape and murder of children in the Bible, I guess ignoring blatant facts becomes par for the course.

      1. John Owens says:

        I did not ignore child rape in the Bible, Don. Why do you keep lying? There is nothing stated regarding child-rape in the bible.

        The reference to the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act is a huge leap. You act like Chick-filet advocates killing homosexuals. Only Muslims do that, as a rule. No one else. Just because someone who attended some seminar took something to an extreme should not condemn the best source of fast food in the country. Nearly all large gatherings contain a few kooks. I’m sure you have attended a few, in spite of your anti-social personality.

        I know there are homosexuals working in our local chick-filet right now. I bought my lunch there. I don’t see how anything I have said would point to illiteracy or willful ignorance, or as never, very dishonest. Do you lie about everything, or just me? Which is it?

        1. Don says:

          “There is nothing stated regarding child-rape in the bible.”

          Watch him continue to deny it even after I post it WORD FOR WORD:
          Numbers 31:17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

          18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves. <—John will claim that none of the virgins were ever raped, even though their parents and siblings were all just murdered. Which is just ignorant.

          1. John Owens says:

            They were kept alive to be either adopted or married, Don.
            YOU are inventing things, like a sleazy and cowardly ignorant liar.

          2. John Owens says:

            “The halakhic status of a captive woman, as described in the Torah, deviates from the norm in the history of war regarding captive women, who were easy prey for being exploited and were not treated as persons. The Torah required that such a woman be “taken to wife” (Deut. 21:11); as the midrash explains, “You have marriage rights [Heb. likukhin][8] over her” (Kiddushin 22a). In other words, the captor had to marry her by Jewish law after her converting.[9]”


          3. Don says:

            “the captor had to marry her by Jewish law after her converting”

            You can’t seriously be stupid enough to believe these young female CHILDREN, after watching their entire families MURDERED, willingly converted and had sex with their families killers.

            Or can you be? This is disturbing.

          4. John Owens says:

            Much preferable to death. I’m just giving you EVIDENCE, unlike simple opinion. I’m sure the scholars know more about the subject than you or I do. Unlike Islam, which was a long time afterward, the Israelites were not permitted to commit wanton rape. I am sure it happened from time to time, but it was not the custom, and certainly not condoned by Yahweh.

        2. Don says:

          Riiight…and the 6 year old girls who were “married off” had consensual sex with their adult husbands. WOW. Your defense of child rape is DISGUSTING.

          1. John Owens says:

            You are thinking of Islam. Again you lie like a lying dog, saying I defend ANY kind of rape. YOU are disgusting for that. For lying, knowing that you are lying, and for the disgusting kind of lie you tell.

          2. Don says:

            Old men defending the molestation of children should be locked away from society. Just my two cents.

        3. Don says:

          “Much preferable to death.”

          AHA! FINALLY! Thanks for admitting it at last.

          “I am sure it happened from time to time”
          LOL yeah, any time they took virgin captives. Stop being obtuse.

      2. John Owens says:

        Here is some pretty irrefutable proof of intelligent design. If you say it isn’t, then you need to provide “peer reviewed evidence” saying it isn’t or you have no credibility. Nobody in their right mind would say this is not intelligent design.

        1. Don says:

          “Here is some pretty irrefutable proof of intelligent design.”

          Um, did you delete it? There’s no proof in your comment.
          “If you say it isn’t” – Say WHAT isn’t? You haven’t posted anything!
          Wow. John is losing it.

          1. John Owens says:

            No. The moderators are screwing with me again. I think they like our banter.

          2. Don says:

            Of course. That’s a new lame excuse, even for you.
            So POST IT NOW – stop with the insults, evasions, cowardly lies, AND POST IT NOW.

          3. John Owens says:

            Since you can’t find it BELOW, where I said it is–


          4. John Owens says:

            He ignores it, so he can stay blissful.

        2. Don says:

          “I did not ignore child rape in the Bible”

          You pretend it’s not there! To wit:
          “There is nothing stated regarding child-rape in the bible.”

          Which tells anyone who’s read the Bible that YOU are lying. Stop it, it’s creepy.

          1. John Owens says:

            Don, I know the Bible, and the secular history, and the archaeology related to it, better than you ever will. You LIE like a dog, and say it says things it does not say. Hmmm… whom did Jesus say was the Father of lies…., seems I read it somewhere…, who could it be…, just on the tip of my tongue…, S A T A N ! ? ! ?

            Yes. I think that’s it. Satan would have to have been your daddy if angels had penises and sperm, which they don’t, but he must be your spiritual daddy, for sure, because you love to lie and say evil things about people, just like Satan loves to accuse the brethren.

          2. Don says:

            From “concrete evidence of intelligent design” to whacky YouTube videos put up by Creationist cranks who disable all the comments.

            And that seems to be all he’s got.

            Oh how the mighty have fallen!

          3. Don says:

            “whom did Jesus say was the Father of lies”
            First lie in the Bible was from God, Genesis chapter 3.

            “I know the Bible”
            You sure don’t act like it.

          4. Hank Stanco says:

            Hey John, which verse in Gn: 3 is Don taking out of context now?

            Can’t believe you’re still going round and round with him.

          5. John Owens says:

            And there you have it– Don, like his father, the Devil, telling a lie about God.

        3. Don says:

          Um, the only link here is to a youtube video made by a delusional Creationist.
          Where is your evidence? Because if your standards of evidence are THAT low, you have no business making claims of any sort.

          PEER REVIEWED EVIDENCE. You still have nothing. Just stop it.

          1. John Owens says:

            No matter who made the video, the flagellum motor in the video is not disputed, nor how it is composed, nor how it works. It is not evidence, but proof of intelligent design. Even when atheists describe it, they cannot help but use words like mechanism, clever, process, all of which are DESIGN.

          2. Don says:

            And like a typical Creationist, he harps on the word DESIGN.
            Snowflakes have intricate DESIGNS – but they are not evidence of magical intelligent snow fairies who made them. ARE WE LEARNING YET?

          3. John Owens says:

            The snowflake doesn’t DISPROVE design at all, Don, but the bacterial flagellum motor DOES prove it, and the electrically-fired 4-chambered heart, the human EYE, as well as that code we call DNA. An information SYSTEM. Then, ECO-SYSTEMS prove it. CIRCULATORY SYSTEM. Respiratory System. Musculo-skeletal system. Nervous system. The fact that we use the words “design” and “system” prove it. You can’t even talk about the physical universe without using words that imply a great intelligence behind it. You just cannot. You are trapped in a conundrum that you cannot escape. Sorry.

  32. Jab says:

    And Don conflates all mistreatment with one business. I can’t recall any employee of ChickfilA murdering anyone. Yet there’s Don adding another issue. So sad.

    ChickfilA has never supported an organization that is anti-homosexual. They support an organization that is pro family. There is a difference.

    In fact I think I’ll go to ChickfilA for lunch.

    1. John Owens says:

      That’s just his manner. Sometimes he will surprise you and say something really sensible, but not often. He is usually spiteful and caustic to an extreme degree.

      1. Don says:

        One thing I will NOT do is sneak into other threads to insult someone. Only an extremely petty, cowardly excuse of a human being would do something like that.

        1. John Owens says:

          …if there were a market for those, I mean.

    2. Don says:

      “ChickfilA has never supported an organization that is anti-homosexual.”

      Except that they have. Please stop with the sleazy lies – they’re easily disproved and make you look like a two-faced deceitful person.,_2014
      (See, John Owens, I provide EVIDENCE for my claims. You should try it)

      1. John Owens says:

        I GAVE you EVIDENCE, but you just reject evidence. See, I could reject yours, and say, you cannot prove that report you cite is accurate. Much better than you saying Josephus was a FORGERY.

      2. Hank Stanco says:

        Big deal. What in your link proves Chik Fil A gives to organizations that hate homosexuals?

        “Same-sex relationships have been illegal in Uganda since British colonial rule –”

        Well, that right there proves this hatred was around long before Chik Fil A.

      3. John Owens says:

        We all know that any reporting on Uganda and Chick Filet from wikipedia HAS to be accurate.

        1. Don says:

          As opposed to “historians” whose writings are used as “evidence” for SOME religion’s gods, but not others, even though they mention Hercules more often than Jesus. SO accurate.
          Hypocrites sure are stupid sometimes.

          1. John Owens says:

            Historians are historians, and whatever else you were trying to say is as garbled as your understanding. Try again.

  33. I.S.Johnson says:

    For the record I do not patronize Chick Fil A since the owner ranted back in 2012. That is a personal choice that I make. In a society where free speech was created not just the law of the land but created in modern society. Banning anyone for what they say is wrong and hypocritical. Governmental interference with speech is DANGEROUS! Our society has dealt with objectionable things through public opinion, boycott and protest, you know when you get to use your free speech. I do not hold with the views of the owner of Chick Fil A, however I will fight for his right to speak his mind as I would for all.

    God made the universe and all it contains, Yes? God loves all of creation and all those contained in it, Yes?

    If you hold to the above truths how can you then say it is okay to hate anyone? Would you then contend that God created all non Christians, atheists and homosexuals to be hated and persecuted? Why bother? How is that loving and benevolent? If you say he created them to choose to change to the correct path, cannot the same be attributed to those who hate these others. Perhaps God created Muslims and gay people to teach those that would hate them to be tolerant. It makes equal sense.

    In my opinion there is a well orchestrated movement to influence the people of our nation into believing that free speech is not a right any more but a danger. Fanatical, dictatorial and repressive regimes always scapegoat one class of citizen to remove rights from all citizens. Allowing the persecution of any one group in a society, for nearly any reason, is only to invite the removal of your own rights in the end.

    This is not really a matter of spirituality but of human and civil rights. So I ask you…Who would Jesus ban? Who would Jesus hate? Who would Jesus persecute? Don’t you think it is time for Christians to stop interpreting the minutiae of the bible and start emulating how Jesus lived his life in their own lives?

    Wouldn’t it be great to turn on the evening news and have the newsperson say “Today no one was murdered, no bombs were dropped, no children became collateral damage, no one had to steel food or sleep in a bush, no one died because they could not pay for medical care”. Do you think God would prefer that or how it really is today?

    Now ask yourself what part am I currently playing in the world as it is?

    If we must ban something, let it be IGNORANCE. Let us ban it first in ourselves.


    I.S. Johnson

    1. Don says:

      “God made the universe and all it contains, Yes? God loves all of creation and all those contained in it, Yes?”

      No. Gods are myths. You said it yourself:
      “If we must ban something, let it be IGNORANCE.”

      But first you must ban it within yourself.

  34. Hank Stanco says:

    Don, John is correct. The girls were raised by the Hebrew then marred off to Hebrew men. In that manner, they would no longer belong to the pagan tribes.

    The boys were killed so they would not retaliate when they got older. Women who had sex with pagan men were also killed so as not to perpetuate pagan religions.

    The girls were also saved because pagan tribes would burn their own daughters in sacrifice to pagan gods. The canaanites were well known to sacrifice children. I suggest you research immolation

    1. John Owens says:

      Than you, Hank. It is difficult to tell him anything because the voices in his head keep making him say horrible things about which he has no understanding.

      1. Don says:

        “The girls were raised by the Hebrew then marred off to Hebrew men”
        And I’m sure the sex was all consensual, since all these men did was murder their families. UGH.

        ” the voices in his head keep making him say horrible things ”
        I’m not the one who believes in magic boogeymen who can put voices in your head.
        That would be you and Stinko here. Please stop projecting your ignorance and insecurity onto me.
        Thanks so much.

        1. John Owens says:

          You are one sick puppy.

          1. Don says:

            Using John Owen’s “logic”, Mohammed never murdered anyone nor molested his young bride, since the words “murder” and “rape” aren’t in the Qur’an.

            Which is asinine.

          2. John Owens says:

            Why do you try to deflect by bringing Mohammed into this? You DO know you are trying to change the subject AGAIN?

        2. Hank Stanco says:

          Stinko? How childish. Ad Hominem attacks mean the arguer has no other arguments to make. This is my last comment to you Don. I suggest John does the same.

          Roman and Greek gods were only mentioned by historians in reference to the destruction of their temples. Nothing more.

          1. Don says:

            “Ad Hominem attacks mean the arguer has no other arguments to make”

            Ah, good to know. This explains the infantile insults throughout most of your (and John’s) comments to me. Thanks for admitting it, albeit unintentionally.

            Nothing but lame apologetic excuses mixed with insults. Are you sure you and John aren’t the same person? (hey, if Johnny can make those accusations about me…goose, gander)

          2. John Owens says:

            Poor little Donny. Victimized because of his spoiled bitter behavior. Tisk tisk tisk.

  35. Jim D says:

    I have no problem if an individual chooses to boycott a business because they don’t agree with something that business is doing. Hey, it’s your money. Spend it where you want. That’s your right. if you don’t want to patronize Chick-fil-A because you believe they are anti-LGTBQ, fine. Go get a soup and sandwich at Panera’s.

    However, I think there is a huge problem when a city council, a local government entity, denies a restaurant the opportunity to exist in a location that is open to many other restaurants. That is a clear example of government interfering with free enterprise. I wonder if Chick-fil-A would have a case against the cities of San Antonio and Buffalo. I doubt the owner the Chick-fil-A corporation feels it’s worth the expense if fighting it in court, but it would be interesting to watch.

  36. Don says:

    “the bacterial flagellum motor DOES prove it”

    Poor Johnny still doesn’t understand how evidence and proofs work.
    I could make similar specious claims. For example – “John Owens is actually an atheist who trolls these forums causing trouble. His very comments PROVE it.”
    See how easy it is to claim proof when you don’t show HOW it’s proof?
    Creationists have been playing this dishonest game for decades.
    Get a new trick.

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